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Have you ever copied Someone's bacground pic.

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Have you ever copied Someone's bacground pic.
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Posted on 09-12-11 02:14 PM mike345 is Offline     Post: 18 words - (ID: 460758) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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The background pictures I use are ones that people used to have but they don't use it anymore.

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Posted on 09-12-11 05:59 PM cooleo is Offline     Post: 12 words - (ID: 460908) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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nope never have the only layout i have had was this one

Red Stalfos
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Posted on 09-12-11 06:11 PM Natas is Offline     Post: 20 words - (ID: 460930) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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No, I never copied anyone else layout before and I don't intend on doing it. I consider it stealing.

The nice guy of Vizzed
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Posted on 09-13-11 04:14 PM Galacta is Offline     Post: 14 words - (ID: 461489) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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Well, I've never copied someone's layout, although I did find this background on DeviantArt.

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Posted on 09-14-11 01:15 PM tabbikatt13 is Offline     Post: 10 words - (ID: 462061) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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Nope. I just found this picture on the internet, haha. 

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Posted on 09-14-11 07:46 PM pi0x is Offline     Post: 17 words - (ID: 462248) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 82

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Nope, I've always found original ones from a wallpaper website, or I just use plain colors .

Roy Koopa

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Posted on 09-14-11 08:01 PM billythekidmonster is Offline     Post: 37 words - (ID: 462258) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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No I have never really had a legit layout anyway so really I have no plan of stealing any ones background. I may make one on of these days though I will find a picture most likely.

Star Luigi
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Posted on 09-14-11 08:37 PM NotJon is Offline     Post: 148 words - Spell checked - (ID: 462284) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I didn't even know that layouts were available. Jk. I had no layout for the longest time, but then I decided to just get one of the default ones because I was tired of being naked. Now I'm just bland. I'm still unsure whether this situation is more ideal or not. For my computer's home screen background, I've typically just used images of album art, famous art, baseball players, and most recently the animes I like. I usually just Google Image search for them. I never really copy it from someone. Usually I've just been really fixated on the subject. For a while it was the Giants World Series victory so I got a newspaper headline, then there was my Dan Haren phase, then some album art - namely Revolver and Kid A -, then my Eureka Seven phase, and now Chobits. Possibly Trigun will make an appearance.

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Posted on 09-14-11 09:45 PM YourMajestyKen is Offline     Post: 12 words - (ID: 462336) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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Have I ever copied someone else's layout? Not that I know of. I've only used 3 within my time here...I think I'm going to change it soon.
(last edited by YourMajestyKen on 09-14-11 09:46 PM)

Saber Tooth
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Posted on 09-16-11 08:00 AM legacyme3 is Offline     Post: 33 words - (ID: 462958) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I've always used pictures I found on my own, I've even designed one or two from scratch >.>

All my images are original on this site, and I never copy someone else's designs.


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Have you ever copied Someone's bacground pic.
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