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The Lost
A novel length story that I am working on
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03-19-12 04:03 PM
03-19-12 04:03 PM

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The Lost


03-19-12 04:03 PM
cooldragon1990 is Offline
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Hi this is a story that I am working on. The first chapter is short but hopefully this is well received. This is what it will be about.

Pyrania is a dragon born on the King's land. Rescued and befriended by him, she is allowed to live in a cave nearby.

Times pass and they are happy. But unease and speculation occur from every place but the King. When the King is brutally murderded, Pyrania is quickly brought in and eventually blamed for the murder.

Knowing that she will be killed,, she escapes and begins an epic quest to find the real murderer. But a mysterious assassin is hot on her trail.

Chapter 1

I awoke to the smell of human and rose up blinking the last traces of sleep from my eyes. What was going on that caused anyone but the King to visit? Humans were naturally afraid of my kind, going out of their way to avoid us.

Something must be up to cause them to break away from their fears and approach something that was capable of ripping them to shreds. Not that I would, but their fear clouded the rational part of the brain.

Out of respect for Him, I would always hunt on another part of the land. The King found my egg and instead of doing what another would have done, he raised that egg. When I finally hatched, it was love at first site. He named me Pyrania bease of my love of fire.

I had to live in the cave a little ways down from the castle. He would always visit so I was almost never lonely. But people in the village nearby had an aversion to dragons and almays made the sign of warding off evil when they saw him carrying me back to the cave.

He always assured the warders that I was harmless but they would never listen. I loved the King as sometimes he would tickle behind my ears that one spot that I just adored. He was my everything and looking back there was nothing I wouldn't do for him.

I made my way out of the cave and was stopped sharply at the site of fifty armed soldiers glaring up at me with such hatred that my hearts (dragons have two) broke ten times over.

"Well dragon, you surely are a curse from hell." What was he so angry about? Sensing my confusion he all but shouted his next words. "Our beloved King is dead!

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