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Posted on 11-13-10 01:57 PM genericforumname1 is Offline     Post: 1118 words - (ID: 274212) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
Level: 4

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This is not made by me.

Download it here: Demo 0.5 /download.php?w06ap4pcjdvcg33

Check music progress here (uploaded in separate parts): sharekey=64b035092ecb9db0e7ba8e3c6e11ce20665ee5d1c715a41f38538f5672f1b9df

If you don't own 7zip, you will need this:
View the Trailer Here (NOT UP TO DATE):
More Videos Here:

SSBC Development Team:
Phantom7: Director, graphics designer, minor spriter, minor programmer
Falcon88: Major programmer, director, minor spriter
Dr.MarioX: Director, major spriter
__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Werekill: Currently working on stage backgrounds, suggestions, and testing.
Tailsbrawler: May help with spirtes, but is usually testing and giving us ideas.
fromundaman: Glitch/Bug Finder
TheOriginalSmasher: Glitch/Bug Finder
fortwaffles: 3-D Modeling.
Borack6: Gameplay Videos --
__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________


Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
DirectX 8 or later
DirectX 8 compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory
Pentium or equivalent processor
DirectX 8 compatible sound card
128 MB of memory or greater (noted only in official Game Maker help file documentation)
960×720 or greater screen resolution with 16-bit or 32-bit colors


What types of / How many characters will be included in this game?
-- We have quite a lengthy list of fighters (min. 60 - 70 max. 80.
We're shooting for 80. Don't worry; we can handle it. Characters don't
require as much space as they may seem to). There will be plenty of 3rd
parties and new representatives from Nintendo games, along with a bonus
-- 1 4th party (not originally from a video game series) representative
that appears frequently in video games, and that is Goku.

What types of / How many stages are in this game? -- We also have quite a long stage list (app. 60-65) that includes a great variety of past (64, Melee, and Brawl) and original stages. We will announce them as we go along, similar to what Sakurai did on the Smash Bros Dojo.

Will this game include and Online Play feature? -- No one knows at this point. We may try, but we don't know any way to program that for sure...

How many hours a day does the team work on the game? -- We actually don't have a set number of hours per day. We work often, and when we are not busy with other things.

Which Smash Bros. game is SSBC going to resemble the most? -- It is going to have sort of a feel similar to SSB64 and Brawl, but it will include more various features from Brawl. It's hard to say for sure, because the style of play will be very original. I can say this, though: It will be more like Brawl than Melee.

Will there be NASL in SSBC? Edges have a significant sweetspot area around them, mainly implemented to help out characters with shorter horizontal recovery. The sweetspot is approximately the size of Kirby's body. Also, note that you will auto-grab an edge if you walk off or roll off of it while DI'ing toward the stage.

Lol can I do SHDJCFFL in SSBC? Uhhh, not exactly, but I'll tell you this. Double jumps can be short-hopped. There is fast-falling, but it doesn't cancel upwards momentum. There's no L-canceling, though. Some moves will autocancel in their last few frames.

Will there be [LOLrandom mehanic from other game series]? Mostly, the answer here is no. The game will have the mechanisms present in SSBB, for the most part.

How many moves do characters have? Here is a full list:
Forward, Up, and Down Tilts
Dash Attack
Nair, Fair, Bair, Uair, and Dair
Forward, Up, and Down Smashes
Forward, Back, Up, and Down Throws
Neutral B
Side B and Smash B (on some characters, such as Samus and Ryu)
Up B (and Smash Up B on few characters)
Down B
Edge Recovery Attack
Final Smash(es)

Examples of Smash B vs Side B - Samus Super Missiles vs. Homing Missiles, Ryu's EX Hurricane Kick vs. normal Hurricane Kick

How much Hitstun will attacks cause? There is not much more stun than Brawl, and it depends heavily on the attack being used. Also, throws have an intrinsic 3 extra stun frames which is just enough to allow some combos to occur. Many attacks have extra inherent hitstun, like Snake's Knee and Ryu's Down Tilt, but most normal attacks do not have much. So, for instance, Up Tilt juggling with Mario is mostly dependent on your opponent's failure to escape. This is not to say there are no true combos; in fact, every character in the game so far has at least two true attack strings that occur at specific damage percents. This game is not too combo-heavy, but it has a few. However, there is a combo-counter that lets you know when you successfully perform an attack string.

Are there Final Smashes / How do they work? Well, you have a Smash Gauge below your character's percent monitor on the screen, and this gauge fills up as you pound the living tar out of your enemies. It also fills up a little bit when you take damage, as well. When it's full, it will turn white and say ("FINAL SMASH!") That's your chance to pull out all the stops and unleash your character's ultimate attack. You can even adjust the amount of power the gauge will take to fill up in the VS Settings. The default is 200, but you can go as low as 50 and as high as 1000. 50 is a little ridiculous, though, so use wisely.

Is this a Flash game? Nope. We use Game Maker 7 Pro, for specific reasons, like ease of programming and knowledge of the GM language.

Will there be Mac Versions? Well, we only have the Windows Game Maker, let me do a little research and figure out how you may be able to run it. I am not going to spend too much time on this, however, since most of my Mac-using buddies have Windows emulators or Parallel Desktops or something. As of now, the answer is no, but maybe we'll get to it after the final game is released.

How can I insert my own music into the game? Simply insert an OGG Vorbis (Must be a .ogg) audio file into the SSBC/music/(stage name) folder. The audio file will play at the stage that corresponds to the folder you inserted it in (obviously). The game will display the name of the file - without the extension - at the beginning of a match. You can insert multiple files, and they will be selected randomly during gameplay.

Where else can I get more information on this game? You can get it where it all started: On Smash Boards,, and the dojo:

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Posted on 11-14-10 01:15 AM pennylessz is Offline     Post: 76 words - (ID: 274596) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
Level: 60

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LVL EXP: 1757526
CP: 788.1
VIZ: 22285
Looks interesting but do you know how many of these are being made? I'll name a few SSBNESR SSB4, Super smash flash 2, super mario bros clash, and a few more. I'll try this hopefully it's good because it's behind most of it's competitors in demo versions, also I played 2 of them and they were really good. I do love SSB fan games though.

Also I'm pretty sure you should fix your link.
(last edited by pennylessz on 11-14-10 01:17 AM)

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Posted on 11-14-10 09:08 AM genericforumname1 is Offline     Post: 29 words - (ID: 274691) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
Level: 4

POSTS: 3/3
POST EXP: 1177
LVL EXP: 234
CP: 0.0
VIZ: 11124
The link's broken?
Huh, that's a shame.
And although it is in an early stage, it seems to have more than SSF2.
It has about 25 characters right now.

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Posted on 11-14-10 11:44 PM Geldra is Offline     Post: 29 words - (ID: 275188) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
Level: 62

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I'll check it out. It sounds pretty intresting, but like heaps of projects like this, they end up giving up. I hope this one doesn't end up like those.

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Posted on 11-15-10 09:11 PM billythekidmonster is Offline     Post: 36 words - (ID: 275767) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
Level: 114

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Looks preety cool. The thing is though some things just don't look right. I hope the creator will work out some of the obvious bugs. Once that happens I'll try it out. Still looks good though.

Star Luigi
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Posted on 11-15-10 09:22 PM the_casualty is Offline     Post: 29 words - (ID: 275771) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
Level: 122

POSTS: 1164/5805
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CP: 875.4
VIZ: 66857
Well, if it's still in its early stages, it looks pretty good. I didn't know there were a lot of SSB fan remakes... I guess I'm just behind :/

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Posted on 11-16-10 06:23 PM pennylessz is Offline     Post: 56 words - (ID: 276247) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
Level: 60

POSTS: 827/1104
POST EXP: 39093
LVL EXP: 1757526
CP: 788.1
VIZ: 22285
genericforumname1 : SSF2 focuses more on adding and improving physics, along with the fact their making it in flash and, are very busy. I tried this game there are so many glitches I couldn't stand to play it now. Also the sprite fall in comparison to SSF2 and some look like they were ripped from M.U.G.E.N.

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