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09-17-19 01:35 AM

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06-11-19 06:49 AM

06-11-19 08:58 AM

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Newbie Quiz is No Longer Required for Posting


06-11-19 06:49 AM
Davideo7 is Online
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For many years, new users had to take the Newbie Quiz before they could start posting. It was basically a quiz that made sure they knew the rules before posting. The questions were usually pretty easy and you could often times find the answer within the question and users could take it as many times as they wanted if they failed.

I've decided to make the Newbie Quiz no longer required for posting (for the time being anyway). We're pretty desperate for activity and issues that we've had in the past are not currently an issue so the Newbie Quiz shouldn't be needed.

Staff :
JigSaw :
Letting you all know.
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06-11-19 08:58 AM
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Even if traffic picks up I wouldn't put it back up. That is what mods and staff are for to help newbies out if they break any rules.
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