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The Walking Dead
The whole nine yards of episode 11!
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03-04-12 10:42 PM
03-05-12 11:03 AM

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The Walking Dead


03-04-12 10:42 PM
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Did anyone else watch the new episode tonight? If so, do you think that it was the right choice in letting Randall live? Well, "in custody until further notice" because Carl just walking in the barn (like a boss) and tells his dad to shoot.. What would you do if your kid just tells you to shoot someone? What do you think is going to happen to Carl if he continues what he has been doing? How bad was the impact of him realizing that it was the SAME walker that he encountered at the swamp that killed Dale? I wonder if he is going to tell anyone about the incident in the swamp before Darryl notices the missing gun. But the death of Dale, my favorite right under Darryl, my god I was furious that he was killed! He was the one who tried his best to keep the group sane and civilized while he thought that the group was taking the wrong choice without any consideration of the other choices. He was looking out for the other, and trying to lead the group the right way. Rick could muster enough to shoot Sophia when no one else could? Why did Rick freeze? Was it because of the image he would set for his son if he shot Dale in front of him? Because of the fact that he was still human and not a walker like Sophia? I mean I probably wouldn't be able to shoot someone that has helped the group so much, that has had such a huge impact on their lives. But I would have realized the fact that he was suffering and there was nothing that anyone could do. He was the conscience of the group. Without that what will become of the group? Can it maintain and try to mend this broken group unbroken? We will see in next Sunday and I will make another one of these for people to kinda catch up, or tell everyone else their thoughts on what will happen. Happy trails and pray for nothing like this to happen to the real world :D


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03-05-12 07:14 AM
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I did not watch it, but I recorded it on DVR, so I will likely watch it today or tomorrow (depending on if I can get home early enough today). But anyway, I have already made a Walking Dead thread in which people can discuss anything about it, including the most recent episodes. Here is the link to the thread.

Local Mods : Accidental dupe thread.
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03-05-12 11:03 AM
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Since there is another thread for discussion of the show, feel free to talk about it there. -Closed-
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