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retro_lover's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Kaboom! great game but how do you move it is driving me crazy to figer it out
Snorlax's Lunch Time wow i got 48 yums i wonder if that is close to the highest score
Super Mario Bros 2 I did not make it far in this version but if its like the super nintendo version to get to world 9 you cant warp worlds
Donkey Kong I love this game the 1st really true platform action gmae that started the genre. Even though there where platform action influenced games before this that came out. This is the 1st game that was true to the genre for its time got to love the Donkey Kong g
Super Punch-Out!! I wonder if I beat this game without loseing a match or a continue would I get any vizz for it lol
Castlevania II - Simon\'s Quest Man I hate those stupid bounceing blocks that you have to jump on
Ghostbusters to get out of the store after you buy your items you play with the difaculty switchs just like on the 2600 so in short hears what to do buy your items and press f5 it will work i did it
Ghostbusters i found out how to leave the shop the game works
Wild Gunman use your mouse buddy when you click you fire
Felix the Cat I had a friend who own this game and his cartridge had a huge crack in it and it still played I sware 9 out of 10 cartriges are better then cds

retro_lover's Game History
Super Mario Bros 3 (nes),   Super Mario Bros 3 (nes),   Super Mario Bros 3 (nes),   Super Mario Bros 3 (nes),   Ninja Gaiden (nes),   Ninja Gaiden (nes),   Mega Man 64 (may crash) (n64),   Mega Man 64 (may crash) (n64),   Mega Man 64 (may crash) (n64),   Mega Man 64 (may crash) (n64),   Mega Man 64 (may crash) (n64),   Mega Man 64 (may crash) (n64),   Mega Man 64 (may crash) (n64),   Exerion (sg1),   Exerion (sg1),   Exerion (sg1),   Exerion (sg1),   Exerion (sg1),   Exerion (sg1),   Exerion (sg1),   Exerion (sg1),   N-Sub (sg1),   Drol (sg1),   Sega Galaga (sg1),   Girl\'s Garden (sg1),   Choplifter (sg1),   Space Invaders (sg1),   GP World (sg1),   Ninja Princess (sg1),   Ninja Princess (english translation) (sg1),   Pachinko II (sg1),   Ninja Princess (english translation) (sg1),   Pacar (sg1),   Chack\'n Pop (sg1),   Safari Hunting (sg1),   Chack\'n Pop (sg1),   Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (sms),   Pacar (sg1),   Pacar (sg1),   Pacar (sg1),   Pacar (sg1),   Pacar (sg1),   Chack\'n Pop (sg1),   Princess Rescue (Super Mario Bros. 2600) (a2600),   Princess Rescue (Super Mario Bros. 2600) (a2600),   Princess Rescue (Super Mario Bros. 2600) (a2600),   Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (a2600),   Tempest (a5200),   Tempest (a5200),   Mario Bros. (a7800),  
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