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11-17-19 04:10 AM

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09-30-12 03:36 PM
10-07-12 01:11 AM

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Breath of Fire Gameboy advanced remix


09-30-12 03:36 PM
Go-Iowa is Offline
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legacyme3 : I'm summoning you here for a sticky request please.This thread is important and want people to see it so this can be made possible.

If you have played Breath of fire 1 for gameboy(The one where you enter dreams have a wedding stopping a general from destroying Tantar ETC)then this one should be no problem to beat.


In the year 2012 Ryu Nina Bleu Ox Bo Gobi and the guy you get after waking him from his Coma in the underground of gramor make a return in this game.They move to a new kingdome after 19 years in the kingdom their in in Breath of fire 1.You must go to different villages fight completley new bosses ETC in this game.You should know what I am talking about.It's the one with the gremlin the stone robot The horned toad ETC.

Now the programs.I looked it up on google but found nothing.We may need to make programs for this game.Breath of fire 2 had results but none for Breath of fire 1.The programs we need are listed as.

(Items marked with * denotes required field.Programs marked with ( denotes an optional program)

*Map editor
*Music Editor(Try to get the music to have the same tone as they do for the gameboy version but different music.The overworld should have 3 musics like in the origional like after beating the gremlin gets you new overworld and doing something else gets you the third set.If there are more then please use them all)

*Battle editor(Change up the battles a bit)

****Adventur editor(The MOST important editor for the game.With this you can change where you start the game Change where boss battles are Change where a certain scene occures Change where you get each character and even add more characters ETC.This ine has for astericks by it as this needs more attention)

*Bag editor(Similar to the Map editor but you can add more stuff to your Bag like more items space more space for characters ETC.This one is required so users can expand their Bags ETC when using this)

(Idea Guy(This is not a program but is optional if you want to do this.You'd give out ideas to each person making a program via PM)


If you are interested in joining fill this out and PM your app here.

Are 13 years or older Yes/No

Please choose a Program you'd want to work with(Can be programs you've come up with)

Can you contribute a lot of hours into this. Yes/No after that put how many hours you can put into this.

=====End Form=====

Idea Guy

You can be any age.

Are you interested in doing this(Only one idea guy is allowed)

=====End Form=====

Davideo7 : Im applying for every RGR staff position when this game is put up since it's mine.
tRIUNE : Ex[ect a PM later contaning the link to this game when we finish.

P.S. Please use the origional gameboy graphics.No changes please when making the programs.Viz may be awarded.

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09-30-12 05:36 PM
legacyme3 is Offline
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Uh... no.

I'm not stickying a review, ever.
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10-07-12 01:11 AM
tRIUNE is Offline
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Alright, so before this notification drops off my notifications page, this isn't a review (as legacy thought), so question I have is do you have experience in rom hacking and if so, can you explain the skills you have used, and for which hacks?

This thread is basically asking for rom hackers to sign up for a project with no knowledge of who they are working with.
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