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Ddeltafox's Last Game Reviews
Texas Hold \'em Poker
06-12-11 04:26 PM
Do not play this game.
I am a fan of poker my self But this isn't even worth the viz to play it! All you have to do is Call, Fold, Raise, Knock, etc. At the right time and you get by. Easy game to play I will never play it again. So it really sucks.
Duck Hunt
04-04-11 08:41 AM
Duck Shootin
A fairly easy game. Or so I think. Others may disagree and this is one of those were lag is something to thank. When your in the higher levels you actuly WANT the lag. Beacouse with the birds getting faster each round the more lag you got the easyer it is to shoot 'em. But a clasic gun game is fun. When you finaly find out what it is your trying to go for (beacouse it has no story) sutch as shooting 1,000,000 ducks in your all time gameplay, or simply gettting top score for playing for 10 hours straight. Whatever it is you should go for it. Make your own stroy with the game if you have to. It is an ok game but not something I play that mutch. So if you like guns and ducks this is your game. Happy hunting.
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
04-02-11 01:30 PM
Awsome game!
Now you see this is a Turn-Baced RPG where you can get paople to help aid your quest in your own home town. By a child named Mewt, Marchie's (you) hometown has been turned into a game called "Final Fantasy." Now you must find a way to get back home and the only way of doing so is by breaking the "cristals" that keep this universe inline. Also all of your friends... Mewt, Doned (your brother),and Ritz (school friend) have all been transformed too and are ready to fight. But not Mewt! Mewt is the prince. So now he hates you! Now you must find a way to cure the world of the magic that has been cast apon it and now you must find a way to bring back your home town.

(User note. Be shure to save often useing the f2 key. If you saveing in the game itself you might lose some data and may not get the same 2 people again. keep that in mind. and if you dont like Turned-Baced combat....... this is NOT a game for you.)

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