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    The Oldest Secret In The Universe
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    15 / 02-27-99

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    in Cards Against Humanity Online Tournament Group #2 (SOS Brigade)
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maguc's Profile Comments (Show 100 Comments)
(7-31-2014 5:42 PM)
Thank you. ^-^
(7-31-2014 3:07 AM)
Whetsit Tuya
(7-31-2014 1:11 AM)
Where did you find me? Did you see me in a netplay or board?
(7-31-2014 12:37 AM)
Thanks magukkk! I love you too :P
Stevie 764
(7-31-2014 12:25 AM)
Bintsy is the true definition of a troll; a vizzed person who steals jerseys that other people worked as planned non-stop and well for, such as my yellow jersey. Bintsy stole mah jersey! Just like the bike stolen meme! :O ;_;
(7-27-2014 9:22 PM)
3 turn disarm stays. makes the beginning more interesting
(7-15-2014 10:37 PM)
pssst...wanna come to the secret chaaat? :S
(7-15-2014 10:37 PM)
(7-10-2014 12:40 AM)
I know...thanks maguc. I've been coming around in better moods lately.
(7-10-2014 12:36 AM)
Yep! Its my birthday... ~w~ I'm alright I suppose. I've thought about joining chat right now but idk...i'm iffy on it.
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maguc's Biography
Hello! My real name is Carlos, but I prefer the name Maguc. I am 15 years old, from Mexico and currently Bilingual. I am a shy person meeting new people, but I open up quickly. I am... a bit weird, but harmless.

Things I love:
Video games, mostly RPG's and Puzzle and/or Platformers.
Books. I read a lot.
Writing. Poems, stories, anything really.
Doctor Who.
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.

Achievements [Mostly for personal view]
[ ]Elite
[ ]Local
[ ]Global

[X]100 Posts
[X]250 Posts
[X]500 Posts
[X]1000 Posts
[ ]2500 Posts
[ ]5000 Posts

[X]100 CP
[X]250 CP
[X]500 CP
[X]1000 CP
[ ]2500 CP
[ ]5000 CP
[ ]10000 CP

[x]Affected by 'Laziness'
[x]Affected by 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'
[x]Affected by 'Trooperness'
[x]Affected by '1/35th Vizzed Syndrome'
[ ]Affected by 'Trooperness A+
[ ]Affected by 'Official Post Spree Syndrome'
[ ]Affected by 'Ravering Syndrome'
[ ]Affected by 'Ravering Syndrome+'
[ ]Affected by 'Veneeval Syndrome'
[ ]Affected by 'Veneeval Syndrome+
[ ]Affected by 'Yahmonners Syndrome'
[ ]Affected by 'Lucky 777 Syndrome'
[ ]Affected by 'VIZZED Syndrome'

[x]Won a TdV Jersey for a day.
[x]Won multiple TdV Jerseys for a day.
[ ]Won a TdV Jersey for a month.
[ ]Won multiple TdV Jerseys for a month.
[ ]Won rainbow TdV Jersey

Goals by 2015:
[ ] Get at least 1500 posts.
[x] Get at least 1500 CP
[ ] Get a rank higher than Trusted.
[ ] Get over 100 posts in a day (Highest so far: 56 posts)

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