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Second American Civil War coming?

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Second American Civil War coming?
- Is there a chance that a civil war will erupt in America again?
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Posted on 03-17-11 12:01 PM gamegeek is Offline     Post: 744 words - (ID: 349471) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I think there's actually a pretty high chance for a second revolution to occur. Yes, we've been dealing with the same *expletive* for years; but now tensions are higher due to tea party fear mongering, internet flame wars, and a vast gap in the differences in political party beliefs.

Americans, while having grown fat and lazy (However, the fat part is largely due to a bit of numerical screw ups by the FDA (See the movie 'Fat Head' to get it)), this doesn't mean some nutjob won't get off his *Three letter expletive* and decide to go out and kill every right or left wing politician who disagrees with him, to answer FlamingFuzzy's question of who would actually do anything. Even the non-psychopathic ones can represent a significant level of danger via the internet, by creating websites and posting to internet forums viewed by other important people. Also, keep in mind the Civil War was started as political war that stirred and grew into a behemoth of an issue.

To the argument that we won't fight amongst ourselves because we're fighting others overseas, this is also just plain wrong. If a revolutionary war occurs for the 2nd time, who said we'd use our own soldiers to do the fighting? Back in the first revolutionary war, we used ANYONE who was smart enough to know that pulling the curved bit of metal produced an explosion and death (Cept' women, due to gender stereotypes).

With the argument that each state has too many differences to rally and do something, the number of differences in each state tends to actually be irrelevant to if they join forces or not. Look at the multi-party systems in most countries, where there are no main parties, but instead,a bunch of equally-treated parties with their own beliefs. In any Civics & Economics class, you're bound to learn that essentially nothing gets done because everyone takes the "Vote for yourself" route. So, these parties, sometimes with only one or two minor similarities form a coalition and try to keep it running through a set course of time, or until one of the major differences rears its head and shatters everything. However, the differences is that Northern North America and Southern North America (Judged using the bible belt and the Mason-Dixie line) Tend to have similarities in belief that are almost exact. But say there's a large group of Northerners living in the south at the time everything starts to go down? They'll probably do what Northern folks did when the first Civil War happened, and uproot themselves to head north.

For the argument that we are all too ignorant to start a war with our own kinsmen, this could actually be a reason FOR starting a second Civil War if it weren't completely wrong. We live in the advent of the internet, a time where a google or Yahoo search can yield enough information to rival every library in the US. Even if you find 200 sites where the info is statistically and informational BS, you can find another 200 sites telling you why the info on the first 200 sites is wrong. Looking for info on the Tea party, but don't want Liberal Biases and Right wing biases messing with your data? Simply search for a couple different third party publications instead, it's amazing what you can find. As for how it could actually spark the war, let me quote my Kendo Sensei here, "It doesn't matter how many years of training you have [in Kendo], if you go up against an ignorant person holding a sword, he can be every bit as dangerous as a trained warrior because you have no clue what he's going to do with that sword, and where he might try and strike you". I think this quote can hold true with ignorants everywhere. Especially the part about not knowing what they might do, because they tend to be a bit on the unpredictable side. Lets say Nutjob A reads some info online without fully understanding it and creates a website trying to rally others around his view (Thus making him Ignorant Nutjob A1, or INJA1). INJA1s info spreads quicker than expected because a whole lotta relatively quiet INJAs read the info and start spewing it everywhere. Lazy people who don't want to fact check the inaccurate data assume it as truth, and you have a third party formed essentially full of people like INJAs 1-200,000.

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Posted on 03-17-11 02:25 PM warmaker is Offline     Post: 128 words - (ID: 349521) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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It's interesting that Obama was supposed to unite the country and bring us all together. He was awarded a Nobel Peace prize, but we have northern Africa fighting civil wars, Middle Eastern countries uprising, and the biggest gap between liberal and conservative I've seen in my 30 some years.

Where's your peace now, Mr. President?

Saying that, there will not be a civil war in the U.S. for many, many years. I think it would take a dictatorship and the complete control of government over every facet of life before that happens.

1. Outlawed fats in food.
2. Forced health care with no options
3. Welfare state that supports everything with everything....

Maybe we are headed to civil war. I like my freedoms, I'd fight an oppresive regime.


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Posted on 03-17-11 03:06 PM gamegeek is Offline     Post: 303 words - (ID: 349541) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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Ok, A) Obama is the US PRESIDENT! True, he has SOME responsibility over overseas affairs, but it's very minute. The things that have been happening overseas were caused by THEIR government regulations and their citizens. We had/have very slight influence with what happens with them.

B) The gap between Liberals and Conservatives is bigger now, but the issues haven't changed in a while. Conservatives are still upset over abortion and are still accusing every Liberal of being a communist, while the Liberals are still complaining that the Right is too heavily influenced by Christianity and calling every right-winger a fascist.

C) Outlawed fats in food? When did this happen? I see that McDonalds is still frying stuff in their greasy golden mess, my steaks still have a nice equilibrium of fat and meat, and last time I checked, my sausages were still a sickly gray from the copious amounts of pig fat mixed in with the small intestines, stomach, and other organs found inside the casing of a large intestine. If you're talking about TRANS fats being banned, then be more specific about it, but even then, haven't trans fats been proven to lead to heart attacks? You're complaining about the government protecting you from heart attacks?

D) The health care isn't forced unless you can't afford any of the big name health insurance names. It means that you're covered, even if you can't afford Red Cross, Blue Shield.

E) Welfare that supports everything with everything? Does this mean I can finally have my albino Giraffes cancer treated by paying the doctors with jellybeans? Or that I can ask the government for a cash handout when I'm making millions of dollars per day? Unless your answer is yes, than I suggest you rephrase that statement a little better and with fewer generalities.

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Posted on 03-17-11 09:18 PM Sephitard9001 is Offline     Post: 103 words - (ID: 349726) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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flamingfuzzy : Your stereotypical views on Americans make you seem like a very sad human being. I could easily create some sort of stupid stereotype for anyone. Egyptians are too uneducated to run a country. Arabs are all terrorists. Russians are just back stabbing pigs. Hurts doesn't it? Now I suggest you pretend to know what you're talking about elsewhere. You claim you're an American, but you must live under a rock to think that. Look at our military, how can you call one of the greatest armed forces of all time fat and lazy? How can you claim we never do anything?
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Posted on 04-03-11 11:20 PM gamegeek is Offline     Post: 124 words - (ID: 360945) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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Agreed. People need to correct their stereotypical views these days. Especially with documentaries like "Fathead" out there to correct all the inaccuracies and flaws with them.

People are too blind or lazy apparently to go out and do the research to see what's wrong with statements like "All Americans are fat and lazy". However, I do believe this strays from the original topic at hand on whether or not America has any possibility of going into a second Civil War. Also, you forgot to call all Irishmen fat, lazy, violent, redhead drunks.

Back on topic, I'd also like to add that we are currently at similar situations of the original Civil War. Except instead of slavery, we have human trafficking to deal with.

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Posted on 04-04-11 09:21 AM thenumberone is Offline     Post: 9 words - (ID: 361030) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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all i can say is :no, it wont happen

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Posted on 04-04-11 11:15 AM UserMike is Offline     Post: 29 words - (ID: 361073) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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In this modern age I do not think that will ever happen again. But more likely it will be something for widespread, and more catastrophic due to modern weapons/technology.

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Posted on 04-05-11 01:31 AM diabeticzach is Offline     Post: 160 words - (ID: 361587) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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geeogree : I agree with you but because of our first Civil war the federal government has made it a crime to succeed from the union.

I do on the other hand think that it could happen, but if it doesn't Our federal government as we know it will collapse much like russia did in the early 80s. Now what that might mean for our country is we would all become our own country and Anarchy would ensue, well to some extent at least. I hope this never happens cause i love this country but people dont understand the term compromise anymore like our founding fathers did, Red vs Blue it seems will exist till our government collapses and at that point what happens is socialism even though some would state that we are already a social republic. If it came down to it i will exercise my right to bear arms and defend my land agains the federal government.

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Second American Civil War coming? - Is there a chance that a civil war will erupt in America again?
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