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11-13-10 02:17 PM
08-22-11 03:55 PM

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What's the best way to lose weight?


11-13-10 02:17 PM
vizwiz123 is Offline
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So, I'm trying to lose weight because I really need to :P
So I was thinking of asking you guys if you have any good methods to losing weight.
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11-13-10 02:20 PM
billythekidmonster is Offline
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Well running and biking are a great way to stay in shape. Another way is if you just play with your friends or something, that's all I do.
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11-13-10 02:20 PM
SilverMaestro is Offline
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I had the same issue a while ago and I looked up lots of ways to lose weight. There are lots of things that work for different people, but for me I drank more water, started eating more fruit and less junk, and I would go for a walk or something every once in a while, and after 2 months I had lost almost 30 pounds. You can take my advice if it helps, but there are lots of sites online where I'm sure you could find some useful tips on losing weight.
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11-13-10 02:38 PM
Nksor is Offline
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How ironic, I just lost 15 lbs. over the summer. Lemme give you two things that are dire for losing weight:

1. Shrinking your stomach

2. Eating Healthier

Now, shrinking your stomach may sound out of this world, but it's possible by simply eating more balanced portions. Make a menu; if you're too lazy to do that, buy some Lean Cuisines or some Healthy Choice. They're specially made in perfect portions. Once your stomach has shrunk, you will want to eat less. I'm not saying starve yourself; it'll do the exact opposite. By not eating enough, your body will naturally slow down your metabolism, so when you binge a couple of days later (and you will after starving yourself) you'll gain even more weight.

Eating healthier shouldn't be too hard. Just throw out *most* of the crap (I'll explain why you'll want to keep some later) and buy fruit, vegetables, lean meat, and 2% milkfat or less milk. You'll want to keep some of the junk food because keeping oils and fats and sugars and the like are also vital for staying alive; a slice of pie or a scoop of ice cream isn't so bad every other day.

Wow, that was long. I didn't expect to type so much. Hopefully it helps. :)
Vizzed Elite

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11-13-10 02:43 PM
LYNDZ88 is Offline
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Well excerise is definately a must in the whole losing weight deal. I heard that the best way to lose weight was to count calories and just well dont eat so many thinkning about going on a 1500 calorie sick of my fatty mcfatness
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11-13-10 02:47 PM
Nksor is Offline
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LYNDZ88 : 1500? I'm on a 3000 and I'm still losing weight. :D
Vizzed Elite

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11-13-10 04:41 PM
geeogree is Offline
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Mr Geeohn-A-Vash53215
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my opinion is drink more water (and less juice/pop) and take the time to exercise/run/bike for 30-60 minutes a day. Those 2 things on their own should help you lose weight. And try and be smarter about what you eat. More small meals are better than 2-3 large ones. It keeps your body digesting all day rather than starting and stopping.
Vizzed Elite

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11-13-10 06:41 PM
edison131 is Offline
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vizwiz123 : Two words: strength training. This is for both guys and gals. That's right, girls too! A lot of times when girls hear strength training they automatically assume they are going to get huge and muscular after a couple weeks of strength training and that is not true. Strength training will help you shed a lot of weight and also tone up those long lost muscles. :D And think about it, this only makes sense because when you're lifting heavy or heavier weights than you're typically used to, (without getting into the technicalities of carbs, etc.) you're using loads more of stored energy, thus losing weight. Of course everything that everyone has mentioned so far is important too but I highly recommend strength training as well, and when I say strength training I'm refering to lifting weights. When I first started lifting weights I thought I was going gain all this muscle mass right off the bat. Boy was I wrong. The first two weeks I lost about 15 pounds of weight (which was discouraging when you're trying to put weight on). Here, only a year later have I put on about 30 pounds of muscle mass. For guys, I recommend lifting higher weights, lower reps per set- maybe like 8-10 reps per set. For girls, I recommend lifting lower weights, higher reps- maybe like 12-15 reps per set. There are a lot of good routines available on the internet, you just have to kinda go through them and determine which one best works for you and will help you meet the goal you want. A couple words of advice and encouragement, the first two weeks are the absolute hardest to get through, but push through them, it is so worth it. Once you start seeing some numbers change on the scale and start getting compliments from others, you'll be so thankful you did. ;) And if you can, find a friend to do this with, it's good to have support and encouragement from a friend and a spotter if you lift real heavy weights. Good luck!

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11-13-10 06:50 PM
Oniya is Offline
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Trade out your normal beverages for water, especially if you normally drink soda. (An old trick to help you drink water is to add a little bit of lemon juice to each glass. It gives it just enough flavor to keep it interesting.)

I mentioned it in another thread, but if you're one of those people that says you 'don't have time' to exercise, do a google on 'Office Workout'. It's a 15 minute set of exercises with no more equipment than a stable chair and a wall.

Another trick is to put your food on a smaller plate. Allow yourself to go for seconds if you want to, but chances are that you want. (Buffet restaurants use this trick all the time.)

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11-13-10 07:36 PM
flambeau is Offline
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That depends on how much weight you intend to loose. From self experience, best tips are:
1. eat 5 or 6 times a day (but not junk foods, small portions of healthy foods, fruits, soups, that stuff). If you don't eat your body will begin to save calories and it will slow down the weight lost. Besides, by doing so you don't feel hungry and that candy bar don't look so temptation
2. forget soft drinks and canned juices. Got thirsty? Drink water
3. don't jump meals. By doing so you got more hungry and ends up eating more at the next meal
4. have some physical activities
5. don't go for a very harsh diet. You won't keep it for a long time and you'll gain very fast everything you lost

Good luck!

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11-13-10 07:49 PM
RideZeLitenin is Offline
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Number one thing that has always worked for me:


THis keeps your metabolism and fat-burning hormones peaked at all times of the day. Instead of stuffing yourself full 3 times a day, try eating smaller lunches and suppers and instead eat more snacks throughout the day.
Try not eating till ya stuffed, just try eating till you're satisfied.
Now, don't go off eating a Twix every hour... Just eat something somewhat good for you pretty frequently - doesn't necessarily have to be "healthy". Just a cheese stick or something... Maybe a granola bar.
Doing some sort of short, intense exercise will help you lose weight and strengthen up at the same time.

Hopefully this may help you get into better shape mon. Good luck. ;)

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11-14-10 07:20 AM
hawkwind_dragon is Offline
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STAIRS: climb lots of stairs.
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11-14-10 03:52 PM
Hoochman is Offline
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It is a combination of things, you should limit how much you eat and how many meals you have and do a lot of workouts that cause you to sweat.

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11-15-10 02:05 PM
Oniya is Offline
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Even just raising your heartbeat a decent amount is going to help. The 'office workout' that I referenced is designed to be low-sweat, so that business professionals can do it in the office without having to go shower off.

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11-15-10 02:18 PM
MichaelVash7886 is Offline
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There's a few things that need to be addressed here.

First off, the key is whether you are talking about weight or fat. If you are talking about fat then strength training will help you out. Muscle weighs more than fat, but it also helps increase your metabolism. If you mean weight then this wouldn't help as at first as least you'd add mass.

Same thing goes with running, running is aerobic exercise and will help you burn fat, but it does build muscle. Walking (especially right after waking up) seems to help give your body's metabolism a kick.

Other than this, I think there's some good advice above.

As for milk, if you like milk (and have been drinking whole milk) then Purity makes a type of milk called Zero Plus, it tastes very similar to whole milk but has no fat in it and very few calories. It may be preferable to 2% as I always thought 2% tasted gross.
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(edited by MichaelVash7886 on 11-15-10 02:19 PM)    

11-16-10 08:17 AM
Juliet is Offline
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Hmm... I guess don't eat too much carbohydrates, and always walk or better yet, run.
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12-03-10 04:36 PM
hl54322 is Offline
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1. Find some sort of exercise or sport you enjoy doing.
2. Drink more water, eat less candy & sweets.
3. Run or walk daily maybe around your neighborhood or somewhere.

That's all the ideas I have for now. But there are many great ideas above.

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02-02-11 07:56 PM
BNuge is Offline
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There are two great ways and one expensive key to make it perfect.

1. Diet
2. Exercise (I always preferred swimming since it's a full body workout)

Key: There's a somewhat expensive test that examines your individual DNA to determine the perfect balance of dieting and exercising so that you get in the best shape. For some people, exercise 24/7 won't be enough. I can't personally afford the test so I just stick with my kickboxing now.
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02-02-11 11:27 PM
YourMajestyKen is Offline
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Losing weight takes dedication and commitment. If you're won't ever lose weight.

Create a diet plan of course....eating a certain amount of times a day....I try not to eat more than 3 times a day.

Daily exercise...walking for me works wonders :P Anything that burns calories and makes you sweat....

Doing this for a period of time will result in weight loss. :)
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02-03-11 07:57 PM
Annette is Offline
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The most important way is to eat healthy. You can't eat as much crap as you want and work out, you won't be healthy. If you don't give your body balanced nutrition you'll just burn out.
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