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02-01-11 05:21 PM
10-04-11 08:51 AM

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Do you like to debate?


10-04-11 01:12 AM
silverthundr is Offline
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Sometimes. My parents used to joke when I was younger that I should go for debate team (there isn't one at my school). If I get into it, I think I can do okay, considering I put up a fairly good debate about philosophy with a teacher in middle school.
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10-04-11 08:37 AM
alexanyways is Offline
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I don't like having debates, unless I'm trolling an idiot, then it's fun.
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10-04-11 08:51 AM
Morsalbus is Offline
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I love debating, and even arguing sometimes. I grew up in a pretty conflict happy family, and we argue all the time, so I never really get upset by anything people say. I am generally of the opinion that when people disagree on something they should go at it until everyone involved has a good understanding of the other people's views. Even in arguments. Because of all that I sometimes have to hold back for certain people who are more sensitive, though. =/
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