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Mike Tyson\'s Punch Out!!   Rank 8/34 : 12,260
Mega Man   Rank 18/44 : 643,100
Pac-Man (Tengen)   Rank 72/141 : 20,360
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235689's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Pokemon Leaf Green Just barely started and i already have a lvl 32 charmeleon before the second gym. :)
Transformers - Comvoy no Nazo me has beaten the game. for proof check my screen shots
Sonic the Hedgehog I Beat this game on the gamecube as part of sonic adenture dx and got all chaos emeralds but not life boxes
Sonic 2 Long Version me too
Sonic 2 Long Version first to comment
Battletoads some how i made it to the sufing stage!!!!!
Duck Tales *continues with DaltonSezHi* Thats gotta be one expensive cane. u are up on the moon looking for treasure u've gon insane
Super Mario World Hack by ahken & 777 whoa i beat wendy's house!
Mega Man 2 This game is so easy!
Sirius Mario Bros 3 world 5-4 is unbeatable

235689's Last Game Reviews
Transformers - Comvoy no Nazo
08-07-11 09:30 AM
Transformers - comvoy no nazo
This is one of the hardest games I've ever played. The graphics aren't as good as other games but they don't suck. The sound is bad. The same music repeats through the whole game it never stops except when you get into a boss battle. This game will make you rage quit on the first stage.This game has no real story except to find out who killed optimus prime. Which I can't read because the end screen is in Japanese. This game will take you hours to beat because the paths you must take are difficult and cryptic The difficulty blows your mind. One hit deaths, 3 lives, no continues. Unless you hold a,b, and start.But the hardest stage of all is stage nine. All the stages make you go from left to right or down, up. But in stage nine you go to the right. Only to play the stage in an infinite loop. You have to follow a specific pattern and the route it makes you take is harder than the path that makes the most sense. I can't explain the game very clearly because it's hard to. If you want to see a good review check the angry video game nerds review of the game. ( I wasn't trying to promote an ad there.)
Duck Tales
04-09-11 12:28 PM
A memorable game :)
This is a classic kid's game for the NES. The music is so good. The moon level tune is the most memorable soundtrack from this game. This game isn't hard at all (unless you are playing on difficult) the enemies are creative and the bosses are original. It's not really long though, you can beat it in about half an hour or less if you know the map. Even when you beat the game, you are going to want to play it again. There is no continues because the game designers decided it was too easy so they took it out ( there was going to be one in the prototype. I have played it). The story is that scrooge mcduck goes to different lands including the moon,looking for treasure. After you have beaten all the bosses you have to fight Dracula duck (he was going to be called "Duckula" but they thought it was to cliche) and then race glomgold duck to get the treasures. One you win, you will be able to see the ending. ( no credits at the end)
Castlevania - Fan Edition
09-26-10 10:55 AM
Very difficult
Castlevania fan edition is a very hard game. I was not able to beat the third boss because it is death. But the third stage overall was still hard. It uses sprites from the original castlevania game which were awesome. The sound too. It really isn't addicting unless you really want to beat the game. Since I've never beaten the game i don't know how many levels there are but i think there is only a few. This game is pretty good but i recommend this game to the people who like to play hacks, like me.

235689's Last 100 Game screenshots (58 total)

Pokemon Fuligin
Misc: Glitch

235689's Game History
Contra (nes),   Nightmare Creatures (n64),   Cruis\'n USA (n64),   Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (nes),   Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (gba),   Final Fantasy VI Advance (gba),   Pokemon Fuligin (gba),   D-Pad Hero (nes),   Tetris (tengen) (nes),   Mega Man (nes),   Mega Man (nes),   Pokemon Fire Red (gba),   Digital Devil Story - Megami Tensei (nes),   Akumajou Remilia (Touhou Castlevania) (nes),   Touhou Mario - Imperishable Night (snes),   Mega Man (nes),   Mega Man 2 (nes),   Mega Man 2 (nes),   Mega Man 4 (nes),   Mega Man Battle Network 2 (gba),   Mega Man 4 (nes),   Sonic R (ss),   Sonic Advance 2 (gba),   Tetris (tengen) (nes),   Tetris (gb),   Blades of Steel (nes),   Super Contra (nes),   Pokemon Fire Red Omega (gba),   Pokemon Yellow (gbc),   Pokemon Shiny Gold X Version (gba),   Pokemon Master Version (gba),   Mario 256W (256 worlds) (nes),   Pokemon Stadium Advanced (Beta 1.1) (gba),   Pokemon Shiny Gold X Version (gba),   Pokemon Shiny Gold X Version (gba),   Pokemon Shiny Gold X Version (gba),   Pokemon Shiny Gold X Version (gba),   Pokemon Fuligin (gba),   Pokemon Shiny Gold X Version (gba),   Pokemon Throwback (gba),   Pokemon Shiny Gold X Version (gba),   Pokemon Snakewood (gba),   Pokemon Yellow (gbc),   Pokemon Zxevious Version (gba),   Pokemon Yellow (gbc),   Pokemon Rebirth (gba),   Pokemon Yellow (gbc),   Pokemon Rebirth (gba),   Pokemon Throwback (gba),   Pokemon Mega Evo Red & Green (gba),  
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