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03-17-12 04:17 PM
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Mother 3 review

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03-17-12 04:17 PM
mario166 is Offline
Link | 694 Words

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Hello, and welcome to my second review! Let's begin.

OVERALL- I love this game, yet it always brings nostalgia to me, and sometimes makes me cry. That alone though does not make it a good game.

GRAPHICS- I give the graphics a 9. For being a rather old game, these graphics amaze me to no end! I admire how detailed Nintendo and APE made some of the people and enemies!

SOUND- I love the music of the entire Mother series, so I give this sound an 8. That's a pretty good rating, yet I feel the sound is... Incomplete, so to say. I feel as though it needs a little more sad music in the end. Sure a kid did the impossible, and saved the world, but he- I'll just save this for the story.

ADDICTIVENESS- I give the addictiveness a 10. When I started playing, I got halfway through the game! Not due to skills, but because I couldn't stop playing! Not to eat, sleep, use the toilet, or to talk to friends.

STORY- The story is sad, yet it captures the audience with sorrow and joy at the right moment! Well, that's how I feel anyway.
I don't want to spoil too much, so I won't put everything into full detail, but here is the story!
In the Nowhere islands, in the mountains, a woman named Hinawa (or whatever you named her) is visiting her dad with her 2 twin kids, Lucas and Clause. Lucas is a small, frail, cry baby of a kid, while his brother Clause is the exact opposite! While Lucas is still sleeping, some animals known as Dragos, they are like dragons or something, bring over their new baby to play with Lucas and Claus. The dragos love it when Claus play fights with them, and runs into them. Lucas finally wakes up, gets dressed, and learns how to hold down an imaginary button called the "B" button. Everything seems fine, until some pig masked men show up and burn down the forest! Lucas dad, Flint, goes and saves a young boy named "Lighter" and it  starts to rain. Lucas and his family have not made it back yet, so Tazmilly Village sends out a search party containing all the villagers, They find Lucas and Claus in a river, and soon later find Hinawa dead. The cause of her death was the Dragos, who had been turned into Chimera due to Pokey/Porky. A few years later, Lucas goes on a quest to avenge his mother, and find Claus, his now missing brother. Claus went missing when he tried to avenge Hinawa. In the end, Lucas and his dog, Boney, and their two friends Duster and Kumatora go to New Pork City, meet Pokey/Porky, and fight him. You'd think he is the final boss, but just be patient. They continue up a path, and find "Masked Man." Lucas finally realizes who this man is!
The Masked Man is Claus, Lucas lost brother! Claus thinks he is a robot, and fights Lucas. This is where the game gets tough, because sometimes Lucas will stop and just cry... It always makes me sad... Lucas finally wins, but at the cost of a life... Lucas has killed Claus to save the world.
Lucas pulls the final magical needle, releasing the Black Dragon who will reset the world, and make it free of Pokeys' evil. The world is safe, but Lucas family has been torn apart because of the evil. In the end, Lucas grows to be a strong young man, and learns about his PSI powers. His quest is over, yet his friendship is not.
And that's the story!

DEPTH- If you didn't find that story to be sad, or interesting, I have no clue what you will look for in games. I give the depth a 10!

DIFFICULTY- Mother 3 was not at all too hard, only at the end there did it start to become a challange. Just do a lot of grinding on the Wild Bores, or at the Lightning Tower.

I, mario166, highly recommend this game to people who are looking for a good game!


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03-24-12 06:54 PM
pacman1755 is Offline
Link | 37 Words

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Mother 3 is a great game. Its a shame that they kept it in Japan and never released it in the US. Good thing the RGR has it...and in english :P

Also, great review, man. Good job.
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