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Commodore 64 (C64) ROMS/ISOS
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03-09-12 10:35 PM
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Commodore 64 (C64) ROMS/ISOS


03-09-12 10:35 PM
JigSaw is Offline
Link | 92081 Words

Level: 149

POSTS: 6597/7251
POST EXP: 465602
LVL EXP: 41108939
CP: 1970.8
VIZ: 101894

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Commodore 64 (C64) ROMS & ISOS List

# TOP | # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
$100000 Pyramid The ROM (C64)
$54 Zipper ROM (C64)
+60 K test Memory ROM (C64)
+60k Schema ROM (C64)
+H Charkiller ROM (C64)
0 and X ROM (C64)
0 Grad Nord ROM (C64)
0013 ROM (C64)
005effff Packer ROM (C64)
007 Car Chase ROM (C64)
008 Scanner ROM (C64)
1 Bundesliga Manager ROM (C64)
1 x 1 Kampf ROM (C64)
1 2 3 ROM (C64)
1357 ROM (C64)
1Page Noter The ROM (C64)
1.000 Miglia ROM (C64)
1.000 Miglia Volume I 19271933 ROM (C64)
1.000 Miler ROM (C64)
1.000 Miles ROM (C64)
1.5 Backup Fastload ROM (C64)
1.5 Copy ROM (C64)
1.5 Minuten Copy ROM (C64)
10 Great Games II Auf Wiedersehen Monty ROM (C64)
10 Great Games II Basil the Great Mouse Detective ROM (C64)
10 Great Games II Bulldog ROM (C64)
10 Great Games II Convoy Raider ROM (C64)
10 Great Games II Jack the Nipper II in Coconut Capers ROM (C64)
10 Great Games II Mask ROM (C64)
10 Great Games II ReBounder ROM (C64)
10 Great Games II Samurai Trilogy ROM (C64)
10 Great Games II Thing Bounces Back ROM (C64)
10 Great Games II Water Polo ROM (C64)
10 Pin ROM (C64)
10Pin Bowling ROM (C64)
10... Knockout! ROM (C64)
10.000 Meters ROM (C64)
100 Meter Dash ROM (C64)
100 Meter Slith ROM (C64)
100 Mile Race ROM (C64)
10000 Meters ROM (C64)
10th Frame ROM (C64)
10th Frame Bowling ROM (C64)
12 O'Clock ROM (C64)
128 KBytes Backup Copy ROM (C64)
128er Quickload ROM (C64)
1351 Mouse Demo ROM (C64)
1415 Puzzle The ROM (C64)
141 Chip Monitor SYS49152 ROM (C64)
15 Pietnastka ROM (C64)
15 Sec. Copy 256 K ROM (C64)
15 Second Formatier ROM (C64)
15 Seconds Copy 256K Ram Version ROM (C64)
15 Seconds Copy 35 Tracks ROM (C64)
15 Seconds Formater ROM (C64)
15 Solitaire ROM (C64)
15Puzzle The ROM (C64)
1541 ROM (C64)
1541 Alps Drive Check ROM (C64)
1541 Demo ROM (C64)
1541 Fastload ROM (C64)
1541 TurboDisk ROM (C64)
1541 Wizard ROM (C64)
15411571 ROM (C64)
15411764 Fast Copier Demo ROM (C64)
1571 Demo ROM (C64)
1581 Unzip ROM (C64)
16 Boulderdash Games ROM (C64)
17 und 04 ROM (C64)
17+4 ROM (C64)
1700 REU Test Demo ROM (C64)
1750 Clone REU Test Demo ROM (C64)
1764 Test Demo ROM (C64)
1789 ROM (C64)
17xx Memtester ROM (C64)
17xx64kMemoryLinker ROM (C64)
18 Uhren ROM (C64)
180 ROM (C64)
180 One Hundred and Eighty ROM (C64)
180 Darts ROM (C64)
19 Part One Boot Camp ROM (C64)
1942 ROM (C64)
1942 ROM (C64)
1942 Cassette Version ROM (C64)
1942 ReRelease ROM (C64)
1943 One Year After ROM (C64)
1943 The Battle of Midway ROM (C64)
1944 ROM (C64)
1948 ROM (C64)
1984 ROM (C64)
1985 The Day After ROM (C64)
1991 World Cup Knockout The ROM (C64)
1994 Ten Years After ROM (C64)
1994 Ten Years After ROM (C64)
1st Bonus Game ROM (C64)
1st Division Manager ROM (C64)
1st DiVSN Manager ROM (C64)
1x1 Proportional Charset Converter ROM (C64)
1x1 Shaper The ROM (C64)
2 Player Super League ROM (C64)
2 Worms War ROM (C64)
2D Cube ROM (C64)
2in1 Vegas ROM (C64)
20 Games ROM (C64)
20 KByte ROM (C64)
20 Tons ROM (C64)
20.000 Meilen unter dem Meer ROM (C64)
2001 ROM (C64)
2002 ROM (C64)
2010 ROM (C64)
21 ROM (C64)
21 Sec Copy ROM (C64)
21 Super Copy ROM (C64)
21Destructor ROM (C64)
2112 The Battle for Planet Earth ROM (C64)
22Destructor ROM (C64)
221B Baker Street ROM (C64)
23 Matches ROM (C64)
23Destructor ROM (C64)
24x15 Text Editor ROM (C64)
24x15 Text Editor! ROM (C64)
256K Copyer ROM (C64)
256k Eprom System Rev 5 ROM (C64)
256KEPROMSystem ROM (C64)
2D Tennis Game ROM (C64)
2K Sweeper of Mine Basic Version ROM (C64)
2K Sweeper of Mine ML Version ROM (C64)
2K Sweeper of Mines ROM (C64)
2KFighter ROM (C64)
2MHz Time Crunch ROM (C64)
2x Pinball ROM (C64)
2x2 Char Maker ROM (C64)
2x2 Char Sprite Converter ROM (C64)
2x2 Chareditor ROM (C64)
2x2 Charmaker ROM (C64)
2x2 Genius ROM (C64)
2x2 Patternfill Editor ROM (C64)
3 Board Games Peter Weighill ROM (C64)
3 Boulder Dash Games ROM (C64)
3 Code Zipper ROM (C64)
3 D Maze ROM (C64)
3 D OXO ROM (C64)
3 Dimension Maze ROM (C64)
3 Gewinnt ROM (C64)
3 in einer Reihe ROM (C64)
3 Voice Music ROM (C64)
3 Wild Balls ROM (C64)
3 x 3 ROM (C64)
3Ball Deluxe ROM (C64)
3D Adventure ROM (C64)
3D Breakout ROM (C64)
3D Man ROM (C64)
3D Noughts & Crosses ROM (C64)
3D Pool ROM (C64)
3D Skramble ROM (C64)
3Deep Space ROM (C64)
3Gewinnt ROM (C64)
30 Speedload ROM (C64)
30 Turbo Boots ROM (C64)
31 ROM (C64)
360 Arm ROM (C64)
3D Breakout ROM (C64)
3D Construction Kit ROM (C64)
3D Construction Kit Interceptor Base ROM (C64)
3D Cubert 64 ROM (C64)
3D Glooper ROM (C64)
3D Gloopers ROM (C64)
3D Golf ROM (C64)
3D Hypermaths ROM (C64)
3D Labyrinth ROM (C64)
3D Labyrinttii ROM (C64)
3D Lunattack ROM (C64)
3D Man ROM (C64)
3D Maze ROM (C64)
3D Message Maker ROM (C64)
3D Morris ROM (C64)
3D Morris 3D Muhle ROM (C64)
3D Muehle ROM (C64)
3D Pac Man ROM (C64)
3D PacMan ROM (C64)
3D Pinball ROM (C64)
3D Pinball Pinball Power ROM (C64)
3D Pool ROM (C64)
3D Reversi ROM (C64)
3D Scacchi Simulator ROM (C64)
3D Skramble ROM (C64)
3D Soccer ROM (C64)
3D Spacewar The ROM (C64)
3D Spacewar The ROM (C64)
3D Speedway ROM (C64)
3D Sprite Calculator ROM (C64)
3D Starintruder ROM (C64)
3D Stock Cars II ROM (C64)
3D Tank Assault ROM (C64)
3D Tanx ROM (C64)
3D Tic Tac Toe ROM (C64)
3D TicTacToe ROM (C64)
3D Time Trek ROM (C64)
3D Vector Editor ROM (C64)
3D VierGewinnt ROM (C64)
3D Waterski ROM (C64)
3DLab ROM (C64)
3DVierGewinnt ROM (C64)
3DZoom ROM (C64)
3x3 Char Editor ROM (C64)
3x3 Chareditor ROM (C64)
4 Aces Pinball ROM (C64)
4 Borders ROM (C64)
4 by 4 ROM (C64)
4 Color Converter ROM (C64)
4 Fathoms ROM (C64)
4 Games for Children ROM (C64)
4 Gewinnt ROM (C64)
4 Gewinnt 2002 ROM (C64)
4 Gewinnt in 3 Dimensionen ROM (C64)
4 In Einer Reihe ROM (C64)
4 Player Userport Adapter ROM (C64)
4 Soccer Games ROM (C64)
4 Soccer Simulators ROM (C64)
4 Sprite Editor ROM (C64)
4 Times Reflex ROM (C64)
4 Times Revlex ROM (C64)
4080 Column Switch for Mouse ROM (C64)
41Track Formator ROM (C64)
45 Fourty Five ROM (C64)
4Code Zipper ROM (C64)
4k Smash ROM (C64)
4th & Inches ROM (C64)
4th & Inches Seasonmaker ROM (C64)
4th & Inches Team Construction ROM (C64)
4th and Inches ROM (C64)
4th Dimension Pack Cyberdine Warrior ROM (C64)
4th Dimension Pack Head the Ball ROM (C64)
4th Dimension Pack Mission Impossibubble ROM (C64)
4x4 Char Maker ROM (C64)
4x4 Charmaker ROM (C64)
4x4 Dither ed Padua ROM (C64)
4x4 Level Editor ROM (C64)
4x4 Level Map Editor ROM (C64)
4x4 Off Road Racing ROM (C64)
4x4 OffRoad Racing ROM (C64)
4x4 Sprite Editor ROM (C64)
5 Buecher ROM (C64)
5 Card Draw Poker ROM (C64)
5 en Linea ROM (C64)
5 Iron ROM (C64)
5 mal 5 ROM (C64)
5Pin Bowling ROM (C64)
50 Mission Crush ROM (C64)
500 M ROM (C64)
5000 ROM (C64)
500cc Grand Prix ROM (C64)
500cc Motomanager ROM (C64)
500cc. Motomanager ROM (C64)
51 ROM (C64)
55 Sec. Copy ROM (C64)
5th Axis ROM (C64)
5th Axis The ROM (C64)
5th Gear ROM (C64)
5th Quadrant ROM (C64)
5x5 ROM (C64)
5x5 ScrollConverterEditor SCE ROM (C64)
6 aus 49 ROM (C64)
60K Backup ROM (C64)
60k Turbo Assembler Pro ROM (C64)
61K Turbo Tape ROM (C64)
64 & 128 Typing Tutor ROM (C64)
64 Breakout ROM (C64)
64 Doctor ROM (C64)
64 Doctor Diagnostic Sequence ROM (C64)
64 Dragonmaster ROM (C64)
64 Exchange ROM (C64)
64 French Tutorial ROM (C64)
64 Luff ROM (C64)
64 Mastermind A Game of Logic ROM (C64)
64 Money Monger ROM (C64)
64 Nuclear Power Plant ROM (C64)
64 Pejling ROM (C64)
64 Potholes ROM (C64)
64 Rescue Run ROM (C64)
64 Scene Adventure The ROM (C64)
64 Sea Battle ROM (C64)
64 Shuffle ROM (C64)
64 Speller The ROM (C64)
64 Sub Hunt ROM (C64)
64 Times ROM (C64)
64 Timetrial ROM (C64)
64 Valley of Death ROM (C64)
64'er Game The ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8404 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8412 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8501 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8502 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8503 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8504 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8505 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8506 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8507 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8508 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8509 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8510 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8511 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8512 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8601 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8602 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8603 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8604 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8605 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8606 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8607 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8608 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8609 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8610 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8611 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8612 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8701 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8702 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8703 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8704 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8705 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8706 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8707 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8708 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8709 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8710 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8711 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8712 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8801 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8802 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8803 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8804 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8805 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8806 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8807 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8808 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8809 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8810 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8811 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8812 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8901 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8902 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8903 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8904 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8905 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8906 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8907 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8908 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8909 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8910 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8911 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 8912 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9001 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9002 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9003 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9004 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9005 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9006 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9007 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9008 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9009 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9010 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9011 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9012 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9101 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9102 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9103 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9104 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9105 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9106 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9107 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9108 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9109 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9110 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9111 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9112 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9201 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9202 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9203 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9204 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9205 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9206 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9207 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9208 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9209 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9210 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9211 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9212 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9301 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9302 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9303 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9304 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9305 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9306 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9307 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9308 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9309 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9310 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9311 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9312 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9401 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9401X ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9402 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9403 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9404 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9405 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9407 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9409 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9410 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin 9411 ROM (C64)
64'er Magazin Sonderheft ROM (C64)
64Diary ROM (C64)
64Dimensions TicTacToe ROM (C64)
64Driver ROM (C64)
64SceneAdventure The ROM (C64)
6485 BBS ROM (C64)
64er Eprom Programmierer ROM (C64)
64er Maschinensprache Editor ROM (C64)
64er Online BTX ROM (C64)
64Forth ROM (C64)
64HzGFXViewers ROM (C64)
64luff ROM (C64)
64Mon ROM (C64)
64x8 Logoeditor ROM (C64)
6510 ROM (C64)
7 X Pinball ROM (C64)
720 Degrees ROM (C64)
720 Degrees US Version ROM (C64)
720 Degrees 2 ROM (C64)
747 ROM (C64)
747 Flight Simulator ROM (C64)
7Bit Nr.1 ROM (C64)
8Ball ROM (C64)
8Byte Coder The ROM (C64)
80 Char Wide ROM (C64)
80 Columns ROM (C64)
8x8 Char Maker ROM (C64)
8x8 Charmaker ROM (C64)
9 Men's Morris ROM (C64)
9 Princes in Amber ROM (C64)
9 to 5 Typing ROM (C64)
911 Tiger Shark ROM (C64)
99 Charsets ROM (C64)
99 Luftballons ROM (C64)

A TOP | # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
A Bear's Night Out ROM (C64)
A Dark Sky over Paradise ROM (C64)
A Day In The Life Of A Prehistoric Man ROM (C64)
A Fable ROM (C64)
A Fistfull of Bucks ROM (C64)
A Heavy Thing ROM (C64)
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth ROM (C64)
A Magician's Apprentice ROM (C64)
A Mocsar Harcosa ROM (C64)
A Night on the Town ROM (C64)
A Nightmare on Elm Street ROM (C64)
A or An ROM (C64)
A Question Of Scruples ROM (C64)
A Question of Sport ROM (C64)
A Real Writer ROM (C64)
A to Snad NE ROM (C64)
A View to a Kill ROM (C64)
A V or M ROM (C64)
ABoulder 64 ROM (C64)
ADriver ROM (C64)
AHead ROM (C64)
AMazeIng ROM (C64)
ATeam ROM (C64)
ATeam The ROM (C64)
AZ Spiel ROM (C64)
AZ Quiz ROM (C64)
A.M.C. Astro Marine Corps ROM (C64)
Aaaargh! ROM (C64)
Aaargh ROM (C64)
Aake 3 Aake Gets Mediaeval ROM (C64)
Aanimuistipeli ROM (C64)
Aanval ROM (C64)
Aardvark ROM (C64)
Aardvark Attack ROM (C64)
Aargh Krakout ROM (C64)
Aargh! Condor ROM (C64)
ABThe Crunch ROM (C64)
Abandon ROM (C64)
Abandoned Noter ROM (C64)
ABC Alphabet Beasts & Co. ROM (C64)
ABC Monday Night Football ROM (C64)
Abducted ROM (C64)
Abeceda ROM (C64)
Abenteuer ROM (C64)
Abenteuergame ROM (C64)
Abhor ROM (C64)
Abnormal Faction ROM (C64)
Abnormal Faction + ROM (C64)
Abnormal Factor ROM (C64)
Abracalc ROM (C64)
Abrakadabra ROM (C64)
Abrasco Golf ROM (C64)
Absolute Beginners Guide ROM (C64)
Absolute Beginners Guide 3 ROM (C64)
Abspeichern als Absolutprogramm ROM (C64)
Abuze Cruncher ROM (C64)
Abuze Cruncher V3.1 Effectmenu The ROM (C64)
AbuzeCrunch ROM (C64)
AbuzeCruncher ROM (C64)
AbuzePack ROM (C64)
Abwehr ROM (C64)
Abyss ROM (C64)
AC DC Pinball ROM (C64)
ACDC Pinball ROM (C64)
Acceleration ROM (C64)
Access ROM (C64)
Acchiappa Pacchi ROM (C64)
Acchiappacuori ROM (C64)
Accolade Comics ROM (C64)
Accumulator ROM (C64)
Accuracy Note Writer ROM (C64)
ACE Air Combat Emulator ROM (C64)
ACE Air Combat Emulator US Version ROM (C64)
Ace 1.2 ROM (C64)
ACE 2 ROM (C64)
ACE 2 Preview ROM (C64)
ACE 2088 ROM (C64)
Ace Harrier ROM (C64)
ACE Line ROM (C64)
Ace Noter ROM (C64)
Ace of Aces ROM (C64)
Ace Pro ROM (C64)
AceNoter ROM (C64)
Aces High ROM (C64)
Aces Up ROM (C64)
Acey Ducey ROM (C64)
AceyDeucy ROM (C64)
Achie ROM (C64)
Acia ROM (C64)
Acid ROM (C64)
Acid House ROM (C64)
Acid Runner ROM (C64)
Acidman ROM (C64)
AcidTrack Music Development System ROM (C64)
Acigol ROM (C64)
Acinna ROM (C64)
Acoid 'em ROM (C64)
Acquire ROM (C64)
Acrise Noter ROM (C64)
Acro Jet The Advanced Flight Simulator ROM (C64)
Acrobat ROM (C64)
Acrojet ROM (C64)
Action Ball ROM (C64)
Action Biker ROM (C64)
Action Biker '99 ROM (C64)
Action Cartridge Plus ROM (C64)
Action Cartridge Plus MK 7.0 ROM (C64)
Action Fight ROM (C64)
Action Fighter ROM (C64)
Action Fighter US Version ROM (C64)
Action Force ROM (C64)
Action News ROM (C64)
Action Noter ROM (C64)
Action on Protection ROM (C64)
Action Replay ROM (C64)
Action Replay Cruncher ROM (C64)
Action Replay Enhanced ROM (C64)
Action Replay Worm ROM (C64)
Action Replay ZipUnzip ROM (C64)
Action RMS ROM (C64)
Action Service ROM (C64)
Action! Hockey ROM (C64)
ActionNoter ROM (C64)
Actionauts ROM (C64)
Actionauts 2 ROM (C64)
Actionauts II ROM (C64)
Actions ROM (C64)
Activision Demo ROM (C64)
Ad Infinitum ROM (C64)
Add & Sub ROM (C64)
Add Fast ROM (C64)
Addams Family ROM (C64)
Addams Family The ROM (C64)
Addgar ROM (C64)
Addicta Ball ROM (C64)
AddictaBall ROM (C64)
Addicted ROM (C64)
Addit ROM (C64)
Addition and Subtraction ROM (C64)
Addition Drill ROM (C64)
Addition Magician ROM (C64)
Addition Master ROM (C64)
Addition Race ROM (C64)
Address Register ROM (C64)
Addresses ROM (C64)
Adds and Subs ROM (C64)
Addy Corner The ROM (C64)
AddyBurger 03 ROM (C64)
Addybook ROM (C64)
Addyburger ROM (C64)
Adermen ROM (C64)
Adidas Championship Football ROM (C64)
Admiral Graf Spee ROM (C64)
Admiral James Cook ROM (C64)
Adonis ROM (C64)
ADP ScanFile Error Checker ROM (C64)
Adrenalin ROM (C64)
Adressenverwaltung ROM (C64)
Adult Games Compilation ROM (C64)
Adult Poker ROM (C64)
Adults ROM (C64)
Advance of the Mega Camels ROM (C64)
Advance to Boardwalk ROM (C64)
Advanced Action Movie Simulator ROM (C64)
Advanced Art Studio ROM (C64)
Advanced Art Studio + Amiga Mouse ROM (C64)
Advanced Basketball Simulator ROM (C64)
Advanced Bonzai Note Maker ROM (C64)
Advanced Coloured ROM (C64)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ROM (C64)
Advanced FLI Editor ROM (C64)
Advanced FLIEditor ROM (C64)
Advanced Graphic Format Converter ROM (C64)
Advanced Level Squeezer The ROM (C64)
Advanced Levelsqueezer ROM (C64)
Advanced Lotto Simulator ROM (C64)
Advanced M.Sz. Tribal Noter ROM (C64)
Advanced Music Programmer ROM (C64)
Advanced Music Programmer The ROM (C64)
Advanced Music Searcher ROM (C64)
Advanced Note Maker ROM (C64)
Advanced Pinball Simulator ROM (C64)
Advanced Tactical Fighter ROM (C64)
Adventure ROM (C64)
Adventure Adventureland ROM (C64)
Adventure The Interactive Original ROM (C64)
Adventure The Ultimate Text Adventure ROM (C64)
Adventure 1 Cavern of Riches ROM (C64)
Adventure 1 Mutant Spiders The ROM (C64)
Adventure 2 The Great Pyramid ROM (C64)
Adventure 2000 Die Jagd nach der Rakete ROM (C64)
Adventure 3 Fourth Sarcophagus The ROM (C64)
Adventure 3 Haunted Mansion ROM (C64)
Adventure 64 Colossal Cave Adventure ROM (C64)
Adventure 64 Nr.05 ROM (C64)
Adventure 64 Nr.06 ROM (C64)
Adventure A Planet of Death ROM (C64)
Adventure B Inca Curse ROM (C64)
Adventure Castle ROM (C64)
Adventure Coloured ROM (C64)
Adventure Construction Set ROM (C64)
Adventure Construction Set Battle of Avantar ROM (C64)
Adventure Construction Set Rivers of Light ROM (C64)
Adventure Creator ROM (C64)
Adventure der Saufer ROM (C64)
Adventure Games ROM (C64)
Adventure in Atlantis ROM (C64)
Adventure in Time and Space ROM (C64)
Adventure in Time and Space Part 1 & 2 ROM (C64)
Adventure Interpretor ROM (C64)
Adventure Island ROM (C64)
Adventure Land ROM (C64)
Adventure Master ROM (C64)
Adventure Nr. 4 ROM (C64)
Adventure Number 3 The Fourth Sarcophagus ROM (C64)
Adventure of a Lifetime ROM (C64)
Adventure of a Mug ROM (C64)
Adventure of the Year ROM (C64)
Adventure on the Planet of Zeeble ROM (C64)
Adventure Quest ROM (C64)
Adventure Quest 2 Jewels Of The Darkness 2 ROM (C64)
Adventure Series Viking Raider ROM (C64)
Adventure Shell ROM (C64)
Adventure Without a Name ROM (C64)
Adventure Writer ROM (C64)
Adventure Writing System ROM (C64)
Adventureland ROM (C64)
Adventurer The ROM (C64)
Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf The ROM (C64)
Adventures of Bond... Basildon Bond The ROM (C64)
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai The ROM (C64)
Adventures of the Little Ghostkid The ROM (C64)
Adventureworld ROM (C64)
Adviser ROM (C64)
Adwarp ROM (C64)
Adwarp English ROM (C64)
Aegean Voyage ROM (C64)
Aerobics ROM (C64)
Aerohawk ROM (C64)
Aerosol ROM (C64)
Affaire Vera Cruz L' ROM (C64)
Affairs of State ROM (C64)
Affen Jagd ROM (C64)
AFK Aim Fire Kill ROM (C64)
AFL Boulderdash ROM (C64)
AFL Writer ROM (C64)
AFLI Editor ROM (C64)
AFLi+HiRES Editor ROM (C64)
AFLIEditor ROM (C64)
Africa ROM (C64)
Africa Gardens ROM (C64)
Africa Nera ROM (C64)
African Adventure ROM (C64)
African Adventure or in Search of Dr. Livingstone ROM (C64)
African Escape ROM (C64)
African Huntress ROM (C64)
African Safari ROM (C64)
Afrikan Tahti ROM (C64)
After the Party ROM (C64)
After the War ROM (C64)
Afterburner ROM (C64)
Afterburner US Version ROM (C64)
Afterlife ROM (C64)
Afterlife II ROM (C64)
Aftermath ROM (C64)
Aftermath of the Asimovian Disaster The ROM (C64)
Afterworld The ROM (C64)
AGE The Adventure Grafik Editor ROM (C64)
Age 2 ROM (C64)
Age of Adventure Ali Baba and the Forty Theives ROM (C64)
Age of Adventure Return Of Heracles ROM (C64)
Agent Blotto ROM (C64)
Agent Hawk ROM (C64)
Agent Orange ROM (C64)
Agent U.S.A. ROM (C64)
Agent UOP ROM (C64)
Agent USA ROM (C64)
Agent USA II ROM (C64)
Agent X 2 The Mad Prof's Back ROM (C64)
Agent X II ROM (C64)
Agent X II The Mad Prof's Back ROM (C64)
Aghamix ROM (C64)
Agnes ROM (C64)
Agony Warez ROM (C64)
Agricola ROM (C64)
Ah Diddums ROM (C64)
AheadCoolpacker ROM (C64)
Ahoy Best of 1985 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Best Utilites ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8601 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8602 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8603 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8604 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8605 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8606 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8607 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8608 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8609 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8610 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8611 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8612 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8701 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8702 ROM (C64)
Ahoy Magazine '8703 ROM (C64)
Ahoy! Pie Emporium ROM (C64)
Ai Confini della Realta ROM (C64)
Aidon The Apocalypse ROM (C64)
Aids Fighters ROM (C64)
Aiginas Prophecy The Legend of Balubalouk ROM (C64)
Air Assault ROM (C64)
Air Attack ROM (C64)
Air Ball ROM (C64)
Air Combat ROM (C64)
Air Combat Emulator ROM (C64)
Air Defender ROM (C64)
Air Hockey ROM (C64)
Air Plane Lander ROM (C64)
Air Port Game ROM (C64)
Air Raid ROM (C64)
Air Rally ROM (C64)
Air Rescue ROM (C64)
Air Rescue I ROM (C64)
Air Support ROM (C64)
Air Traffic Controller ROM (C64)
AirCommand ROM (C64)
Airbase Controller ROM (C64)
Airbattle Shoot Off Planes ROM (C64)
Airborne Ranger ROM (C64)
AirbusA300 Simulator ROM (C64)
Aircommando ROM (C64)
Aircop 2000 ROM (C64)
Aircraft Lander ROM (C64)
Airfight ROM (C64)
Airline ROM (C64)
Airline Minianleitung ROM (C64)
Airport '94 ROM (C64)
Airraid ROM (C64)
Airship II The ROM (C64)
Airship The ROM (C64)
Airwalk Basketball ROM (C64)
Airwar ROM (C64)
Airwolf ROM (C64)
Airwolf 2 ROM (C64)
AirwolfFixer ROM (C64)
Ake III Ake Gets Medieval ROM (C64)
Aknakereso ROM (C64)
Aknakeresoe ROM (C64)
Akropolis ROM (C64)
Aksjemarked ROM (C64)
Aktenzeichen X14 ROM (C64)
Aktienspiel Das ROM (C64)
Aktiv ROM (C64)
Al Bakahrah ROM (C64)
Al Capone ROM (C64)
Al the Fish ROM (C64)
Ala ROM (C64)
Ala La ROM (C64)
Alberts Drom Exciting Dreams ROM (C64)
Alcatraz ROM (C64)
Alcazar ROM (C64)
Alcazar The Forgotten Fortress ROM (C64)
Alchemist's Apprentice ROM (C64)
Alcnoters ROM (C64)
Alcoholics Noter ROM (C64)
Alcon ROM (C64)
Aldebaran ROM (C64)
Alderan ROM (C64)
Alea Jacta ROM (C64)
Alf ROM (C64)
Alf The First Adventure ROM (C64)
Alf in the Color Caves ROM (C64)
Alf's Utilities ROM (C64)
Alfabet ROM (C64)
Alfabetic Highway ROM (C64)
Alfabug ROM (C64)
Alfredo Breakout ROM (C64)
Alfredo's Parking ROM (C64)
Alga Soft Nr.06 ROM (C64)
Alga Soft Nr.08 ROM (C64)
AlgeBlaster ROM (C64)
AlgeBlaster! ROM (C64)
Algebra Dragons The ROM (C64)
Algernon ROM (C64)
Ali Baba ROM (C64)
Aliants The Desperate Battle for Earth ROM (C64)
Alibaba And The Fourty Thieves ROM (C64)
Alice ROM (C64)
Alice in Videoland ROM (C64)
Alice in Wonderland ROM (C64)
Alien ROM (C64)
Alien 3 ROM (C64)
Alien Armada ROM (C64)
Alien Attack ROM (C64)
Alien Attack Alien Armada ROM (C64)
Alien Attack II ROM (C64)
Alien Attack III The Final Attack ROM (C64)
Alien Attacker ROM (C64)
Alien Bash ROM (C64)
Alien Blast ROM (C64)
Alien Blast! ROM (C64)
Alien Blaster ROM (C64)
Alien Brood ROM (C64)
Alien City Blitz ROM (C64)
Alien Commando The Ship ROM (C64)
Alien Commando 2 Planet X ROM (C64)
Alien Commando 3 Planet Ice ROM (C64)
Alien Destroyer ROM (C64)
Alien Fighter ROM (C64)
Alien Infiltration ROM (C64)
Alien Infiltration III ROM (C64)
Alien Infiltration IV ROM (C64)
Alien Invader ROM (C64)
Alien Invasion ROM (C64)
Alien Kill ROM (C64)
Alien Kill II The Final Encounter ROM (C64)
Alien Killers ROM (C64)
Alien Noter ROM (C64)
Alien Panic ROM (C64)
Alien Patrol ROM (C64)
Alien Rescue ROM (C64)
Alien Science Quiz ROM (C64)
Alien Sidestep ROM (C64)
Alien Smash ROM (C64)
Alien Sounds ROM (C64)
Alien Storm ROM (C64)
Alien Syndrome ROM (C64)
Alien Task Force ROM (C64)
Alien Task Force II ROM (C64)
Alien Terrordome ROM (C64)
Alien Visitor ROM (C64)
Alien World ROM (C64)
Alien Zoo ROM (C64)
Alienator ROM (C64)
Alienator 93 ROM (C64)
Alienator! ROM (C64)
Aliens ROM (C64)
Aliens The Computer Game ROM (C64)
Aliens from Subterrania ROM (C64)
Alienworld ROM (C64)
Alimentazione ROM (C64)
Alioids ROM (C64)
Alioth ROM (C64)
Alison's Maths ROM (C64)
Alkohohltest ROM (C64)
All American Basketball ROM (C64)
All Points Bulletin ROM (C64)
All Risks ROM (C64)
All Smiles ROM (C64)
All Stars ROM (C64)
All Tarrain Gardener ROM (C64)
All Terrain Gardener ROM (C64)
All Terrain Vehicle Simulator ROM (C64)
All Trax Boot ROM (C64)
AllAmerican Basketball ROM (C64)
Alla Ricerca del Buddah di Bodnath ROM (C64)
Allan Border's Cricket ROM (C64)
Alle Negen ROM (C64)
Alle Neune ROM (C64)
Alley Cat ROM (C64)
Alley Oops ROM (C64)
Alley Wars ROM (C64)
Alleykat ROM (C64)
Alleyoop ROM (C64)
Allgemeinbildungsprogramm Das ROM (C64)
Allgemeinwissen ROM (C64)
Alliance ROM (C64)
Allien Pacmann ROM (C64)
Alligata Blagger 64 ROM (C64)
Alligator Moeras ROM (C64)
Alligator! ROM (C64)
Alloyrun ROM (C64)
Allround Relecator The ROM (C64)
Almazz ROM (C64)
Alohohltest ROM (C64)
Alpha Anxiety ROM (C64)
Alpha Build ROM (C64)
Alpha Command ROM (C64)
Alpha Noter Light ROM (C64)
Alpha Omega Run ROM (C64)
Alpha Test The ROM (C64)
Alpha Type ROM (C64)
Alpha Warriors ROM (C64)
AlphaShoot ROM (C64)
Alphabet Cadet ROM (C64)
Alphabet Circus ROM (C64)
Alphabet Shuffle The ROM (C64)
Alphabet Soup ROM (C64)
Alphabet Trainer ROM (C64)
Alphabet Zoo ROM (C64)
Alphabetica ROM (C64)
Alphabetizing Practice ROM (C64)
Alphabetter ROM (C64)
Alphafighter ROM (C64)
Alphametix ROM (C64)
Alphoid ROM (C64)
Alpine Encounter The ROM (C64)
Alpine Escape ROM (C64)
Alpine Tram Ride ROM (C64)
Alpiner The ROM (C64)
Altair 4 ROM (C64)
Alter Ego Female ROM (C64)
Alter Ego Male ROM (C64)
Altered Beast ROM (C64)
Alternate Reality The City ROM (C64)
Alternate Reality II The Dungeon ROM (C64)
Alternative Packer ROM (C64)
Alternative World Games ROM (C64)
Alvestalink ROM (C64)
Always ROM (C64)
Alzan ROM (C64)
Amadeus Revenge ROM (C64)
Amaurote ROM (C64)
Amazer ROM (C64)
Amazin Byteraper ROM (C64)
Amazing ROM (C64)
Amazing Adventure ROM (C64)
Amazing Byteraper The ROM (C64)
Amazing Demo Writer The ROM (C64)
Amazing Player ROM (C64)
Amazing Spiderman ROM (C64)
Amazing Spiderman The ROM (C64)
Amazon ROM (C64)
Amazon Warrior ROM (C64)
Ambaras Pack ROM (C64)
Ambassador ROM (C64)
Ambition ROM (C64)
Ambush ROM (C64)
Ambush! ROM (C64)
AMC Astro Marine Corps ROM (C64)
Amebas Graphic Editor ROM (C64)
America Coast to Coast ROM (C64)
America Cup Sailing ROM (C64)
America's Cup ROM (C64)
America's Cup Challenge The ROM (C64)
America's Cup Sailing ROM (C64)
American 3D Pool ROM (C64)
American Basket Heroes ROM (C64)
American Basketball Heroes ROM (C64)
American Challenge The A Sailing Simulation ROM (C64)
American Civil War 3 ROM (C64)
American Cup Sailing ROM (C64)
American Dateline ROM (C64)
American Express ROM (C64)
American Flag ROM (C64)
American Football ROM (C64)
American Road Race ROM (C64)
American Tag Team Wrestling ROM (C64)
American TagTeam Wrestling ROM (C64)
Amerika's Agent ROM (C64)
Amica Paint ROM (C64)
Amica Paint Graphics Converter ROM (C64)
AmicaPaint ROM (C64)
Amico Bit Nr.01 Caccia Pericolosa ROM (C64)
Amico Bit Nr.01 Lezione 1 ROM (C64)
Amico Bit Nr.01 Lezione 2 ROM (C64)
Amico Bit Nr.01 Matita Magica ROM (C64)
Amico Bit Nr.01 Sirius ROM (C64)
Amiga Sample Converter ROM (C64)
Amnesia ROM (C64)
Amoeba ROM (C64)
Amorphous ROM (C64)
Anagram Sam ROM (C64)
Ananaba Drama ROM (C64)
Anarchy ROM (C64)
Anarchy Prof. 1 ROM (C64)
Anarchy Professional ROM (C64)
Ancient History ROM (C64)
Ancient Tale The ROM (C64)
Ancipital ROM (C64)
Anders Limpar Soccer ROM (C64)
Anders Limpar's Proffs Fotboll ROM (C64)
Anders Limpar's Soccer ROM (C64)
Android 2 ROM (C64)
Android Attack ROM (C64)
Android Control ROM (C64)
Android Nim ROM (C64)
Andromeda Conquest ROM (C64)
Andy Capp The Game ROM (C64)
Andys Daily ROM (C64)
Angel Of Hell ROM (C64)
Angels' Boulder Dash ROM (C64)
Angle ROM (C64)
Angle Iron ROM (C64)
Angleball ROM (C64)
Angler 64 ROM (C64)
Anglers The ROM (C64)
Angriff auf den Archipel ROM (C64)
Angriff der Klingonen ROM (C64)
Angry Ninja ROM (C64)
Animal Fare ROM (C64)
Animal Hotel ROM (C64)
Animal Magic Save the Baby ROM (C64)
Animal Match ROM (C64)
Animal Mineral or Vegetable ROM (C64)
Animals ROM (C64)
Animals! ROM (C64)
Animated Strip Poker ROM (C64)
Aniso ROM (C64)
Ankh ROM (C64)
Anna's Gram ROM (C64)
Annaconda ROM (C64)
Annalen der Roemer ROM (C64)
Annals of Rome ROM (C64)
Annihilator ROM (C64)
Annihilator 2 ROM (C64)
Anonimus ROM (C64)
Anoria II ROM (C64)
Another Bloody Adventure ROM (C64)
Another Game ROM (C64)
Another Sex Adventure ROM (C64)
Another World ROM (C64)
Anstoss ROM (C64)
Ant Attack ROM (C64)
Anteater ROM (C64)
Anter Planter ROM (C64)
AnterPlanter ROM (C64)
Anthony Burns SEUCK Games ROM (C64)
Anti ROM (C64)
Anti Isepic ROM (C64)
Anti Tuerkentest ROM (C64)
AntiLamer Coder ROM (C64)
AntiSub ROM (C64)
Anticihilator ROM (C64)
Antics ROM (C64)
Antidote ROM (C64)
Antifan's Toolbox ROM (C64)
Antifriction ROM (C64)
Antigravenreuth Game The ROM (C64)
Antihype ROM (C64)
AntiISDA Warrior ROM (C64)
AntiLamer V1.0 Coder ROM (C64)
Antimonopoly ROM (C64)
Antinationale ROM (C64)
Antiriad ROM (C64)
Antivirus ROM (C64)
Antlantis Boulder ROM (C64)
Antonyms ROM (C64)
Antonyms and Synonyms ROM (C64)
Antrix Note Editor ROM (C64)
Antrock ROM (C64)
AOKSpiel ROM (C64)
Apache ROM (C64)
Apache Gold ROM (C64)
Apache Helli ROM (C64)
Apache Raid ROM (C64)
Apache Strike ROM (C64)
APB All Points Bulletin ROM (C64)
Ape Craze ROM (C64)
ApeCraze ROM (C64)
Apocalypse Now ROM (C64)
Apollo 18 Mission to the Moon ROM (C64)
Apoxoly ROM (C64)
Appareil a Jetons ROM (C64)
Appelzine ROM (C64)
Apple Cider Spider ROM (C64)
Apple Fall ROM (C64)
Apple Frenzy ROM (C64)
Apple Hunt ROM (C64)
Apple Pie ROM (C64)
Apple Time ROM (C64)
Apple Willy ROM (C64)
Apprentice ROM (C64)
Aprotek Minimodem Demo ROM (C64)
Apydia ROM (C64)
Aqua ROM (C64)
Aqua Racer Grand Prix F1 Nautica ROM (C64)
Aquablasta ROM (C64)
Aquanaut ROM (C64)
Aquantor ROM (C64)
Aquaplane ROM (C64)
Aquaplane Sci d'Acqua ROM (C64)
Aquaplane Skinautico ROM (C64)
Arabian Treasurehunt ROM (C64)
Arac ROM (C64)
Arachne ROM (C64)
Arachnia 64 ROM (C64)
ArachnoPhobia ROM (C64)
Arachnophobia Editor ROM (C64)
Araknifoe ROM (C64)
Arbitrator ROM (C64)
Arc ROM (C64)
ARC Classic ROM (C64)
Arc Doors ROM (C64)
Arc of Yesod The ROM (C64)
Arcade ROM (C64)
Arcade Attack 64 ROM (C64)
Arcade Baseball ROM (C64)
Arcade Classic ROM (C64)
Arcade Classic Pak ROM (C64)
Arcade Classics ROM (C64)
Arcade Classics 7 ROM (C64)
Arcade Collection ROM (C64)
Arcade Flight Simulator ROM (C64)
Arcade Fruit Machine ROM (C64)
Arcade Game Construction Kit ROM (C64)
Arcade Hall of Fame ROM (C64)
Arcade Hall of Fame Aztec Challenge ROM (C64)
Arcade Hall of Fame Dropzone ROM (C64)
Arcade Hall of Fame Stellar 7 ROM (C64)
Arcade Hall of Fame Up 'n Down ROM (C64)
Arcade Pilot ROM (C64)
Arcade Trivia Quiz ROM (C64)
Arcade Volleyball ROM (C64)
Arcademic Skillbuilder Alien Addition ROM (C64)
Arcademic Skillbuilder Alligator Mix ROM (C64)
Arcademic Skillbuilder Demolition Division ROM (C64)
Arcademic Skillbuilder Dragon Mix ROM (C64)
Arcademic Skillbuilder Minus Mission ROM (C64)
Arcademic Skillbuilder Word Master ROM (C64)
Arcadesearch ROM (C64)
Arcadia ROM (C64)
Arcadia 64 ROM (C64)
Arcana ROM (C64)
Archdale Golf Club ROM (C64)
Archeologist Duel ROM (C64)
Archeologist Duel! ROM (C64)
Archers The ROM (C64)
Archetype ROM (C64)
Archipelago ROM (C64)
Archon ROM (C64)
Archon 1 ROM (C64)
Archon 13 ROM (C64)
Archon 2 Adept ROM (C64)
Archon 3 Exciter ROM (C64)
Arciere ROM (C64)
Arctic Fox ROM (C64)
Arctic Shipwreck ROM (C64)
Arctic Wastes! ROM (C64)
Arcticfox ROM (C64)
Ardok ROM (C64)
Ardok the Barbarian ROM (C64)
Ardy the Aardvark ROM (C64)
Are We The Best ROM (C64)
Are We The Best Text Edit ROM (C64)
Are We The Best Voter ROM (C64)
Area 13 ROM (C64)
Aree ROM (C64)
Arena ROM (C64)
Arena 3000 ROM (C64)
Arena Football ROM (C64)
Arex ROM (C64)
Argon ROM (C64)
Argon Factor The ROM (C64)
Argos Expedition The ROM (C64)
Arhena the Amazon ROM (C64)
Arhena! the Amazon ROM (C64)
Arise ROM (C64)
ArithmeSketch ROM (C64)
Arizona The Boy in the Bubble ROM (C64)
Ark of Exodus The ROM (C64)
Ark Pandora ROM (C64)
Arkanoid ROM (C64)
Arkanoid 1 ROM (C64)
Arkanoid 2 Revenge of Doh ROM (C64)
Arkanoid 2 Revenge of Doh Editor ROM (C64)
Arkanoid 2 Revenge of Doh ROM (C64)
Arkanoid 3 ROM (C64)
Arkanoid 4 ROM (C64)
Arkanoid 5 ROM (C64)
Arkive ROM (C64)
Arktyczne Polowanie ROM (C64)
Armada ROM (C64)
Armageddon ROM (C64)
Armageddon 2000 ROM (C64)
Armageddon Files The ROM (C64)
Armageddon Man ROM (C64)
Armageddon Man The ROM (C64)
Armalyte ROM (C64)
Armalyte Competition Edition ROM (C64)
Armalyte 2 ROM (C64)
Armbrustschieben ROM (C64)
Armourdillo ROM (C64)
Armut & Reichtum ROM (C64)
Army ROM (C64)
Army Days ROM (C64)
Army Force ROM (C64)
Army Leader ROM (C64)
Army Men ROM (C64)
Army Moves ROM (C64)
Army Moves 1+2 ROM (C64)
Army Moves 2 ROM (C64)
Arne Relocator ROM (C64)
Arne Weise ROM (C64)
ArneRelocater ROM (C64)
Arnie ROM (C64)
Arnie 2 ROM (C64)
Arnie Armchair's Howzat ROM (C64)
Arnie's America's Cup Challenge ROM (C64)
Arno Dash ROM (C64)
Arnold the Adventurer ROM (C64)
Around the World ROM (C64)
Arpa Magica ROM (C64)
Arrivo ROM (C64)
Arrow ROM (C64)
Arrow Busters ROM (C64)
Arrow of Death Part 1 ROM (C64)
Arrow of Death Part 2 ROM (C64)
Arrow Shoot ROM (C64)
Arrowhead ROM (C64)
Arrrgh! ROM (C64)
Ars Publica ROM (C64)
Arscet ROM (C64)
Art Auction ROM (C64)
Art Studio ROM (C64)
Art Studio 1351 Mouse Version ROM (C64)
Art Studio 2 ROM (C64)
Art Studio 2 Level Impact System ROM (C64)
Art Studio Pic Cleaner ROM (C64)
Art Studio The ROM (C64)
Art Verts ROM (C64)
ArtBouncer ROM (C64)
Artax ROM (C64)
ArtCutter 1.10 ROM (C64)
Artemis ROM (C64)
Artillery ROM (C64)
Artillery '90 ROM (C64)
Artillery Control ROM (C64)
Artillery Duel ROM (C64)
Artillery Duell ROM (C64)
Artist 64 Optimizer The ROM (C64)
Artist 64 The ROM (C64)
Artmag ROM (C64)
Artris ROM (C64)
Artrix Note Editor ROM (C64)
Artura ROM (C64)
Artwriter ROM (C64)
ASCII Edi + Converter ROM (C64)
Asgard ROM (C64)
Ashby Manor ROM (C64)
Ashes Tour 1993 ROM (C64)
Ashido ROM (C64)
Asi Planet des Todes ROM (C64)
Asiatische Hauptstadte ROM (C64)
Asmyr ROM (C64)
Aspar GP Master ROM (C64)
Aspar GP Master Grand Prix Master ROM (C64)
Assassins ROM (C64)
Assault Course ROM (C64)
Assault Machine ROM (C64)
Assault on Memory Alpha ROM (C64)
Assault on the Shevardino Redoubt ROM (C64)
Assembler 64 ROM (C64)
Assembler 64 & Monitor ROM (C64)
AssemblerSchule fuer Anfaenger 3 ROM (C64)
Assy ROM (C64)
Astatin ROM (C64)
Asterion SidTracker ROM (C64)
Asterix ROM (C64)
Asterix & Obelix ROM (C64)
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron ROM (C64)
Asterix im Morgenland ROM (C64)
Asterix und Obelix Die Odyssey ROM (C64)
Asteroid ROM (C64)
Asteroid ! ROM (C64)
Asteroid Belt ROM (C64)
Asteroid Blast ROM (C64)
Asteroid Field ROM (C64)
Asteroid Lander ROM (C64)
Asteroid Storm ROM (C64)
Asteroid War ROM (C64)
Asteroide ROM (C64)
Asteroids ROM (C64)
Asteroids 64 ROM (C64)
Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She Vampires ROM (C64)
Astoria ROM (C64)
Astral Attack ROM (C64)
Astral Notemaker ROM (C64)
Astral Princess ROM (C64)
Astral Zone ROM (C64)
Astray in Jungle ROM (C64)
Astraz ROM (C64)
Astro Belts ROM (C64)
Astro Blaster ROM (C64)
Astro Chase ROM (C64)
Astro Chase Galactica ROM (C64)
Astro Dodge ROM (C64)
Astro Fighter ROM (C64)
Astro Marine Corps ROM (C64)
Astro Pilot ROM (C64)
Astro Wars ROM (C64)
Astro Worm ROM (C64)
AstroGrover ROM (C64)
AstroPanic ROM (C64)
Astroblast ROM (C64)
Astroblaster ROM (C64)
Astroblitz ROM (C64)
Astroblitz Deluxe ROM (C64)
Astrodus Affair The New Edition The ROM (C64)
Astroids ROM (C64)
Astromania Journey ROM (C64)
Astronaut ROM (C64)
Astronaut Battle ROM (C64)
Astronomy ROM (C64)
Astrosmash! ROM (C64)
Astrostorm ROM (C64)
Asylum ROM (C64)
At the Market ROM (C64)
Ata ROM (C64)
ATA The Revenge ROM (C64)
Atak Sapera ROM (C64)
Atalan ROM (C64)
Atari II ROM (C64)
Atarisoft Collection ROM (C64)
ATC Air Traffic Controller ROM (C64)
ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter ROM (C64)
ATG All Terrain Gardener ROM (C64)
ATG Message Maker ROM (C64)
ATG Message Writer ROM (C64)
Athena ROM (C64)
Atlantean Odyssey ROM (C64)
Atlantic Patrol ROM (C64)
Atlantide ROM (C64)
Atlantis ROM (C64)
Atlantis Composer ROM (C64)
Atlantis History ROM (C64)
Atlantis Lode Runner ROM (C64)
Atlantis Quest ROM (C64)
ATMNews ROM (C64)
Atom ROM (C64)
Atom Ant to Up and Atom ROM (C64)
Atom Box ROM (C64)
Atom Shoot ROM (C64)
Atom X ROM (C64)
AtomX ROM (C64)
Atomgangsterside1().zip ROM (C64)
Atomgangsterside2().zip ROM (C64)
Atomic Handball ROM (C64)
Atomic Isle ROM (C64)
Atomic News ROM (C64)
Atomic Power Cartridge ROM (C64)
Atomic RoboKid ROM (C64)
Atomino ROM (C64)
Atomino Passwords ROM (C64)
Atomix ROM (C64)
Atomkraftwerk ROM (C64)
Atosnadne! ROM (C64)
Atrix Note Edit ROM (C64)
AtrixNoter ROM (C64)
Atrog ROM (C64)
Attacchino ROM (C64)
Attacco Klingoniano ROM (C64)
Attacco Nemico ROM (C64)
Attacco Rosso ROM (C64)
Attack ROM (C64)
Attack Chopper! ROM (C64)
Attack Force ROM (C64)
Attack Hovercraft ROM (C64)
Attack into Russia ROM (C64)
Attack of the Atlanteans ROM (C64)
Attack of the Mutant Camels ROM (C64)
Attack of the Mutant Camels Matrix Version ROM (C64)
Attack of the Mutant Camels New Version ROM (C64)
Attack of the Mutant Ninja Blueberries ROM (C64)
Attack of the Mutant Pricks ROM (C64)
Attack of the Mutant TFF's ROM (C64)
Attack of the Phantom Karate Devils The ROM (C64)
Attack of the Slime Creatures ROM (C64)
Attack of the Software Pirates ROM (C64)
Attack of the Tomato ROM (C64)
Attack of the Vogons ROM (C64)
Attack on Windscale ROM (C64)
Attacker ROM (C64)
Attaco Aero ROM (C64)
Attento All'Acido ROM (C64)
Attitude ROM (C64)
Attribute Blocks ROM (C64)
ATV All Terrain Vehicle Simulator ROM (C64)
Auf der Suche ROM (C64)
Auf Los geht's los ROM (C64)
Auf Wiedersehen Monty ROM (C64)
Auf Wiedersehen Pet ROM (C64)
Aufstand der Sioux ROM (C64)
Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy ROM (C64)
Aukustin Seikkailut 1 ROM (C64)
Aukustin Seikkailut 2 ROM (C64)
Auld Lang Syne ROM (C64)
Aural Manoeuvres II ROM (C64)
Aural Mystery ROM (C64)
Aural Mystery 3 ROM (C64)
Auriga ROM (C64)
Auschwitz Games The Final Clean Up of Germany ROM (C64)
Aussie Assault ROM (C64)
Aussie Cricket ROM (C64)
Aussie Games ROM (C64)
Aussie Trip ROM (C64)
Austerlitz ROM (C64)
Australian Rules Football ROM (C64)
Australian Rules Football Amateur League ROM (C64)
Australian Rules Football Victorian League ROM (C64)
Australopiticus Robustus ROM (C64)
Austriadash 01 ROM (C64)
Austriadash 02 ROM (C64)
Austro Comp ROM (C64)
Austro Compiler ROM (C64)
Austro Decompiler ROM (C64)
Austro Speed ROM (C64)
Austro Speedcompiler ROM (C64)
Austrocompiler Decompiler ROM (C64)
Author ROM (C64)
Auto ROM (C64)
Auto 64 ROM (C64)
Auto Collection ROM (C64)
Auto Dash ROM (C64)
Auto Duel ROM (C64)
Auto Mania ROM (C64)
Auto Racer ROM (C64)
Auto Rallye! ROM (C64)
AutoGraph ROM (C64)
AutoRallye ROM (C64)
Auto.Eprom.V1.2 ROM (C64)
Autoduel ROM (C64)
Automan ROM (C64)
Automania ROM (C64)
Autorennen ROM (C64)
Autosalto ROM (C64)
Autostart C64 Plus ROM (C64)
Autostart Maker II+ ROM (C64)
Autostarter ROM (C64)
Autostartmaker ROM (C64)
Autotest ROM (C64)
Autoverseny ROM (C64)
Autowuste ROM (C64)
Avalange ROM (C64)
Avaruuden Valtus ROM (C64)
Avenge ROM (C64)
Avenger ROM (C64)
Aventura Espacial La La Conga ROM (C64)
Aventura Original I La Busqueda ROM (C64)
Aventura Original II El Encuentro ROM (C64)
Aventura Original La ROM (C64)
Avoid ROM (C64)
Avoid and Catch ROM (C64)
Avoid the Noid ROM (C64)
Avventura ROM (C64)
Avventura 1 La Taverna delle Avventure ROM (C64)
Avventura nel Computer ROM (C64)
Avventure di Jack Byteson Le ROM (C64)
AwSomi ROM (C64)
Awari ROM (C64)
Axe of Rage ROM (C64)
Axel Burner II ROM (C64)
Axel News ROM (C64)
Axiens ROM (C64)
Axis Assassin ROM (C64)
Azimuth 3000 ROM (C64)
Azione ROM (C64)
Aztec ROM (C64)
Aztec Challenge ROM (C64)
Aztec Challenge Azteca ROM (C64)
Aztec Tomb ROM (C64)
Aztec Tomb Revisited ROM (C64)
A__AP___A ROM (C64)

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B1 Bomber ROM (C64)
B1 Nuclear Bomber ROM (C64)
B24 ROM (C64)
BBobs ROM (C64)
BCopy ROM (C64)
BPaint ROM (C64)
BPaint + Docs ROM (C64)
BRaid ROM (C64)
BRaid! ROM (C64)
BSoft ROM (C64)
BX Racer II ROM (C64)
B.A.T. ROM (C64)
B.B.R. Header Remover ROM (C64)
B.C. Bill ROM (C64)
B.C. II Grog's Revenge ROM (C64)
B.Racers ROM (C64)
B1 Nuclear Bomber ROM (C64)
Baal ROM (C64)
Babarian Combat Practise ROM (C64)
Baby ROM (C64)
Baby Blues ROM (C64)
Baby Blues Lightgun Version ROM (C64)
Baby Bluse ROM (C64)
Baby Dash ROM (C64)
Baby Jack ROM (C64)
Baby Monty ROM (C64)
Baby of Can Guru The ROM (C64)
Baby PacMan ROM (C64)
Baby Pacs ROM (C64)
Babylon Four ROM (C64)
Bac Pac ROM (C64)
Bacardi Feeling ROM (C64)
Baccarat C64 ROM (C64)
Baccaroo ROM (C64)
Bacgamon ROM (C64)
Back Fire ROM (C64)
Back to Nature ROM (C64)
Back to Reality ROM (C64)
Back to the Future ROM (C64)
Back to the Future II ROM (C64)
Back to the Future III ROM (C64)
Back to the Present ROM (C64)
Backers Delight Pack 1 ROM (C64)
Backers Delight Pack 2 ROM (C64)
Backers Delight Pack 3 ROM (C64)
Backgammon ROM (C64)
Backgammon 64 ROM (C64)
Backgammon Championship ROM (C64)
Background Color Editor Deluxe ROM (C64)
Background Create ROM (C64)
Background Editor ROM (C64)
Backup 64K ROM (C64)
Bacteriolab ROM (C64)
Bad Blood ROM (C64)
Bad Cat ROM (C64)
Bad Dudes ROM (C64)
Bad News ROM (C64)
Bad Street Brawler ROM (C64)
Badalm ROM (C64)
Badballs ROM (C64)
Badcat ROM (C64)
Badlands ROM (C64)
Baffles ROM (C64)
Bagasaurus ROM (C64)
Bagdad ROM (C64)
Bagels ROM (C64)
Bagger ROM (C64)
Bagitman ROM (C64)
Baglar ROM (C64)
Bahnzy ROM (C64)
Baker Street Kids The ROM (C64)
Baker's Game ROM (C64)
Balakon Raider ROM (C64)
Ball ROM (C64)
Ball Barricade ROM (C64)
Ball Blasta ROM (C64)
Ball Crazy ROM (C64)
Ball Fighter ROM (C64)
Ball Fights ROM (C64)
Ball Game The ROM (C64)
Ball Man ROM (C64)
Ball Manic ROM (C64)
Ball Maze ROM (C64)
BallBlasta ROM (C64)
BallJob ROM (C64)
BallLand ROM (C64)
BallLand II ROM (C64)
BallNoter ROM (C64)
BallWriter ROM (C64)
Ballblazer ROM (C64)
Ballbooster ROM (C64)
Ballergames ROM (C64)
Ballerup ROM (C64)
Balletje Balletje ROM (C64)
Balletje Balletje! ROM (C64)
Balletje De Luxe ROM (C64)
Balletje De Luxe 2 ROM (C64)
Ballfever ROM (C64)
Balliard ROM (C64)
Ballistic ROM (C64)
Ballistic Missiles ROM (C64)
Ballistix ROM (C64)
Ballistix Picture ROM (C64)
Ballistx ROM (C64)
Ballmania ROM (C64)
Ballon Hunter ROM (C64)
Ballonjagd ROM (C64)
Balloon ROM (C64)
Balloon Bash ROM (C64)
Balloon Blitz ROM (C64)
Balloon Bomber ROM (C64)
Balloon Crazy ROM (C64)
Balloon Hunter ROM (C64)
Balloon Lander ROM (C64)
Balloon Pop ROM (C64)
Balloon Raid ROM (C64)
Balloon Rescue ROM (C64)
Balloon Rescue Globo ROM (C64)
Balloon Resque ROM (C64)
Balloon Samurai ROM (C64)
Balloonacy ROM (C64)
Ballooning ROM (C64)
Balls ROM (C64)
Balls and Ghosts ROM (C64)
Balls and Walls ROM (C64)
Balltris ROM (C64)
Bally ROM (C64)
Ballyhoo ROM (C64)
Ballz ROM (C64)
Ballz 1 ROM (C64)
Baloncesto ROM (C64)
Balooney ROM (C64)
Balsta Slappet ROM (C64)
Balthar's Castle ROM (C64)
Baltic 1985 When Superpowers Collide ROM (C64)
Banana Dash ROM (C64)
Banana Drama ROM (C64)
Banana Jones ROM (C64)
Banana Jones and the Temple of Goons ROM (C64)
Banana News ROM (C64)
Bandage The ROM (C64)
Bandana City ROM (C64)
Bandit ROM (C64)
Bandits ROM (C64)
Banger Racer ROM (C64)
Bangers & Mash ROM (C64)
Bangers and Mash ROM (C64)
Bangkok Knights ROM (C64)
Bangkok_Knights().zip ROM (C64)
Bango ROM (C64)
Bank Heist ROM (C64)
Bank Street Music Writer ROM (C64)
Bankrupt ROM (C64)
Bannercatch ROM (C64)
Banzai! ROM (C64)
Barbarian ROM (C64)
Barbarian The Ultimate Warrior ROM (C64)
Barbarian 1 The Ultimate Warrior ROM (C64)
Barbarian 1+2 ROM (C64)
Barbarian 2 ROM (C64)
Barbarian 2 The Dungeon of Drax ROM (C64)
Barbarian Combat Practice ROM (C64)
Barbarian Jnr. ROM (C64)
Barbarian Land ROM (C64)
Barbarian Pack ROM (C64)
Barbarians ROM (C64)
Barbaros ROM (C64)
Barbie ROM (C64)
Bard's Tale Charakter Editor The ROM (C64)
Bard's Tale Dox ROM (C64)
Bard's Tale The ROM (C64)
Bards Tale 1 ROM (C64)
Bards Tale 2 ROM (C64)
Bards Tale 3 ROM (C64)
Barmy Bill's Flight of Fun ROM (C64)
Barmy Bills Flight of Fun ROM (C64)
Barmy Builders ROM (C64)
Barney Brown and the Chicago Connection ROM (C64)
Baron The Real Estate Simulation ROM (C64)
Baroness ROM (C64)
Barre ROM (C64)
Barrel Jump ROM (C64)
Barricade ROM (C64)
Barrier Battle ROM (C64)
Barrier System ROM (C64)
BarrierSystem ROM (C64)
BarrierSystem Muro El ROM (C64)
Barrikade ROM (C64)
Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing ROM (C64)
Barry McGuigan World Championshop Boxing ROM (C64)
Bart ROM (C64)
Bart Simpson ROM (C64)
BartWriter ROM (C64)
Bart_Vs._Space_Mutants().zip ROM (C64)
Base 3 ROM (C64)
Base Sottomarina ROM (C64)
Baseball ROM (C64)
Baseball Adventure ROM (C64)
Baseline ROM (C64)
Basen ROM (C64)
Basex ROM (C64)
Bash Yar Brains Trivia ROM (C64)
Bash Yer Brains! ROM (C64)
Basic ROM (C64)
Basic Kaantaja ROM (C64)
Basic 64 Compiler ROM (C64)
Basic Expander Pack ROM (C64)
Basic Lightning ROM (C64)
Basic Lisp ROM (C64)
Basic Maths ROM (C64)
Basic Packer ROM (C64)
BasicBoss Compiler ROM (C64)
Basil The Great Mouse Detective ROM (C64)
Basildon Bond ROM (C64)
Basket ROM (C64)
Basket Case ROM (C64)
Basket Manager The ROM (C64)
Basket Master ROM (C64)
Basket Master Fernando Martin ROM (C64)
Basket Playoff ROM (C64)
Basket Playoff Docs ROM (C64)
Basketball ROM (C64)
Basketball The Game of all Games ROM (C64)
Basketball The Pro Game ROM (C64)
Basketball Manager ROM (C64)
Basketball Sam & Ed ROM (C64)
Bass 64 ROM (C64)
Bastion ROM (C64)
Bat ROM (C64)
Bat Attack ROM (C64)
Bat Attack Odisea Espacial ROM (C64)
Bat Boy ROM (C64)
Bat Creation ROM (C64)
Bat! ROM (C64)
Bataille Naval ROM (C64)
Batalla de Inglaterra La ROM (C64)
Batalyx ROM (C64)
Bath Time ROM (C64)
Bathroom Chaos ROM (C64)
Batman ROM (C64)
Batman & Fatman Compilation ROM (C64)
Batman The Caped Crusader ROM (C64)
Batman The Movie ROM (C64)
Batman 2 Part 1 of 2 ROM (C64)
Batman 2 Part 2 of 2 ROM (C64)
Batman II ROM (C64)
Batman The Movie ROM (C64)
Bator Lovag A ROM (C64)
Battaglia Lunare ROM (C64)
Battaglia Missilistica ROM (C64)
Battaglia Stellare ROM (C64)
Battalion Commander ROM (C64)
Batter Up! ROM (C64)
Battie ROM (C64)
Battle ROM (C64)
Battle at Stonehenge ROM (C64)
Battle Bars ROM (C64)
Battle Bound ROM (C64)
Battle Bound Project ROM (C64)
Battle Buggy ROM (C64)
Battle Chess ROM (C64)
Battle Chopper ROM (C64)
Battle Command ROM (C64)
Battle Droidz ROM (C64)
Battle Fear ROM (C64)
Battle Field ROM (C64)
Battle for Normandy ROM (C64)
Battle Group ROM (C64)
Battle in Space ROM (C64)
Battle Island ROM (C64)
Battle Khaos ROM (C64)
Battle of Antietam ROM (C64)
Battle of Britain ROM (C64)
Battle of Midway The ROM (C64)
Battle of Rome ROM (C64)
Battle of the Parthian Kings ROM (C64)
Battle of the Planets ROM (C64)
Battle of the World ROM (C64)
Battle of Thurn ROM (C64)
Battle on the High Seas ROM (C64)
Battle Ship ROM (C64)
Battle Ships ROM (C64)
Battle Star ROM (C64)
Battle Stations ROM (C64)
Battle Tank ROM (C64)
Battle Through Time ROM (C64)
Battle Tiger I ROM (C64)
Battle Valley ROM (C64)
Battle War ROM (C64)
Battlecruiser ROM (C64)
Battlefield ROM (C64)
Battlefield Earth ROM (C64)
Battlefront ROM (C64)
Battles of Napoleon ROM (C64)
Battleship ROM (C64)
Battleship Game ROM (C64)
Battleship War ROM (C64)
Battleships ROM (C64)
Battlestar Fighter ROM (C64)
Battletank ROM (C64)
Battletech ROM (C64)
Battletrance ROM (C64)
Battlezone ROM (C64)
Batty ROM (C64)
Baudleship ROM (C64)
BauernLegen ROM (C64)
Bauernskat ROM (C64)
Bay Street ROM (C64)
Bazair ROM (C64)
Bazar ROM (C64)
Bazooka Bill ROM (C64)
BB Barrage ROM (C64)
BB Menu Maker ROM (C64)
BBC Cruel ROM (C64)
BBS Chart ROM (C64)
BBS News ROM (C64)
Bburago Rally ROM (C64)
Bc Bill ROM (C64)
BC II Grog's Revenge ROM (C64)
BC II Grog's Revenge Cavernicola ROM (C64)
BC's Quest for Tires ROM (C64)
BCD Noter ROM (C64)
BCDNoter ROM (C64)
Be Logical ROM (C64)
Beach Blanket Volleyball ROM (C64)
Beach Buggy Simulator ROM (C64)
Beach Commando ROM (C64)
Beach Head ROM (C64)
Beach Head 1 ROM (C64)
Beach Head 2 ROM (C64)
Beach Head 3 ROM (C64)
Beach Volley ROM (C64)
Beach Volleyball ROM (C64)
Beaky and the Eggsnatchers ROM (C64)
Beale Code Treasure Hunting at Home ROM (C64)
Beam ROM (C64)
Beamrider ROM (C64)
Bear Bovver ROM (C64)
Bear George ROM (C64)
Beast ROM (C64)
Beast Link + ROM (C64)
BeastLink 64k ROM (C64)
Beastie Boys Ripper System ROM (C64)
Beastie Copy ROM (C64)
Beastie Copy V1.0 2 Parallel Drives ROM (C64)
Beastoids ROM (C64)
Beat Ball ROM (C64)
Beat It! Jammin' II ROM (C64)
Beat Packer ROM (C64)
Beat the Clock Fractions ROM (C64)
Beat the Clock Multiply ROM (C64)
Beat the Clock Percents ROM (C64)
Beatball ROM (C64)
Beatle Quest ROM (C64)
Beauty and the Beast ROM (C64)
Beauty and the Beast Previw ROM (C64)
BEAUTY().zip ROM (C64)
Because of a Cat ROM (C64)
Beckermat ROM (C64)
Bedlam ROM (C64)
Bee 52 ROM (C64)
Bee 52 Game ROM (C64)
Bee 52 Picture ROM (C64)
Bee Hive ROM (C64)
Bee Zone ROM (C64)
Beeftrucker ROM (C64)
BeeHive ROM (C64)
Beekeeper ROM (C64)
Beep Boy ROM (C64)
Beer Belly Bert in 'Brew Biz' ROM (C64)
Beer Garden The ROM (C64)
Beer Garden The Issue ROM (C64)
Beetle ROM (C64)
Begriffe merken ROM (C64)
Begriffe raten ROM (C64)
Behind the Front ROM (C64)
Behold Atlantis ROM (C64)
Beirut '84 ROM (C64)
Bel Osero ROM (C64)
Bel Super Waiter ROM (C64)
Belagerung ROM (C64)
Belagerung II ROM (C64)
Bellringer ROM (C64)
Belote ROM (C64)
Belote Retournee ROM (C64)
Below The Root ROM (C64)
Ben ROM (C64)
Beneath the Tenement ROM (C64)
Benji Space Rescue ROM (C64)
Bennex ROM (C64)
Benzin Manager ROM (C64)
Berania ROM (C64)
Bergfex Der ROM (C64)
Bergwerk ROM (C64)
Bering ROM (C64)
Berries ROM (C64)
Berserker Raids ROM (C64)
Bert the Bug Bites Back ROM (C64)
Berty ROM (C64)
Berty II ROM (C64)
Berzerk ROM (C64)
Besieged ROM (C64)
Best of Beyond The ROM (C64)
Best of Elite Vol.1 Airwolf ROM (C64)
Best of Elite Vol.1 Bombjack ROM (C64)
Best of Elite Vol.1 Commando ROM (C64)
Best of Elite Vol.2 Battle Ships ROM (C64)
Best of Elite Vol.2 Bombjack II ROM (C64)
Best of Elite Vol.2 Ghosts 'n Goblins ROM (C64)
Best of Elite Vol.2 Paperboy ROM (C64)
Best of Powerdash The ROM (C64)
Best of script ROM (C64)
Best The ROM (C64)
Bestseller ROM (C64)
Beta Dynamic Compressor ROM (C64)
Beta Dynamic Turboload Install ROM (C64)
Beta Pack ROM (C64)
BetaSkip Collection ROM (C64)
Betoeres a Bazisra ROM (C64)
Beton Rats ROM (C64)
Betores A Bazisra ROM (C64)
Betrayal ROM (C64)
Bets ROM (C64)
Betsy Ross ROM (C64)
Better Dead Than Alien ROM (C64)
Betting Hi Lo Game ROM (C64)
Between Poker ROM (C64)
Beverly Hills Cop ROM (C64)
Beyond Bust ROM (C64)
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein ROM (C64)
Beyond Dark Castel ROM (C64)
Beyond Dark Castle ROM (C64)
Beyond Night Run ROM (C64)
Beyond Shadowfire ROM (C64)
Beyond the Black Hole ROM (C64)
Beyond the Forbidden Forest ROM (C64)
Beyond the Ice Palace ROM (C64)
Beyond The ROM (C64)
BHP Virus Killer ROM (C64)
Biathlon ROM (C64)
Bible Divisions Paul's Letters & The Gospels ROM (C64)
Biblet Basher ROM (C64)
Bicicle Race ROM (C64)
Biene Maja ROM (C64)
BieroCity ROM (C64)
Biff ROM (C64)
Big 100 Nr.01 ROM (C64)
Big 100 Nr.01 Vers. Fix ROM (C64)
Big 100 The ROM (C64)
Big 4 Combat Lynx ROM (C64)
Big 4 Critical Mass ROM (C64)
Big 4 Saboteur ROM (C64)
Big 4 Turbo Esprit ROM (C64)
Big Bad Wolf ROM (C64)
Big Ben ROM (C64)
Big Bird's Funhouse ROM (C64)
Big Bird's Special Delivery ROM (C64)
Big Blue Elephants ROM (C64)
Big Blue Reader ROM (C64)
Big Blue Reader 64 ROM (C64)
Big Boss ROM (C64)
Big Compactor+ ROM (C64)
Big Deal The ROM (C64)
Big Deal The Floyd in der Kueche ROM (C64)
Big Deal The Floyd the Droid on Food ROM (C64)
Big Fish Tale ROM (C64)
Big Fishing ROM (C64)
Big Foot ROM (C64)
Big Game Fishing ROM (C64)
Big Gulp The ROM (C64)
Big KO The ROM (C64)
Big Mac ROM (C64)
Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man ROM (C64)
Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man Lampista El ROM (C64)
Big Mad ROM (C64)
Big Momma ROM (C64)
Big Momma 2 ROM (C64)
Big Momma II Momma Strikes Back ROM (C64)
Big Mouth The ROM (C64)
Big Multi ROM (C64)
Big Nose's USA Adventure ROM (C64)
Big Sleaze ROM (C64)
Big Sleaze The ROM (C64)
Big Star Trader The ROM (C64)
Big Trouble In Little China ROM (C64)
Bigfoot ROM (C64)
Biggles ROM (C64)
Biggles The Secret Weapon ROM (C64)
Biggles TimeWarp ROM (C64)
Bignoses USA Adventure ROM (C64)
Bigtop Barney ROM (C64)
Bike ROM (C64)
BikeRide ROM (C64)
Biker Dave ROM (C64)
Bild Zeitung ROM (C64)
Bilder Dash ROM (C64)
Bilder Puzzle ROM (C64)
Bildkonverter ROM (C64)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ROM (C64)
Bill Britton Blackjack ROM (C64)
Bill da Snowman ROM (C64)
Billard ROM (C64)
Billboard ROM (C64)
Billiard ROM (C64)
Billiards ROM (C64)
Billy Barker in Walesville ROM (C64)
Billy Barker Investigates ROM (C64)
Billy Barker's TV Hell ROM (C64)
Billy the Postman ROM (C64)
Bimo ROM (C64)
Bingo ROM (C64)
Bingo 64 ROM (C64)
Bingo at the Towers ROM (C64)
Bingo Bongo ROM (C64)
Bingo Bugglebee Presents Home Alone ROM (C64)
Bingo Construction Kit ROM (C64)
Bingo Construction Set ROM (C64)
Bingo Simulator ROM (C64)
Bio War ROM (C64)
Bio War 2 ROM (C64)
Bio War II ROM (C64)
BioDoc ROM (C64)
Bioblech ROM (C64)
Biological Warfare ROM (C64)
Biometal ROM (C64)
Bionic Commando ROM (C64)
Bionic Commando US Version ROM (C64)
Bionic Granny ROM (C64)
Bionic Ninja ROM (C64)
Biorhythmusprogramm ROM (C64)
Bioritmi ROM (C64)
Bioritmo ROM (C64)
Biorritmo ROM (C64)
Biorytmit ROM (C64)
Bird Invaders ROM (C64)
Bird Mother ROM (C64)
Birds The ROM (C64)
Bisley ROM (C64)
Bismarck The North Sea Chase ROM (C64)
Bismark ROM (C64)
Bit Exorcist ROM (C64)
Bit Imploder ROM (C64)
Bit of Pipe ROM (C64)
b****anger ROM (C64)
Bite of the Sorority Vampires ROM (C64)
BitImploder The ROM (C64)
Bitmania ROM (C64)
Bitmap 2 Ifli ROM (C64)
Bitmap Converter ROM (C64)
Bitmap Enlarger ROM (C64)
Bitmap Shift ROM (C64)
Bitmap Watcher ROM (C64)
BitmapEditor ROM (C64)
BitmapToFont ROM (C64)
Bivouac ROM (C64)
Bizare ROM (C64)
Bizy Beezzz ROM (C64)
BizyBeez ROM (C64)
BizyBeezzzz ROM (C64)
Black ROM (C64)
Black & White ROM (C64)
Black Adder ROM (C64)
Black Belt ROM (C64)
Black Box ROM (C64)
Black Box The ROM (C64)
Black Copy Box ROM (C64)
Black Crystal ROM (C64)
Black Crystal 14 ROM (C64)
Black Gold ROM (C64)
Black Gold Schwarzes Gold ROM (C64)
Black Hawk ROM (C64)
Black Hole ROM (C64)
Black Hornet ROM (C64)
Black It ROM (C64)
Black Jack ROM (C64)
Black Jack '84 ROM (C64)
Black Jack 2 ROM (C64)
Black Jewel The ROM (C64)
Black Knight ROM (C64)
Black Knight 2 ROM (C64)
Black Knight Adventure ROM (C64)
Black Knight The ROM (C64)
Black Lamp ROM (C64)
Black Lightning ROM (C64)
Black Magic ROM (C64)
Black Mass The ROM (C64)
Black Out ROM (C64)
Black Panther ROM (C64)
Black Pearl The ROM (C64)
Black Quiz ROM (C64)
Black Thunder ROM (C64)
Black Tiger ROM (C64)
Black Tower The ROM (C64)
Blackbox ROM (C64)
Blackhole ROM (C64)
Blackjack ROM (C64)
Blackjack 17 & 4 ROM (C64)
Blackjack 64 ROM (C64)
Blackjack Academy ROM (C64)
Blackjack Basic Strategy ROM (C64)
Blackjack Tutor Basic Strategy ROM (C64)
Blackpool Tower ROM (C64)
Blackwyche ROM (C64)
Blade of Blackpool The ROM (C64)
Blade Runner ROM (C64)
Blades of Steel ROM (C64)
Blagger ROM (C64)
Blagger Collecionista El ROM (C64)
Blagger 64 ROM (C64)
Blagger Construction Set ROM (C64)
Blagger Goes to Hollywood ROM (C64)
Blagger II ROM (C64)
Blagger Junior ROM (C64)
Blahtune ROM (C64)
Blahtune VA ROM (C64)
Blakhole ROM (C64)
Blam! ROM (C64)
Blame Load ROM (C64)
Blap 'em' Out! ROM (C64)
Blasphemy ROM (C64)
Blast 'Em ROM (C64)
Blast Ball ROM (C64)
Blast City ROM (C64)
Blast Fest ROM (C64)
Blast From The Past ROM (C64)
Blast That Plane ROM (C64)
Blast That Plane! ROM (C64)
Blast'em ROM (C64)
BlastOff! ROM (C64)
Blaster ROM (C64)
Blasteroids ROM (C64)
Blasteroids USA ROM (C64)
Blasters of the Universe ROM (C64)
Blasters of the Universe 2 ROM (C64)
Blax ROM (C64)
Blaze ROM (C64)
Blaze Noter ROM (C64)
Blaze Out ROM (C64)
Blaze! ROM (C64)
Blazer ROM (C64)
Blazing Paddles ROM (C64)
Blazing Thunder ROM (C64)
Blimps ROM (C64)
Blind Man's Bluff ROM (C64)
Blinded With Science ROM (C64)
BlindflugTraining ROM (C64)
Blinky's Scary School ROM (C64)
Blinky's Scary School! ROM (C64)
Blip Video Classics ROM (C64)
Blip Blop ROM (C64)
Blip Blop 3 ROM (C64)
Blip Blop III ROM (C64)
Blip! ROM (C64)
Blip! Video Classics ROM (C64)
Blipblaster ROM (C64)
Blitter ROM (C64)
Blitz ROM (C64)
Blitz 2000 ROM (C64)
Blitz 3000 ROM (C64)
Blitz 3000 Attack from Mars ROM (C64)
Blitz Compiler ROM (C64)
Blitz Decompiler ROM (C64)
Blitz Decompiler The ROM (C64)
Blitz Troop ROM (C64)
BlitzAustro Speed Decompiler The ROM (C64)
BlitzVergleich ROM (C64)
Blitzkrieg ROM (C64)
Blizzard ! Commando Libya Part I ROM (C64)
Blizzard Part 1 Commando Libya ROM (C64)
Blizzard Pass ROM (C64)
Blob ROM (C64)
Blob Blob ROM (C64)
Blob The ROM (C64)
Blobber ROM (C64)
Block ROM (C64)
Block 'n' Bubble ROM (C64)
Block 'n' Bubble II ROM (C64)
Block Battle ROM (C64)
Block Blaster ROM (C64)
Block Bust ROM (C64)
Block Buster ROM (C64)
Block Busters ROM (C64)
Block Busters All New ROM (C64)
Block Car Race ROM (C64)
Block Counter ROM (C64)
Block Editor ROM (C64)
Block Game The ROM (C64)
Block Out ROM (C64)
Block Out III ROM (C64)
Block Shock ROM (C64)
Block Tumble! ROM (C64)
BlockOut ROM (C64)
Blockade ROM (C64)
Blockade 64 ROM (C64)
Blockade Special! ROM (C64)
Blockbuster ROM (C64)
Blockbusters ROM (C64)
Blockbusters Goldrun ROM (C64)
Blockhead ROM (C64)
Blockheads Boulder Dash 12 ROM (C64)
Blockheads Boulder Dash 13 ROM (C64)
Blockheads Boulder Dash 14 ROM (C64)
Blockheads Boulder Dash 15 ROM (C64)
Blockheads Boulder Dash 16 ROM (C64)
Blockheads Boulderdash Compilation ROM (C64)
Blockie ROM (C64)
Blockout! ROM (C64)
Blockrockey Blockbusters Revenge ROM (C64)
Blocks ROM (C64)
Blocktower ROM (C64)
Blockwords ROM (C64)
Bloid Bros ROM (C64)
Bloo's Magic Trip ROM (C64)
Blood ROM (C64)
Blood & Guts ROM (C64)
Blood 'n Guts ROM (C64)
Blood 2 Back to Brutality ROM (C64)
Blood and Guts ROM (C64)
Blood Brothers ROM (C64)
Blood Hand ROM (C64)
Blood is Cool ROM (C64)
Blood Money ROM (C64)
Blood Valley ROM (C64)
Blood War ROM (C64)
Bloodhand ROM (C64)
Bloodwych ROM (C64)
Blooming Flowers ROM (C64)
Blopp ROM (C64)
Blopp Labyrinth ROM (C64)
Blow It ROM (C64)
Blow Out ROM (C64)
Blow Up the Earth ROM (C64)
Blox ROM (C64)
Blox Trot ROM (C64)
Blubria ROM (C64)
Blue Angel ROM (C64)
Blue Angel 69 ROM (C64)
Blue Angels ROM (C64)
Blue Baron ROM (C64)
Blue Diamonds ROM (C64)
Blue Dimension ROM (C64)
Blue Encounter The ROM (C64)
Blue Max ROM (C64)
Blue Max 2001 ROM (C64)
Blue Moon ROM (C64)
Blue Moon Ensamblaje ROM (C64)
Blue Note ROM (C64)
Blue Powder Grey Smoke ROM (C64)
Blue Print ROM (C64)
Blue Thunder ROM (C64)
Blue Wonder ROM (C64)
Blueberries ROM (C64)
Blueberry ROM (C64)
Bluebox C64 ROM (C64)
Bluemoon ROM (C64)
Blues Brothers on a Mission ROM (C64)
Blues Brothers The ROM (C64)
Blues Muz Player ROM (C64)
Blues Muz' Player ROM (C64)
Bluey Blob ROM (C64)
Bluey Blob 2 ROM (C64)
Blume der siebentaegigen Weisheit ROM (C64)
Blumen Garden ROM (C64)
Blumenschiessen ROM (C64)
Blunder Bash ROM (C64)
Bluntly Boulder Take II ROM (C64)
Blur The ROM (C64)
BMX Forest Race ROM (C64)
BMX Freestyle Simulator ROM (C64)
BMX Kidz ROM (C64)
BMX Kidz Game ROM (C64)
BMX Kidz Picture ROM (C64)
BMX Ninja ROM (C64)
BMX Number Jump ROM (C64)
BMX Racer 2 ROM (C64)
BMX Racers ROM (C64)
BMX Simulator ROM (C64)
BMX Simulator 2 ROM (C64)
BMX Simulator 2 Dirt Biking ROM (C64)
BMX Simulator 2 Dirt Biking Standard Version ROM (C64)
BMX Simulator 2 Expert Version Desert Biking ROM (C64)
BMX Simulator 2 Expert Version Dirt Biking ROM (C64)
BMX Simulator 2 Expert Version Quarry Biking ROM (C64)
BMX Simulator 2 Quarry Racing Expert Version ROM (C64)
BMX Stunts ROM (C64)
BMX Trials ROM (C64)
Board Painter ROM (C64)
Bob ROM (C64)
Bob Moran Rittertum ROM (C64)
Bob Moran Science Fiction ROM (C64)
Bob Nixie and the Castle of the Illusion ROM (C64)
Bobby Bearing ROM (C64)
Bobix ROM (C64)
Bobo ROM (C64)
Bobs Bakery ROM (C64)
Bobs Full House ROM (C64)
Bobs Winner ROM (C64)
Bobsleigh ROM (C64)
Bobsterm Pro ROM (C64)
Bocce ROM (C64)
Bod Squad The ROM (C64)
Bodo Illgner's Super Soccer ROM (C64)
Body Blow ROM (C64)
Body in Focus The ROM (C64)
Body Slam ROM (C64)
Body Transparent The ROM (C64)
Boeing727 Simulator ROM (C64)
Boer Jansens Boerderij ROM (C64)
Boersenfieber ROM (C64)
Boersenspiel ROM (C64)
Boersenspiel Das ROM (C64)
Bof ROM (C64)
Bofh ROM (C64)
BOFH Servers Under Siege ROM (C64)
BOFH Servers Under Siege Beta Version ROM (C64)
BOFH().zip ROM (C64)
Boggit The ROM (C64)
Boggles The Mind Boggler ROM (C64)
Boggling! ROM (C64)
Bogue ROM (C64)
Bogue 2 ROM (C64)
Bogus Noter ROM (C64)
Bogymen ROM (C64)
Bohnespiel ROM (C64)
Boing ROM (C64)
Boing 727 Simulator ROM (C64)
Boingmaster ROM (C64)
Bojo ROM (C64)
Boleny ROM (C64)
Bolera ROM (C64)
Bolero ROM (C64)
Bolle Bolle ROM (C64)
Bolo ROM (C64)
Bolo 2 ROM (C64)
Bolo 2 Intro ROM (C64)
Bolond Kastely A ROM (C64)
Bolsa La ROM (C64)
Bomb Ace ROM (C64)
Bomb Addition ROM (C64)
Bomb Chase ROM (C64)
Bomb Fusion ROM (C64)
Bomb in a Box ROM (C64)
Bomb Jack ROM (C64)
Bomb Jack Picture ROM (C64)
Bomb Jack 2 ROM (C64)
Bomb Mania ROM (C64)
Bomb Runner ROM (C64)
Bomb Squad ROM (C64)
Bomb Sweeper 64 ROM (C64)
Bomb Threat ROM (C64)
Bomb Uzal ROM (C64)
Bomb Uzal Note ROM (C64)
Bomb Uzal Picture ROM (C64)
BombHunt ROM (C64)
Bombard ROM (C64)
Bombard Berlin 1944 ROM (C64)
Bombardier ROM (C64)
Bombardiere ROM (C64)
Bombardment ROM (C64)
Bombarolo ROM (C64)
Bombel ROM (C64)
Bombenleger ROM (C64)
Bomber ROM (C64)
Bomber Barney ROM (C64)
Bomber CBM64 ROM (C64)
Bomber Copter ROM (C64)
Bomber Run ROM (C64)
Bomberman ROM (C64)
Bomberman II Penuts ROM (C64)
Bombi ROM (C64)
Bombing Run ROM (C64)
Bombo ROM (C64)
Bombrun ROM (C64)
Bombs Away! ROM (C64)
Bonanza ROM (C64)
Bonanza Bros ROM (C64)
Bond ROM (C64)
Bonduelle Soccer ROM (C64)
Bone Cruncher ROM (C64)
Bongo ROM (C64)
Bonka ROM (C64)
Bonking Barrels ROM (C64)
Bonzai Tools ROM (C64)
Bonzo ROM (C64)
Bonzo! ROM (C64)
BoogaBoo ROM (C64)
Boogaboo ROM (C64)
Book of the Dead ROM (C64)
Boom ROM (C64)
Boom and Bust ROM (C64)
Boomerang ROM (C64)
BOOM_A(z64).zip ROM (C64)
Bootleg Bandits ROM (C64)
Booty ROM (C64)
Bop ROM (C64)
Bop'n Rumble ROM (C64)
Bop'n Wrestle ROM (C64)
Boppie's Great Word Chase ROM (C64)
Border Blast II ROM (C64)
Border War ROM (C64)
Border Zone ROM (C64)
Bored of Life ROM (C64)
Bored of the Rings ROM (C64)
Born in the USA ROM (C64)
Borrowed Time ROM (C64)
Borse ROM (C64)
BorseSpiel ROM (C64)
Borsenspie ROM (C64)
Borsenspiel ROM (C64)
Borzak ROM (C64)
Bosco Incantato ROM (C64)
Bosconian ROM (C64)
Bosconian '87 ROM (C64)
Bose Sieben Die ROM (C64)
Bosh ROM (C64)
Boss ROM (C64)
Boss The ROM (C64)
Boss II The ROM (C64)
Boss The ROM (C64)
Bosszu ROM (C64)
Bosszu A The Revenge ROM (C64)
Boszorkanykaland ROM (C64)
Bottle Neck ROM (C64)
Bottle of Budbrain ROM (C64)
Bottles Killer ROM (C64)
Bottrop The Game ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash + ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Construction Kit ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash God's Boulderdash ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash God's Boulderdash 2 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Rocky ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash The Lost Levels ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 01 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 02 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 03 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 03 Picture ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 04 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 05 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 06 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 07 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 08 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 09 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 10 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 11 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 12 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 16 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 16 Compilation ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 2000 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 4 Screens ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 50 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash 99 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Brutalo ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Collection ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Construction Kit ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Deluxe Kit ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Deluxe Remix 1 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Deluxe Remix 2 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Deluxe Remix 3 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Deluxe Remix 4 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Deluxe Remix 5 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Deluxe Remix 6 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Deluxe Remix 7 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Deluxe Remix 8 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Diam 1 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Game 2 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Geil ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Heavy 01 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Heavy 02 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Heavy 03 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Heavy 04 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Heavy 05 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash II Rockford's Revenge ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash III ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash III Classic ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash in the Future ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash IV ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Masters ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash NFC II ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Professional ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Quicky ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash RCC ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Remix 01 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Remix 02 ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Super Prof ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash V ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash VII ROM (C64)
Boulder Dash Visit ROM (C64)
Boulder De Luxe Caves 1 ROM (C64)
Boulder De Luxe Caves 2 ROM (C64)
Boulder De Luxe Caves 3 ROM (C64)
Boulder De Luxe Caves 4 ROM (C64)
BoulderMax I ROM (C64)
BoulderMax II ROM (C64)
BoulderMini ROM (C64)
Boulderdan 1 ROM (C64)
Boulderdan 2 ROM (C64)
Boulderdan Comeback I ROM (C64)
Boulderhead 1 ROM (C64)
Boulderhead 2 ROM (C64)
Boulderhead 3 ROM (C64)
Boulderhead 4 ROM (C64)
Boulderhead 5 ROM (C64)
Boulderhead 6 ROM (C64)
Bouldi Dash 01 ROM (C64)
Bouldi Dash 02 ROM (C64)
Bouldi Dash 03 ROM (C64)
Bouldi Dash 04 ROM (C64)
Bouldi Dash 05 ROM (C64)
Bouldi Dash 06 ROM (C64)
Bouldi Dash 07 ROM (C64)
Bouldi Dash 08 ROM (C64)
Bouldi Dash 09 ROM (C64)
Bouldi Dash 10 ROM (C64)
Bounce ROM (C64)
Bounce Around ROM (C64)
Bounce It ROM (C64)
Bounce Mania ROM (C64)
Bounce Out ROM (C64)
Bounce! ROM (C64)
Bouncer ROM (C64)
Bounces ROM (C64)
Bouncing Ball ROM (C64)
Bouncing Bug ROM (C64)
Bouncing Heads ROM (C64)
Bouncing Kamungas The ROM (C64)
Bouncy ROM (C64)
Bouncy Balls ROM (C64)
Bouncy Cars ROM (C64)
Bouncy Cars 2 ROM (C64)
Bound ROM (C64)
Bounder ROM (C64)
Bounder on the Rebound ROM (C64)
Bounty Bob Strikes Back ROM (C64)
Bounty Hunter ROM (C64)
Bounty Hunter II ROM (C64)
Bounty Hunter III The Myth of Time ROM (C64)
Bounty Hunter IIII The Reality of Time ROM (C64)
Bounty Hunter V The Test of Time ROM (C64)
Bounty Hunter VI The Need for Time ROM (C64)
Bounzy ROM (C64)
Bowling ROM (C64)
Bowling Baan ROM (C64)
Bowling Bahn ROM (C64)
Bowling Bana ROM (C64)
Bowling Champ ROM (C64)
Bowling Night ROM (C64)
Bowman ROM (C64)
Box ROM (C64)
Box Mania II ROM (C64)
BoxHead's Wrath ROM (C64)
Boxauto ROM (C64)
Boxen ROM (C64)
Boxes ROM (C64)
Boxing ROM (C64)
Boxing Champ ROM (C64)
Boxing Champion ROM (C64)
Boxing Deluxe ROM (C64)
Boxing Manager ROM (C64)
Boxmania 2 ROM (C64)
BoxWorld ROM (C64)
Bozo's Night Out ROM (C64)
Bozos Night Out ROM (C64)
Bozuma Das Geheimnis Der Mumie ROM (C64)
Bozuma The Mystery of The Mummy ROM (C64)
Brabham Games ROM (C64)
Brahms Bombs ROM (C64)
Brain ROM (C64)
Brain Artifice ROM (C64)
Brain Burner ROM (C64)
Brain Buster ROM (C64)
Brain Crane ROM (C64)
Brain Disease ROM (C64)
Brain Disease 2 The Return ROM (C64)
Brain Spasm ROM (C64)
Brain Terrain ROM (C64)
Brain Wave ROM (C64)
Brainframe ROM (C64)
Brainless Baby Noter ROM (C64)
Brainsnoter ROM (C64)
Brainstorm ROM (C64)
Brainstorm! ROM (C64)
Brainwar ROM (C64)
Brainwash ROM (C64)
BrainWave ROM (C64)
Brands Deluxe ROM (C64)
Brave ROM (C64)
Brave African Huntress ROM (C64)
Brave African Huntress The ROM (C64)
Bravestar ROM (C64)
Bravestarr ROM (C64)
Break Ball ROM (C64)
Break Dance ROM (C64)
Break Down ROM (C64)
Break Fever ROM (C64)
Break In ROM (C64)
Break It ROM (C64)
Break Out ROM (C64)
Break Street ROM (C64)
BreakAway ROM (C64)
BreakFast ROM (C64)
BreakFaster ROM (C64)
BreakIn ROM (C64)
BreakIn! ROM (C64)
BreakOut ROM (C64)
Breakaway ROM (C64)
Breakball ROM (C64)
Breakball! ROM (C64)
Breakdance ROM (C64)
Breakdown ROM (C64)
Breaker ROM (C64)
Breaker Prof. ROM (C64)
Breaker Prof. 1 ROM (C64)
Breakers ROM (C64)
Breakin ROM (C64)
Breakout ROM (C64)
Breakout 86 ROM (C64)
Breakout Construction Kit ROM (C64)
Breakout Construction Kit 101 ROM (C64)
Breakthrough ROM (C64)
Breakthrough in the Ardennes ROM (C64)
Breakthru ROM (C64)
Breakthru in 3D ROM (C64)
Breathalyzer ROM (C64)
Brekk! Avagy a Bekava Varazsolt Kiralylany ROM (C64)
Brektwon The Curse of the Keys ROM (C64)
BrettGames ROM (C64)
Brew The ROM (C64)
Brian Bloodaxe ROM (C64)
Brian Clough's Football Fortunes ROM (C64)
Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge ROM (C64)
Brian Jack's UchiMata ROM (C64)
Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge ROM (C64)
Bric ROM (C64)
Brick ROM (C64)
Brick Battle ROM (C64)
Brick Buster ROM (C64)
Brick Layer ROM (C64)
Brickbusters ROM (C64)
Brickout ROM (C64)
Bricks ROM (C64)
Bride of Frankenstein ROM (C64)
Bridge ROM (C64)
Bridge 4.0 ROM (C64)
Bridge 5.0 ROM (C64)
Bridge 64 ROM (C64)
Bridge Baron ROM (C64)
Bridge Bidding Trainer ROM (C64)
Bridge Master ROM (C64)
Bridge Player II ROM (C64)
Bridgebrain ROM (C64)
Bridgeton ROM (C64)
Brig Battle ROM (C64)
Brighton Beach ROM (C64)
Brighton Strand ROM (C64)
Brimstone The Dream Of Gawain ROM (C64)
Bring Over ROM (C64)
Brinx Jinx ROM (C64)
Briscola ROM (C64)
Briscola 2 ROM (C64)
Brisk ROM (C64)
Bristlers ROM (C64)
Bristles ROM (C64)
British Square ROM (C64)
British Super League ROM (C64)
Brix ROM (C64)
BrixOWavematic ROM (C64)
Broadsides ROM (C64)
Broker ROM (C64)
Bromx Medal ROM (C64)
Bronx Medal ROM (C64)
Bronx Noter II ROM (C64)
Bronx Packer ROM (C64)
Brothers in Arms ROM (C64)
Brothers in Arms II ROM (C64)
Brothers in Arms III The Next Generation ROM (C64)
Brubaker ROM (C64)
Bruce ROM (C64)
Bruce Lee ROM (C64)
Brukowiec ROM (C64)
Brunhilde Loves Bruno ROM (C64)
Brush Strokes ROM (C64)
Brush up Your English II ROM (C64)
Brutal Recall ROM (C64)
Brutalo Boulder Dash ROM (C64)
Bubble ROM (C64)
Bubble Bobble ROM (C64)
Bubble Bobble 2 ROM (C64)
Bubble Burst ROM (C64)
Bubble Ghost ROM (C64)
Bubble Gum ROM (C64)
Bubble It ROM (C64)
Bubble Jack ROM (C64)
Bubble Mania ROM (C64)
Bubble Tale The ROM (C64)
Bubble Trouble ROM (C64)
Bubbles ROM (C64)
Bubblez ROM (C64)
Buccaneer ROM (C64)
Buccaneering ROM (C64)
Buch der Weisheit ROM (C64)
Buchstabenspiel ROM (C64)
Buck Rogers ROM (C64)
Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday ROM (C64)
Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom ROM (C64)
Buckaneer ROM (C64)
Bucks! ROM (C64)
Buddha of Bodhnath ROM (C64)
Buddha of Bodnath ROM (C64)
Buddy Bubble ROM (C64)
Budokan The Martial Spirit ROM (C64)
Buergermeister ROM (C64)
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show ROM (C64)
Buffalo Bills Wild West Show ROM (C64)
Buffalo Roundup ROM (C64)
Bug Attack ROM (C64)
Bug Battle ROM (C64)
Bug Blast ROM (C64)
Bug Blaster ROM (C64)
Bug Blitz ROM (C64)
Bug Bopper! ROM (C64)
Bug Bovver! ROM (C64)
Bug Crusher ROM (C64)
Bug Diver ROM (C64)
Bug Race ROM (C64)
Bug Squad ROM (C64)
Bugbomber ROM (C64)
Bugfixed DMC The ROM (C64)
BuggaBoo ROM (C64)
Buggy ROM (C64)
Buggy Boy ROM (C64)
Bugout ROM (C64)
Bugs 64 ROM (C64)
Bugs! ROM (C64)
Bugsy ROM (C64)
Build a Quiz ROM (C64)
Build It ROM (C64)
Build It! Das Brauhaus ROM (C64)
Builder ROM (C64)
Builder Ben ROM (C64)
Bulder Jones ROM (C64)
Bulderjones ROM (C64)
Bulge ROM (C64)
Bull's Eye ROM (C64)
Bulldog ROM (C64)
Bulldoze! Schneeraumer im Kampf ROM (C64)
Bulldozer ROM (C64)
Bullet ROM (C64)
Bullfight ROM (C64)
Bulls and Bears ROM (C64)
Bulls Eye ROM (C64)
Bullseye ROM (C64)
Bully ROM (C64)
Bully's Sporting Darts ROM (C64)
Bullys Sporting Darts ROM (C64)
Bumble Bee ROM (C64)
Bumble Games ROM (C64)
Bumble Plot ROM (C64)
Bump 'em ROM (C64)
Bump Set Spike ROM (C64)
Bump Set Spike! Doubles Volleyball ROM (C64)
Bump! ROM (C64)
Bumpem Pinball ROM (C64)
BumpnRun ROM (C64)
Bumper Box Pinball ROM (C64)
Bumping Buggies ROM (C64)
Bunco ROM (C64)
Bundeskanzler ROM (C64)
Bundesliga 8586 ROM (C64)
Bundesliga 8687 ROM (C64)
Bundesliga 8788 ROM (C64)
Bundesliga 8889 ROM (C64)
Bundesliga 9091 ROM (C64)
Bundesliga 9495 ROM (C64)
Bundesliga 9899 ROM (C64)
Bundesliga Live ROM (C64)
Bundesliga Manager ROM (C64)
Bundesliga of 1988 The ROM (C64)
BundesligaQuiz ROM (C64)
Bunny Chase ROM (C64)
Bunny Hop ROM (C64)
Bunny Jagd ROM (C64)
Bunny Zap ROM (C64)
Burago Rally ROM (C64)
Bureaucracy I ROM (C64)
Burg ROM (C64)
Burg Schreckenstein ROM (C64)
Burgenkampf ROM (C64)
Burgenschlacht ROM (C64)
Burgenstuermer ROM (C64)
Burger Chase ROM (C64)
Burger Time ROM (C64)
Burger Time '97 ROM (C64)
Burgerkrieg ROM (C64)
Burgers ROM (C64)
Burmistrz III ROM (C64)
Burnage 88 ROM (C64)
Burnin Rubber ROM (C64)
Burny ROM (C64)
Bursting Clouds ROM (C64)
Burstnibbler ROM (C64)
Bus Barns The ROM (C64)
Bushido ROM (C64)
Businessman ROM (C64)
Bust Out ROM (C64)
Busta ROM (C64)
Busy Scene ROM (C64)
Butch & Slim ROM (C64)
Butcher Hill ROM (C64)
Butterfly ROM (C64)
Buttons ROM (C64)
Buzz Off! ROM (C64)
Buzzard Ramjets ROM (C64)
Buzzer 64 ROM (C64)
BuzzyBee ROM (C64)
By Fair Means... or Foul! ROM (C64)
By Jove! ROM (C64)
Byg Compactor ROM (C64)
Byg Compactor+ ROM (C64)
Byte Baby ROM (C64)
Byte Blaster ROM (C64)
Byte Boiler ROM (C64)
Byte Bonker ROM (C64)
Byte Boozer ROM (C64)
Byte Bruiser ROM (C64)
Byte Bruiser The ROM (C64)
Byte Compactor ROM (C64)
Byte Invaders ROM (C64)
ByteBonker ROM (C64)
ByteBuster ROM (C64)
ByteCompactor ROM (C64)
Bytebaby ROM (C64)
Bytepress ROM (C64)
Bytepress The II ROM (C64)
Bytesinus ROM (C64)

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C'est La Vie ROM (C64)
C64 Road Racer ROM (C64)
c64.5 ROM (C64)
CMag ROM (C64)
CNet BBS ROM (C64)
CSharp ROM (C64)
C.C.S. Mon ROM (C64)
C4MRP Compressor ROM (C64)
C5 Clive ROM (C64)
C64 ROM (C64)
C64 Bluebox System ROM (C64)
C64 Body Building ROM (C64)
C64 CodeBreaker ROM (C64)
C64 Comal ROM (C64)
C64 Diagnostic ROM (C64)
C64 Diagnostic rev 586220 ROM (C64)
C64 Error Maker for 1541 Drive ROM (C64)
C64 Fever 9201 ROM (C64)
C64 Fever 9202 ROM (C64)
C64 Forth ROM (C64)
C64 Golf ROM (C64)
C64 Graphic Assault System Jr. ROM (C64)
C64 Graphic Converter ROM (C64)
C64 Hypra Load System ROM (C64)
C64 Kermit ROM (C64)
C64 Live ROM (C64)
C64 Nederlands ROM (C64)
C64 Ramdisk ROM (C64)
C64 Rescue ROM (C64)
C64 Speech System ROM (C64)
C64 Sweepminer ROM (C64)
C64 Telephone Phreak Utilitiy ROM (C64)
C64 Test Demo ROM (C64)
C64 to PC Connection ROM (C64)
C64 to PC Converter ROM (C64)
C64 Ultra Fast Basic Compiler ROM (C64)
C64 Whole ROM (C64)
C64Burnin Test ROM (C64)
C64C128 Fast Load ROM (C64)
C64Forth ROM (C64)
C64IDE HDD Format ROM (C64)
C64CD'96 ROM (C64)
C64CGC 1999 ROM (C64)
C64GS Commodore 64 Game System ROM (C64)
Cabal ROM (C64)
Cabal US Version ROM (C64)
Cabana! User ROM (C64)
Cabby ROM (C64)
Cabon & kein Cabon ROM (C64)
Caccia Pericolosa ROM (C64)
Cad Cam Warrior ROM (C64)
CadCam Warrior ROM (C64)
Cadgers Noter ROM (C64)
Cadgers Noter Double Speed ROM (C64)
CadgersNoter ROM (C64)
Caduta Massi ROM (C64)
Caer Shiraz ROM (C64)
Caesar ROM (C64)
Caesar the Cat ROM (C64)
Caesar the Cat El Gato ROM (C64)
Caesar's Travels ROM (C64)
Cage Match ROM (C64)
Cairo Connection The ROM (C64)
Caissa ROM (C64)
Caissa 5 ROM (C64)
Caitan ROM (C64)
Calc Result ROM (C64)
Calcio in Strada ROM (C64)
Calculation ROM (C64)
Calculator ROM (C64)
Calendar ROM (C64)
Calendario ROM (C64)
Calhoon's Checker Challenge ROM (C64)
Calhoon's Chicken Challenge ROM (C64)
Calhoon's Chile Challenge ROM (C64)
Calhoon's Chocolate Challenge ROM (C64)
Calhoon's Gordian Challenge ROM (C64)
Calhoon's Log ROM (C64)
Calhoon's Mandala Challenge ROM (C64)
Calhoun ROM (C64)
California Driver ROM (C64)
California Games ROM (C64)
California Goldrush ROM (C64)
California Pro Golf ROM (C64)
California Raisins ROM (C64)
California Raisins and the Cereal Factory The ROM (C64)
CALIP4().zip ROM (C64)
Call Me Psycho ROM (C64)
Call of Cthulu The ROM (C64)
Calvin ROM (C64)
Calvin Game ROM (C64)
Cambogia ROM (C64)
Camel ROM (C64)
Camel Trek ROM (C64)
Camel Trophy ROM (C64)
Camelot ROM (C64)
Camelot The Dreamland ROM (C64)
Camelot Warriors ROM (C64)
Camels ROM (C64)
Camels in Space ROM (C64)
Camouflage ROM (C64)
Campagnella ROM (C64)
Campaign Manager ROM (C64)
Campionato di Calcio ROM (C64)
Campioni ROM (C64)
Campo Nemico Nel ROM (C64)
Canada AM ROM (C64)
Canada Trading Company ROM (C64)
Canals of Mars The ROM (C64)
Candidate The ROM (C64)
Candy Bandit ROM (C64)
Candy Land A Child's First Game ROM (C64)
Canfield ROM (C64)
Canfield Couple ROM (C64)
Cannon ROM (C64)
Cannon Craze ROM (C64)
Cannon Fodder ROM (C64)
Cannonball Battle ROM (C64)
Canoe Race Simulator ROM (C64)
Canon Command ROM (C64)
Canonrider ROM (C64)
Canottaggio ROM (C64)
Canyon ROM (C64)
Canyon Cruiser ROM (C64)
Canyon Runner ROM (C64)
Canyons of Zelaz ROM (C64)
Capitain Fizz ROM (C64)
Capital Cities ROM (C64)
Captain America in the Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann ROM (C64)
Captain Blood ROM (C64)
Captain Cactus ROM (C64)
Captain Dynamo ROM (C64)
Captain Fizz ROM (C64)
Captain Future ROM (C64)
Captain Kelly ROM (C64)
Captain Kidd ROM (C64)
Captain Power ROM (C64)
Captain Stark Die Mission ROM (C64)
Captain Stark The Mission ROM (C64)
Captain Starlight ROM (C64)
Captain Zzap ROM (C64)
Captive ROM (C64)
Captive Queens ROM (C64)
Captive The ROM (C64)
Captron ROM (C64)
Captura Bestias ROM (C64)
Capture ROM (C64)
Capture 2 ROM (C64)
Capture the Alien! ROM (C64)
Capture! ROM (C64)
Captured ROM (C64)
Car Crash ROM (C64)
Car Journey ROM (C64)
Car Race ROM (C64)
Car Racer ROM (C64)
Car Rider ROM (C64)
Car Wars ROM (C64)
Car Wars II ROM (C64)
CarAction ROM (C64)
CarOMatic ROM (C64)
CarRace ROM (C64)
Caractacus ROM (C64)
Caraggio I Pirat der grunen Insel ROM (C64)
Carcrash ROM (C64)
Card Land ROM (C64)
Card Sharks ROM (C64)
Cardcruncher ROM (C64)
CardLand ROM (C64)
Cards at War ROM (C64)
Cards31 ROM (C64)
Cardware ROM (C64)
Cargo ROM (C64)
Cargo Chopper ROM (C64)
Cargo Run ROM (C64)
Caribbean ROM (C64)
Carnage ROM (C64)
Carnival ROM (C64)
Carom ROM (C64)
Carousel ROM (C64)
Carpe Noctam ROM (C64)
Carpet Solitaire ROM (C64)
Carreton ROM (C64)
Carrier Command ROM (C64)
Carrier Force ROM (C64)
Carriers at War ROM (C64)
Carrot Juggler ROM (C64)
Carrun ROM (C64)
Carry on Laughing ROM (C64)
Cars Racing ROM (C64)
Carta Geografica ROM (C64)
Cartels & Cutthroats ROM (C64)
Cartomancia ROM (C64)
Cartridge Maker ROM (C64)
Carvalho Los Pajaros De Bangkok ROM (C64)
Carwars II The Next Night ROM (C64)
Casa Dei Mostri La ROM (C64)
Casanova ROM (C64)
Cascade ROM (C64)
Case of the Mad Mummy The ROM (C64)
Case of the Missing Adventure The ROM (C64)
Case of the Mixedup Shymer The ROM (C64)
Cash 'n Grab ROM (C64)
Cash 'n' Grab ROM (C64)
Cash'n'Grab ROM (C64)
CashBash ROM (C64)
CashDash ROM (C64)
Cashman ROM (C64)
Cashwriter ROM (C64)
Casino Blackjack ROM (C64)
Casino King ROM (C64)
Casino Poker ROM (C64)
Casino Royale ROM (C64)
Casino Royale Monaco ROM (C64)
Casino Simulator ROM (C64)
Cassette50 ROM (C64)
Castalia ROM (C64)
Caste Dungeon ROM (C64)
Castelli ROM (C64)
Castle ROM (C64)
Castle Adventure ROM (C64)
Castle Battle ROM (C64)
Castle Blackstar ROM (C64)
Castle Collection ROM (C64)
Castle Dracula ROM (C64)
Castle Dungeon ROM (C64)
Castle Dungeon Adventure ROM (C64)
Castle Hassle ROM (C64)
Castle Kenterville ROM (C64)
Castle Master ROM (C64)
Castle Master Picture ROM (C64)
Castle Master II The Crypt ROM (C64)
Castle Maze ROM (C64)
Castle Maze Adventure ROM (C64)
Castle Nightmare ROM (C64)
Castle of Doom ROM (C64)
Castle of Dracula ROM (C64)
Castle of Dreams ROM (C64)
Castle of Jasoom ROM (C64)
Castle of Kraizar The ROM (C64)
Castle of Mydor ROM (C64)
Castle of Spirits ROM (C64)
Castle of Terror ROM (C64)
Castle Quest ROM (C64)
Castle Raid! ROM (C64)
Castle Siege ROM (C64)
Castle Skullord ROM (C64)
Castle Warlock ROM (C64)
Castle Wolfenstein ROM (C64)
Castle The ROM (C64)
CastleKingdom ROM (C64)
Castlemaze Adventure ROM (C64)
Castles ROM (C64)
Castles of Doctor Creep The ROM (C64)
Castles of Dr. Creep The ROM (C64)
Castlevania ROM (C64)
Castor ROM (C64)
Castrovia ROM (C64)
Cat & Mouse ROM (C64)
Cat and the Canary The ROM (C64)
Cat Snatcher ROM (C64)
Cat Splat ROM (C64)
CatGame ROM (C64)
Cataball ROM (C64)
Cataclysm ROM (C64)
Catacombe ROM (C64)
Catacombs ROM (C64)
Catacombs of Gold ROM (C64)
Catacombs The ROM (C64)
Catalypse ROM (C64)
Catapult Basketball ROM (C64)
Catastrophes ROM (C64)
Catch ROM (C64)
Catch 'Em ROM (C64)
Catch a Byte to Eat ROM (C64)
Catch a Thief ROM (C64)
Catch II ROM (C64)
Catch It ROM (C64)
Catch Me ROM (C64)
CatchaTrooper ROM (C64)
Category Showdown ROM (C64)
Caterpillar ROM (C64)
Cats ROM (C64)
Cats 'n' Dogs ROM (C64)
Cats and Mice ROM (C64)
Catspan ROM (C64)
Catspan II ROM (C64)
Catspan III Scratch Masters ROM (C64)
Catspan IV ROM (C64)
Catspan V ROM (C64)
Catspan VII ROM (C64)
Cauldron ROM (C64)
Cauldron Draculon ROM (C64)
Cauldron Hexenkuche ROM (C64)
Cauldron 1 ROM (C64)
Cauldron 1 Hexenkueche ROM (C64)
Cauldron 2 The Pumpkin Strikes Back ROM (C64)
Cauldron II Hexenkueche 2 Der Kuerbis schlaegt zurueck ROM (C64)
Cauldron II Hexenkueche II Der Kuerbis schlagt zurueck ROM (C64)
Cauldron II La Calebaza Cintraataca ROM (C64)
Cauldron II La Citrouille Contre Attaque ROM (C64)
Cauldron II The Pumpkin Strikes Back ROM (C64)
Causes of Chaos The ROM (C64)
CavDoom ROM (C64)
Cave ROM (C64)
Cave 112 ROM (C64)
Cave Adventure ROM (C64)
Cave Battle ROM (C64)
Cave Climber ROM (C64)
Cave Explorer ROM (C64)
Cave Fighter ROM (C64)
Cave Kooks ROM (C64)
Cave of Death ROM (C64)
Cave of Evil The ROM (C64)
Cave of the Ice Ape ROM (C64)
Cave of the Reaper ROM (C64)
Cave of the Word Wizard ROM (C64)
Cave of Time The ROM (C64)
Cave Of Word Wizard ROM (C64)
Cave Raid ROM (C64)
Cave The ROM (C64)
CaveGuennie ROM (C64)
Cavelon ROM (C64)
Cavelon II ROM (C64)
Caveman ROM (C64)
Caveman Ughlympics ROM (C64)
Cavemania ROM (C64)
Cavemike ROM (C64)
Cavern Construction Kit ROM (C64)
Cavern Run ROM (C64)
Cavern! ROM (C64)
Caverne ROM (C64)
Caverns in Mountain ROM (C64)
Caverns of Carnage ROM (C64)
Caverns of Death ROM (C64)
Caverns of Death II ROM (C64)
Caverns of Eriban The ROM (C64)
Caverns of Geehonk ROM (C64)
Caverns of Jupiter ROM (C64)
Caverns of Kafnar ROM (C64)
Caverns of Khafka ROM (C64)
Caverns of Sillahc ROM (C64)
Caverns of Terror ROM (C64)
Caverns of Tundor The ROM (C64)
Caverns of Xydrahpur ROM (C64)
Caves of Ice ROM (C64)
Caves of Silver ROM (C64)
Caves of Venus ROM (C64)
Caves The ROM (C64)
CBase ROM (C64)
CBM 64 Basic Kurssi 1 ROM (C64)
CBM 64 Basic Kurssi 2 ROM (C64)
CBM 64 Golf ROM (C64)
CBM 64 Stat ROM (C64)
CBM Sequential File Printer ROM (C64)
CBM64 Expanded Basic ROM (C64)
CBSEditor ROM (C64)
CC Generator ROM (C64)
CC64 C Compiler ROM (C64)
Celebrity Squares ROM (C64)
Celestial Swami ROM (C64)
Cell Block ROM (C64)
Cell Defense ROM (C64)
Cell Runner ROM (C64)
Celler The ROM (C64)
Celleripack ROM (C64)
Cellrator ROM (C64)
Celluloid ROM (C64)
Celtix ROM (C64)
Cemetery News ROM (C64)
Cenimate Bitmap Editor ROM (C64)
Censor Tetris ROM (C64)
Censortris ROM (C64)
Centauri Alliance ROM (C64)
Centipede ROM (C64)
Centipede 2025 ROM (C64)
Centric ROM (C64)
Centricpacker ROM (C64)
Centripod ROM (C64)
Centron ROM (C64)
Centropods ROM (C64)
Centurions Power X Treme ROM (C64)
Centurions Power X Treme ROM (C64)
Certificate Maker ROM (C64)
Certified ROM (C64)
Cesar ROM (C64)
Cest La Vie ROM (C64)
Cetimiex ROM (C64)
Ceviuz ROM (C64)
CFLI Designer ROM (C64)
CFLIDesigner ROM (C64)
CG Noter ROM (C64)
CG Writer ROM (C64)
Chain of Fools ROM (C64)
Chain Reaction ROM (C64)
Chain Writer ROM (C64)
ChainReaction ROM (C64)
Challenge ROM (C64)
Challenge Golf ROM (C64)
Challenge of Pegasus The ROM (C64)
Challenge of the Gobots Docs ROM (C64)
Challenge of the Gobots on the Moebius Strip ROM (C64)
Challenge of the Gobots on the Moebius Trip ROM (C64)
Challenge The ROM (C64)
Challenger ROM (C64)
Chambers of Shaolin ROM (C64)
Chameleon ROM (C64)
Chammurapi King of Babylon ROM (C64)
Chamonix Challenge ROM (C64)
Champ The ROM (C64)
Champion Squash ROM (C64)
Champions of Krynn ROM (C64)
Championship 3D Snooker ROM (C64)
Championship Baseball ROM (C64)
Championship BMX ROM (C64)
Championship Boxing ROM (C64)
Championship Chess ROM (C64)
Championship Dominoes ROM (C64)
Championship Football! ROM (C64)
Championship Golf ROM (C64)
Championship Jet Ski Simulator ROM (C64)
Championship Jet Ski Simulator Easy ROM (C64)
Championship Jet Ski Simulator Hard ROM (C64)
Championship Jet Ski Simulator The Lake Courses ROM (C64)
Championship Lode Runner ROM (C64)
Championship Lode Runner Extended Edition ROM (C64)
Championship Lode Runner Training Mission ROM (C64)
Championship Lode Runner Training Missions ROM (C64)
Championship of Europe ROM (C64)
Championship Sprint ROM (C64)
Championship Sprint II ROM (C64)
Championship Squash ROM (C64)
Championship Wrestling ROM (C64)
Change 1541 ROM (C64)
Change Disc Name & ID ROM (C64)
Change Master ROM (C64)
Change Master 64 ROM (C64)
Channel ROM (C64)
Channel One ROM (C64)
Channel Two ROM (C64)
Chaos ROM (C64)
Chaos Chronicle ROM (C64)
Chaos in Space ROM (C64)
Chaos Lands Intro ROM (C64)
Chaos Noter ROM (C64)
Chaos Road ROM (C64)
Chaotic Country ROM (C64)
Char Converter ROM (C64)
Char Edi+ The ROM (C64)
Char Expander ROM (C64)
CharEd! ROM (C64)
CharEdit ROM (C64)
CharEditor ROM (C64)
CharMaster++ ROM (C64)
CharPicture Converter V1.3 + Docs ROM (C64)
CharRotator ROM (C64)
CharTurner ROM (C64)
CharWandler ROM (C64)
Character Assassination ROM (C64)
Character Editor ROM (C64)
Character Master++ The ROM (C64)
Character Set Editor ROM (C64)
Character Set Menu ROM (C64)
CharacterSet Doubler The ROM (C64)
Charango ROM (C64)
Charblaster ROM (C64)
Charblaster 2 ROM (C64)
Charge! ROM (C64)
Charger Floader ROM (C64)
Chariot of Fire ROM (C64)
Charlemagne's Sword ROM (C64)
Charles ROM (C64)
Charles Calvert's Trio ROM (C64)
Charlie and the Jugs ROM (C64)
Charlie Deus ROM (C64)
Charlies House ROM (C64)
Charlies Maze ROM (C64)
Charly Pinguin ROM (C64)
Charmaker Pack ROM (C64)
Charpacker FW4C ROM (C64)
Charset Collection ROM (C64)
Charset Collection 1 ROM (C64)
Charset Sprite Mixer ROM (C64)
Charsets ROM (C64)
Charsets Unfinished ROM (C64)
Chart Mania ROM (C64)
Chartbusters ROM (C64)
Charts ROM (C64)
Charwandler ROM (C64)
Charwriter Beta ROM (C64)
Chase ROM (C64)
Chase H.Q. 2 ROM (C64)
Chase HQ ROM (C64)
Chase HQ 2 ROM (C64)
Chase on Tom Sawyer's Island The ROM (C64)
Chaser ROM (C64)
Chatterbee ROM (C64)
Cheap Skate ROM (C64)
Cheapskate ROM (C64)
Cheat Magazine ROM (C64)
Cheat Magazine 2 ROM (C64)
Checker Command ROM (C64)
Checkers ROM (C64)
Checkers 1.7 ROM (C64)
Checkers 4.0 ROM (C64)
Checkers! ROM (C64)
Checksummer 64 ROM (C64)
Cheech & Chongs Boulder Dash 1 ROM (C64)
Cheech & Chongs Boulder Dash 2 ROM (C64)
Cheech und Chongs Boulderdash I ROM (C64)
Cheeky Twins ROM (C64)
Cheeky Twins 2 ROM (C64)
Cheeky Twins II ROM (C64)
Cheerio Attack ROM (C64)
Cheese ROM (C64)
Cheeseburger ROM (C64)
Chem Lab ROM (C64)
Chemia KL.VIII ROM (C64)
Chemical ROM (C64)
Chemistry Drill ROM (C64)
Chemistry Quiz ROM (C64)
Chernobyl ROM (C64)
Cherry Dash ROM (C64)
Cherry Picker ROM (C64)
Chess ROM (C64)
Chess 7.0 ROM (C64)
Chess 7.5 How About a Nice Game of Chess! ROM (C64)
Chess Analyse ROM (C64)
Chess Champion ROM (C64)
Chess Chiller ROM (C64)
Chess for Two ROM (C64)
Chess Game The ROM (C64)
Chess Master ROM (C64)
Chess Quarto ROM (C64)
Chess64 ROM (C64)
Chessboard Nim ROM (C64)
Chessmaster 2000 The ROM (C64)
Chessmaster 2100 The ROM (C64)
Chessmaster2000 ROM (C64)
Chesterfield ROM (C64)
Cheval ROM (C64)
Chevalier ROM (C64)
Chevy Chase ROM (C64)
Chewing Charlie ROM (C64)
Chiappucci Pizza Service ROM (C64)
Chicago ROM (C64)
Chicago's 30 ROM (C64)
Chicken ROM (C64)
Chicken Catcher ROM (C64)
Chicken Chase ROM (C64)
Chicken Little ROM (C64)
Chicken Maze ROM (C64)
Chicken Race ROM (C64)
Chickenfarm ROM (C64)
Chickin Chase ROM (C64)
Chief Executrivia ROM (C64)
Chief Tomahawk's Games ROM (C64)
Chiffres ROM (C64)
Childpace ROM (C64)
Chill Out! ROM (C64)
Chiller ROM (C64)
Chiller The Forest ROM (C64)
Chillervilla ROM (C64)
Chilly Willy ROM (C64)
Chimera ROM (C64)
Chimera 2 ROM (C64)
Chimp Challenge ROM (C64)
China Clan ROM (C64)
China Miner ROM (C64)
Chinese Juggler The ROM (C64)
Chip ROM (C64)
Chip Away ROM (C64)
Chip Factory ROM (C64)
Chip Monitor ROM (C64)
Chip's Challenge ROM (C64)
ChipWar ROM (C64)
Chipwits ROM (C64)
Chiringuito ROM (C64)
Chit Chat ROM (C64)
ChocABloc Charlie ROM (C64)
ChocABloc Charllie ROM (C64)
Chocolate ROM (C64)
Cholo ROM (C64)
Chomp Chomp ROM (C64)
Chomp Deluxe ROM (C64)
Chomp News ROM (C64)
Chomp! ROM (C64)
Chomper ROM (C64)
Chomper Man ROM (C64)
Chop & Change ROM (C64)
Chop Flight ROM (C64)
Chop n' Drop ROM (C64)
Choplifter ROM (C64)
Choplifter Helimission ROM (C64)
Choplifter! ROM (C64)
ChoppHopper ROM (C64)
Chopper ROM (C64)
Chopper 1 ROM (C64)
Chopper Attack III Raid on Pearl Harbour ROM (C64)
Chopper Commander ROM (C64)
Chopper Dash ROM (C64)
Chopper Flight ROM (C64)
Chopper Hunt ROM (C64)
Chopper Marauder ROM (C64)
Chopper Math ROM (C64)
Chopper Pilot ROM (C64)
Chopper Raid ROM (C64)
Chopper Run ROM (C64)
Chopperhunt Part II ROM (C64)
ChopterHunt 2 ROM (C64)
Chordcentration ROM (C64)
Christmas Carols ROM (C64)
Christmas Eve ROM (C64)
Chrome Brothers The ROM (C64)
Chronic The Badger ROM (C64)
Chubbie Chester ROM (C64)
Chubby Gristle ROM (C64)
Chubrocker ROM (C64)
Chuck It ROM (C64)
Chuck Norris ROM (C64)
Chuck Rock ROM (C64)
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer ROM (C64)
Chuck Yeager's Flight Trainer ROM (C64)
Chuck Yeagers Aft ROM (C64)
ChuckaLuck ROM (C64)
ChuckaLuck & HighLow ROM (C64)
ChuckaLuck Challenge ROM (C64)
Chuckie Egg ROM (C64)
Chuckie Egg 2 ROM (C64)
Chuckie Egg II ROM (C64)
Chug a Luck ROM (C64)
Chummy Checkers ROM (C64)
Chunky Edit ROM (C64)
Chupacabra Jazz Retro Pin ROM (C64)
Chute Shootout ROM (C64)
Chwat ROM (C64)
Chwat 2 ROM (C64)
CIA Adventure ROM (C64)
CIA Agent 009 ROM (C64)
Ciabah ROM (C64)
Ciambella ROM (C64)
Cibergon ROM (C64)
Cible ROM (C64)
Ciclismo ROM (C64)
CInc.o en Raya ROM (C64)
Ciphoid 9 ROM (C64)
Circle World ROM (C64)
Circo Clown ROM (C64)
Circopoly ROM (C64)
Circuit ROM (C64)
Circuitry ROM (C64)
Circuits ROM (C64)
Circus ROM (C64)
Circus Attractions ROM (C64)
Circus Charlie ROM (C64)
Circus Circus ROM (C64)
Circus Galton ROM (C64)
Circus Games ROM (C64)
Ciron3 ROM (C64)
Cisco Heat ROM (C64)
Citadel ROM (C64)
Citadel Adventure ROM (C64)
Citadel of Chaos The ROM (C64)
Citadel of YahMon The ROM (C64)
Citadel Pershu ROM (C64)
Citadel The ROM (C64)
City Bomber ROM (C64)
City Bomber 64 ROM (C64)
City Crisis ROM (C64)
City Crisis II ROM (C64)
City Express ROM (C64)
City Fighter ROM (C64)
City Killer ROM (C64)
City Manager ROM (C64)
City Mission ROM (C64)
City of Atlantis ROM (C64)
City Survivor ROM (C64)
Cityattak! ROM (C64)
Ciudad Perdida ROM (C64)
Ciuffy ROM (C64)
Civil Battles ROM (C64)
Civil War ROM (C64)
Civil War Trivia ROM (C64)
CJ ROM (C64)
CJ 4 ROM (C64)
CJ in House of Fun ROM (C64)
CJ in the USA ROM (C64)
CJ's Elephant Antics ROM (C64)
Cl. Morgue Castle ROM (C64)
Class A Fighter ROM (C64)
Classic ROM (C64)
Classic Adventure ROM (C64)
Classic Bat'N'Ball Tennis ROM (C64)
Classic Collection 2 ROM (C64)
Classic Concentration ROM (C64)
Classic Concentration Second Edition ROM (C64)
Classic Punter ROM (C64)
Classic Trainer ROM (C64)
Classix ROM (C64)
Claws of Despair The ROM (C64)
Clay Pigeons ROM (C64)
Clean Up Service ROM (C64)
Clean Up Time ROM (C64)
Clemen's Revenge ROM (C64)
Cleo the Dog ROM (C64)
Cleo the Dog 2 ROM (C64)
Clever & Smart ROM (C64)
Cleverness 64 ROM (C64)
Cliff Diving ROM (C64)
Cliff Hanger ROM (C64)
Cliff Hanger II ROM (C64)
Cliff Hanger III ROM (C64)
Cliff the Hanger ROM (C64)
Cliffhanger ROM (C64)
Cliffhanger A Perilous Climb ROM (C64)
Clik Clak ROM (C64)
Climber 5 ROM (C64)
Climber! ROM (C64)
Clock ROM (C64)
Clone ROM (C64)
Clone Wars The ROM (C64)
Cloops ROM (C64)
Close Encounters ROM (C64)
Close Encounters of the Worst Kind ROM (C64)
Cloud King ROM (C64)
Cloud Kingdoms ROM (C64)
Cloud Strike ROM (C64)
Cloud Walker ROM (C64)
Cloux ROM (C64)
Cloverhunt ROM (C64)
Clowns ROM (C64)
Clowns Max ROM (C64)
CLR Editor ROM (C64)
Club 64 Diskett ROM (C64)
Club Backgammon ROM (C64)
Club Darts ROM (C64)
Club House Sports ROM (C64)
Club Squash ROM (C64)
ClubManager ROM (C64)
Clucky Chook ROM (C64)
Clue ROM (C64)
Clue Master Detective ROM (C64)
Clue! ROM (C64)
Cluedo ROM (C64)
Clueless Adventure ROM (C64)
Clues ROM (C64)
Clueso ROM (C64)
Clystron ROM (C64)
CNEditor ROM (C64)
Co & Co ROM (C64)
CoAxis ROM (C64)
CoOrdinates ROM (C64)
Coal Miner ROM (C64)
Coalminer ROM (C64)
Coalminer Intro ROM (C64)
Coball ROM (C64)
Cobra ROM (C64)
Cobra Force ROM (C64)
Cobra Rescue ROM (C64)
COC Construction of Confusion ROM (C64)
Coca Time ROM (C64)
Coccinella ROM (C64)
Coccinelle ROM (C64)
Cock 'In ROM (C64)
Cock' In ROM (C64)
Coco 2 ROM (C64)
Coco Games Compilation ROM (C64)
CocoNotes ROM (C64)
Cocoot ROM (C64)
Code Hunter ROM (C64)
Code Master ROM (C64)
Code Skill Builder ROM (C64)
Code Word Blizzard Commando Libya ROM (C64)
Codebreaker ROM (C64)
Codebusters ROM (C64)
Codehunter ROM (C64)
Codeknacker ROM (C64)
Codemag ROM (C64)
Codename Mat 2 ROM (C64)
CodenameMat 2 ROM (C64)
CoderVirus Killer ROM (C64)
Coders World ROM (C64)
Coders World News File ROM (C64)
Coderunner ROM (C64)
Coderz HP ROM (C64)
Coderz Orgasm ROM (C64)
Codestar ROM (C64)
Codeword Arguseye in Secret Mission ROM (C64)
Coffeehouse Chess Monster ROM (C64)
Cogs ROM (C64)
Cohan's Land ROM (C64)
Cohen's Towers ROM (C64)
Cohens Tower ROM (C64)
Coil Cop ROM (C64)
Coin News ROM (C64)
Coin Quest ROM (C64)
CoinUp Nr.04 ROM (C64)
Coins ROM (C64)
Cokatime ROM (C64)
Colamorph ROM (C64)
Cold Shower The ROM (C64)
Coldiarus ROM (C64)
Colditz ROM (C64)
Colee ROM (C64)
Collapsar ROM (C64)
Collapse ROM (C64)
Collapse Gold ROM (C64)
Collection ROM (C64)
Collection Day ROM (C64)
College Nicknames ROM (C64)
Collins ROM (C64)
Collision ROM (C64)
Collision Course ROM (C64)
Collisions ROM (C64)
Colon ROM (C64)
Colonel's House The ROM (C64)
Colonial Conquest ROM (C64)
Colonial Trader ROM (C64)
Colony ROM (C64)
Colony 2 ROM (C64)
Colony News ROM (C64)
Colony News Editor ROM (C64)
Color Buster ROM (C64)
Color Code ROM (C64)
Color Editor The ROM (C64)
Color Hunter ROM (C64)
Color Mania ROM (C64)
Color Match ROM (C64)
Color Me ROM (C64)
Color of Magic ROM (C64)
Color Tiles ROM (C64)
ColorCatcher ROM (C64)
ColorX 16 ROM (C64)
ColorX04 ROM (C64)
Colora ROM (C64)
Colora The Revenge ROM (C64)
Colora 2 The Revenge of the Stones ROM (C64)
Colorado Smith and the Castle of Doom ROM (C64)
Colorado Smith and the Lost Pyramid ROM (C64)
ColoradoRiver ROM (C64)
Colorbot ROM (C64)
ColorixChess ROM (C64)
Colormaker 64 ROM (C64)
Colorout ROM (C64)
Colors ROM (C64)
Colosal Cave Adventure ROM (C64)
Colossal Adventure ROM (C64)
Colossal Cave Adventure ROM (C64)
Colossus Bridge ROM (C64)
Colossus Bridge 4 ROM (C64)
Colossus Chess ROM (C64)
Colossus Chess 2 ROM (C64)
Colossus Chess 4 ROM (C64)
Colossus Chess 4 Anleitung ROM (C64)
Colossus Mah Jong ROM (C64)
Colossus Muhle 5.0 ROM (C64)
Colour Bind ROM (C64)
Colour Converter ROM (C64)
Colour Editor ROM (C64)
Colour of Magic The ROM (C64)
ColourMatcher ROM (C64)
Colouration ROM (C64)
Colourchanger ROM (C64)
Coloured ROM (C64)
Coloured Deluxe ROM (C64)
Coloured II ROM (C64)
Coloured III ROM (C64)
Colourful Noter ROM (C64)
Columbia ROM (C64)
Columns ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.03 ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 Autosalto ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 Compilatore ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 Il Difensore ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 Il Fantasma ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 Il Serpentone ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 L'alpinista ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 L'imbianchino ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 Quick Format ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 Simulatore di Volo ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 Star Trek ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.04 Turbo Pac ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.07 ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.08 ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.09 ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.10 ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.14 ROM (C64)
COM 64 Nr.29 Vers. Fix ROM (C64)
Com64 Live ROM (C64)
Comal ROM (C64)
Comal 80 ROM (C64)
Comal for the C64 ROM (C64)
Combat Course ROM (C64)
Combat Crazy ROM (C64)
Combat Crazy Warbringer ROM (C64)
Combat Leader ROM (C64)
Combat Lynx ROM (C64)
Combat School ROM (C64)
Combat Zone ROM (C64)
Combination ROM (C64)
Combination Lock Game ROM (C64)
Combination Wars ROM (C64)
Combined The ROM (C64)
Combots ROM (C64)
Comedy ROM (C64)
Comet ROM (C64)
Comet Game The ROM (C64)
Comic Bakery ROM (C64)
Comic Game The ROM (C64)
Comic Relief ROM (C64)
ComicNoter ROM (C64)
Comm III ROM (C64)
Commander Color Comparator The ROM (C64)
Commando ROM (C64)
Commando Astro Joe ROM (C64)
Commando 86 ROM (C64)
Commando 94 ROM (C64)
Commando 95 ROM (C64)
Commando 96 ROM (C64)
Commando II ROM (C64)
Commando Kuwait ROM (C64)
Commando Libya ROM (C64)
Commando Libya Blizzard ROM (C64)
Commando Mission 88 ROM (C64)
Commando Mission Three ROM (C64)
Commercial Town ROM (C64)
Commie UFO Attack ROM (C64)
Commie Writer II ROM (C64)
Commodity ROM (C64)
Commodore ROM (C64)
Commodore 1541 ROM (C64)
Commodore 64 Comal80 rev 00.14 ROM (C64)
Commodore 64 Game System ROM (C64)
Commodore 64 LOGO ROM (C64)
Commodore C64 PCCopier ROM (C64)
Commodore CEE Vol. 1 Issue ROM (C64)
Commodore Commander ROM (C64)
Commodore Computer Club ROM (C64)
Commodore Disc ROM (C64)
Commodore Force Pinball ROM (C64)
Commodore Format PowerPacks The ROM (C64)
Commodore Format The ROM (C64)
Commodore Magazine Example Scroll ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Attacco di Mig 21 ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Avventure Jerry ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Azione ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Azione Radioc ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Bat Game ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Battle Camp ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Billo ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Castle Maze ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Fatti il Car ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Il Giustiziere ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Juppo ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Miraggio ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Nigo ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Pattam ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Raid ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Rayall ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Rimpaller ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Star Wars ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Tanoda ROM (C64)
Commodore Plus Wow ROM (C64)
Commodore SixtyFore ROM (C64)
Commodore Soft Magazine ROM (C64)
Commodore Sound Sampler ROM (C64)
Commodore SX64 ROM (C64)
Comoda ROM (C64)
Comp Nop Computer Monoply ROM (C64)
Computaire ROM (C64)
Compacker ROM (C64)
Compactor ROM (C64)
Compactor II ROM (C64)
Compactor III ROM (C64)
Company Director 2 ROM (C64)
Company Director 64 ROM (C64)
Company Director II ROM (C64)
Company Manager ROM (C64)
Compare ROM (C64)
Compare II ROM (C64)
Compendium of Games ROM (C64)
Comphello ROM (C64)
Compilation 1942 Boulder Dash 5 Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 Super Pictures 1 ROM (C64)
Compilation Ace II Trashman 720 Thunder Bolt ROM (C64)
Compilation Ace Kikstart Up'n Down Kick Off Breakthru ROM (C64)
Compilation Agent X 2 Pipeline II Dr Destructo ROM (C64)
Compilation Aliens Stifflip & Co ROM (C64)
Compilation APB Xybots Hard Drivin ROM (C64)
Compilation Ardy Ardvark Fort Apocolypse Frogger Frogger 2 CBM Soccer ROM (C64)
Compilation Arkanoid II Ikari Warriors Tardet ROM (C64)
Compilation Aztec Motocross Side Pacman Mario's Brewery Over the Rainbow ROM (C64)
Compilation Back to the Future Rock'n Wrestle Kawaski Synth ROM (C64)
Compilation Bad Dudes OCP Art Studio Maniax Breakout ROM (C64)
Compilation Barry McGuigan World Boxing BMWC Box ROM (C64)
Compilation Basketball Basket Master ROM (C64)
Compilation Battlezone Beach Head Pyjamarama Wizard of Wor ROM (C64)
Compilation Beyond Ice Palace Fast Break ROM (C64)
Compilation Biggles Fairlight Super Rider ROM (C64)
Compilation Block Busters Bonecruncher rygor Roleboard ROM (C64)
Compilation Boot Camp Sporting News Baseball Dox ROM (C64)
Compilation Breakthru Cobra Prodigy ROM (C64)
Compilation Bruce Lee Hero Raid on Bungeling Bay Two on Two ROM (C64)
Compilation Buggy Boy Commando IK+ ROM (C64)
Compilation Castle Terror II Galway Selector Necris Dome ROM (C64)
Compilation Centuri Demarius Gates of Dawn ROM (C64)
Compilation Chuckie Egg II The Rats Pooyan Nonaterraqveous ROM (C64)
Compilation Cliff Hanger Hover Boover Potty Pigeon Warrior of Zypar ROM (C64)
Compilation Cobra Paperboy Deluxe Paint Bank Panic Trainer Maker ROM (C64)
Compilation Commando II Mean Streak Rapid Fire Falklands ROM (C64)
Compilation Commandos86 Gauntlet II ROM (C64)
Compilation Crystal Castle Blackhawk Ghouls Zylogon ROM (C64)
Compilation Dalles Zynaps ROM (C64)
Compilation Dan Dare II Highlander Frightmare Thunder Bombs ROM (C64)
Compilation Death Dealer Kings William Wobbler Professionals Fraud II ROM (C64)
Compilation Delta Krakout 5th Axis ROM (C64)
Compilation Doom Preview Black & White Frog Fanny Mortox ROM (C64)
Compilation Double Dare Questions Assault D.D. ROM (C64)
Compilation Doughboy Skool Daze Dynamite Dan Arcade Baseball ROM (C64)
Compilation Dr Who The Last V8 Frogger II Fire Ant ROM (C64)
Compilation Dragon's Lair Decathalon ROM (C64)
Compilation Draz+ AB Cruncher ROM (C64)
Compilation Drol Drelbs Slinky ROM (C64)
Compilation Eagles Wizball Kinetic ROM (C64)
Compilation Elite Frankie Goes to Hollywood Great American Road Race ROM (C64)
Compilation Energy Erik Viking Smashed Mandroid ROM (C64)
Compilation Epyx Wrestling Touchdown Football Tennis Manager ROM (C64)
Compilation Escos Tarzan PartyLetter Miami ViceWench Hack Blue Chicken ROM (C64)
Compilation Exploding Fist Pit Stop 2 Night Mission ROM (C64)
Compilation Feud Teacher Game Rocket Ball FAS Football ROM (C64)
Compilation Firetrap Trap Door II Chamonix Challenge ROM (C64)
Compilation Flintstones Outlaws Mini Office ROM (C64)
Compilation Flip & Flop Floyd the Droid Desert Fox ROM (C64)
Compilation Flyer Fox The Hobbit Freak Flak Buggy Boy ROM (C64)
Compilation Forbidden Forrest Aztec Challenge Caverns of Kafka Slinky ROM (C64)
Compilation Frantic Freddie Blue Max Ghost'n Goblins Battle Thru Time ROM (C64)
Compilation Galaxy Burnin' Rubber Pengo Popeye Tapper ROM (C64)
Compilation Galivan Mad Doctor Skramble ROM (C64)
Compilation Gallivan Bugsy ROM (C64)
Compilation Garfield IO Bedlam Zynaps ROM (C64)
Compilation GBA Baseball OutRun ROM (C64)
Compilation Germany 1985 Ghettoblast Mario Blast Paradroid ROM (C64)
Compilation Ghost'n Goblins Traffic Gateway of Apshai ROM (C64)
Compilation Ghostbusters Gyroscope Star Wars Ms Pac Man Zorro ROM (C64)
Compilation Goonies Quake Minus One Joust ROM (C64)
Compilation Graffati Palace House of User O'Riley's Mine ROM (C64)
Compilation Gribbs Day Out Space Pilot II Race for the States ROM (C64)
Compilation Hard'n'Heavy Helldiver Preview Denniffia ROM (C64)
Compilation Hardball Waterline Bugerking ROM (C64)
Compilation HardballRed Sox ROM (C64)
Compilation Hypaball Tarzan Light Force Sigma Seven ROM (C64)
Compilation Hyper Olympics Microleague Baseball Cuthbert Tombs Diamond Mine ROM (C64)
Compilation Impossible Mission Space Pilot Hard Hat Mack QBert Hyper Load ROM (C64)
Compilation Indiana Jones Where's My Bones Monster Mash ROM (C64)
Compilation Infiltrator II Police Academy Max Headroom Krakout 3 ROM (C64)
Compilation Infodroid Magnum Force Zub ROM (C64)
Compilation Injured Engine Chiller Gorf ROM (C64)
Compilation Inside Outing Dan Dare Big Top Barney ROM (C64)
Compilation International Karate II Garbage Pale Kids ROM (C64)
Compilation International Karate Bomb Jack ROM (C64)
Compilation Iznogood Vampire's Empire Saturn Thargon UCM Our Fist ROM (C64)
Compilation Jeffrey Archer Lawntennis ROM (C64)
Compilation Jumpman Time Tunnel ROM (C64)
Compilation Jungle Quest Parallax Micro Rythm ROM (C64)
Compilation Karateka Dragons Riders of Pern ROM (C64)
Compilation Krackout Prof 1 Future City II To Be On Top ROM (C64)
Compilation Kung Fu Master Leader Board Mr Do ROM (C64)
Compilation Leaderboard II Commando Hacker II Journey ROM (C64)
Compilation Leaderboard Battle of Britain ROM (C64)
Compilation Lords of Midnight Ping Pong Phantoms ROM (C64)
Compilation Metroblitz Armageddon Goldruch... ROM (C64)
Compilation Mini Golf II Mr Wino Kellogs Tour Spittin Image ROM (C64)
Compilation Mini Putt Code Hunter Basketmaster Saboteur II ROM (C64)
Compilation Mission Elevator Green Beret Bombo ROM (C64)
Compilation Mission Elevator Midnight Magic Skate Rock Gobots ROM (C64)
Compilation Nahost91 Boulder RocketRockano ROM (C64)
Compilation NAM Rescue SuperDroud True Spit ChocABloc Stock Market ROM (C64)
Compilation Omnibus GMBH Buergermeister ROM (C64)
Compilation One on One Paperboy Revs Car Race ROM (C64)
Compilation Operation Wolf Powermids Amiga Juggler Terra Fighters ROM (C64)
Compilation Outrun Choplifter ROM (C64)
Compilation Panther Ikari Warriors 10Pin Bowling Masters of Magic ROM (C64)
Compilation Piracy Knight Rider Mugsy's Revenge ROM (C64)
Compilation Pyjamarama Starion ROM (C64)
Compilation Quedex Sky Libya Slap & Tickle ROM (C64)
Compilation Rampage II Mega Vindicator Task III ROM (C64)
Compilation Rampage Addicta Ball Firetrap Rygar ROM (C64)
Compilation Renegade Street Sports Basketball ROM (C64)
Compilation Repton III Mikie Infordroid ROM (C64)
Compilation River Raid Havok Kokotoni Wilf Wallie in Rhymeland ROM (C64)
Compilation RMS Titanic Aztec Challenge Turbo Bomb Jack Music ROM (C64)
Compilation Road Runner Slap Fight Snap Dragon ROM (C64)
Compilation Rocket Ball On Court Tennis BMX Stunts Evil Dead ROM (C64)
Compilation Rocky Horror Picture Show Suicide Express Alleykat ROM (C64)
Compilation Rolling Thunder Pacland Bop'n Rumble ROM (C64)
Compilation Saboteur II Starfox Mission Omega ROM (C64)
Compilation Saint Dragon Wheel of Fortune Fortuna Kolem Sie Toczy ROM (C64)
Compilation Samantha Fox Strip Poker Fearless Fred Siren City Jet Boys ROM (C64)
Compilation Schizofrenia Rally Speedway Magic Car Show ROM (C64)
Compilation Scooby and Scrappy Doo Dynamite Dux ROM (C64)
Compilation Slaine To Be On Top ROM (C64)
Compilation Slapshot Hockey Transformers Black Knight Football Manager ROM (C64)
Compilation Snookie High Noon 1984 Trains Zone Ranger ROM (C64)
Compilation Space Harrier Uridium II Quango Lader ROM (C64)
Compilation Space Taxi Encounter ROM (C64)
Compilation Spelunker Gremlin Bebert Hulk ROM (C64)
Compilation Spy Hunter Spy ROM (C64)
Compilation Star Wars Clever & Smart Soccer Boss ROM (C64)
Compilation Strange Loop Typing Tutor Infernal Runner ROM (C64)
Compilation Street Fighter 2 Platoon ROM (C64)
Compilation Strike Force Cobra Koala Show ROM (C64)
Compilation Stunt Bike Shogun Fighter Pilot ROM (C64)
Compilation Super Mario Bros Rampage Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom ROM (C64)
Compilation Super Zaxxon On Track Racing Star Pong ROM (C64)
Compilation Superman Empire ROM (C64)
Compilation Tag Team Wrestling Asterix Bubble Bobble Super Soccer ROM (C64)
Compilation TauCeti Hypa Master of Magic ROM (C64)
Compilation Terror of the Deep Pornoland II The Last ROM (C64)
Compilation Thai Boxing Leaderboard III ROM (C64)
Compilation The Train Terra Cresta ROM (C64)
Compilation Theatre Europe Tuerken Raus Cause of Chaos Thrust ROM (C64)
Compilation Thing II Deathscape Falcon Patrol II Blue Max 2001 ROM (C64)
Compilation Time Writer Bob Sleight Clever & Smart ROM (C64)
Compilation Toobin Dragon Spirit ROM (C64)
Compilation Touch Football Show Jumping Golden Talisman ROM (C64)
Compilation Tower Toppler Mission X Nequinus Dalto ROM (C64)
Compilation Treasure Island Bomb Jack Pirates Jungle Moon Patrol ROM (C64)
Compilation Troll Chernobyl Rim Runner Wizards Lair ROM (C64)
Compilation UchiMata City Survivor Empire Strikes Back ROM (C64)
Compilation Valhalla Arkanoid Kane SWAT II ROM (C64)
Compilation Volleyball Show Jumpiing Canoe Front Line ROM (C64)
Compilation War Hawk Missle Command Abadon Scrolls Artillery Duel Wimbledon ROM (C64)
Compilation Waterpolo Scary Monsters Shotgun ROM (C64)
Compilation WDCE Preview Ice Guys Preview Molecules Arcade Classics ROM (C64)
Compilation Who Dares Dies Dr Ruth Sex Bumping Buggies ROM (C64)
Compilation Who Dares Wins Who Dares Wins 2 Rambo ROM (C64)
Compilation Wolfman Ala ROM (C64)
Compilation Xevious Waterpolo Hat Trick Fernandez Shoot the Rapids ROM (C64)
Compilation Yie Ar Kung Fu V the Game Thrust Shadowfire Bobby O ROM (C64)
Compilation Zauberschloss African Safari Entombed Atlantis ROM (C64)
Compilation Zone 6 5ASide 911 Tiger Shark Ace of Aces ROM (C64)
Complete Computer Fireworks Celebration Kit The ROM (C64)
Complex ROM (C64)
Compressor The ROM (C64)
Comptech ROM (C64)
CompuTarot ROM (C64)
Compunet ROM (C64)
Compunet Saga ROM (C64)
Compupay ROM (C64)
Computag ROM (C64)
Compute!'s Gazette ROM (C64)
Compute!'s Gazette 8509 8601 ROM (C64)
Compute!'s Gazette Best of Games ROM (C64)
Compute!'s Gazette Index ROM (C64)
Compute!'s Gazette Index 1 ROM (C64)
Compute!'s Gazette Index 2 ROM (C64)
Compute!'s Gazette Sid Player ROM (C64)
Compute!'s Gazette Special ROM (C64)
Computer Adventure ROM (C64)
Computer Ambush ROM (C64)
Computer Baccarat ROM (C64)
Computer Baseball ROM (C64)
Computer Blackjack ROM (C64)
Computer Board Challenger ROM (C64)
Computer Chase ROM (C64)
Computer Club ROM (C64)
Computer Clues ROM (C64)
Computer Craps ROM (C64)
Computer Killer ROM (C64)
Computer League ROM (C64)
Computer Magic ROM (C64)
Computer Maniacs Diary 1989 ROM (C64)
Computer Manicas ROM (C64)
Computer Quarterback ROM (C64)
Computer Scene ROM (C64)
Computer Scrabble ROM (C64)
Computer Scrabble Deluxe ROM (C64)
Computer SET Nr.04 ROM (C64)
Computer SET Nr.05 ROM (C64)
Computer SET Nr.06 Vers. Fix ROM (C64)
Computer SET Nr.07 ROM (C64)
Computer SET Nr.08 ROM (C64)
Computer SET Nr.09 ROM (C64)
Computer Squares ROM (C64)
Computer StatisPro Baseball ROM (C64)
Computer Yahtzee ROM (C64)
ComputerKran! ROM (C64)
ComputerWordsearch ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 00 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 01 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 02 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 03 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 04 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 05 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 06 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 07 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 08 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 09 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 10 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 11 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 12 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 13 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 14 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 15 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 16 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 17 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 18 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 19 ROM (C64)
Computerbrains Cracking Service 20 ROM (C64)
Computershop ROM (C64)
Computing ROM (C64)
Computrivia ROM (C64)
Compuzzle ROM (C64)
CompuZzler ROM (C64)
ConQuest ROM (C64)
Conal II ROM (C64)
Conan ROM (C64)
Concentration ROM (C64)
Concentration Solitaire ROM (C64)
Concentration Station ROM (C64)
Concorde II ROM (C64)
Concorde Landing Simulation ROM (C64)
Concrete ROM (C64)
Condom ROM (C64)
Coney Island ROM (C64)
Conflict ROM (C64)
Conflict II ROM (C64)
Conflict In Vietnam ROM (C64)
Conflict In Vietnam Codes ROM (C64)
Confused ROM (C64)
Confusing Quest ROM (C64)
Confusing Quest 2 ROM (C64)
Confusion ROM (C64)
Confuzion ROM (C64)
Congo Bongo ROM (C64)
Congo Bongo Africa Nera ROM (C64)
Connect ROM (C64)
Connect 'Em ROM (C64)
Connect 4 ROM (C64)
Connect 5 ROM (C64)
Connect 64 ROM (C64)
Connect the Dots ROM (C64)
Connect the Letters ROM (C64)
Connection ROM (C64)
Connectoids! ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.01 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.02 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.03 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.04 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.05 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.06 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.07 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.08 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.09 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.10 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.11 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.12 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.13 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.14 ROM (C64)
Conoscere il Computer Direttamente dal Computer Nr.15 ROM (C64)
Conquering Everest ROM (C64)
Conqueror ROM (C64)
Conquest ROM (C64)
Conquest for the Crown ROM (C64)
Conquest of Amy's Holes The ROM (C64)
Conquestador ROM (C64)
Conrad ROM (C64)
Constellations ROM (C64)
Construction Co. ROM (C64)
Contact ROM (C64)
Contact Switch On! ROM (C64)
Contact Dealer ROM (C64)
ContactHolder ROM (C64)
Contactdealer ROM (C64)
Contacter Convert ROM (C64)
Contest ROM (C64)
Contiki Desktop OS ROM (C64)
Contiki Operating System The ROM (C64)
Continental Circus ROM (C64)
Conto Corrente ROM (C64)
Contra ROM (C64)
Contract ROM (C64)
Contract Bridge ROM (C64)
Contrast ROM (C64)
Controversial ROM (C64)
Contura ROM (C64)
Conundrum ROM (C64)
Convention Blues ROM (C64)
Conversor DecimalHexadecimal ROM (C64)
Conversor DecimalRomano ROM (C64)
Conversor RomanoDecimal ROM (C64)
Convert Petscii to Notemaker ROM (C64)
Convert Studio ROM (C64)
ConvertStudio ROM (C64)
Converter ROM (C64)
Convoy ROM (C64)
Convoy Raider ROM (C64)
Conway Fighter ROM (C64)
Coococ ROM (C64)
CookieEaters ROM (C64)
Cool Croc Twins ROM (C64)
Cool Dash ROM (C64)
Cool Eat ROM (C64)
Cool Games ROM (C64)
Cool MIF II The ROM (C64)
Cool World ROM (C64)
Coolface ROM (C64)
Coolsinus Maker ROM (C64)
Coplin Flight Simulator ROM (C64)
Cops ROM (C64)
Cops 3 ROM (C64)
Cops and Robbers ROM (C64)
Cops II ROM (C64)
CopterFight ROM (C64)
Copy 1.5 Min ROM (C64)
Copy 190 ROM (C64)
Copy 235 ROM (C64)
Copy 236 ROM (C64)
Copy 40 DB ROM (C64)
Copy Card ROM (C64)
Copy CBM 64 ROM (C64)
Copy CBM 64VC 1541 ROM (C64)
Copy Collection ROM (C64)
Copy Compilation I ROM (C64)
Copy Compilation II ROM (C64)
Copy D64 Image to 1541 ROM (C64)
Copy II ROM (C64)
Copy II 64128 ROM (C64)
Copy Menu of the Big Brother The ROM (C64)
Copy++ ROM (C64)
CopyQ ROM (C64)
CopyROM ROM (C64)
Core ROM (C64)
Core Wars Pro ROM (C64)
Corman ROM (C64)
Cornwall Enigma The ROM (C64)
Corporation ROM (C64)
Corrida ROM (C64)
Corruption ROM (C64)
Corruption Extra ROM (C64)
Corruption Extra ROM (C64)
Corsair ROM (C64)
Corso di Linguaggio Macchina ROM (C64)
Corx Rebel Racers ROM (C64)
Corx Rebel Racers ROM (C64)
Corya the WarriorSage ROM (C64)
Cosby's Pyramid ROM (C64)
Cosmania ROM (C64)
Cosmic ROM (C64)
Cosmic Arc ROM (C64)
Cosmic Balance ROM (C64)
Cosmic Biznes ROM (C64)
Cosmic Bounce ROM (C64)
Cosmic Brewers ROM (C64)
Cosmic Bugs ROM (C64)
Cosmic Business ROM (C64)
Cosmic Capers ROM (C64)
Cosmic Carnage ROM (C64)
Cosmic Causeway Trailblazer II ROM (C64)
Cosmic Cavern ROM (C64)
Cosmic Chess ROM (C64)
Cosmic Combat ROM (C64)
Cosmic Commando ROM (C64)
Cosmic Convoy ROM (C64)
Cosmic Cruiser ROM (C64)
Cosmic Cruiser Galacto Honoris ROM (C64)
Cosmic Crusader ROM (C64)
Cosmic Cyklon ROM (C64)
Cosmic Dodge ROM (C64)
Cosmic Hero ROM (C64)
Cosmic Life ROM (C64)
Cosmic Pirate ROM (C64)
Cosmic Relief ROM (C64)
Cosmic Split ROM (C64)
Cosmic Storm ROM (C64)
Cosmic Tunnels The ROM (C64)
CosmicJourney ROM (C64)
Cosmonut ROM (C64)
Cosmos '98 ROM (C64)
Cosmos 3000 ROM (C64)
Cosmox ROM (C64)
Count Duckula ROM (C64)
Count Duckula II ROM (C64)
Count Ten ROM (C64)
Count the Spots ROM (C64)
Count the Stars ROM (C64)
Count The ROM (C64)
Countdown ROM (C64)
Countdown to Meltdown ROM (C64)
Countdown to Shutdown ROM (C64)
Counter Force ROM (C64)
Counting Game ROM (C64)
Country Cab ROM (C64)
Country Capers ROM (C64)
Country Quest ROM (C64)
Country Racer ROM (C64)
Coup D'Etat ROM (C64)
Coupe ROM (C64)
Cover Girl Strip Poker ROM (C64)
Cover Print ROM (C64)
Coverage Preview ROM (C64)
CoverGirl Strip Poker ROM (C64)
Cowabunga ROM (C64)
Cowboy ROM (C64)
Cowboy Kids ROM (C64)
Cowboy Kidz ROM (C64)
Cowboy Shoot Out ROM (C64)
Cowboy Training ROM (C64)
Cowboys ROM (C64)
Cowpat Frisbee ROM (C64)
Cows & Bulls ROM (C64)
CPU Prisoner ROM (C64)
Crab Grab ROM (C64)
Crabfight ROM (C64)
Crabyx ROM (C64)
Crack ROM (C64)
Crack Down ROM (C64)
Crack It! ROM (C64)
Crack Mania ROM (C64)
Crack Module ROM (C64)
Crack of Doom The ROM (C64)
Crack Pack ROM (C64)
CrackUp ROM (C64)
Cracker ROM (C64)
Cracker in Space ROM (C64)
Cracker Jack 1 ROM (C64)
Cracker League ROM (C64)
Cracker Mag ROM (C64)
Crackers Revenge ROM (C64)
Crackers Revenge 2 ROM (C64)
Crackers Revenge 3 ROM (C64)
Crackers Revenge 4 ROM (C64)
Crackers Revenge 5 ROM (C64)
Crackmod ROM (C64)
Cracks of Doom The ROM (C64)
Cracks of Fire The ROM (C64)
Cracktro Working Games Fix ROM (C64)
Craft ROM (C64)
Crag ROM (C64)
Crak Crak ROM (C64)
Crak Up ROM (C64)
Cramcruncher ROM (C64)
Cranberry Park ROM (C64)
Cranmore Diamond Caper The ROM (C64)
Crantor Bedrohung aus dem All ROM (C64)
Crap Compilation ROM (C64)
Crapoid ROM (C64)
Craps ROM (C64)
Crash ROM (C64)
Crash and Crush ROM (C64)
Crash Ball ROM (C64)
Crash Barrier ROM (C64)
Crash Race ROM (C64)
Crash Worms ROM (C64)
Crash! ROM (C64)
Crashcars ROM (C64)
Crasher ROM (C64)
Crax ROM (C64)
Cray Business ROM (C64)
Crazay ROM (C64)
Crazy ROM (C64)
Crazy 8's ROM (C64)
Crazy Adventure ROM (C64)
Crazy Ball ROM (C64)
Crazy Ballon ROM (C64)
Crazy Balloon ROM (C64)
Crazy Balls ROM (C64)
Crazy Bomber The ROM (C64)
Crazy Business ROM (C64)
Crazy Car ROM (C64)
Crazy Cars ROM (C64)
Crazy Cars 2 ROM (C64)
Crazy Cars 3 ROM (C64)
Crazy Cars III ROM (C64)
Crazy Caveman ROM (C64)
Crazy Caverns ROM (C64)
Crazy Climber ROM (C64)
Crazy Coaster ROM (C64)
Crazy Comets ROM (C64)
Crazy Comets 2 Mega Apocalypse ROM (C64)
Crazy Commando ROM (C64)
Crazy Conveyors ROM (C64)
Crazy Cursor ROM (C64)
Crazy Dash 1 ROM (C64)
Crazy Dream 1 ROM (C64)
Crazy Dream 2 ROM (C64)
Crazy Dream 3 ROM (C64)
Crazy Dream 4 ROM (C64)
Crazy Dream 5 ROM (C64)
Crazy Dream 6 ROM (C64)
Crazy Dream 7 ROM (C64)
Crazy Eights ROM (C64)
Crazy ErBert ROM (C64)
Crazy FastCopy ROM (C64)
Crazy Golf ROM (C64)
Crazy Joe ROM (C64)
Crazy Jogger ROM (C64)
Crazy Jumpman ROM (C64)
Crazy Kong ROM (C64)
Crazy Labyrinth ROM (C64)
Crazy Man ROM (C64)
Crazy Men ROM (C64)
Crazy Paving ROM (C64)
Crazy Runner ROM (C64)
Crazy Sprite ROM (C64)
Crazy Sue ROM (C64)
Crazy Sue Plus ROM (C64)
Crazy the Mine Chaser ROM (C64)
Crazy Toaster Note ROM (C64)
CrazyDash 1 ROM (C64)
CrazyDash 2 ROM (C64)
CrazyDash 3 ROM (C64)
CrazyDash 4 ROM (C64)
CrazyDash 5 ROM (C64)
CrazyDash 6 ROM (C64)
CrazyDash 7 ROM (C64)
CrazyKong ROM (C64)
CrazyWriter ROM (C64)
Creador de Sprites ROM (C64)
Creaper ROM (C64)
Creaper II ROM (C64)
Create A Calendar ROM (C64)
Create MaxaLoda ROM (C64)
Create with Garfield ROM (C64)
Creation News ROM (C64)
Creations ROM (C64)
Creative Contraptions ROM (C64)
Creators Revenge ROM (C64)
Creatr 2d ROM (C64)
Creature ROM (C64)
Creatures ROM (C64)
Creatures Emap Show Demo ROM (C64)
Creatures Patched Version ROM (C64)
Creatures 2 Torture Trouble ROM (C64)
Creatures II ROM (C64)
Creatures Noter ROM (C64)
Creatures Noter 2 ROM (C64)
Creatures Noter II ROM (C64)
Cred Breaks Out ROM (C64)
Creeping Chromosomes ROM (C64)
Creeps ROM (C64)
Creepspread ROM (C64)
Creepspread II ROM (C64)
Creepy Caves ROM (C64)
Crescendo ROM (C64)
Crescendo 2 ROM (C64)
Crest Squeezer ROM (C64)
Crest's Mah Jongg ROM (C64)
Crest's Pacman ROM (C64)
Crest The ROM (C64)
CrestSqueezer ROM (C64)
Cribbage ROM (C64)
Cribbage Master ROM (C64)
Cribbage Solitaire ROM (C64)
Cribbage64 ROM (C64)
Cricket ROM (C64)
Cricket 64 ROM (C64)
Cricket Captain ROM (C64)
Cricket Crazy ROM (C64)
Cricket Int. ROM (C64)
Cricket International ROM (C64)
Cricket Master ROM (C64)
CricketCrazy ROM (C64)
Crillion ROM (C64)
Crillion '93 ROM (C64)
Crillion Construction Set ROM (C64)
Crillion II ROM (C64)
Crillion IV ROM (C64)
Crillion V ROM (C64)
Crime and Punishment ROM (C64)
Crime Stopper ROM (C64)
Crime Time ROM (C64)
Crimestopper ROM (C64)
Crimp The Battle ROM (C64)
Crimp The ROM (C64)
Crimson Crown ROM (C64)
Cripto ROM (C64)
CrisCros Poker ROM (C64)
Crisis ROM (C64)
Crisis Mountain ROM (C64)
Cristoforo Colombo ROM (C64)
Critical Mass ROM (C64)
Croak ROM (C64)
Croak! ROM (C64)
Crocerossa ROM (C64)
Crocodile Down Under 3 ROM (C64)
Crocodile DownUnder III ROM (C64)
Crocodile Dundee ROM (C64)
Croll Ship ROM (C64)
Cromwell House ROM (C64)
Cronic the Badger ROM (C64)
Crooked Canyon Caper The ROM (C64)
Cross ROM (C64)
Cross + Trivia ROM (C64)
Cross Fire ROM (C64)
Cross It ROM (C64)
Cross It 2 ROM (C64)
Cross It II The Revenge ROM (C64)
Cross Racer ROM (C64)
Cross'n Circle ROM (C64)
CrossLinker ROM (C64)
CrossSearch ROM (C64)
Crossbow ROM (C64)
Crosscheck ROM (C64)
Crosses & Cirkels ROM (C64)
Crosses and Cirkels ROM (C64)
Crossfire ROM (C64)
Crossfire Tron ROM (C64)
Crossover Pinball ROM (C64)
Crossroads ROM (C64)
Crossroads II Pandemonium ROM (C64)
Crossword ROM (C64)
Crossword Creator ROM (C64)
Crossword Magic 4.0 ROM (C64)
Crossword Puzzle ROM (C64)
Crossword Twister ROM (C64)
Crosswords ROM (C64)
Croussaider ROM (C64)
Crown ROM (C64)
Crown of Eternal Night The ROM (C64)
Crown Quest ROM (C64)
Crown Rebellion ROM (C64)
Crucible ROM (C64)
Crucifixion ROM (C64)
Cruciverbalist The ROM (C64)
Crude ROM (C64)
Cruel Code Error Scanner ROM (C64)
Cruel Cruncher ROM (C64)
Cruel Format ROM (C64)
Cruel Toolz 2 ROM (C64)
Cruel World ROM (C64)
Cruel Zone ROM (C64)
CruelCruncher ROM (C64)
Cruelcruncher ROM (C64)
Crueldepack ROM (C64)
Crueler ROM (C64)
Crunch Point ROM (C64)
Cruncher 64 ROM (C64)
Cruncher AB The ROM (C64)
Cruncher AV The ROM (C64)
Cruncher The ROM (C64)
Crunchman 64 ROM (C64)
Crusade ROM (C64)
Crusade in Europe ROM (C64)
Crusader Gold ROM (C64)
Crush ROM (C64)
Crush 'em up! ROM (C64)
Crush Level Editor ROM (C64)
Crush'Em Up ROM (C64)
Crush Crumble & Chomp ROM (C64)
Crusible The ROM (C64)
Cruuud ROM (C64)
Crylon ROM (C64)
Crypt Noter ROM (C64)
Crypt of Fear ROM (C64)
Crypt's Character Tuner ROM (C64)
Crypt The ROM (C64)
CryptNoter ROM (C64)
Cryptanalysis ROM (C64)
Crypto Challenge ROM (C64)
Crypto Cracker ROM (C64)
Crypto Puzzler ROM (C64)
CryptoCube ROM (C64)
Cryptogram ROM (C64)
Cryptogrid ROM (C64)
Cryptomind ROM (C64)
Cryptoquad ROM (C64)
Crystal Castles ROM (C64)
Crystal Cave ROM (C64)
Crystal Cavern The ROM (C64)
Crystal Caverns ROM (C64)
Crystal Frog ROM (C64)
Crystalcave ROM (C64)
Crystalcave Deluxe ROM (C64)
Crystallus ROM (C64)
Crystals of Carus The ROM (C64)
Crystals of Zong ROM (C64)
CSA Intro Cruncher ROM (C64)
Csavargas a Gombak Birodalmaban ROM (C64)
CSDMag ROM (C64)
CslinkDepacker ROM (C64)
Cube ROM (C64)
Cube Magik ROM (C64)
Cube of Eleusis ROM (C64)
Cube The ROM (C64)
Cubes! ROM (C64)
Cubic ROM (C64)
Cubic 1995 ROM (C64)
Cubik ROM (C64)
Cubin ROM (C64)
Cubin' ROM (C64)
Cubis ROM (C64)
Cubulus ROM (C64)
Cuby ROM (C64)
Cuddly Cuburt ROM (C64)
Cue Boy ROM (C64)
Cult ROM (C64)
Cult Notemaker ROM (C64)
Culture ROM (C64)
Cunning Running ROM (C64)
Cup Challenge ROM (C64)
Cup Dash 4 ROM (C64)
Cup Final ROM (C64)
Cup Football ROM (C64)
Cup The ROM (C64)
Cupid's Revenge ROM (C64)
Curse of Babylon ROM (C64)
Curse of Ra ROM (C64)
Curse of Sherwood The ROM (C64)
Curse of The Azure Bonds ROM (C64)
Curse of The Azure Bonds Docs ROM (C64)
Curse of The Azure Bonds Journal ROM (C64)
Curse of the Keys ROM (C64)
Curse of Volcan The ROM (C64)
Curse The ROM (C64)
Cursed be the City ROM (C64)
Cursus Latinus ROM (C64)
Cuscino Rosa Il ROM (C64)
Custer ROM (C64)
Cut In ROM (C64)
CutIn ROM (C64)
CutOff! ROM (C64)
Cuthbert Goes Walkabout ROM (C64)
Cuthbert in Space ROM (C64)
Cuthbert in the Jungle ROM (C64)
Cuthbert in the Tombs ROM (C64)
Cutthroats ROM (C64)
CW Trainer ROM (C64)
Cyball ROM (C64)
Cyber Kid ROM (C64)
Cyber Kid II ROM (C64)
Cyber Tracker Executable Maker ROM (C64)
Cyber World ROM (C64)
Cyber Zone ROM (C64)
CyberRace ROM (C64)
Cyberball ROM (C64)
Cyberball Football in the 21st Century ROM (C64)
Cyberblocks ROM (C64)
Cyberbust ROM (C64)
Cyberchess ROM (C64)
Cybercop ROM (C64)
Cyberdyne Warrior ROM (C64)
Cyberdyne Warrior Attract Sequence ROM (C64)
Cyberloader ROM (C64)
Cyberlogic Sound Studio ROM (C64)
Cyberman ROM (C64)
Cybermen ROM (C64)
Cybermine Adventure ROM (C64)
Cybernator ROM (C64)
Cybernet ROM (C64)
Cybernoid The Fighting Machine ROM (C64)
Cybernoid 2 The Revenge ROM (C64)
Cybernoid Dox ROM (C64)
Cyberpunx Retro Replay Alpha 3.8 64kb ROM (C64)
Cyberpunx Retro Replay Beta 2 ROM (C64)
Cyberpunx Retro Replay Beta 3 32kb ROM (C64)
Cyberpunx Retro Replay Beta 3 64kb ROM (C64)
Cyberpunx Retro Replay Beta 3.1 32kb ROM (C64)
Cyberpunx Retro Replay Beta 3.1 64kb ROM (C64)
Cybersub ROM (C64)
Cybertracker ROM (C64)
Cybertrap ROM (C64)
Cybertron Mission ROM (C64)
Cyberwing ROM (C64)
Cyberworld ROM (C64)
Cyberworm ROM (C64)
Cyberzone ROM (C64)
Cybex ROM (C64)
Cyborg ROM (C64)
Cyborg 2900 ROM (C64)
Cyborg 87 ROM (C64)
Cyborg Attack ROM (C64)
Cyborg Hunter 2025 ROM (C64)
Cyborg Wars ROM (C64)
Cybotron ROM (C64)
Cycle Knight ROM (C64)
Cycles ROM (C64)
Cycles The International Grand Prix Racing ROM (C64)
cycles100%_emp().zip ROM (C64)
Cyclogic! ROM (C64)
Cyclon Battle ROM (C64)
Cyclon Bomb ROM (C64)
Cyclon Designs Writer ROM (C64)
Cyclones ROM (C64)
Cyclons ROM (C64)
Cyclotron Noter ROM (C64)
Cyforce 1 ROM (C64)
Cyforce One ROM (C64)
Cygnus ROM (C64)
Cylogic ROM (C64)
Cylon Zap ROM (C64)
Cylu ROM (C64)
Cypher ROM (C64)
Cyrus ROM (C64)
Cyrus II ROM (C64)
Cyrus III ROM (C64)
Czar Kart ROM (C64)

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DBug ROM (C64)
D.C.G. Fastload ROM (C64)
D.I.S.C. ROM (C64)
D.N.A. Warrior ROM (C64)
D.O.U.B.L.E. ROM (C64)
D64 ROM (C64)
D64 Maker ROM (C64)
Daas News ROM (C64)
Dabble ROM (C64)
Dackel Klatsch ROM (C64)
Daedalus ROM (C64)
Daemonenbuch Das ROM (C64)
Dag op de Racebaan Een ROM (C64)
Daily Double Horse Racing ROM (C64)
DAK Deutsches Afrika Korps ROM (C64)
Dalek Attack ROM (C64)
Daley Thompson's Decathlon ROM (C64)
Daley Thompson's Decathlon Olimpia ROM (C64)
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge ROM (C64)
Daley Thompson's SuperTest ROM (C64)
Daley Thompsons Decathlon ROM (C64)
DALEY().zip ROM (C64)
Dallas ROM (C64)
Dallas Quest The ROM (C64)
Dallax Sex und Crime in Southfork ROM (C64)
Dalto ROM (C64)
Dam Buster ROM (C64)
Dam Busters ROM (C64)
Dam Busters The ROM (C64)
Damage Noter ROM (C64)
Dambusters ROM (C64)
Dambusters The ROM (C64)
Dame ROM (C64)
Dame C64 ROM (C64)
Dammen ROM (C64)
Dammen64 ROM (C64)
Dampfmaschine ROM (C64)
Damsel in Distress ROM (C64)
Damsels in Distress ROM (C64)
Damsels in Distress II ROM (C64)
Dan ROM (C64)
Dan Cooper ROM (C64)
Dan Dare Pilot of the Future ROM (C64)
Dan Dare 2 Mekon's Revenge ROM (C64)
Dan Dare 2 Mekons' Revenge ROM (C64)
Dan Dare 3 The Escape ROM (C64)
Dance Fantasy ROM (C64)
Dance of the Vampires ROM (C64)
Dances with Bunny Rabbits ROM (C64)
Dancin Don ROM (C64)
Dancing Bear ROM (C64)
Dancing Feats ROM (C64)
Dancing Monster ROM (C64)
Dandy ROM (C64)
Danger Ball 2 ROM (C64)
Danger Drive ROM (C64)
Danger Freak ROM (C64)
Danger Mission ROM (C64)
Danger Mouse in Double Trouble ROM (C64)
Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau ROM (C64)
Danger Ranger ROM (C64)
Danger Stones ROM (C64)
Danger Valley ROM (C64)
Danger Zone ROM (C64)
Danger Zone Planet Invasion II ROM (C64)
Danger! Adventurer at Work! ROM (C64)
Danger! Adventurer at Work! Two ROM (C64)
Dangerball 2 ROM (C64)
Dangerzone ROM (C64)
Dante's Inferno ROM (C64)
Darbee ROM (C64)
Dare Devil Dennis The Sequel ROM (C64)
Dare You Pinball ROM (C64)
Dare The ROM (C64)
Daredevil Dave ROM (C64)
Dari ROM (C64)
Darius in Hamburgerland ROM (C64)
Dark Angel ROM (C64)
Dark Castle ROM (C64)
Dark Caves ROM (C64)
Dark Cosmos ROM (C64)
Dark Dungeons The ROM (C64)
Dark Empire ROM (C64)
Dark Forest The ROM (C64)
Dark Fusion ROM (C64)
Dark is the Bark ROM (C64)
Dark Lord ROM (C64)
Dark Packer ROM (C64)
Dark Planet The ROM (C64)
Dark Side ROM (C64)
Dark Sky Over Paradise A ROM (C64)
Dark Slime ROM (C64)
Dark Star ROM (C64)
Dark Sword The ROM (C64)
Dark Tower ROM (C64)
Dark Tower The ROM (C64)
Dark Warrior ROM (C64)
Dark Wood The ROM (C64)
Darkest Road The ROM (C64)
Darkhold ROM (C64)
Darkhorn ROM (C64)
Darkland The Lost Realm ROM (C64)
Darkman ROM (C64)
Darkness ROM (C64)
Darkon ROM (C64)
Darkon II ROM (C64)
Darkpacker ROM (C64)
Darkside ROM (C64)
Darksqueezer ROM (C64)
Darksqueezer Pack ROM (C64)
Darksqueezer The ROM (C64)
DarksqueezerPack ROM (C64)
Darksyde ROM (C64)
Darkwood ROM (C64)
Darkwood 2 The Gryphon's Pearl ROM (C64)
Darkwood 3 The Tramontane Alliance ROM (C64)
Dart ROM (C64)
Dart Challenge ROM (C64)
Darth Vader Adventure ROM (C64)
Darth Wader ROM (C64)
Darts ROM (C64)
Darts Das Wurfspiel ROM (C64)
Darts! ROM (C64)
Dartz ROM (C64)
Darwin's Bugs ROM (C64)
Dasher ROM (C64)
Data Base Relativo ROM (C64)
Data Maker ROM (C64)
DataMaker ROM (C64)
Datatool rev. 1203 ROM (C64)
Datei 64 ROM (C64)
Daten Agent 00x ROM (C64)
DatenAgent 00X ROM (C64)
Dater The ROM (C64)
Dater The II ROM (C64)
Datestones of Ryn The ROM (C64)
Datev ROM (C64)
Datex ROM (C64)
Dating Agency ROM (C64)
Dave Parker Wenn sie wuessten was sie tun... ROM (C64)
Dave Speed ROM (C64)
Dave Speed and the Mutants ROM (C64)
Dave Winfield's Batter Up! ROM (C64)
Daves CodePacker II ROM (C64)
Daves Graphic Tools ROM (C64)
David Crane's Pitfall ROM (C64)
David Powell's Sex Quest ROM (C64)
David's Midnight Magic ROM (C64)
David's Midnight Magic II ROM (C64)
Davis Cup ROM (C64)
Davok ROM (C64)
Davy King of the Wild Frontier ROM (C64)
Davy Jones Locker ROM (C64)
Dawn Beyond UB11 Motorhead II ROM (C64)
Dawn of the Mummy ROM (C64)
Dawn of the Nasty ROM (C64)
Dawn Patrol ROM (C64)
Day at the Races A ROM (C64)
Day in a Life of a Prehistoric Man A ROM (C64)
Day the Lights Stayed Out The ROM (C64)
Day Trip ROM (C64)
Days of Thunder ROM (C64)
DDD Animator ROM (C64)
De Erfenis ROM (C64)
De Luxe Dash 1 ROM (C64)
De Luxe Dash 2 ROM (C64)
De Luxe Dash 3 ROM (C64)
De Luxe Dash 4 ROM (C64)
De Steen der Wijzen ROM (C64)
De'Sign ROM (C64)
Deactivators ROM (C64)
Dead End ROM (C64)
Dead Enders ROM (C64)
Dead Evil ROM (C64)
Dead or Alive ROM (C64)
Dead Ringer ROM (C64)
Dead Zone ROM (C64)
Deadenders ROM (C64)
Deadline ROM (C64)
Deadline Preview ROM (C64)
Deadlock ROM (C64)
Deadly Crystals ROM (C64)
Deadly Dungeon ROM (C64)
Deadly Evil ROM (C64)
Deadly Messengers ROM (C64)
Deadly Mission ROM (C64)
Deadly Racer ROM (C64)
Deadly Rain ROM (C64)
Deadzone ROM (C64)
Dealer ROM (C64)
Death Dealer ROM (C64)
Death House ROM (C64)
Death in Effect ROM (C64)
Death in the Caribbean ROM (C64)
Death Knights of Krynn ROM (C64)
Death Maze ROM (C64)
Death Maze 2 Return of Atlas ROM (C64)
Death Maze 3 Atlas' Hideout ROM (C64)
Death Maze 3 Deluxe Labyrinth of Darkness ROM (C64)
Death of Skull The ROM (C64)
Death or Glory ROM (C64)
Death Race 64 ROM (C64)
Death Row ROM (C64)
Death Star ROM (C64)
Death Star Adventure ROM (C64)
Death Star Interceptor ROM (C64)
Death Sword ROM (C64)
Death Trench ROM (C64)
Death Valley ROM (C64)
Death Wake ROM (C64)
Death Wish 3 ROM (C64)
Death Zone ROM (C64)
Deathbringer ROM (C64)
Deathdream II ROM (C64)
Deathlord ROM (C64)
Deathlords ROM (C64)
Deathly Adventure ROM (C64)
Deathmaster The Dungeons of Death ROM (C64)
Deathride ROM (C64)
Deathscape ROM (C64)
Deathship ROM (C64)
Deathworld ROM (C64)
Debris ROM (C64)
Debugger Mashine Code ROM (C64)
Decade ROM (C64)
Decadex ROM (C64)
Decan Writer ROM (C64)
Decathlon ROM (C64)
Decathlon 2 ROM (C64)
Deceptor ROM (C64)
Decimal Dungeon ROM (C64)
Decipede ROM (C64)
Decision North Africa 19401942 ROM (C64)
Decision in the Desert ROM (C64)
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol.1 ROM (C64)
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol.2 ROM (C64)
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol.3 ROM (C64)
Declem ROM (C64)
Decrunch Effect Menu ROM (C64)
Decstone ROM (C64)
Decton ROM (C64)
Deeds of Limdrom The ROM (C64)
Deelite Level Editor ROM (C64)
Deep Diver ROM (C64)
Deep Sea Fisher ROM (C64)
Deep Space ROM (C64)
Deep Space Operation Copernicus ROM (C64)
Deep Strike ROM (C64)
Deep Trouble ROM (C64)
Deep Void ROM (C64)
Deep Zone ROM (C64)
Deep The ROM (C64)
Deepspace ROM (C64)
Deer Hunt ROM (C64)
Deer Hunter ROM (C64)
Defcom ROM (C64)
Defcom 1 ROM (C64)
Defcon ROM (C64)
Defcon 5 ROM (C64)
Defender ROM (C64)
Defender 64 ROM (C64)
Defender of the Crown ROM (C64)
Defenders of the Earth ROM (C64)
Defensive ROM (C64)
Defensive Driving ROM (C64)
Definition Match ROM (C64)
Definitions ROM (C64)
Defjam ROM (C64)
Deflection ROM (C64)
Deflektor ROM (C64)
Defuzion ROM (C64)
Defuzion 2 ROM (C64)
Defuzion 3 ROM (C64)
Defuzion II ROM (C64)
Defuzion III ROM (C64)
Deidre's Raceway ROM (C64)
Deja Vu ROM (C64)
Dela Eprommer II ROM (C64)
Dela Pseudo Nibbler ROM (C64)
Dela S4 Modul ROM (C64)
Delight Boulderdash 1 ROM (C64)
Delirii Hortus ROM (C64)
Delite ROM (C64)
Delitto sul Nilo ROM (C64)
Deliver 'Em ROM (C64)
Deliverance ROM (C64)
Deliverance Stormlord II ROM (C64)
Delphic Oracle The ROM (C64)
Delta ROM (C64)
Delta Drawing ROM (C64)
Delta Fighter ROM (C64)
Delta Force ROM (C64)
Delta Man ROM (C64)
Delta Mission ROM (C64)
Delta Race ROM (C64)
Delta War ROM (C64)
Deltaman ROM (C64)
Deltaplane ROM (C64)
Deltic Fleet Manager ROM (C64)
Delux Driver ROM (C64)
Delux Driver The ROM (C64)
Deluxe 1x2 Font Editor ROM (C64)
Deluxe Driver ROM (C64)
Deluxe Driver The ROM (C64)
Deluxe Music Player ROM (C64)
Deluxe S.F.X. Editor ROM (C64)
Deluxe Textwrite+ ROM (C64)
DeluxeQuadromania ROM (C64)
Deluxepacker ROM (C64)
Demigod ROM (C64)
Demo Creator ROM (C64)
Demo Demon ROM (C64)
Demo Designer 3 ROM (C64)
Demo Designer 3.0 ROM (C64)
Demo Designer Pics Vol. 1 ROM (C64)
Demo Designer Pics Vol. 2 ROM (C64)
Demo Maker ROM (C64)
Demo Makers Pack ROM (C64)
Demo Music Creator ROM (C64)
Demo8 Pinball ROM (C64)
DemoMaker ROM (C64)
Demolition ROM (C64)
Demolition Construction Set ROM (C64)
Demolition Derby ROM (C64)
Demolition Preview ROM (C64)
Demolysis ROM (C64)
Demomaker ROM (C64)
DemoMaker The ROM (C64)
Demon Attack ROM (C64)
Demon Blues ROM (C64)
Demon Dozer ROM (C64)
Demon Fight ROM (C64)
Demon from the Darkside ROM (C64)
Demon Knight ROM (C64)
Demon Lover ROM (C64)
Demon Stalkers The Raid on Doomfane ROM (C64)
Demon Star ROM (C64)
Demon's Empire ROM (C64)
Demon's Kiss ROM (C64)
Demon's Winter ROM (C64)
Demonic Font Editing Suite ROM (C64)
Demonok Kastelya ROM (C64)
Demons ROM (C64)
Demons of Osiris ROM (C64)
Demons of Topaz Ozzy Versus the Universe ROM (C64)
Dempsey and Makepeace ROM (C64)
Denaris ROM (C64)
Denaris Note ROM (C64)
Denarius ROM (C64)
Dendrite Construction Set ROM (C64)
Deneb ROM (C64)
Denga ROM (C64)
Deniffia ROM (C64)
Denis through the Drinking Glass ROM (C64)
Denniffia ROM (C64)
Denny's Quest I ROM (C64)
Denture Warrior The War of Conga ROM (C64)
Depotmaster Old Oak Common ROM (C64)
Deprave ROM (C64)
Depreciation Derby ROM (C64)
Depth Charge ROM (C64)
Der Kleine Hobbit ROM (C64)
Der Rechenloewe MultiplikationDivision 34 Schuljahr ROM (C64)
Der Rechenlowe AdditionSubtraction 23 Schuljahr ROM (C64)
Der Rechenlowe Fit in Geometrie 34 Schuljahr ROM (C64)
Der Rechenlowe Fit in Mathematik 1 Schuljahr ROM (C64)
Der Rechenlowe MultiplikationDivision 23 Schuljahr ROM (C64)
Der Rechtschreiblowe ROM (C64)
Derby Dash ROM (C64)
Derby Day ROM (C64)
Derelict ROM (C64)
Deri Colour ROM (C64)
Deri Colours ROM (C64)
Des Magiers Kugel ROM (C64)
Descent into Chaos ROM (C64)
Descent into Clayman Caverns ROM (C64)
Descent to Kaylon ROM (C64)
Desctructo ROM (C64)
Desdemona ROM (C64)
Desert ROM (C64)
Desert Attack ROM (C64)
Desert Duel ROM (C64)
Desert Duell ROM (C64)
Desert Fox ROM (C64)
Desert Front ROM (C64)
Desert Game ROM (C64)
Desert Hawk ROM (C64)
Desert Island ROM (C64)
Desert Race ROM (C64)
Desert Trader ROM (C64)
Desert War ROM (C64)
Design ROM (C64)
Designasaurus ROM (C64)
Designer Pencil The ROM (C64)
Designer's Pencil The ROM (C64)
Desolator Halls of Kyros ROM (C64)
Destiny ROM (C64)
Destroy Protector ROM (C64)
Destroy Voter ROM (C64)
Destroyer ROM (C64)
Destroyer Escort ROM (C64)
Destroyer The ROM (C64)
Destroyers The ROM (C64)
Destruct ROM (C64)
Destructo ROM (C64)
Detective ROM (C64)
Detective Game The ROM (C64)
Detective Q ROM (C64)
Detective! ROM (C64)
Detektiv 2000 ROM (C64)
Detektyw ROM (C64)
Deth Ball ROM (C64)
Detonation ROM (C64)
Detonator ROM (C64)
Detonators Bombers Day ROM (C64)
Detonators Bombers' Day ROM (C64)
Deus Ex Machina ROM (C64)
Deutsches Afrika Corps ROM (C64)
Devante ROM (C64)
Devastating Blow ROM (C64)
Devastator ROM (C64)
Deviants ROM (C64)
Devil's Gallery ROM (C64)
Devil's Revenge ROM (C64)
Devil's Tower ROM (C64)
Devil's Wheel ROM (C64)
Devils & XAmple CoOperation Demo ROM (C64)
Devon Aire in the Hidden Diamond Caper ROM (C64)
Devorator ROM (C64)
DFiler ROM (C64)
DFUEAdventure Das ROM (C64)
Dhat! ROM (C64)
Di's Baby ROM (C64)
DiArt Moebius II ROM (C64)
DiSector ROM (C64)
Dia X Hora H ROM (C64)
Diablo ROM (C64)
Diabolo ROM (C64)
Diabolo 3.2 ROM (C64)
Diagon ROM (C64)
Dialtone Scanner ROM (C64)
Diamenty ROM (C64)
Diamond ROM (C64)
Diamond & Sword ROM (C64)
Diamond Drop ROM (C64)
Diamond Fever ROM (C64)
Diamond Hunter ROM (C64)
Diamond Jones ROM (C64)
Diamond Jones II ROM (C64)
Diamond Maze 64 ROM (C64)
Diamond Mine ROM (C64)
Diamond Miner ROM (C64)
Diamond Trail ROM (C64)
Dice Racers ROM (C64)
Dicey Decisions ROM (C64)
Dick Tracy ROM (C64)
Dick Turpin ROM (C64)
Dickys Diamonds ROM (C64)
Dicovery ROM (C64)
Dictator ROM (C64)
Dictator II ROM (C64)
Didi Das Spiel ROM (C64)
Didi Dash 01+02 ROM (C64)
Dididash 1 ROM (C64)
Dididash 2 ROM (C64)
DIE Death in Effect ROM (C64)
Die Alien Slime ROM (C64)
Die Dunkle Dimension ROM (C64)
Die Erbschaft 2 Die Urkunde ROM (C64)
Die Hard ROM (C64)
Die Hard & Shadow War ROM (C64)
Die Hard 2 Die Harder ROM (C64)
Die Tuerme ROM (C64)
Die! Alien Slime ROM (C64)
DiegoDash ROM (C64)
DiegoDash 15 ROM (C64)
DiegoDash 16 ROM (C64)
DiegoDash Collection 01 ROM (C64)
DieHard 1.1 ROM (C64)
DIFPacker ROM (C64)
Difensore ROM (C64)
Differentationsprogramm ROM (C64)
Diffuser ROM (C64)
Dig Dug ROM (C64)
Dig Dug El Topo ROM (C64)
Digger ROM (C64)
Diggits ROM (C64)
Digi Organizer ROM (C64)
Digi Ripper ROM (C64)
DigiBox ROM (C64)
DigiPlayer ROM (C64)
Digiscript ROM (C64)
Digicomm 64Texteditor ROM (C64)
Digieditor ROM (C64)
Digifox ROM (C64)
Digiplayer ROM (C64)
Digiripper ROM (C64)
Digit Fidget ROM (C64)
Digital Drums ROM (C64)
Digital Excess Compilation ROM (C64)
Digital News ROM (C64)
Digital News Interlace Demo ROM (C64)
Digital News Interlace Demo 2 ROM (C64)
Digital News IRQ Demo ROM (C64)
Digital News Star Interlace Demo ROM (C64)
Digital Packer ROM (C64)
Digital Talk ROM (C64)
Digital Talk Editor ROM (C64)
Digital Talk Grafik ROM (C64)
Digital Talk Scanner System 8 ROM (C64)
Digital Tangram ROM (C64)
Digital Writer The ROM (C64)
Digitaluhr ROM (C64)
Digithunt ROM (C64)
Digitoija II ROM (C64)
Dik.Copy.All ROM (C64)
Diktator ROM (C64)
Dimension ROM (C64)
Dimension 64 Nr.01 ROM (C64)
Dimension 64 Nr.02 ROM (C64)
Dimension 64 Nr.03 ROM (C64)
Dimension 64 Nr.05 ROM (C64)
Dimension 64 Nr.07 ROM (C64)
Dimension 64 Nr.13 ROM (C64)
Dimension 64 Nr.14 ROM (C64)
Dimension 4 The Ludwig Mystify ROM (C64)
Dimensione X ROM (C64)
Dina Math ROM (C64)
Dinastopoly ROM (C64)
Dingdong ROM (C64)
Dingsda ROM (C64)
Dinky Doo ROM (C64)
Dino Eggs ROM (C64)
Dino Wars ROM (C64)
DinoMath ROM (C64)
Dinorace 64 ROM (C64)
Dinosaur Eggs ROM (C64)
Dinox ROM (C64)
Dioroid ROM (C64)
Diosa de Cozumel ROM (C64)
Dip Diver ROM (C64)
Diplomacy ROM (C64)
Diplomat's Dilemma ROM (C64)
Dippy Dappy ROM (C64)
Dir Champion Ideas ROM (C64)
Dir Master ROM (C64)
Dir Master 1581 ROM (C64)
Dir Master+ ROM (C64)
Dir Master The ROM (C64)
DirEditor The ROM (C64)
DirLetter ROM (C64)
DirMaster The ROM (C64)
Direct Design ROM (C64)
Directomeister ROM (C64)
Directory Assistance ROM (C64)
Directory Filer ROM (C64)
Directory Filer+ ROM (C64)
Directory Majik ROM (C64)
DirectorySort ROM (C64)
Dirk's Escape ROM (C64)
Dirmaster ROM (C64)
Dirty The Adventure Game ROM (C64)
Dirty Movie ROM (C64)
Disaster Flight ROM (C64)
DISC Damned into SpaceCraft ROM (C64)
Disc Blitz ROM (C64)
Disc Manager ROM (C64)
Disc Wizard The ROM (C64)
DiscOVery ROM (C64)
Discos en Torres ROM (C64)
Discovery ROM (C64)
Discs of Daedalus ROM (C64)
Discs of Tron ROM (C64)
Disintegrator ROM (C64)
Disk Busters ROM (C64)
Disk Catalog Manager ROM (C64)
Disk Catalog Manager Reporter ROM (C64)
Disk Catalog ManagerReporter ROM (C64)
Disk Changer ROM (C64)
Disk Checker ROM (C64)
Disk Cleaning Programm ROM (C64)
Disk Copy ROM (C64)
Disk Creator ROM (C64)
Disk Demon ROM (C64)
Disk Directory Listing 64 ROM (C64)
Disk Docotor The ROM (C64)
Disk Doctor ROM (C64)
Disk Doctor The ROM (C64)
Disk Exerciser ROM (C64)
Disk Expander ROM (C64)
Disk File Log ROM (C64)
Disk File Retter ROM (C64)
Disk File Retter VC1540 ROM (C64)
Disk File Retter VC1540+1541 ROM (C64)
Disk Formatter ROM (C64)
Disk Info ROM (C64)
Disk Informer The ROM (C64)
Disk Manager ROM (C64)
Disk Manager The ROM (C64)
Disk Master ROM (C64)
Disk Master & Dox ROM (C64)
Disk Merge ROM (C64)
Disk Micro Rhythm ROM (C64)
Disk Monitor ROM (C64)
Disk of Fortune ROM (C64)
Disk Press ROM (C64)
Disk Purge ROM (C64)
Disk Ring Update ROM (C64)
Disk Scanners ROM (C64)
Disk Scrambler ROM (C64)
Disk Seracher ROM (C64)
Disk to Tape Copy ROM (C64)
Disk Tool ROM (C64)
Disk Tools ROM (C64)
Disk Tracer ROM (C64)
Disk Utility ROM (C64)
Disk Wizard The ROM (C64)
Disk Zerstoerer ROM (C64)
DiskCataloger ROM (C64)
DiskDemon ROM (C64)
DiskDevil ROM (C64)
DiskExerciser ROM (C64)
DiskFueller ROM (C64)
DiskID Changer ROM (C64)
DiskInvader ROM (C64)
DiskKopfjustage ROM (C64)
DiskMaster ROM (C64)
DiskMonitor ROM (C64)
DiskSearcher ROM (C64)
Diskchange ROM (C64)
Diskette Nr. 213 ROM (C64)
Disketten Header Aenderung ROM (C64)
Diskmaker 3.3 ROM (C64)
Diskmap Map a 1541 Diskette ROM (C64)
Diskmon ROM (C64)
Diskmonitor ROM (C64)
Diskretter ROM (C64)
Diskretter Single Drive ROM (C64)
Disksorter ROM (C64)
Disktolvaj ROM (C64)
Disktools ROM (C64)
Dismon ROM (C64)
Display Doodle 64 ROM (C64)
Display Sequential Files ROM (C64)
Distance Demon ROM (C64)
Ditris ROM (C64)
Dive ROM (C64)
Dive Bomber ROM (C64)
Diver ROM (C64)
Diving Max ROM (C64)
Division Tutor ROM (C64)
Divisions ROM (C64)
Divulgence ROM (C64)
Dizasster Disassembler ROM (C64)
Dizasterblaster ROM (C64)
Dizzy 01 The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure ROM (C64)
Dizzy 02 Treasure Island Dizzy ROM (C64)
Dizzy 03 Fantasy World Dizzy ROM (C64)
Dizzy 04 Magicland Dizzy ROM (C64)
Dizzy 05 Spellbound Dizzy ROM (C64)
Dizzy 06 Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk ROM (C64)
Dizzy 07 Down the Rapids ROM (C64)
Dizzy 08 Bubble Dizzy ROM (C64)
Dizzy 09 Dizzy Down the Rapids ROM (C64)
Dizzy 10 Fast Food! ROM (C64)
Dizzy 11 Kwik Snax ROM (C64)
Dizzy 12 Panic Dizzy ROM (C64)
Dizzy 13 Crystal Kingdom Dizzy ROM (C64)
Dizzy Collection ROM (C64)
Dizzy Dice ROM (C64)
Dizzy Goes Raving ROM (C64)
Dizzy Goes SEUCK ROM (C64)
DJ Puff's Volcantic Capers ROM (C64)
Django ROM (C64)
Djihad Chess ROM (C64)
Djihad Chess 4k ROM (C64)
DKT64 ROM (C64)
Dmaze 1k ROM (C64)
DMC Driver ROM (C64)
DMC Editor Utility Pack ROM (C64)
DMC Music Pack ROM (C64)
DMC Pro Music Plaver ROM (C64)
DMC Relocator ROM (C64)
DMCDriver ROM (C64)
DMCR Converter ROM (C64)
Dmdisk 1 ROM (C64)
DNA Warrior ROM (C64)
Dneiper River Line ROM (C64)
Do or Die ROM (C64)
Do Your Sums ROM (C64)
DOC The Destroyer ROM (C64)
Doc 64 ROM (C64)
Doc the Destroyer ROM (C64)
Dock King ROM (C64)
Doctor Dementia ROM (C64)
Doctor Doom's Revenge ROM (C64)
Doctor in the House ROM (C64)
Doctor Who 2 ROM (C64)
Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror ROM (C64)
Doctors Demise ROM (C64)
Dodge ROM (C64)
Dodge The Game ROM (C64)
Dodge Cars ROM (C64)
Dodge City ROM (C64)
Dodge'm ROM (C64)
Dodgeball II ROM (C64)
Dodgem ROM (C64)
Dodgem Witches ROM (C64)
Dodgy Geezers ROM (C64)
Dog Ball ROM (C64)
Dog Fight ROM (C64)
Dog Star Adventure ROM (C64)
Dogbuster ROM (C64)
Dogbusters 2 In the Case of the Cerebusdog ROM (C64)
Dogbusters 3 The Airdale Papers Case Reopened ROM (C64)
Dogbusters 4 The Poodlemaniac Case ROM (C64)
Dogbusters 5 ROM (C64)
Dogcatcher ROM (C64)
Dogfight ROM (C64)
Dogfight 2187 ROM (C64)
Dogfight in Space ROM (C64)
Dogfight! ROM (C64)
Dogs The ROM (C64)
Dogstar The ROM (C64)
Dokter Psi ROM (C64)
Dolphin Dos Copy Rom ROM (C64)
Dolphin Force ROM (C64)
Dolphin's Rune The ROM (C64)
Domain ROM (C64)
Domemania ROM (C64)
Domination ROM (C64)
Domination Paper ROM (C64)
Dominator ROM (C64)
Dominators LevelLinker ROM (C64)
Domine ROM (C64)
Dominio di Meandro Il ROM (C64)
Dominion ROM (C64)
Domino ROM (C64)
Domino Logic ROM (C64)
Dominoes ROM (C64)
Dominoes! ROM (C64)
Don Quijote ROM (C64)
Don't be Angry Mensch argere Dich nicht ROM (C64)
Donald Duck ROM (C64)
Donald Duck's Playground ROM (C64)
Donald the Hero ROM (C64)
Donald's Alphabet Chase ROM (C64)
Donkey Dong ROM (C64)
Donkey Kong ROM (C64)
Donkey Kong Bootleg ROM (C64)
Donkey Kong Jr. ROM (C64)
Dontbeangry ROM (C64)
Donuts ROM (C64)
Doodle ROM (C64)
Doodle Data ROM (C64)
Doolhof ROM (C64)
Doom ROM (C64)
Doom Tube ROM (C64)
Doomdark's Revenge ROM (C64)
DoomsDay Machine The ROM (C64)
Doomtunnel The ROM (C64)
Doors ROM (C64)
Doppelkopf ROM (C64)
Doriath ROM (C64)
Doris ROM (C64)
Doris 2 ROM (C64)
Dot Gobbler ROM (C64)
Dot Racer ROM (C64)
DotEater ROM (C64)
Dots ROM (C64)
Dotson Collection ROM (C64)
Dotter Dash 6 ROM (C64)
Dotter Dash 7 ROM (C64)
Double ROM (C64)
Double Breakout ROM (C64)
Double Char Packer ROM (C64)
Double Copy ROM (C64)
Double Dare ROM (C64)
Double Deck Duo ROM (C64)
Double Dragon ROM (C64)
Double Dragon 1 ROM (C64)
Double Dragon 2 The Revenge ROM (C64)
Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone ROM (C64)
Double Dribble ROM (C64)
Double Falcon ROM (C64)
Double Fantasy ROM (C64)
Double Fcopy ROM (C64)
Double Fcopy A ROM (C64)
Double Fcopy B ROM (C64)
Double Feature Adventures in the Microzone ROM (C64)
Double Feature Haunted House ROM (C64)
Double Feature Mystery at Pinecrest Manor ROM (C64)
Double Feature Northwoods Adventure ROM (C64)
Double Hack'em ROM (C64)
Double Header ROM (C64)
Double Laser ROM (C64)
Double or Quits ROM (C64)
Double Shark ROM (C64)
Double Solitaire ROM (C64)
Double Sphere ROM (C64)
Double Take ROM (C64)
Double Trouble ROM (C64)
Double Trouble 2 ROM (C64)
Double Trouble 3 ROM (C64)
Double Trouble 5 ROM (C64)
Double Trouble Pinball ROM (C64)
Double The ROM (C64)
Doubler ROM (C64)
Doubletime ROM (C64)
Doubletracker+ ROM (C64)
Doughboy ROM (C64)
Douhgty Dan ROM (C64)
Dow Jones ROM (C64)
Down at the Trolls ROM (C64)
Down Down Down ROM (C64)
Downhill Ski Jump ROM (C64)
Downhill Challenge ROM (C64)
Downhill Racer64 ROM (C64)
Downwind ROM (C64)
Dozer ROM (C64)
DPSWriter ROM (C64)
Dr. Bakterius's geheimnisvolles Labor ROM (C64)
Dr. Foster ROM (C64)
Dr. Foster Level Editor ROM (C64)
Dr. J ROM (C64)
Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide ROM (C64)
Dr. Kieselstein's Nonsense Klinik ROM (C64)
Dr. Mad ROM (C64)
Dr. Pimples Dog ROM (C64)
Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex ROM (C64)
Dr. Seuss FixUp the MixUp Puzzler ROM (C64)
Dr. Watt ROM (C64)
Dr. Who ROM (C64)
Dr. Who 2 ROM (C64)
Dr. Zooms CharConverter ROM (C64)
dr.doom revng1().zip ROM (C64)
dr.doom revng2().zip ROM (C64)
Drachental Das ROM (C64)
Draconus ROM (C64)
Dracster Crash ROM (C64)
Dracula ROM (C64)
Dracula 2 ROM (C64)
Dracula Adventure ROM (C64)
Dracula's Castle ROM (C64)
Dracula's Lair ROM (C64)
Draculas Diamanten ROM (C64)
Drag ROM (C64)
Drag Race Eliminator ROM (C64)
Drag Racer ROM (C64)
Drago ROM (C64)
Drago Basic ROM (C64)
Dragon ROM (C64)
Dragon Breed ROM (C64)
Dragon Chase Sir Knight ROM (C64)
Dragon Diamond The ROM (C64)
Dragon Flame ROM (C64)
Dragon George and the Man ROM (C64)
Dragon Hawk ROM (C64)
Dragon Hunt ROM (C64)
Dragon Hunter ROM (C64)
Dragon Island ROM (C64)
Dragon Ninja ROM (C64)
Dragon Skulle ROM (C64)
Dragon Spirit ROM (C64)
Dragon Strike ROM (C64)
Dragon Type ROM (C64)
Dragon Wars ROM (C64)
Dragon's Den ROM (C64)
Dragon's Eye The ROM (C64)
Dragon's Keep ROM (C64)
Dragon's Kingdom ROM (C64)
Dragon's Lair ROM (C64)
Dragon's Lair Derks Escape ROM (C64)
Dragon's Lair II Escape from Singe's Castle ROM (C64)
Dragon's Seven Riddles The ROM (C64)
Dragon The ROM (C64)
DragonFly ROM (C64)
DragonHoard ROM (C64)
Dragonfire ROM (C64)
Dragonfly Attack ROM (C64)
Dragonriders of Pern ROM (C64)
Dragons ROM (C64)
Dragons Cave ROM (C64)
Dragons of Flame ROM (C64)
Dragons! ROM (C64)
Dragonsden ROM (C64)
Dragonskulle ROM (C64)
Dragonston Quest ROM (C64)
Dragonwick ROM (C64)
Dragonworld ROM (C64)
Dragster 64 ROM (C64)
Drak ROM (C64)
Dram Warrior ROM (C64)
Draughts ROM (C64)
Draw Poker ROM (C64)
Draz Paint ROM (C64)
Draz Paint 2 ROM (C64)
Draz Paint Viewer ROM (C64)
DrazLace ROM (C64)
Drazen Petrovic Basketball ROM (C64)
Drazlace Splitter ROM (C64)
DrazPaint Viewer ROM (C64)
Drazview ROM (C64)
DrazviewR ROM (C64)
Dreadnought ROM (C64)
Dreadnought 2 ROM (C64)
Dreadnoughts World War II North Atlantic ROM (C64)
Dream ROM (C64)
Dream Ball ROM (C64)
Dream Cars ROM (C64)
Dream Copy ROM (C64)
Dream Girls ROM (C64)
Dream House ROM (C64)
Dream Nr.02 Rendez Vous con Halley Trappole Insidiose Pt. Terza ROM (C64)
Dream Raider ROM (C64)
Dream Team Basketball ROM (C64)
Dream Team Challenge 3 on 3 ROM (C64)
Dream Team Fantasy Football ROM (C64)
Dream Warrior ROM (C64)
Dream Writer The ROM (C64)
Dreamball ROM (C64)
Dreamcars ROM (C64)
Dreamnoter ROM (C64)
Dreams Collection ROM (C64)
Dreamworld ROM (C64)
Dreh Der ROM (C64)
Drelbs ROM (C64)
Dribblin ROM (C64)
Driller ROM (C64)
Drills ROM (C64)
Drink & Drown ROM (C64)
Drip ROM (C64)
DripDrop ROM (C64)
Drive Address Change Program ROM (C64)
Drive Composer ROM (C64)
Drive! ROM (C64)
DriveIn ROM (C64)
Driven ROM (C64)
Driven Special 4K Compo Edition ROM (C64)
Driven 11 ROM (C64)
Driven 12 ROM (C64)
Driven 13 ROM (C64)
Driven 14 ROM (C64)
Driven 15 ROM (C64)
Driven 16 ROM (C64)
Driven 17 ROM (C64)
Driven 18 ROM (C64)
Driven 19 ROM (C64)
Driven 20 ROM (C64)
Driven 21 ROM (C64)
Driven 22 ROM (C64)
Driven 23 ROM (C64)
Driven 24 ROM (C64)
Driven 25 ROM (C64)
Driven 26 ROM (C64)
Driven 27 ROM (C64)
Driven 28 ROM (C64)
Driven 29 ROM (C64)
Driven Charts ROM (C64)
Driven Charts 9505 ROM (C64)
Driven Charts 9510 ROM (C64)
Driven Special ROM (C64)
Driven Special 4k Compo Edition ROM (C64)
Driver ROM (C64)
Driving Game ROM (C64)
Drixella's Dilemma ROM (C64)
Droga Morska do Indii ROM (C64)
Droid ROM (C64)
Droid Dreams ROM (C64)
Droid in the Woods ROM (C64)
Droiden ROM (C64)
Droids ROM (C64)
Drol ROM (C64)
Drop Down ROM (C64)
Drop the Lot ROM (C64)
Drop Zone ROM (C64)
Dropper ROM (C64)
Dropzone ROM (C64)
Dropzone Astronaut ROM (C64)
Druid ROM (C64)
Druid 1 ROM (C64)
Druid 2 Enlightenment ROM (C64)
Druid in the Woods & The Morgash Chronicles ROM (C64)
Druid in the Woods Collection ROM (C64)
Druidi La Conoscenza ROM (C64)
Druids Are Back The ROM (C64)
Druids Moon ROM (C64)
Drum Master ROM (C64)
Drum Master The ROM (C64)
Drummaker The ROM (C64)
Drunken Bat'n'Ball ROM (C64)
Dschungel Jagd ROM (C64)
Dual 1024+ ROM (C64)
Dual Drive Burst Backup 35 Tracks ROM (C64)
Dual SelfRunning Koala Maker ROM (C64)
Dual64 TurboAssembler ROM (C64)
Dualife ROM (C64)
Dubble Fighter ROM (C64)
Duchess of Glenwood ROM (C64)
Duck Game The ROM (C64)
Duck Park ROM (C64)
Duck Shoot ROM (C64)
Duck Shoot 64 ROM (C64)
Duck Tales ROM (C64)
Duck Tales The Quest for Gold ROM (C64)
DuckShoot ROM (C64)
Ducks Ahoy! ROM (C64)
Duckula 2 ROM (C64)
Duckula II ROM (C64)
Ducky Dan ROM (C64)
Duel ROM (C64)
Duel Attack ROM (C64)
Duel Strike ROM (C64)
Duel The ROM (C64)
Duell ROM (C64)
Duell The ROM (C64)
DuellTris ROM (C64)
Duelstrike ROM (C64)
Duet ROM (C64)
Duizende ROM (C64)
Duizenden ROM (C64)
Dukes of Hazzard ROM (C64)
Dulcedo Cogitationis ROM (C64)
Dumi ROM (C64)
Dump ROM (C64)
Dumper ROM (C64)
Dunder Ball ROM (C64)
Dune Buggy ROM (C64)
Dungeon ROM (C64)
Dungeon Adventuring Construction System ROM (C64)
Dungeon Adventure ROM (C64)
Dungeon Maker ROM (C64)
Dungeon Masters Assistant Vol. 1 Encounters ROM (C64)
Dungeon Masters Assistant Vol. 2 ROM (C64)
Dungeon of Danger The ROM (C64)
Dungeon of Doom ROM (C64)
Dungeon of Namos ROM (C64)
Dungeon of the Dragon A Brush With Breath ROM (C64)
Dungeon Realm ROM (C64)
Dungeon Trials ROM (C64)
Dungeon Warriors ROM (C64)
Dungeons & Dragons Aid II ROM (C64)
Dungeons and Demons ROM (C64)
Dungeons and Dragons ROM (C64)
Dungeons and Dragons Computer Fantasy Game ROM (C64)
Dungeons of Ba ROM (C64)
Dungeons of Creep ROM (C64)
Dungeons of Doctor Creep ROM (C64)
Dungeons of Magdarr ROM (C64)
Dungeons of Mugoolie The ROM (C64)
Dungeons The ROM (C64)
Dunk ROM (C64)
Dunker ROM (C64)
Dunking Time ROM (C64)
Dunkle Dimension Die ROM (C64)
Dunric's 8K Adventure ROM (C64)
Dunwich Horror ROM (C64)
Duo ROM (C64)
Duo Blaster ROM (C64)
Duo Letterblurp ROM (C64)
Duo Lettertroep ROM (C64)
Duo Wasp ROM (C64)
Duo Wasp II ROM (C64)
Duomato Wheel of Fortune ROM (C64)
Duomato W.O.F. ROM (C64)
Duomato Wheel of Fortune ROM (C64)
Duonoid ROM (C64)
Duotris ROM (C64)
Duplicator ROM (C64)
Duplicator 3 ROM (C64)
Duplicator 40 Track ROM (C64)
Duplicator II ROM (C64)
Duplicator2 ROM (C64)
Durata della Vita ROM (C64)
Dust Hanter ROM (C64)
Dust Hanter 2 ROM (C64)
Dust Hanter 3 ROM (C64)
Dust Heap ROM (C64)
Dustbin Dan ROM (C64)
Dux ROM (C64)
Dwarfer ROM (C64)
dwCave ROM (C64)
DWF Bashermania ROM (C64)
DWF Challenge of the Gods ROM (C64)
DWF Superheroes of Wrestling ROM (C64)
DWF Superheroes of Wrestling II Wrestling Spotlighting ROM (C64)
DWF Superheroes of Wrestling III Tag Team Toastin' Time ROM (C64)
DYCP Flex Screen Creator ROM (C64)
DYCP Font Maker ROM (C64)
Dyke Nibblers ROM (C64)
Dylan Dog ROM (C64)
Dylan Dog Ed Il Castello Delle Illusioni ROM (C64)
Dylan Dog Gli Uccisori ROM (C64)
Dylan Dog Le Notti della Luna Piena ROM (C64)
Dylan Dog The Full Moon Nights ROM (C64)
Dylan Dog ed Il Castello delle Illusioni ROM (C64)
Dynamic Duo ROM (C64)
Dynamic News ROM (C64)
Dynamite ROM (C64)
Dynamite Bench ROM (C64)
Dynamite Dan ROM (C64)
Dynamite Duex ROM (C64)
Dynamite Skier ROM (C64)
Dynamix ROM (C64)
Dynamo Dan The Electric Man ROM (C64)
Dynamoid ROM (C64)
Dynasty ROM (C64)
Dynasty Wars ROM (C64)
Dystopia ROM (C64)
Dyter07 ROM (C64)

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EMotion ROM (C64)
EQuake ROM (C64)
ESwat ROM (C64)
E.C.A. Linker ROM (C64)
E.T. Puzzle ROM (C64)
EAFLI Editor ROM (C64)
EAFLi Eitor ROM (C64)
Eagle Attack ROM (C64)
Eagle Empier ROM (C64)
Eagle Empire ROM (C64)
Eagle Eyes ROM (C64)
Eagle Wing ROM (C64)
Eaglehunt ROM (C64)
Eagles ROM (C64)
Eagles & Gators ROM (C64)
Early Games For Young Children ROM (C64)
Early Games Piece of Cake ROM (C64)
Early Games for Young Children ROM (C64)
Earth Base One ROM (C64)
Earth Defense ROM (C64)
Earth Orbit Station ROM (C64)
Earthology ROM (C64)
Earthquake ROM (C64)
Earthraid ROM (C64)
Earthshake ROM (C64)
Earthshake 13 ROM (C64)
Earthworms ROM (C64)
East Linker ROM (C64)
Easter Dash ROM (C64)
Easter Egg Hunt ROM (C64)
Easy Catalogue ROM (C64)
Easy Finance II ROM (C64)
Easy Hires ROM (C64)
Easy Noter ROM (C64)
Easy Rider ROM (C64)
Easy script ROM (C64)
Easy script 64 ROM (C64)
EasyLoad ROM (C64)
Eat Yer Pants ROM (C64)
Eater ROM (C64)
Ebony Tower The ROM (C64)
Echelon ROM (C64)
Echo Hawk ROM (C64)
Echtfarbendigitizer fuer C64 Digitizer ROM (C64)
ECI Graph Editor ROM (C64)
ECI Graphic Editor ROM (C64)
ECI Graphics Editor ROM (C64)
ECIEditor ROM (C64)
EclipsDash Part B ROM (C64)
Eclipse ROM (C64)
Eclissi ROM (C64)
Eclypse ROM (C64)
Econovan ROM (C64)
Ectopix ROM (C64)
Ectoplasm ROM (C64)
ED Dragonfly ROM (C64)
Edd the Duck! ROM (C64)
Eddi der Psychologe ROM (C64)
Eddie Delux ROM (C64)
Eddie Edwards Super Ski ROM (C64)
Eddie Edwards Superski ROM (C64)
Eddie Kid Jump Challenge ROM (C64)
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge ROM (C64)
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge ROM (C64)
Eddison ROM (C64)
Ede ROM (C64)
Edelgraf ROM (C64)
Eden ROM (C64)
Edi Master ROM (C64)
Editor de Dibujos ROM (C64)
Editory ROM (C64)
Educatief Cijfer ROM (C64)
Edusystems ROM (C64)
EenEnTwintigen ROM (C64)
Eendenjacht ROM (C64)
Eenentwintig ROM (C64)
Efexbasic ROM (C64)
Efficiency Packer ROM (C64)
Egbert ROM (C64)
Egg Helttaa Helmaan ROM (C64)
Egg Beater ROM (C64)
Egg Catcher ROM (C64)
Egg Catcher 4K Version ROM (C64)
Egg Plant ROM (C64)
Eggbert ROM (C64)
Eggcup ROM (C64)
Eggman ROM (C64)
Eggs ROM (C64)
Egram Englische Grammatik ROM (C64)
Egypt ROM (C64)
Egyptian Puzzle ROM (C64)
Eidolon The ROM (C64)
Eiffel Tower ROM (C64)
Eight in 1 ROM (C64)
Eight Off ROM (C64)
Eights for One ROM (C64)
Eigth Crime The ROM (C64)
Einarmige Bandit Der ROM (C64)
Eindeloos ROM (C64)
Einkaufszettel ROM (C64)
Einkaufszettel Auch Spione machen Urlaub ROM (C64)
Einsiedlerspiel ROM (C64)
Einstein ROM (C64)
Einstein Memory Trainer The ROM (C64)
Eintopf ROM (C64)
Eis Und Feuer ROM (C64)
Eisenbahn ROM (C64)
Eisstockschiessen ROM (C64)
Ekkodalen ROM (C64)
Ekonomia Feudalna ROM (C64)
Elderberry House ROM (C64)
Eldorado ROM (C64)
ElecTron ROM (C64)
Election ROM (C64)
Election & Filppers Pinball ROM (C64)
Election Game The ROM (C64)
Election Trail ROM (C64)
Electra ROM (C64)
Electric ROM (C64)
Electric Preview ROM (C64)
Electric Avenue ROM (C64)
Electric Boyz IFFL Package ROM (C64)
Electric Pencil ROM (C64)
Electricity Problems ROM (C64)
Electro Sound 64 ROM (C64)
Electro World ROM (C64)
Electron Soccer ROM (C64)
Electronic Mailbox64 ROM (C64)
Elektra Glide ROM (C64)
Elektra Glide Tune ROM (C64)
Elektrix ROM (C64)
Elektronik Kniffel ROM (C64)
Element Man ROM (C64)
Elementor ROM (C64)
Elephant Antics Game ROM (C64)
Elephant Antics Intro ROM (C64)
Elephant Antics Picture ROM (C64)
Elevator Action ROM (C64)
Elevator Music ROM (C64)
Elevator Ride ROM (C64)
Elf Caper ROM (C64)
Elf Rescue ROM (C64)
Elfred ROM (C64)
Elfriede ROM (C64)
Elicoph ROM (C64)
Elicottero ROM (C64)
Elidon ROM (C64)
Eliminator ROM (C64)
Elio ROM (C64)
Eliseus Ultima Frontiera ROM (C64)
Elite ROM (C64)
Elite 128 ROM (C64)
Elite Enhanced ROM (C64)
Elite Euphoria ROM (C64)
Elite Gramophone Company ROM (C64)
Elite Mon C ROM (C64)
Elite Squad ROM (C64)
Elitesquad ROM (C64)
Eliza ROM (C64)
Eliza Das sprechende Programm ROM (C64)
Eliza 3.1 ROM (C64)
Eliza C64 ROM (C64)
Ellak's Tomb ROM (C64)
Elliot ROM (C64)
Elm Street ROM (C64)
ELMAC plays Nim ROM (C64)
Elon ROM (C64)
Elrettento Pelda 2 ROM (C64)
Elsa ROM (C64)
Elsoliado ROM (C64)
Elven War ROM (C64)
Elven Warrior ROM (C64)
Elvin Antics ROM (C64)
Elvira Mistress of the Dark ROM (C64)
Elvira The Arcade Game ROM (C64)
Elvira II ROM (C64)
Elysium Cruel ROM (C64)
Emanuelle ROM (C64)
Emerald Dash 1 ROM (C64)
Emerald Dash 2 ROM (C64)
Emerald Dash II ROM (C64)
Emerald Elephant of Cipangu ROM (C64)
Emerald Isle ROM (C64)
Emerald Mine ROM (C64)
Emerald Mine 2 ROM (C64)
Emil ROM (C64)
Emilio Butragueno Futbol ROM (C64)
Emlyn Hughes ARC Quiz ROM (C64)
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer ROM (C64)
Emon ROM (C64)
Emphatic ROM (C64)
Empire ROM (C64)
Empire Wargame of the Century ROM (C64)
Empire for One ROM (C64)
Empire of Karn ROM (C64)
Empire Strikes Back The ROM (C64)
Empius ROM (C64)
Empre Strikes Back ROM (C64)
EMS 64 ROM (C64)
EMS Music Editor ROM (C64)
En Pista ROM (C64)
Enchanted Forest ROM (C64)
Enchanted Isle ROM (C64)
Enchanter ROM (C64)
Enclave ROM (C64)
Encoder Decode ROM (C64)
Encounter ROM (C64)
Encounter Nemici ROM (C64)
Encounter Adventure ROM (C64)
Endemic ROM (C64)
Endgame2 ROM (C64)
Endless ROM (C64)
Endlos ROM (C64)
Endstation Vesuv ROM (C64)
Enduro Racer ROM (C64)
Enduro! ROM (C64)
Endzone ROM (C64)
Endzone Rugby Boss ROM (C64)
Enemigos ROM (C64)
Enemy Waters ROM (C64)
Energem Enigma ROM (C64)
Energie Manager ROM (C64)
EnergieManager ROM (C64)
Energy ROM (C64)
Energy Manager ROM (C64)
Energy Warrior ROM (C64)
Enforce ROM (C64)
Enforcer ROM (C64)
Enforcer Fullmetal Megablaster ROM (C64)
Enforcer The ROM (C64)
Engineer Humpty ROM (C64)
England Championship Special ROM (C64)
England's Glory ROM (C64)
English Civil War ROM (C64)
English Civil War '41 ROM (C64)
English Darts ROM (C64)
English SAT I ROM (C64)
Enhanced Newcomer ROM (C64)
Enhiridion ROM (C64)
Eniaxx ROM (C64)
Enigma ROM (C64)
Enigma Force ROM (C64)
Enigma Force Construction Set ROM (C64)
Enigma Writer ROM (C64)
Enimga Construction Set ROM (C64)
Enjoy! ROM (C64)
Enlightment An Interactive One Room Absurdity ROM (C64)
Enlisted ROM (C64)
Enniaxx ROM (C64)
EntenJagd ROM (C64)
Entenjagd ROM (C64)
Enter the Ninja ROM (C64)
Enterrador El ROM (C64)
Entertainment Tonight Trivia ROM (C64)
Entity ROM (C64)
Entombed ROM (C64)
Entropy Collection 0 ROM (C64)
Entropy Collection 1 ROM (C64)
Entropy Collection 2 ROM (C64)
Entropy Dir Editor ROM (C64)
Entwicklungshilfe ROM (C64)
Envoyer ROM (C64)
Enzyme ROM (C64)
Eon ROM (C64)
Eoroid ROM (C64)
Epic ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.1 Duca Lynce My Fair Lady ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.1 Il Galeone Scomparso ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.1 Ring Le miniere di Uxkluk Parte I ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.2 Ceppo 02K ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.2 Complotto al Mundial '86 ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.2 I Falsificatori di Aloni ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.3 Contaminazione ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.3 La Foresta di Fenor ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.3 Zona Quarta 44 A.C. ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.4 Duello con Dracula ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.4 Kalabur ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.4 Level Nine ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.5 Fuga dal Laos Pt. I ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.5 La Vendetta di Abel Kuyr ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.5 Un Posto Poco Tranquillo ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.6 Fuga dal Laos 2 Pt. II ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.6 Terminal ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.6 Wanted Caccia all'Uomo ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.7 Cave Quest ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.7 Dust Hunter Il Ricatto ROM (C64)
Epic 3000 Nr.7 Wanted 2 La Miniera Abbandonata ROM (C64)
Epistula ROM (C64)
Eprom Creator ROM (C64)
Eprommer II ROM (C64)
Epsilon IV ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.1 Cave Quest La Terra delle Ragazze Farfalla ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.1 Strani Incontri a Chinatown Episodio I ROM (C64)
Epyx 3001 Nr.1 Zona Quarta Acropoli Insanguinata ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.2 Horror Intermezzo di Mezzanotte ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.2 Intruder Prima Missione ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.2 Potenze Oscure Episodio II ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.3 Dust Hanter Le Fogne di New York ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.3 Starchip Fire Machine ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.3 TayGy Episodio III ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.4 La Tomba dei Navajo Episodio IV ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.4 Starchip Fire Machine Episodio II Parte I ROM (C64)
EPYX 3001 Nr.4 Starchip Fire Machine Episodio II Parte II ROM (C64)
Equal ByteCompressor ROM (C64)
Equal ByteCompressor 1.4++ ROM (C64)
Equal Editor ROM (C64)
Equal Minds ROM (C64)
Equal Sequence ROM (C64)
EqualChar Packer ROM (C64)
EqualSequence ROM (C64)
Equalize It! ROM (C64)
Equalizer ROM (C64)
Equalizer The ROM (C64)
Equation ROM (C64)
Equation Exercise ROM (C64)
Equation Manipulation ROM (C64)
Equations ROM (C64)
Equestrian 64 ROM (C64)
Equinox ROM (C64)
Equinox Special ROM (C64)
Equinoxe Converter Collection ROM (C64)
Eqzscan ROM (C64)
ER! Emergency Room ROM (C64)
Eradicator The ROM (C64)
Erben des Throns ROM (C64)
Erben des Throns Die Krieg um die Krone II ROM (C64)
Erbschaft Die Panik in Las Vegas ROM (C64)
Erbschaft 2 Die ROM (C64)
Erbschaft II Die Die Urkunde ROM (C64)
Erbschaft Die ROM (C64)
ErdkundeQuiz ROM (C64)
Erdspalte ROM (C64)
Erebus ROM (C64)
Erfenis De ROM (C64)
Eric der Wikinger ROM (C64)
Erik the Viking ROM (C64)
Erkundungsflug ROM (C64)
Ernie's Magic Shapes ROM (C64)
Eroe Piero L' ROM (C64)
Erotica ROM (C64)
Erotika ROM (C64)
Erotika II ROM (C64)
Erotika III ROM (C64)
Eruca ROM (C64)
Erupt ROM (C64)
Escalera ROM (C64)
Escape ROM (C64)
Escape 2 ROM (C64)
Escape and Evasion Part 1 Stalag 23 ROM (C64)
Escape and Evasion Part 2 On the Run ROM (C64)
Escape from Arth ROM (C64)
Escape from Center ROM (C64)
Escape from Colditz ROM (C64)
Escape from Colditz Intro ROM (C64)
Escape from Doomworld ROM (C64)
Escape from Germany ROM (C64)
Escape from Mars ROM (C64)
Escape from Metropolis ROM (C64)
Escape from New York ROM (C64)
Escape from New York Die Klapperschlange ROM (C64)
Escape from Paradise ROM (C64)
Escape from Pulsar 7 ROM (C64)
Escape from SEUCK ROM (C64)
Escape from Skull Castle ROM (C64)
Escape from Stank ROM (C64)
Escape from the Dark Prison ROM (C64)
Escape From The Dungeon Of The Gods ROM (C64)
Escape from the Dungeons of the Gods ROM (C64)
Escape from the Killer Robots! ROM (C64)
Escape from The Mars ROM (C64)
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters ROM (C64)
Escape from the Waste Disposal Unit ROM (C64)
Escape from the Zoomans Fortress ROM (C64)
Escape from Tiamat's Tomb ROM (C64)
Escape from Zol Lords of Chaos ROM (C64)
Escape MCP ROM (C64)
Escape or Bust ROM (C64)
Escape Route The Adventures of Eric Hawthorne ROM (C64)
Escape to Freedom ROM (C64)
Escape to Zanuss ROM (C64)
Escape! ROM (C64)
Escape The ROM (C64)
Escaping Habit The ROM (C64)
Ese Pinball ROM (C64)
Esherland ROM (C64)
ESHI Editor ROM (C64)
ESI Attacks! ROM (C64)
Eskimo Eddie ROM (C64)
Eskimo Games ROM (C64)
Eskimo! ROM (C64)
Espial ROM (C64)
Espionage ROM (C64)
Espionage Island Island of Spies ROM (C64)
Espodill ROM (C64)
Essex ROM (C64)
Estate '86 ROM (C64)
Estra ROM (C64)
ESVPlay Routine ROM (C64)
Eszkimo ROM (C64)
ET ROM (C64)
ET Software Gamepack Team Championship 2 & The World Cup Knockout ROM (C64)
ET's Rugby 100 ROM (C64)
ET's Rugby League ROM (C64)
ET's Rugby League OK ROM (C64)
Etarip ROM (C64)
Eternal ROM (C64)
Eternal Dagger The ROM (C64)
Eternity ROM (C64)
Etrusk ROM (C64)
Etrusker ROM (C64)
Etudes Francaises Echanges II ROM (C64)
Euchre ROM (C64)
Euphoria ROM (C64)
Eureka! ROM (C64)
Euro Boss ROM (C64)
Euro City Cops ROM (C64)
Euro Fast IFFL ROM (C64)
Euronews ROM (C64)
Euroopan Kartta 64 ROM (C64)
Europa ROM (C64)
Europe Ablaze ROM (C64)
Europe Quiz ROM (C64)
European ROM (C64)
European 2 ROM (C64)
European Champions ROM (C64)
European FiveASide ROM (C64)
European Football Champ ROM (C64)
European Games ROM (C64)
European Soccer Challende ROM (C64)
European Soccer Challenge ROM (C64)
Eurostar Soccer 88 ROM (C64)
Evasion ROM (C64)
Even the Gods May Die ROM (C64)
Evening Star ROM (C64)
Everest ROM (C64)
Everest Ascent ROM (C64)
Every Second Counts ROM (C64)
Every's 3 ROM (C64)
Everyone's a Wally ROM (C64)
Evil Alley ROM (C64)
Evil Crown ROM (C64)
Evil Dead The ROM (C64)
Evil Laugh ROM (C64)
Evil Prince The ROM (C64)
Evil Ridge The ROM (C64)
Evil Wizard The ROM (C64)
Evolution ROM (C64)
ExDOS & ROM (C64)
Exagon ROM (C64)
Examination The ROM (C64)
Exbasic Level II ROM (C64)
Excaliba ROM (C64)
Excalibur ROM (C64)
Excel ROM (C64)
Exceleron ROM (C64)
Excellent Writer 2 ROM (C64)
Excellent Writer II ROM (C64)
ExcessWriter ROM (C64)
Exchange ROM (C64)
Executable Menu System ROM (C64)
Executer ROM (C64)
Exel's Kirby The ROM (C64)
Exerion ROM (C64)
Exile ROM (C64)
Exile Docs ROM (C64)
Exile Game ROM (C64)
Exile Picture ROM (C64)
ExileNoter ROM (C64)
Exis ROM (C64)
EXIS The Planet Far Away ROM (C64)
Exodus ROM (C64)
Exolon ROM (C64)
Exon Runner ROM (C64)
Exor ROM (C64)
Exorcist ROM (C64)
Exos ROM (C64)
Exp Faces Cruncher ROM (C64)
Exp. Cruel ROM (C64)
Expanded CBM 2 Basic ROM (C64)
Expanded CBM V2 BASIC ROM (C64)
Expansion ROM (C64)
Expedition Amazon ROM (C64)
Expedition Titanic ROM (C64)
Expeditions ROM (C64)
Experience ROM (C64)
Expert 3.2R ROM (C64)
Expert Cartridge ROM (C64)
Expert Cartridge System ROM (C64)
Expert Cartridge System The ROM (C64)
Expert Model Simulator ROM (C64)
Expertmind ROM (C64)
Expire ROM (C64)
Explode ROM (C64)
Exploding ROM (C64)
Exploding Atoms ROM (C64)
Exploding Coder ROM (C64)
Exploding Coder The ROM (C64)
Exploding Cruel ROM (C64)
Exploding Faces Cruncher ROM (C64)
Exploding Faces V2.0 Cruncher ROM (C64)
Exploding Fist II The Legend Continues ROM (C64)
Exploding Hitmen Cruncher ROM (C64)
Exploding Wall ROM (C64)
Explore ROM (C64)
Explorer ROM (C64)
Explorer Die Phantatische Reise ROM (C64)
Explorer The Quest for the Jewel ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.01 Mente Aliena Pt. I ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.02 N. N. dal Campo Base ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.03 La Rosa Scarlatta ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.03 Unico Sopravvissuto ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.04 Dove e Mark Williams ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.04 La Valle Incantata ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.04 Nel Campo Nemico ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.05 Computer Killer ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.05 Mythos ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.05 Virus Delta II Ultimo Atto ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.06 I Misteri di Villa Parson ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.06 L'Isola della Paura ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.06 Missione a Bangkok ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.07 Eclypse ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.07 Fuga nel Tempo ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.07 Wild West ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.08 Incubo ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.08 L'Orrore di Goldmine City ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.08 Underground Killers ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.09 Green Dimension ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.09 Metalcrunchers ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.09 Naufragio su Guyot ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.10 Il Ladro di Camelot ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.10 Moonbase Delta ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.10 Prigioniero del Futuro ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.11 Aut Caesar... ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.11 Primo Caso ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.11 Professione Spia ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.12 Desperados ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.12 La Prova ROM (C64)
Explorer Nr.12 Missione Mistero ROM (C64)
Explos Directory Sort ROM (C64)
Explosion ROM (C64)
Explosives ROM (C64)
Exponents ROM (C64)
Export ROM (C64)
Export Designer ROM (C64)
Expose ROM (C64)
Expose Article Writer ROM (C64)
Expose Preview ROM (C64)
Express Raider ROM (C64)
Extacy Funny Noter ROM (C64)
Extacy Land ROM (C64)
Extend ROM (C64)
Extend Notewriter ROM (C64)
Extended Championship Lode Runner ROM (C64)
Extended Flaschbier ROM (C64)
Exterminator ROM (C64)
Extreme ROM (C64)
Extreme Demo Maker ROM (C64)
Extreme Force ROM (C64)
Extricator ROM (C64)
Exzone The Fight for Time ROM (C64)
Eye ROM (C64)
Eye Intro ROM (C64)
Eye of Horus ROM (C64)
Eye of Kadath ROM (C64)
Eye of the Inca ROM (C64)

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F104 ROM (C64)
F14 Tomcat ROM (C64)
F15 Strike Eagle ROM (C64)
F15 Strike Eagle Air Combat In The Jet Age ROM (C64)
F16 Combat Pilot ROM (C64)
F18 Hornet ROM (C64)
F19 Stealth Fighter ROM (C64)
F.A. Cup Football ROM (C64)
F.I.G.Forth ROM (C64)
F1 ROM (C64)
F1 GP Circuits ROM (C64)
F1 Manager ROM (C64)
F1 Manager 2 ROM (C64)
F1 Tornado ROM (C64)
F40 Pursuit ROM (C64)
F40 Pursuit Crazy Cars II ROM (C64)
F8Assblaster ROM (C64)
FA Cup Football ROM (C64)
FA Cup Football Italian Cup Football ROM (C64)
Fabbrica Gelata!! La ROM (C64)
Fabuland ROM (C64)
Fabulous Wanda and the Secret of Life... The ROM (C64)
Face Ache The Man of a Million Faces ROM (C64)
Face Invaders ROM (C64)
Face Off! ROM (C64)
Face TV ROM (C64)
FaceOff ROM (C64)
FacePainter ROM (C64)
FaceTV 1 Editor ROM (C64)
Facemaker ROM (C64)
Facenoter ROM (C64)
Faces ROM (C64)
Faces Notemaker ROM (C64)
Faces of Haarne The ROM (C64)
FacesWriter ROM (C64)
Facewriter ROM (C64)
Factactics Trivia Game ROM (C64)
Factor Trinomials ROM (C64)
Factor Trinomials II ROM (C64)
Factor Trinomials III ROM (C64)
Factory The ROM (C64)
Facts 'n' Features ROM (C64)
Facts 'n' Features Preview ROM (C64)
Facts 2.5 ROM (C64)
Fade Out ROM (C64)
Fadenkreuz ROM (C64)
Faerie ROM (C64)
Faery Tale Adventure ROM (C64)
FahrSimulator ROM (C64)