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10-18-19 09:30 PM

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01-06-12 04:40 PM
04-27-13 03:20 PM

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Ever had a crush on a teacher?

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
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08-04-12 07:38 PM
dazzsheil is Offline
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There's a tutor in my school who's SMOKIN!
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01-06-13 09:31 PM
austipokedude is Offline
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I never had a crush on my teachers there always to old and ugly
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01-06-13 10:18 PM
Jordanv78 is Offline
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I never really had a teacher to have a crush on although there were a few student teachers that were pretty damn cute. I had a lot of great teachers, just none that I remember being attracted to.
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01-12-13 08:34 AM
DJ2536 is Offline
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No i haven't but a European teacher had came to our school this year and she is out of this world beautiful. 

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-18-10
Location: United States
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01-12-13 08:56 AM
speedy gonzalez is Offline
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i have had a crush on loads of teachers but i dont really remember that well

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Registered: 12-06-12
Location: new bark town (in jhoto)
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01-12-13 09:21 AM
kingvictory is Offline
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DBDonald : I have her name was Mrs. Crawford and she was pretty, her husband is a vice pricable at my new school now.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-24-12
Location: Somewhere In front of a screen
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03-14-13 09:51 PM
xXBad-InfluenceXx is Offline
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Only teachers I found attractive were the interns. They just were REALLY physically attractive.
I will bite you.

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Registered: 02-25-12
Location: America: Connecticut. We aren't as rich as you think... lol.
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03-17-13 10:13 AM
EvilAlu is Offline
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Never had a crush on a teacher before.
They were either old ladies or men lol
So I stuck to having crushes on people closer to my age
Vizzed Elite
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Registered: 07-19-12
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03-17-13 12:33 PM
Eirinn is Offline
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No. Well, I had a crush on a substitute, but she was about forty years younger than every teacher I had. You can imagine why I didn't have a crush on the others.
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03-18-13 02:41 PM
Changedatrequest is Offline
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There was this one teacher in 9th grade that was totally hot. Health teacher. Taught volleyball. She was like 27. It was wonderful. Never paid more attention in a class before.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-04-13
Last Post: 971 days
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03-18-13 10:48 PM
port753 is Offline
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I've had a few...8th grade English. My teacher was about 5'4, blonde, early out of college or almost done, had hair either braided or straight, angelic voice, childlike personality. She did act like she was a middle schooler like I was, for she'd get very hapy when you did something tough correctly, and she was very encouraging. Every day she'd wear pink sneakers, and her voice was high, but soft and sweet to listen to. I think of her voice squealing if I was to........yeah. What is better is that she has a 6 minute vlog of her audio only. The only thing I don't know about her is her adress, yet......

9th grade History. 30's, brunette, in college, but she wears what the teachers in adult videos wear. Tight dresses, a zipper down blouse,  high boots, again usually has a smile on her face, but can be a little more serious at times than my english teacher. Sometimes I'd think she would be someone who'd wear a black torpedo and stockings. An active imagination is a beautiful thing.

9th grade Finiance, again 5'4 blonde, had short hair, very bubbly personality, wore regular attire, nothing fancy, laughed a lot. One thing I noticed is that she would emphasize anything she thought neccessary. When a line in a book had an exlamation mark, she'd almost shout out the sentence. She would make the T at the end of wallet short, and carry on the last letter of some words. She'd pronounce loan as loannn. Nothing really wrong with that, but at times it did get annoying that she'd add so much style to reading sentences.

10th grade Orchesta conductor and HR teacher. Pretty, and didn't need make-up most of the time. Didn't really know her well since I didn't play a strings instrument, but still allowed me to wonder more about her.
If given the chance without anybody finding out, I would. What's even better is that every one of these teachers was and still is single I'm still in high school so they haven't become wrinkled yet.

Sandwichiest Sandwich on your plate

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Registered: 11-23-12
Location: Your Plate
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(edited by port753 on 03-18-13 10:49 PM)    

03-18-13 11:02 PM
TurisasTheMighty is Offline
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Simple. Nope.
Ghost Hunter

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03-18-13 11:05 PM
dragon111 is Offline
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I'm not going to lie but yes and it was my only time I ever had one and I got sick of it afterwards because nothing was gonna happen she was never gonna find out and I wasn't gonna care when I pass to my next grade so I thought I don't care anymore I am here to learn not have crushes.
Perma Banned
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03-20-13 06:56 AM
Gamer Blue is Offline
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Gamer Blue
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Only one, it was a history teacher in 10th grade. She was really sweet and attractive, and I always enjoyed when I got a chance to see her. Sometimes I felt like she was flirting with me, but it was probably just my imagination wishing that it was.
The Smash Bros. Addict

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03-20-13 10:36 PM
iamthewalrus458 is Offline
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There's two teachers in at my school that are pretty hot.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 05-18-10
Last Post: 1702 days
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(edited by iamthewalrus458 on 03-20-13 10:36 PM)    

03-20-13 11:56 PM
thing1 is Offline
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Naw, I can't say that I have. Most of my teacher's were guys... XD There were a few teachers I liked a lot more than others, but a crush? EWWWW (says eww in little 5 year old girls voice when she talks about cooties. XD )
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03-21-13 06:23 PM
janus is Offline
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Crush... I did think that a few phys. ed. teachers were good looking, but I wouldn't call it a crush. 
Vizzed Elite
The unknown

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Registered: 12-14-12
Last Post: 16 days
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03-25-13 09:38 PM
james44028 is Offline
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um, no. all my teachers were not very attractive, i heard one boy in my class had a crush on my sub in 1st grade though XD*thinks back to kindergarten* well, i used to go to reading help (strange, now i am the most advanced reader in my class.) in kindergarten she was attractive but, i was like 5 and didn't really care.
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???? Keldeo

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03-29-13 10:02 PM
Brigand is Offline
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Yes, to my fifth grade english teacher, now that I think of it... Oh god why...

Well she was young and cute and it was my favourite subject. She even came to my house when I invited her and she gave me a book as a gift years later when I graduated from high school. A book of Latin quotes that sits there on my bookself as I write this years later.

Nothing happened ofcource, she was a pro, but she was also very nice towards me. It is sad that I have forgotten her name...
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03-31-13 04:13 AM
catastrophicize is Offline
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No, but at my old school all the girls had a crush on the Algebra teacher. They would do horribly on homework just so he would tutor them; it was actually hilarious. 
kandi kid kandi kidding.

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