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Have you ever been to a wrestling show before?


12-14-11 04:35 AM
Rodzilla is Offline
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Every month, I go to this independent wrestling show in town. They have some really good talent. Lance Hoyt (Vance Archer in the WWE) was on the show this past summer. I go to a lot of wrestling shows here in Texas. River City Wrestling has Hernandez from TNA and Cheerleader Melissa, Anarchy Championship Wrestling in Austin is like an ECW/CZW promotion, Professional Championship Wrestling in the DFW area which has Lance Hoyt have a good fan base and their own TV show, and Pro Wrestling Alliance in the Houston area is owned by Booker T is also a really good promotion.
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12-22-11 01:35 AM
death_nation is Offline
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No but some of the audiences is nothing but actor including the hotties, ppl with Wrestling Merchandies they do it in order to promote the fans to buy it online,Some is there to bring the crowd to cheer/boo with them. then they have audience that get attack every once in a while those are professional trained Wrestlers with acting skills and most likely been trained to prevent Injuries.Then they have sounds systems that make it sounds  like a huge set of audience is Cheering/booing them.
Death 2 all !!

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(edited by death_nation on 12-22-11 01:38 AM)    

01-25-12 11:21 PM
lone-wolf_0991 is Offline
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I've never really been to a wrestling show before. Back then when I used to watch wrestling I wanted too, but now I'm not really interested in going =P

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Registered: 10-29-11
Location: Onnet , Eagleland
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01-25-12 11:45 PM
vizwiz123 is Offline
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I've never been to w wrestling show. But I can definitely tell you that I begged my parents to death to just buy tickets or something and take me. They promised me several times, but those ended up being unfulfilled promises. =/
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01-28-12 07:37 PM
mrexclusivej2p is Offline
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I went to a WWE show before. Sat in the 7th row. It was part of there English tour the night after Rebellion. Watching Rikishi and Edge dance together was the highlight of the night. It was at the time Undertaker had broken his wrist so he wasn't able to compete. Brock Lesner was WWE Undisputed Champion and Matt Hardy was his little puppy. The Atmosphere was epic and this was just from a little english touring show. So I'd love to be at a Wrestle Mania or another huge event.
Mr. E J2P

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04-04-12 03:35 PM
Jordanv78 is Offline
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Actually I did go to a taping of WWF smackdown like 10 years ago. It was a lot of fun. IT was the episode where either the Rock or McMahon had to kiss Rakishi's ass if they lost. It was pretty funny.

Mick Foley also had a huge part that episode. The experience seeing it live is something in between a monster truck rally, and a rock concert. It's pretty hilarious.
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04-08-12 02:46 PM
darkdisciple13 is Offline
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Yeah, I went to a Smackdown house show at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. It was sweet. Wrestling, oddly enough I think is better in person than it is on TV. The crowd was really loud, and really got into it. I sat in the first row of the upper bowl, which if you've been to the Joe you know it is pretty close to the ring. But Sheamus and Wade Barrett were in a street fight that actually ended up right in front of where I was sitting. You really can't tell how huge those guys are until they're right in front of you.

A few of the younger wrestlers made a few mistakes that I'm sure they tend to cover up on the TV show, but no one really cared, and it was a lot of fun. Most of the wrestlers seemed really into it. Mark Henry actually grabbed a sign from a fan, ripped it up, and threw it like confetti as he walked to the ring.

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06-16-12 05:12 AM
SES Serotonin is Offline
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SES Serotonin
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Yup ^_^ I go at least twice every year to wrestling shows (Not including the one I wrestle at each month lol). One to WWE and one to either a TNA or when a promotion comes through Cov.
Last year, when I went to a WWE show, I got a picture taken with Dolph  Ziggler :D
General of Palamecia and member of Tantalus

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07-04-12 10:06 PM
SamB is Offline
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I have never been to one but It looks like it could be fun, The stuff is obviously fake, but that won't stop me from having a good time haha ha. 
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07-23-12 12:00 PM
zigimusprime is Offline
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My first WWE Event was WrestleMania X-Seven in Houston , which by far is my favourite WrestleMania, and PPV , ever.
Then, I've been to a few road shows for like Smack Down and stuff in late 2005-2007 as well.  I got a ton of autographs and silly merchandises because of course I was still in love with the Pro Wrestling.    I met Bobby Lashley , Batista, Matt Hardy,  Booker T, Undertaker, and a bunch others.  

I went to one of the Smack Down roadshow with my little brother and I dared him to ask Batista about steroids and Batista raged so hard on everyone.  He said "Nothing but a contract is stopping me from going over this rope and driving your stupid face to the ground," then he flexed his muscles and everyone just laughed their asses off.    He quit signing people's shirt, hats and books and whatnot, so people were also bummed out and started to hate on my brother a little bit.  Then Undertaker came by and my brother asked Undertaker if he farted during his match because everyone could smell his nasty rotten cheesy omelet turd.   Undertaker raged and Batista came back and was all like "Them kids have no respect for what we do" my brother shouted back "It's fake , you moron"  hahaha all the signing ended and all the Divas and Wrestlers started bickering with my 13 year old brother XD

Anyways, I stopped watching Wrestling about a year ago but my friend at Full Sail university was hosting another roadshow and he invited me.   It wasn't just a Smack Down show, it was most of the WWE roster and superstars that were there.  I got to meet CM Punk, John Cena, Wade Barrett, and a few other of the guys.  Didn't really care for them, but I truly did love receiving a kiss from Leyla at the signing.   Honestly, as boring and fake the shows are and overdone they can be, it's fun to interact with the super stars later in the evening.  Most of them are pretty chill and I was grateful to having a chance to meet them.   Del Rio for another push! 

The Unenlightened

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08-01-12 07:36 AM
RictrasShard is Offline
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I've been to three.

The first was when I was ten, Atlantic Gran Prix. I was in the front row. During a battle royal, Stephen Petipas was thrown out and almost landed on me. The main event was Leo Burke vs. The Super Destroyer.

The second was WWF in Halifax. I can remember Tatanka vs. Skinner, Sid Justice vs. Undertaker, and High Energy (Owen Hart and Koko Beware), but I can't remember who they faced. The main event was Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts.

The last was an independent, can't remember the name. The main event was Bad News Allen vs. Sexton Hardcastle. You may know Hardcastle by his WWE name, Edge. I went to the show for Allen, little knowing I was going to be seeing a future legend.

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Registered: 11-21-10
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08-02-12 12:19 PM
Derick22333 is Offline
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I went to a house show in DC back in 2005 I think it was called. the holla holla tour. It was a Smackdown brand featuring Undertaker, Booker T, Eddie Guerrero in the main event,

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06-29-13 10:19 PM
Rodzilla is Offline
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Mostly to Indy shows, but went to TNA Lock down this year and a ROH live event.
Lone Star Champ

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Registered: 12-12-11
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07-01-13 09:29 AM
Black Bot is Offline
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Black Bot
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No, I haven't.. I hate wrestling and I will never like it. I'm peaceful, in many ways.. I hate fighting and I'll NEVER see a wrestling show!!! HAHAHA!!

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 10-17-12
Location: US
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07-01-13 09:32 AM
Dean2k13 is Offline
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Hello there & HOW ARE YOU? :D I'm great! ..

I love wrestling so much, I'm like thee number one fan! I watch it all the time - I don't like WWE though. I watch TNA. I've never been to a show though, but I'm going in January! So I can't wait for that!
Trusted Member

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07-03-13 12:43 AM
B619ook is Offline
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 I never been to a wrestling game but I do watch it online and on tv from time from time , man do I wish I went to a wrestling game.
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07-03-13 07:49 AM
Barathemos is Offline
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I have not. I am not a huge fan of it so I don't want to pay a bunch of money to go, but if someone gave me tickets, I am there!
Vizzed Elite

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07-05-13 07:59 PM
Legs_Ftw is Offline
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Ok so, WWE is scripted, they have a pre-show match and they also have an off the air match which we never get to watch unless we go there,
On topic: No I haven't but I nearly snagged myself platinum tickets to the WWE Raw World Tour to Australia in my home city of Melbourne. 

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07-05-13 11:05 PM
The_IB122 is Offline
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No, I haven't went to one but I would like to go to one some day, I was thinking of going to WrestleMania 30 on April 6th in New Orleans, but I don't have the money to go :(.
Vizzed Elite
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07-06-13 05:25 AM
GamingMonkey is Offline
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I did want to go long ago.
But it does not interest me that much now.
Maybe I will watch UFC but not the other wrestling shows.
Just saying.
Thanks for making the thread as well.
Vizzed #1 Fallout fan

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