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Play Mega Man Zero 2 Online
In Zero's next mission, he falls prey to a trap set by Neo Arcadia's ruthless commander. Planning to trick Zero, he tries to use him to wreak chaos between reploids and humans once again. But, can he succeed? System: gba
Inti Creates Co., Ltd.
Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
Rating: 9.2
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Mega Man Zero 2 Ratings
Overall Graphics Sound Addictiveness Depth Story Difficulty
Average User Score 9.2 8.8 8.9 7.2 7.6 8.9 8
Marcmoney's Score 9.2 8 9 8 8 10 5
Megaman Zero 2 Review

Mega Man Zero 2: Megaman Zero 2 Review
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Posted on 10-09-11 12:39 PM Marcmoney is Offline     Post: 566 words - Spell checked - (ID: 478011) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link | Reply to Post
Level: 78

POSTS: 1094/2079
POST EXP: 170407
LVL EXP: 4269227
CP: 9906.4
VIZ: 131560
Overall - 9.2

Megaman Zero 2 is a good game to play on the Game Boy Advance.  After playing the first one, I realize that playing the second one would be even more fun.  It is not quite actually.  I will explain it soon, but right now the game itself looks the same as the first one.  Same graphics and same sounding.  It is just a whole different story that connects to the first one.

Graphics - 8

The graphics, like I said, are the same as the first one.  It looks good.  The effects are the best cause it will show awesome flashes and cool powers that you can use.  I like it a lot.

Sound - 9

The sound is the same as the first game.  It makes the game sound awesome and interesting to play.  The sound effects are good too.  I just love the way it sounds, it brings back that feeling in the past.

Addictiveness - 8

I would play this a lot of times.  I just love the way the game plays.  It gets addicting sometimes and I just love that feeling.  It is a great adventure for Zero.

Story - 10

The story starts out with Zero being in some kind of desert wearing a brown robe and just walking.  Texts will show up saying that is has been a year since Zero chose to take a different path from Ciel and the battles have lost the meaning of him.  He knows that his purpose is to find Ciel and her soldiers.  As the texts goes off, Zero sees the enemy soldiers and he does this cool move where he gets rid of the robe and starts fighting them.  This is where you come in and start your first mission.  That seems to be the coolest story ever and that I just love the way it starts off.  I am not telling you the rest of the story cause that is up to you to find out.

Depth - 8

The game has the same features as the first one.  You can equip weapons and charge up your weapon to perform a stronger attack.  I really like these things cause it is more helpful than the one on the NES.  What I like the most about it is that you can wall jump on one wall repeatedly.  That is like the best thing to have in a Megaman game.

Difficulty - 5

The game is quite hard in the beginning.  I feel bad about this cause it took me a while to beat the first level.  I hated versing the boss in the first level cause it takes a while to destroy it and what is worse about it is that you have to verse it again later in the level.  I hate it, it is like a repeat that will never end.  Other than that, the rest of the game is mostly fair.  It really should not be that hard to play after being the first level.

Wrap Things Up...

Megaman Zero 2 is a great game to play, but I still prefer playing the first one instead of the second one.  I recommend trying this game out if you have not already.  It is fun to play one game after the other cause it really bring you that memory back from the previous game you played.

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Posted on 10-09-11 12:57 PM starwars293 is Offline     Post: 18 words - Spell checked - (ID: 478014) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link | Reply to Post
Level: 95

POSTS: 270/3425
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Wow,I have never tried this game before,I think I might try this game later.Nice review by the way


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Mega Man Zero 2: Megaman Zero 2 Review
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