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05-26-18 06:41 PM

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11-13-11 12:42 PM
04-17-12 06:31 AM

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Headphone Shopping!


11-13-11 12:42 PM
Scorpyx is Offline
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Sadly, my last pair of headphones is broken, and I am in utter despair for now.  I'm looking for a good pair of cans, like the ones here:

Basically, I want something that's comfortable to wear for long periods of time (3+ hours), has decent sound quality, and will last a long time without breaking (I take good care of my stuff!).  Anyone have any suggestions?
I hope to spend less than $35, but I may splurge if there's something amazing for a little more.
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11-13-11 01:08 PM
billythekidmonster is Offline
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I have sony noise cancelling head phones though I am not sure where I got them from. They are really good though they feel a bit tight if you have glasses on with them. Though the noise cancel is great. I think they were 40$. :P
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11-13-11 04:18 PM
AuraBlaze is Offline
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I finally got a pair of over-the-ear headphones after annoyances with various Earbuds. I recommend Sony. I am very satisfied with them, and apparently so are others. Check them out in the link below. Guess what? Their normal price is $20, but they are on sale for $13 right now!
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04-17-12 02:47 AM
catfight09 is Offline
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I know of some but I can't guarantee they'll be under thirty five bucks. Headphones, in my opinion, can be really expensive. Just for experience and knowledge when or if you save money, you should consider getting Dre Beats. 
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04-17-12 03:16 AM
Invictis is Offline
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i know u said headphones but if u like ear buds i got a pair on sale at walmart for 10 bucks they have great sound quality and real comfy and have nylon strings so they don't rip or tear i had the same pair for three years before i had to get new ones they r called spray loud platinum's  

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04-17-12 06:31 AM
gtwalq is Offline
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Scorpyx : Having a set of cup headphones last 3+ hours comfortably is a big ask.. Skull Candy apparently are a good make for extended use, Ive never owned a pair myself.  I know its not what you have in mind but I find a decent pair of in-ear (noise cancelling) earphones work great for hours on end.  I have a $20 set of Phillips with some decent power in them, they give such an awesome clean sound.. they filted our the bass just enough too. 
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