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Gamestop:Your Story
I've heard that Gamestop is bad,why is that
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10-10-11 01:39 AM
03-08-12 10:20 AM

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Gamestop:Your Story


10-10-11 01:39 AM
RogueWarrior2785 is Offline
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I have heard tons of stories of people expressing how much they hate gamestop so I was wondering.
Do you hate gamestop or do you not care?

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 10-20-10
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10-10-11 04:56 AM
thenumberone is Offline
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Some people have not received there goods for months,and others have recieved damaged goods.i read this though so iv never used them.
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Bleeding Heart Liberal

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Registered: 03-22-11
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10-10-11 10:44 AM
Hoochman is Offline
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I personally haven't had any problems with Gamestop. The only think I don't really like is trading in a game for almost no money back.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-25-10
Location: Minnesota
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10-10-11 10:46 AM
KlawedFlaw is Offline
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I don't hate Gamestop at all. I don't agree with some of the store's business practices, but that's all. I prefer going to the local used game store more just because me and the owner have grown close enough to be friends, and I always find wonderful treasures there. I go to Gamestop to get games I can't find otherwise. I couldn't find Demon's Souls in my area, and found a copy at a Gamestop.

If Gamecrazy was still around, I'd go there instead, but oh well. I get pretty lucky with my stuff, and hardly ever get damaged goods. When I do, I can usually get it fixed. Now Wal-Mart + pre ordering online = don't do it. I tried that, and it was a bad idea.

Gamestop usually has nice people as employees, at least to me... I have yet to get a new game that has been damaged, though. People that do get that problem can always get the games resurfaced. It doesn't cost that much if it ever costs anything. For those who are scared by the horror stories about the place, it's not that bad. I've been to five Gamestops so far, and all of them have sold me games in good condition.

I don't know if the employees are required to check for immense scratches, but I have had some pretty good luck with game stores that sell used games and new games. If anyone wants to call me a menace to the industry for buying games from Gamestop, the whole broken game thing can happen anywhere. It hasn't happened to me, but I often get slightly screwed up Blu-Ray cases when I buy a PS3 game new. I don't have this problem when it's a used PS3 game, though.

I'm pretty much on the fence. I don't care as long as I can find what I'm looking for. I couldn't find a copy of The World Ends With You, and found one at a Gamestop. The employees at one Gamestop called another one, and despite the fact that the guy who sold the game to me covered up the fact that the game was hard to find because it was discontinued, he was nice enough to hold onto the game.
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10-10-11 10:48 AM
legacyme3 is Offline
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Lord Leggy - King of IT
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I've never had an issue with gamestop.

The prices don't bother me, since it's the price you pay for convenience, and even in the rare chance something is damaged, all one has to do is show the receipt and they give you credit.

I've never pre-ordered from them so I'll be seeing that soon.
Vizzed Elite

One Leggy.
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One Dream.

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Registered: 09-14-10
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10-10-11 11:09 PM
Someone70 is Offline
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When I'm buying things from Gamestop, the service is great and quick. The people there usually know what they're talking about and they help you try to find what you're looking for.

I never go there to sell things though, because Gamestop only buys your games at a fraction of what they sell it back for, and you can get a much better deal at other stores or online sites.
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10-11-11 03:38 AM
adjadde is Offline
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I love game stop I use to work at one as assitent manger I had no complaint's or give any.
Angel of Death

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Registered: 02-28-11
Location: japan tokyo
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10-11-11 04:49 AM
fightorace is Offline
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Hoochman :
yea as long as your not selling them games.  You could have spent hundreds on some games when they first came out, then gamestop will be like here's 2 bucks. 

Otherwise I've never run into problems w/them.  The used games are affordable and they usually have a good selection, and if something were wrong u have enough time to return it.  Though I will add that each store is different I actually got kicked out of a gamestop Christmas season a few years back, so yea I don't like that one.
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Registered: 05-19-10
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10-11-11 06:13 AM
JigSaw is Offline
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I never liked GameStop... I think I went there once but I didn't like it. There are far better gaming stores out there (in the past at least) one was EB Games and another was GameForce. Note that these are stores I went to in the era when PSX and N64 were dominating the market. Well over 10 years ago.

Out of all of them GameForce was the best store for the fact that they were smaller then the others stores and would bargin with you better. They would allow you to play any game you want inside the store before buying it.
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10-11-11 10:12 AM
Cookieman is Offline
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GameForce does seem like a better store due to the fact that you can test the game before you buy it.

Seems like my points were made previously. In a nutshell its a great store, just not the ideal place to sell your games/consoles. More importantly there are games that you can find at a gamestop that are treasures. I personally like to collect PS2 games and I find all sorts of great games there. My collection has reached over 100 different great games.

Only thing I would add is that if you are an avid gamestop goer I'd suggest to become a poweruprewards member. You get a year membership fairly cheap which includes a year subscription of Game Informer (GI). One top of that, you might as well get points for what you buy there rather than get nothing because eventually it all adds up and you can get little dinky mementos from the poweruprewards website.

I pre-order from there as well and they always have my copy and whatever little promotion the game company provides along with it. Also said previously, the employees are very knowledgeable people in games and are very friendly.

As a matter of fact, a little note, the managers are actually sent to events like E3 to learn about the latest games and check them out firsthand. The employees are allowed to check out the games that come in as well. Most of the employees do this, so they have first hand experience in whatever game you may have a question about. 

Overall, going to gamestop is the better choice than other current stores in my opinion.
Vizzed Elite
Megaman Addict

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Registered: 03-16-05
Location: Gilbert, Arizona US
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10-11-11 05:49 PM
billythekidmonster is Offline
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I really do not care. I buy games new a lot of the time and really I have a local used game store that I will buy games there when getting them for my old GBA. I like them a lot and I have heard a lot of hate on Gamestop and I think it is just because of the fact that they are huge right now. I honestly do not see the trend stopping and it will just get bigger. I do not buy used games often but I buy from my local stores before going to big corps. Or I buy them online or from friends. Which is easier and usually a lot cheaper.
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10-11-11 06:28 PM
WooGie502 is Offline
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It really just depends on where you go. I've had some bad experiences w/ Gamestop. Mostly just the employees not know what they are talking about and most playing only shooters or only platformers. The one that just opened by my house is awesome though. All the employees play most of the games and can recommend them to you based on what you like, not their own preferences. It's nice because I like all games as long as they are well made so it helps to have people that know which are still glitchy and which are not even worth playing regardless. I wouldn't have wasted my time even turning on Resistance 3 if I'd not gone to the Gamestop across town.

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Registered: 09-18-11
Location: Texas
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10-11-11 07:34 PM
silverthundr is Offline
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I don't like it because they give you next to nothing for trade-ins, and the prices are just a tad ridiculous. I prefer to get my games from, honestly.
Vizzed Elite
Not Here

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Registered: 07-23-11
Location: OUTTA HERE
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10-15-11 01:13 PM
DeltaEdge is Offline
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I don't know about anyone else, but I love Gamestop. I still remember the first Game Stop I went to. It was a place with just games as far as the eye can see. Like a candy store, but for games. I've never had any bad experiences with gamestop. The weirdest, however, was when I went to buy a PSP 2000 used and apparently they didn't check it because it was hacked with the firmware that lets you download hacked games onto it from the computer for free. But the good part was that they left the memory card inside so I got a free 1GB memory card. A lot of times they mark up how much a console or game will sell for if there is a special sale. But seriously, if you want a good price for your trade-ins, just sell it online or to a friend or something. I think that as a company, it makes the most sense to give as little money as possible for trade-ins. There's no guarantee that people will buy these used games and there are often times some games that stay there for years on the shelf. Would it make sense to pay a lot for a game that you might not even sell for a long time? They still pay some money and the price isn't always terrible, but if they had to pay high prices for all of the games, then what they make might not be worth keeping the trading system and they might just ditch it all together. And the used games are always cheaper than the new ones which is nice.  But seriously, if you know a friend that wants the game you don't want, then sell it to them. You make more money by selling for more than Game Stop pays, and your friend also gets a great deal because they'll probably end up laying less than the new or used versions of the game in stores cost. So yeah, I like the store a lot and they have lots of deals. Ive never been ripped off in buying a product, and I don't disapprove of the trading system. I think that the problems that a lot of people have with the store are probably isolated incidents that can occur at any store really.
Namco "Tales of" Series Enthusiast

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10-15-11 10:14 PM
crobat19 is Offline
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Eh, I think GameStop's okay. They're of course going to only give you a fraction of the price for a game when you trade it in because they want a profit. Maybe it's the fact you can't try to get more out of it like you could in a flea market or whatever because they're a big chain, I dunno.

I do have two recollections of when they messed up an order.

Once I bought what was supposed to be Four Swords Adventure, but instead got Twilight Princess. I didn't return it, and got the actual Four Swords later.

Another time I got Monster Hunter Tri, and they forgot to put the disc in the case. I brought it back in and they got it, but that may have been because one guy was focused on a call and the other seemed to not really know what to do.

Of course, I don't care much for GameStop as much anymore since I've been looking for much older games than what they sell.

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Registered: 02-19-11
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10-16-11 03:06 PM
dkmec20 is Offline
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Gamestop is fine.  I've never had any problems with them, I buy games all the time there and have no problems except some of the workers(Ones who don't even look very hard for a game you want.)
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10-17-11 11:24 AM
Toad 004 is Offline
Link | 39 Words

Toad 004
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Heck, I love Gamestop.

They let you return a used game within 7 days FOR NO REASON. It's like free rentals! I've gotten to play several games I'd have no hope of affording thanks to Gamestop's wonderful return policy.
The Grand Item Master

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11-19-11 07:31 PM
Blue_Rose88 is Offline
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I don't hate Game Stop. I just have the same complaint as some users posted in this thread. Their trade-in values are crap and a rip-off. Other than that, I haven't had any serious issues with them.
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Black★Rock Shooter

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11-19-11 08:29 PM
Vizzed Ghostblood is Offline
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I really HATE Gamestop. I mean, yeah, I asked for the stupid pokemon game and then they gave me broken one, FOR STUPID 10$ and won't give me a god-damn refund! :@ I hate them, so much!
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01-15-12 03:01 PM
LegendsRevenge is Offline
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Gamestop rips you off when you return games.  Back when World at War came out I bought one and got another one as a gift.  I tried to sell them one of them and I got 30 dollars for it and it was originally 60.  I also heard they sometimes package used games in the wrapping and sell it as new games.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-14-12
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