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wierdooooooooooo's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Nazo no Murasamejou (english translation) i agree Donkey_Mario :D
Mega Man - AVGN vs Dr. Wily i am and im here to say wat an awesome game
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link I Am Error
Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu this game is like a game i reviewed called downtown nekketsu mongatari
Downtown - Nekketsu Monogatari me too
Mario vs. Donkey Kong mmmm bananas ^_^
Double Dragon Improved whats the improvemant
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Battle Nexus is the arcade game on this
Namco Classics NAMCOT
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo good puzzel game

wierdooooooooooo's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
06-17-14 12:14 PM
Ikki Review
Ikki,or Farmers Rebellion outside of Japan,is game made by Sunsoft.

Graphics:The graphics for this game are good for the nes.Each level has a different color scheme and its pretty colorful for a game based on killing.

Sound:The same song repeats through all the levels,but there's a small fragment of music when you die.

Addictiveness:This game is pretty addicting.After you die,you just want to keep playing and improving each time and you just fell like finishing the game.And it's even better with 2 players.

Story:Your a poor farmer in medieval Japan who is trying to overthrow the overlords by defeating his army of ninjas with a sickle.You must also pick up the coins in order to beat the level.

Depth:It offers a variety of levels,power ups,and enemies. Among the power ups are some that make you faster and invincible for a couple seconds.The black ninjas,red ninjas(which are faster),and some lady who comes and takes your weapon for a couple seconds are some of the enemies you will be facing.

Difficulty:It depends how good you are.The level difficulty will get harder as you progress,but there is no doubt that if you keep playing it will be much easier.

Overall:I recommend this game for a good time.If you plan having an even better time,play it with a friend. 
04-22-14 01:01 PM
15 in 1 more like 3 in 1
15 in 1 is a pirated multi-cart.And if you've ever played a pirated game,most are bad.But this one is ok,I guess.It could have been better if only games 4-15 of the same game but in different levels.The 3,yes 3,games are TMNT 3 The Manhattan Project,which is the game that is repeated multiple times in this cart but its an amazing beat em up.Mighty Final Fight,another amazing game.And finally Lethal Weapon ,which is an ok shooter.So all in all,it's ok but they should have added more games from 4-15.
Formation Z
07-20-12 09:38 PM
Formation Z review
Formation Z was  not released in America until it hit the pirated multi game system,and in my opinion I think its an ok title.Lets start off by rating its difficulty,which in this case players of any skill can play.Its depth really doesn't have much to offer but a really cool feature of being able to turn into a plane or robot human thing.There isn't really a story other than to shoot and get a high score.I really found this game to be addicting even though it has a lack of music other than the really cool intro song.The graphics are ok because its on the NES.So  overall its a pretty recommendable title.
P.O.W. - Prisoners of War
11-24-11 10:57 AM
P.O.W. Prisoners Of War review
The game P.O.W. Prisoners Of War is port of the arcade game to the NES and WOW is it good.Its like a mix of Contra and Double Dragon which are two of my favorite games.The difficulty not is to hard or not to easy but just perfect but it will eventually get hard passing through levels.The depth is really cool because it offers a variety of weapons such as guns,knifes,and grenades.The story is about a guy,or if you play with a friend its guys,escapes from a prison filled with tons of soldiers to battle with,EPIC.The addictiveness is the type that you will no longer let this game go and consider it one of your many favorite games.The music and sound is just cool.The graphics are cool and since its just the NES.So overall,I liked this game and I hope you like too.
Space Invaders
10-07-11 07:31 PM
Space Invaders on the NES review
What can I say about this game,ARCADE MASTERPIECE!!!The difficulty is not hard nor easy just perfect.Depth is not much because its just shoot and explode but is always fun.For the story I found nothing other than to get the high score.Do I need to say anything about addictiveness,this is very addicting.The sound is cool,its just that awesome 8 bit shoot sound and music.Graphics could have done a little better but I still like them.Overall,if you see any version of this game,don't mind playing it,ITS AWESOME!

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