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Play Power Strike Online
The Earth is threatened by mutant plant life and their brainwashed human followers. Only one force can stop the evil vegetables from taking root: Power Strike, the most versatile jet fighter in the world. Blast the enemy in the air and and on the ground and save the planet from the creeping green menace. There are six rounds to complete (three in the mobile version). In each round, numbers (from 1 to 8) can be found on the ground either enclosed by a ring, or in the air carried by a ship. Getting these numbers will upgrade your firepower. Get more of the same number for a maximum upgrade. Unfortunately, whatever the type of firepower you get, you will have a limited supply of ammo, so you need to stock up on the same type of firepower if you get too low. At the end of each round, there is an end-of-round boss which involves shooting parts of its base in order to destroy it. Intermediate bosses can be found in the last three rounds (console version only). System: sms
Rating: 5.7
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Power Strike Ratings
Overall Graphics Sound Addictiveness Depth Story Difficulty
Average User Score 5.7 9 8 10 9 9 8
Totts's Score 9.4 9 8 10 9 9 8
So far not too much occupied with the game gear

Power Strike: So far not too much occupied with the game gear
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Posted on 07-27-11 12:55 PM Totts is Offline     Post: 611 words - Spell checked - (ID: 429350) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link | Reply to Post
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I must admit that I myself so far not too much occupied with the game gear, because so far not a single game on the 8-bit handheld system could inspire me. Recently I have come but Aleste benefit from GG that I would definitely describe as the game gear game par excellence. Since then, I see the game gear in a completely different light!

The Aleste games by compile enjoy an excellent reputation among shooter fans since the release of the first part of the Aleste at the MSX and GG Aleste is there absolutely no exception. Already, the first level of the classic vertical scroller is able to put one in amazement. The super fast vertical and also horizontal scrolling, detailed graphics and the optimal game play make you want to more immediately. For my part, I could tear me no longer of this game, even though I got not enough sleep for the next business day as a result. I had to play through the game immediately. I have a high power of attraction has long been more experienced at any shoot 'em up game. This small handheld game has the same irresistible charm like all its predecessors on stationary consoles, whether now Musha Aleste on the mega drive or Spriggan on the PC engine. Massive cuts usually incurred implementations on a handheld system with one, are not visible here. Here, a work was delivered, that is unparalleled! Thus, I can say with a pure conscience, that GG Aleste / power strike, as it is called outside of Japan, is the truly best 8-bit handheld game of ever. In my opinion, its successor, whom I unfortunately still not know until now, is the only game that could push GG Aleste from the throne of the portable 8-bit shooter. I will soon find out it certainly after an own game gear and the two Aleste games I have worried me.

But now few words about the game itself, which in itself requires no further explanation. But everyone knows Aleste or about not? Here is a game you can play until the fingers glow. The own ship has two weapons systems that are expandable. The frontal shot of the standard is only slowly reinforced by the regular pick up many small power capsules, while the variable secondary weapon system gets an upgrade by the not-so-common large power symbols. Whether you prefer a great big gun, comprehensive plasma waves, a powerful laser, a rotating shield or devastating bombs the weapon selection is here really varied. Also, the eight long levels. Only, the background graphics are monotonous, which does not detract from the game play however. The Central and boss are impressive and large and fire from all guns. Slowdowns during the game this rarely occur only in very chaotic situations in which it is bombarded from all directions. At least at normal difficulty, which I ended as an experienced player directly at the second attempt. But just as the last boss is getting pretty hard. The game may slightly too easily advised, which is also because you can play with the loss of a life with only slightly reduced firepower on the ground for proper professional gamers. If you hold enough for good you should directly elect the second level of difficulty. Here it is taken from the outset hard the deficiency.

Thus everything to the game has been said. So, is missing only the ultimate conclusion. I still say this is a great game, what to? Nothing comes a sadly just more me. If you now feel addressed by GG Aleste, you buy to the game and possibly a game gear. (last edited by tRIUNE on 09-19-11 03:22 PM)

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Power Strike: So far not too much occupied with the game gear
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