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10-13-19 07:52 PM

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12-15-10 10:23 AM
12-22-12 09:42 PM

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What was your most horrible moment with a teacher?


02-09-11 07:08 PM
Mattu197 is Offline
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grade 12 like 10 years ago got caught by my gym teach drinking a beer (IT was grade 12 and i was stupid) i got kicked out of the school and thats why i am an iron worker now.

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02-09-11 07:34 PM
Annette is Offline
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Probably when my gym teacher screamed at me to keep my hands off my at-the-time boyfriend during gym class even though we were just standing around talking with our friends. I literally wasn't within arms reach of him. My ex and I made a point not to talk each other during gym class very much after that because for some reason our teacher hated seeing us together.

He also read my friend's assignment out loud to the class in order to ridicule him and point out all of his spelling mistakes and how stupid he was- I wasn't there but just from the sound of it it was really terrible.

He was always really weird towards me and a few other girls, kind of sarcastic in an unnecessary way and he made a point to watch what we were doing so he could give us bad marks. I'm not gonna lie I was really bad at gym but this guy gave me the creeps. He was a bully.

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(edited by Annette on 02-09-11 07:35 PM)    

02-09-11 07:59 PM
JZ is Offline
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I've never had a horrible teacher like that thankfully...

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02-09-11 08:25 PM
mr.keys is Offline
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This teacher named Mrs.Brewer bent over in my face.
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02-10-11 07:59 PM
thelegendofzeldafan is Offline
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This one time last year i was in science class and my teacher called up the people who were failing her class (me included). While she was talking about that me and this girl started talking and flirting. The teacher noticed that we weren't paying attention so she slapped me upside my head. It was embarrassing.

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03-03-11 05:11 PM
ddeltaroxx is Offline
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ummm (my memorie is crap just so you guys know) I guess it would be when I got yelled at back in the 4th grade. I got so mad at a girl who she and her friends were picking on me for about a year then. so one day after school let out, I was heading for the bus and I had just finaly lost it. I smacked her in the face with my back pack. the next day the little tatle tale told my teacher and I was sent to the pricipals ofice.

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04-04-11 04:02 PM
Choko453 is Offline
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I'm already an obnoxious person anyways and for some reason most of my teachers like me but I was telling a joke and I started pelvic thrusting to add to the joke and my teacher happened to walk in and gave me 3 weeks of detention.
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04-11-11 07:28 PM
dkmec20 is Offline
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I've had a bad moment with my Social Studies teacher in the 5th grade. She was very mean and nobody liked her. I didn't turn my homework in one day and she yelled at me.
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04-13-11 06:11 AM
drago is Offline
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ronaldo7 : Ha ha! Thats real funny because one of my friends did that and she said STOP STARING AT THEM!

Anyway my worst moment was with a teacher was when a supply came in and one my friends said ooo shes hot. And i burst out laughing (i have problems, even if a joke isnt funny i would laugh anyway) and then she cluthed my shoulder REAL hard!
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04-13-11 06:22 AM
Maverick987 is Offline
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I know a guy who has but you don't want to know what happened^^
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04-13-11 09:32 PM
Elara is Offline
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I have had a few bad moments over the years, some worse than others:

1st Grade: I was in the gifted class, which was 1st/2nd split and the teacher ran it like a tyrant. She locked the doors during class (which is against state law for fire safety reasons), would make me do math problems during play time, and would not let students go to the bathroom. There was a card system for behavior (green for good, yellow for so-so, red for bad), asking to go to the bathroom got you automatically to red. There was a girl in the class, really smart with the best behavior, that tried to hold it and ended up pissing her pants... the teacher moved her card to red after yelling at her. Between that and the locks, my parents demanded I be put in another class because they would not allow that woman to teach me for two years... thus I was put into normal classes. She should have been fired, but she had tenure... still there last I heard.

9th Grade: My Spanish 1 teacher was a major pain for two reasons. Firstly, she was apparently racist towards all non-Latino students, verified by my friends in the Spanish for Spanish-speakers class... where she had long rants about how she hated the rest of us. Second, she had a problem with me personally because I was Pagan. The first semester I was getting all As, I did my work, I was quiet. Then one of the students found out I was a witch and started harassing me, then she found out and suddenly my grades started slipping.

There ended up being a major problem with both of them. I went after the student one day, throwing a desk in the process, and she sent us to the Vice Principal... who went pale and threatened to suspend the guy when I said the words "religious discrimination"... he was given a warning and the teacher was told to suspend him if he bothered me again (she didn't). Then, one day when I had finished all my work, while others were chatting loudly around me and goofing off, I chose to read a library book on elemental magick. She walked up, pulled the book out of my hands and took it, saying I was not allowed to read in class (which was a lie) and if I wanted it back I would have to bring a guardian after school to get it, and that she didn't care that it was a library book. So, after school I told my mother and brother about it (not mentioning exactly what the book was since my mom did not know I was a witch then), and my brother went with me back to her classroom to get it. Now, my brother is nineteen years older than me, looks like a member of the Mexican mafia, and was wearing a black trenchcoat two weeks after Columbine (it was raining)... my teacher was maybe 5'2" and a twig, so when I walked in with my brother and he politely but intimidatingly asked why she had "taken his little sister's book when she [me] was finished with all her classwork", my teacher looked like she was going to piss her pants. She left me alone after that, though I went from an A to a C-... and I am sure that fear of my brother coming back is the only reason she didn't fail me. She was fired two years later when more people complained.

College: I had two really bad teachers while I was in college. One was my statistics teacher who had recently come here from the Philippines, and treated us all like first graders. The accent was hard to deal with, but I managed (my stat teacher in high school was from Spain so she had a strong accent as well, and I did fine), but I could not STAND the way he talked to us, it was so condescending. He gave the easiest math exam I have ever had though... but then he didn't record my score so I had to take the class over again. I was pissed.

The second teacher was for chemistry. She was apparently in the professional industry in Taiwan then came here to teach, and she seemed to think that teaching was beneath her. If we didn't know a concept when it was introduced, she would ridicule us. I dropped that class because I could not stand her.
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04-13-11 09:41 PM
TheMichaelOnline is Offline
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What was your most horrible moment with a teacher?

I personally have never really had a bad relationship with teachers. The closest thing I can think of was learning that my Government/Economics HS teacher was arrested for having sexual relations with a student.

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04-18-11 11:22 PM
Bintsy is Offline
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It would probably be my 6th grade teacher. I mean the whole year I had to deal with her it wasn't just me but other people in my class were having problems with her, she was in her 20s and veryyy immature, she did things like.. okay you know how there is always a guy or a girl in the class that makes straight A's.. well I was having problems that year with my grades I would make a couple of A's bs cs and ds, and there were some kids in my class who always made F's and we would take tests and stuff and she would call out and say oh wow look how good this one did on there test, all the rest of you guys should be ashamed of your work, he worked so hard studieing I bet, I mean who is she to say who has studied and who has not. Other things would be like giveing dirty looks and she always had something rude to say about something, she wore this dark makeup like black eyeliner and black lipstick so she was sort of scary. I mean there were so many complaints about her that when the year was over the principle fired her. Gosh she was a bad teacher. I had some of the crazy incidents to.
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04-23-11 04:14 PM
xrunner50 is Offline
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One time I was doing bad in school and if she says you do good you i won't send you to the deans office. so I tried my hardest (also I have a learning disability i don't tell people about). So she sees my work and says " I know you tried hard so but this isn't complete, I'm sorry but I'm going to send you to the deans".

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04-24-11 03:23 AM
mikedavike28 is Offline
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My worst moment with a teacher was the awkward silence after punching a teacher for putting his hands to my throat trying to restrain me. Long story short, I got a month of Iss and the teacher never came around me ever again.

Also on the day I graduated and the principal didn't want to give me my degree cause he didn't think I "earned it" even after I put all my effort into my classes all the time. He was almost the second teacher I ever hit, but I didn't want to catch a murder charge at the time so I just walked away. I have more stories too, but maybe another time. And people wonder why I don't go on to college.

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04-24-11 06:55 AM
ripefallapples45 is Offline
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my worst time with a teacher was in second grade and my teacher was testing and I was reading out loud and she just started yelling at me like i just smacked her in the head(which is wat i wanted to do at the time)and I was embarrased in front of the whole class i was about to go off on her but that would just embarrase me more.she was a mean teacher

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04-25-11 10:32 PM
SunflowerGaming is Offline
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When I was in 3rd grade, I had this teacher that would pull my hair and slap me. Back then no one really did anything. But eventually she was fired, but it was years after what she had done to me.
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05-31-11 12:42 AM
Marcmoney is Offline
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I asked my teacher if I can wear this shirt for "funny t-shirt" category in the yearbook and my teacher said no and to put my shirt inside-out. It was a sign that says "Blame the dog" and under it has a picture of the dog symbol farting. I thought it was funny and cute. My teacher told me to change shirts and so I did. Few minutes later, I ignored her and my art teacher encouraged me to go to the library and tell them to take the picture for the yearbook. So I did, I went to the bathroom, changed shirts and starting walking to the library covering the picture of the dog. When I got there, I saw the librarian...and MY TEACHER!!! I didn't expect to see my teacher being in the library at that time. I went in there, acted like I had nothing to hide, and told the librarian that I want to take a picture of the shirt I have on for the yearbook (I said that right in front of my teacher). The librarian said to show it and so did my teacher. Right then, I knew I was screwed. I then showed it to them and my teacher flipped out on me and told me to go back and change the shirt before I get in trouble. I then left and changed shirts and told my art teacher that I could not do it. This happened in 7th grade, by the way.
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08-11-11 06:47 AM
mike345 is Offline
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My most horrible moment with a teacher was on the day before Halloween he said anyone that doesn't come in with a costume and a ghost story to tell will be kicked out, I told this to my mom she said he's just joking and guess what happened when I came to school without a costume and a ghost story?
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09-06-11 01:51 AM
tabbikatt13 is Offline
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My math teacher freshman year decided that me and my friend were being too loud for her. So right in the middle of another lesson, she stops, turns to us, and starts yelling at us to pay attention. All that happened was that I asked my friend if I could borrow a pencil. =|

The entire class literally went, "oooooh" because we were two people who NEVER got in trouble. Pretty juvenile, but very embarrassing, nonetheless. 
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