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08-25-19 09:30 AM

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03-21-19 07:18 PM
04-16-19 02:40 PM

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Article Based On The New Nintendo DS 2XL


03-21-19 07:18 PM
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Article Based On The New Nintendo DS 2XL

I wanted to write an article about this. I don't know what made me to it. Maybe to review it from experience I have so far? It won't be a really long one though. As most of you know or some of you I got a new 2DS because I missed playing Pokémon games. I also used the opportunity to be able to get other DS games. Ones I haven't played in a very long time. And to also get new games I never got to play at the time. I have noticed the size is a lot more bigger and you can get skins for it which I have done. You are able to access more into things like the Internet, have WiFi, add friends, have camera too its more durable from my perspective. Although I wont be using the features because I wouldn't be comfortable doing it as of now.

The old one didn't have these features. There are some new buttons as well like a circle thingy on the top left part of my new console I think you can access it by playing games to trigger it. What I am enjoying more of my new DS is the upgrade that you get which the old 2DS didn't have. I know the producers made the 2DS XL for people who didn't want the 3DS model for their own reasons and can be happy with the 2DS. What I also like is that I can still play 3DS games regardless on my console and that made me a happy camper I made the right choice. I won't be allowing anyone to touch it ever. Which of these version of the 2DS or the 3DS did you pick? And how did your own experience go when you first got the console and played on it? Or if you never got a DS what was your reason as of why you didn't get one?

I seem to got the DS really late, I am not really to bothered by that. I think I have seen Nintendo has slowly been stopped things to do with the 3DS console as they now have the switch. From there I dunno whats next as I haven't really been keeping up to date much.  
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04-16-19 02:40 PM
pennylessz is Offline
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That little c-stick nub is complete rubbish. Nintendo could've put just a little ounce of effort into making it actually functional.

Otherwise, the upgrade to a New #DS was a good choice. They do feel and function a lot nicer.
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