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02-20-12 04:50 PM
02-20-12 04:50 PM

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Shining Force-Sword of Hajya


02-20-12 04:50 PM
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The shining series should be every passionate gamers dream. Especially the Shining Force parts for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and the Sega Saturn represent real cult title for strategy fans. There is also a game gear offshoot, which is not so known and is the one we are reviewing here.

Only the middle part with the nickname "The sword of Hajya" in the United States was released. Two years later Mega CD owners could enjoy the first two Gaiden parts on the big screen in the form of Shining Force CD. The last part of "The Final Conflict" remained completely denied to the West.

The game gear version, on the subtitle "the evil deity ´s crusade" is a sequel of the first ever Shining Force game that takes place after 20 years. Right at the beginning you meet old acquaintances as magician Anri which now is Queen, or the Warrior Luke. In recent years, they have jointly built the country and for peace. But disturbing rumors about a cruel ruler of the South cast a shadow on the peaceful Kingdom. As a peace offering along with a gift to the Royal Court arrives from there, the diplomatic assessed Anri adopts gratefully. This proves disastrous error because a black cloud making the gift enables them into a deep sleep. Now it is time that new heroes enter the stage, to save the Empire again. The young Nick and his comrades therefore climb a ship and sailing into the unknown. The following story develops quickly and is told in simple text boxes.

Playing wise, there is hardly any difference to the Mega Drive predecessor. The battlefields present bird's-eye view and a fall. The Group of maximum 12 heroes must as usual ground round by round to their boss. This one relies on the typical shining characters like Centaur bird human Mage, dwarfs. Before each battle at Headquarters there is shopping, revive and of course save. The treasure chests were housed in the individual levels and the opponents drop many item. Reached the 10th level fighters have been promoted as usual in a new class. The degree of difficulty of a total of 22 missions is down really low. The playing time is just over 10 hours.

The graphical representation is most positive and what surprised me. The colorful and detailed action on the screen seems just as nice as on the mega drive. Varied venues, many different types of opponents and colourful portraits impressively bear witness to the technical performance of the game gears. Unfortunately the items and weapons appear in the menu through images, which probably is a concession to the small screen of the game gear.

When the music Sega has come up no slouch either. The melodies based on the predecessor crystal-clear sound from the speakers, fit perfectly to the action and leave no wish unfulfilled.

Two additional characters have hidden in the game. Domingo and Amigo are two hairy creatures that can be extremely strong magic in industrious Aufleveln. Who feels under challenged can dare a new start with higher level after the first round.

If you curious now about the game, play it here, and later take a peak at the improved versions on the ‘next generation’ consoles available on Vizzed. The Japanese game gear original, which is also available on Vizzed is also easily playable with a few tips from the Internet and should represent a real jewel for game lovers.

Conclusion: For a small tactical round in between there is nothing better than Shining Force. The catchy gaming system and the lovingly designed world can pass the time by. But the low volume and low difficulty the game gear version is rather as light fare, this reduces the fun, but not in the slightest.
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