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Are you looking forward to Skyward Sword?

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Are you looking forward to Skyward Sword?
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Posted on 10-07-11 07:08 PM alexanyways is Offline     Post: 25 words - (ID: 476973) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I personally am buying another Wii just to play it.

Besides, Miyamoto threatens that it's the last Zelda game if it's not the highest seller.

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Posted on 10-08-11 01:48 PM Someone70 is Offline     Post: 25 words - (ID: 477458) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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Yeah, I'm looking forward to Skyward Sword. I'm probably not going to get it, at least not on release day, but I'll be playing eventually.
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Posted on 10-09-11 06:41 AM Galacta is Offline     Post: 32 words - (ID: 477911) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I don't play Zelda games much, but if it will be the last Zelda game because it's not the highest seller, I am definitely getting it, even if I hate my Wii.

Sins Never Die
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Posted on 10-09-11 07:02 AM WooGie502 is Offline     Post: 73 words - Spell checked - (ID: 477917) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I'm definitely looking forward to Skyward Sword. Not only because I absolutely love Zelda, but also because I believe it will be the game that brings Nintendo a step closer to where they belong...back on top of the console wars. I hated the Wii and therefore went w/ PS3, but Nintendo is my all around favorite console of all time and want them to go back to putting out the baddest games around.

Blue Octorok

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Posted on 10-09-11 02:30 PM Careidina is Offline     Post: 19 words - Spell checked - (ID: 478081) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I'm ready for it, I got it pre ordered with the bundle and getting it on launch day, hopefully.

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Posted on 10-14-11 12:06 AM Jesseh is Offline     Post: 146 words - (ID: 480561) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I can't wait but I no has Wii I only like 5 or 6 games on the Wii and I think it's not worth it to buy a console for a handful of games. I'm a zelda freak, so much of a freak I beat Link to the Past without dying once, after beating it several times, my highest achievement XD, but my money has it's limits. I wish I could get it because I loved Twilight Princess, played it over at my Friend's house for a couple of days and only got to where you get the master sword, the only qualm I have about Skyward Sword is how bright it is. I love dark games, Twilight Princess had a huge dark overtone, but this one seems like it has too many colors to it. But I guess it is time for a change. 

Dark Link
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Posted on 10-14-11 12:07 AM pacman1755 is Offline     Post: 23 words - (ID: 480562) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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Definitely, this game is going to be awesome, I've seen the trailers and it looks awesome! Can't wait for the release of it.

Larry Koopa
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Posted on 10-20-11 09:24 AM StevenLanders is Offline     Post: 35 words - Spell checked - (ID: 483530) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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Oh yes I'm definitely looking forward to Skyward Sword. Going out this weekend to pre order the bundle pack so I can get my golden wii remote.

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Posted on 10-21-11 10:43 AM legacyme3 is Offline     Post: 63 words - (ID: 483948) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I can't say I am, because I don't myself own a Wii, but my brother and sister are excited.

I think it looks like a good zelda game, but I don't know how good it is going to be based on trailers. On the one hand, it reminds me of the Wind Waker in a few ways, but that's not a bad thing.


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Posted on 01-05-12 07:46 PM crazycatpup is Offline     Post: 16 words - (ID: 525389) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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It looks like a really fun game..I wish I had a wii to play it on.

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Are you looking forward to Skyward Sword?
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