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06-24-18 09:38 PM

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05-27-10 08:40 PM
Tails the Fox
05-30-10 05:31 AM

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Make your own Smash Bros Brawl Character!


05-27-10 08:40 PM
RedMageCole is Offline
Link | 340 Words

Level: 53

POSTS: 445/732
POST EXP: 32645
LVL EXP: 1129107
CP: 316.1
VIZ: 20980

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Just fill out this sheet! :D

name :
Weight: (1-10)
Height: (1-10)

Normal Up:
Normal Side:
Normal Down:

Normal Smash:
Normal Smash Up:
Normal Smash Side:
Normal Smash Down:

Special Up:
Special Side:
Special Down:

Final Smash:

Taunt 1:
Taunt 2:
Taunt 3:

Victory Pose 1:
Victory Pose 2:
Victory Pose 3:

Unlockable: (Yes Or No)
How To Unlock: (Only if your character is unlockable)

Heres mine.

name : Red Mage Cole
Weight: 2
Height: 3
Appearance: Looks like a normal Red Mage with a staff and blonde hair.

Normal: Hits with staff, then jabs, and smashes away.
Normal Up: Twirls staff, and then jabs up.
Normal Side: Hits to the side.
Normal Down: Smashes ground.

Normal Smash: SMASHes opponent away with staff.
Normal Smash Up: Hits up with staff, then jabs with staff.
Normal Smash Side: Hits really hard with staff.
Normal Smash Down: Smashes into ground with staff, making a shockwave.

Special: Blizzaga (Sends a vortex of ice that will freeze on contact)
Special Up: Thundaga (Similar to Pikachu's down special, only more impact)
Special Side: Elemental Blast (Blasts with 3 elements)
Special Down: Firaga (A firey swirl engulfs Red Mage Cole.)

Final Smash: Gigas Meteor
Red Mage Cole twirls again and again and again, while saying "Give me power, Meteor Of The Titans!", then stabs staff into the ground, making an ENORMOUS meteor smash the whole stage. Has a HECK of a lot of impact and damage.

Taunt 1: Holds staff behind neck, and says "Hmph,".
Taunt 2: Folds arms, closes eyes, and says "That all you got?".
Taunt 3: Does a few twirls with staff.

Victory Pose 1: Makes a few thunderbolts appear around.
Victory Pose 2: Makes some ice shards fall from sky.
Victory Pose 3: Puts fire on hands and swings them around.

Unlockable: Yes
How to unlock: Beat Classic Mode with 10 characters, then complete Target Smash on Level 3 with 3 characters.

If we made a Super Smash Bros Vizzed, this would be a hit thread. :P
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(edited by RedMageCole on 05-27-10 08:42 PM)    

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05-27-10 09:50 PM
supersudowoodo is Offline
Link | 132 Words

Level: 57

POSTS: 332/896
POST EXP: 21918
LVL EXP: 1463177
CP: 23.5
VIZ: 4118

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0

name : Baby Bowser
Weight: 45 lbs.
Height: 2 ft. 3 in.
Appearance: Very cute looking but strong

Normal: Headbutt
Normal Up: Upward Kick
Normal Side: Slash
Normal Down: Mini Shockwave

Normal Smash: Mega Headbutt
Normal Smash Up: Upward Headbutt
Normal Smash Side: Super Slash
Normal Smash Down: Shockwave

Special: Physco Slash
Special Up: Spinning Fire
Special Side: Flame Rage
Special Down: Super Shockwave

Final Smash: Mega Bowser
Summons Kamek to transform into Mega Bowser, while in mega mode. Baby Bowser stays in the background, able to fire fireballs, summon rocks, and summon Kamek.

Taunt 1: Cry
Taunt 2: Laugh
Taunt 3: Yawn

Victory Pose 1: Dances
Victory Pose 2: Naps
Victory Pose 3: Ground pounds

Unlockable: Yes
How To Unlock: Beat Classic, Adventure, and All-Star with Bowser on any difficulty.

Trusted Member

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Registered: 05-01-10
Location: Washington, USA
Last Post: 1091 days
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05-29-10 09:56 AM
BreakDown is Offline
Link | 208 Words

Level: 75

POSTS: 1029/1679
POST EXP: 97046
LVL EXP: 3778953
CP: 9.0
VIZ: 47315

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
name : Sonic The WereHog
Weight: 150lbs
Height: 5'8
Appearance: Gray/dark Blue and White Fur, Light Blue Skin, Emerald Green Eyes

Normal: Extended Punch
Normal Up: Air Swatter
Normal Side: Elbow gutwrencher
Normal Down: Hammer Blow

Normal Smash: Wild Extended Punch
Normal Smash Up: Were- Swatter
Normal Smash Side: Were- Wrencher
Normal Smash Down: Wold Blow

Special: Were-Claw: Sonic slashes enemies while dashing. Enemies hit will become stunned.

Special Up: Were-Wallop ( Were-Shoot): Sonic slashed with both claws in an uppercut fashion and sends enemies in the air.

Special Side: Were-Hammer: Sonic slams the ground and creates a shock wave that damages and pushes back enemies

Special Down: Earthshaker (Gaia-Shake): Sonic pounds the ground with both fists, creating a close-range earthquake. Can be controlled to catch more enemies.

Final Smash: Unleashed Mode: Sonic can enter this form with enough power in the Unleashed Gauge. This doubles the damage dealt and halves the damage taken.

Grab Attack: Beat Down: Allows Sonic to swing and smash a grabbed enemy.

Taunt 1: Dances around
Taunt 2: Howls
Taunt 3: falls down and sleep

Victory Pose 1: Growls and howls

Vicory Pose 2: Turns back into Sonic The Hedghog and flips.

Unlockable: Yes
Complete Adventure Mode Hard as Sonic The HedgeHog.
Vizzed Elite
The Legendary

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05-29-10 05:13 PM
pennylessz is Offline
Link | 204 Words

Level: 71

POSTS: 447/1461
POST EXP: 60556
LVL EXP: 3087070
CP: 1639.2
VIZ: 72205

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
name : Darth Vader
Weight: 8
Height: 7
Appearance: A guy with a mask made of metal and silk. A silk robe leather boots. A silk cape. A light saber and leather gloves.

Normal:Swings light saber
Normal Up: Upper light saber
Normal Side: Hits around with light saber
Normal Down: Hits low with light saber

Normal Smash: Hits with hilt of light saber
Normal Smash Up:Uppercut with fist
Normal Smash Side: Punch with fist
Normal Smash Down: small low kick

Special: Force lightning
Special Up: Force jump
Special Side: Force push
Special Down: Force heal

Final Smash: Darth Vader uses his force hold to bring you in the air. He then chokes you. Witch does 20 damage a second for 6 second. He then throws you.

Taunt 1: Crosses arms
Taunt 2: Says "Feel the power of the dark side" with a clenched fist
Taunt 3:Shoots lightning straight up

Victory Pose 1:Shooting lightning straight up
Victory Pose 2:Holding light saber in the air
Victory Pose 3:Choking the other one-three

Unlockable: Yes
How To Unlock: Win 50 consecutive matches against a level nine in versus mode or Beat classic on hard with all the evil characters.

Easy Unlock: 1500 matches played in versus mode.
Vizzed Elite

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05-29-10 05:26 PM
Docp10 is Offline
Link | 6 Words

Level: 9

POSTS: 4/13
LVL EXP: 2556
CP: 11.4
VIZ: 4234

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
how do you do that dude

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 05-01-10
Location: United States
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05-30-10 05:31 AM
Tails the Fox is Offline
Link | 213 Words

Tails the Fox
Level: 91

POSTS: 337/2501
POST EXP: 108718
LVL EXP: 7237746
CP: 8524.1
VIZ: 74604

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
name : Zaris
Weight: 5
Height: 5
Appearance: Has a huge sword. Wears a normal kind of jacket. And blue jeans.

Normal: Spin sword in figure 8 style.
Normal Up: Slash across upwards.
Normal Side: Slash left and right if A pressed in quick succession.
Normal Down: Use magic to quickly spin sword around as long as A is being pressed repeatedly.

Normal Smash Up: Spin sword above head to hit multiple times then jump to smash the opponent away.
Normal Smash Side: "Home-run" style sword swing.
Normal Smash Down: Hits both sides with a quick spin.

Special: Fire Beam: Launches a quick beam of fire.
Special Up: Cura: Decreases damage by 40%.
Special Side: Dash slice: Dashes forward. If enemy is hit, this launches them into the air.
Special Down: Build-up: Increase power of fire beam.

Final Smash: Darkness destruction: Go into hell temporarily, with damage repeatedly hitting the opponents. Zaris becomes invincible at this time.

Taunt 1: Sparks: Swing sword across floor to make a fountain of sparks. (all the taunts are same)

Victory Pose 1: Puts sword on back.
Victory Pose 2: Sits down, lays sword sideways on floor.
Victory Pose 3: Escapes from the cameras view.

Unlock-able: yes
How To Unlock: Beat classic with all characters on intense.
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