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    16 / 10-01-98

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    in The end of crash bandicoot (Game Reviews)
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A+ Online Friend: big fat cat, TheOmegaDragon, Robert7, JazzCoon, Frodlex,

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Simon's quest simon

Terra FF6

Terra FF6 2,,,,,

guitar spidey!


KH 1 and 2 sora: past and present collide!!!

Pokemon crystal: R.I.P kris!!!!

jasons not ready yet

Bloody rage scarlet spider

Bloody rage sub-zero

Me and brownie!

Skincraft spiderman

Evolution of sora, kh1-3!

Castlevania heroes

D1998's Profile Comments
(10-10-2014 7:41 PM)
(10-1-2014 4:12 PM)
Happy Birthday!
A user of this
(10-1-2014 9:38 AM)
Happy birthday D! :)
A user of this
(6-22-2014 8:03 PM)
On3on says "Tell him I said "no rush."
A user of this
(6-22-2014 3:45 PM)
Alright, I'll tell him that next time I see him.
A user of this
(6-22-2014 12:30 AM)
No problem. :) Who is him, exactly? Just so I get it right.
(6-22-2014 12:20 AM)
d1998, how long has it been? wow, I kinda fogot you even existed. I miss you. come on, pal. please reply. I'll never be immature again. I promise. wait, was that the reason why you stopped replying to me? oh no...I hope not cause your really my only friend . on this website, of course.
A user of this
(6-21-2014 1:36 PM)
Sure thing. I'll pass whatever you need along.
(6-21-2014 10:34 AM)
Um thank you..
(6-19-2014 2:44 PM)
(6-18-2014 12:16 PM)
A user of this
(6-18-2014 12:15 PM)
Hi, D. That's fine, everyone's got their own stuff to do.
(3-15-2014 7:48 PM)
It was scary when I found out you had not been online for a while... why are you not allowed on vizzed?
(3-13-2014 4:46 PM)
Quit it. Let us, ME, know how you're doing lately.
(1-10-2014 7:31 PM)
Ok....I was worried..I needed to sorry for yelling at you..
(1-10-2014 6:16 PM)
*Takes a deep breath* WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?!!!!
(12-16-2013 7:19 PM)
Squirtle is taken, but Machop is not.
(12-16-2013 7:11 PM)
Cool! What (gen 1-3) Pokemon would you like to be?
(12-15-2013 7:39 PM)
Would you like to be a Pokemon in the hack that I am making?
(12-15-2013 3:16 AM)
(11-26-2013 8:33 AM)
Well, one of your posts had a broken picture of some sort so I was just informing you.
(11-25-2013 7:07 PM)
Your layout seems to be broken,,,
(11-24-2013 11:41 PM)
Thank you. ^-^
A user of this
(11-18-2013 9:41 PM)
Hahaha thanks. I get lots of comments on it. XD
A user of this
(11-18-2013 9:33 PM)
Hey! sorry I went afk. Some things came up...
(11-7-2013 5:16 PM)
yo, d what's up?
(10-5-2013 9:33 PM)
are you a brony?
(10-1-2013 3:53 PM)
Not a problem! Hope you are enjoying it! :)
(10-1-2013 3:42 PM)
Happy Birthday!
(10-1-2013 8:20 AM)
HEY!!!! It's your birthday! Get EXCITED!!!! :D :D Happy 15th!!!!!
(10-1-2013 4:52 AM)
Happy birthday D! :D
(9-30-2013 7:37 PM)
your welcome. ^-^
(9-30-2013 7:35 PM)
Happy Birthday young one. ^-^
(9-23-2013 8:31 PM)
hey D20 sorry i didnt say hi in the chat room i was tired
A user of this
(9-13-2013 3:20 PM)
I honestly thought I added you already....guess not.
(9-9-2013 6:21 PM)
Oh....Ok then.
(9-9-2013 6:05 PM)
It was rough....I told you just before I left netplay remember?
(9-9-2013 5:37 PM)
How was your day today?
(9-2-2013 8:59 PM)
No problem man.
(9-2-2013 8:57 PM)
I won a reviewing contest and decided it was time to pay you back man.
Mr. Zed
(9-1-2013 5:41 PM)
Thanks and Ur welcome :D
Mr. Zed
(9-1-2013 5:36 PM)
Have A Nice Day :D
(8-21-2013 3:46 PM)
Pretty god.
(8-21-2013 3:30 PM)
(8-21-2013 3:21 PM)
Very happy ^-^
(8-21-2013 3:14 PM)
Hi ^-^
(8-15-2013 11:49 PM)
Oh. I didn't realize she was leaving forever.
(8-15-2013 8:25 PM)
-_- Uh... What I ever do to you?
(8-15-2013 3:34 AM)
your not bad ok? im just going throught problems i had to clean out im sorry thats why i asked you to take me off please understand....
(8-14-2013 4:07 PM)
im sorry please delete me off your friends list....
(8-10-2013 1:10 PM)
Just an online friend. -_-
(7-30-2013 5:15 PM)
(7-30-2013 5:07 PM)
so? I'm the only one (out of all my friends) that doesn't have it
(7-28-2013 8:53 PM)
oh. hey, have you seen that video called pokemon reacted by ponies?
(7-27-2013 9:16 PM)
I played it too, but never managed to beat it. hey, is there something on your mind you want talk about? cause you sounded kinda sad in your last comment.
(7-27-2013 9:54 AM)
Hey, pal! how you been? oh, by the way have you ever played kingdom hearts chain of memories for the gba version?
(7-5-2013 2:23 PM)
Lol! Well you're doing your Job good! :P
(7-5-2013 2:02 PM)
Thanks! :)
(5-31-2013 10:01 PM)
Have I meant you before?
(5-30-2013 8:07 PM)
(5-30-2013 7:55 PM)
hmmm havent meet you before
(5-1-2013 11:58 PM)
hey d1998, have you ever played megamen before?
(3-29-2013 7:20 PM)
LOL I knew what you meant. :P Well, as I said, it's really nice. ^.^ Thanks for answering!
(3-28-2013 9:18 PM)
Hey, what is your userpic from? It's a really nice drawing.
(3-23-2013 6:30 AM)
wow, haven't heard from you in weeks. hey do you remember when you asked me did i ever heard of tales of something? were you talking about tales of vesperia? because i have played that game many times before. and i still play it today.
(3-18-2013 9:38 PM)
Played the Demo of Vesperia and almpost got the ninja summoner chick in symphonia.
(3-16-2013 2:30 AM)
Yuri Owell, Right?
(3-15-2013 8:47 PM)
alright! glad ya like it! especially if it was fluttershy. ^_^ hey, you think i should change my profile picture to a my little pony character? by the way, i'm getting pretty interested in this mlp tv show.
(3-14-2013 9:16 PM)
HEY D1998! tonight i'm going to make you an awesome picture. be sure to check it out when ya can, okay?
(3-14-2013 9:06 PM)
unfortunately i have not. why?
(3-14-2013 8:51 PM)
so, what ya up to?
(3-14-2013 8:49 PM)
well, i sure hope you get to see your sister kristi again soon.
(3-14-2013 8:45 PM)
oh, man, you had thinking your sister was going in battle. anyway, good to see you back pal!
(3-14-2013 5:59 AM)
HEY D1998! WELCOME BACK PAL!!! last night i'd made a prey that your sister would return home safely from the military. amen. it must have been hard to say good bye to your sis. but i'm here for you man. if there's anything i can do to help, let me know anytime pal.
(3-8-2013 4:34 AM)
oh my god man, i have not heard from you in weeks. please reply back when you get the chance, thank you.
(2-27-2013 3:25 PM)
D1998, i just wanted to say thank you for being my very first friend on you are truly awesome. well, later bro.
(2-26-2013 6:36 PM)
thanks for the advice bro. hey, have you played the amazing spider-man? for the first time in history stan lee was a playable character. my expression was like O.O
(2-26-2013 11:35 AM)
hey bro. last night i'll was bored, so i decided to play ff13(box360) during my time playing the game i took on a mission to defeat a tonberry. at first i'd thought it was going to be a cake wake...but i could have never been so wrong. shouldn't have underestimated it. that demon had 742,500 HP!
(2-25-2013 6:38 PM)
let me tell you bro, that's the last time i ever make an account on
(2-9-2013 10:20 PM)
hey! you have a psp or ps1 or a ps1 emulator?!?! IF YOU DO YOU NEED TO GO PLAY BREATH OF FIRE 3, LIKE ... RIGHT NOW!!!btw after you finsish the game, do not skip the credits, just say'in
(1-26-2013 6:54 PM)
riot blade=1 hit ko.
(1-25-2013 10:06 PM)
quick!terra vs. celes! who would win?im with terra here she has esper powers.
big fat cat
(1-23-2013 6:14 PM)
(1-23-2013 6:10 PM)
the "guess what charictore i am thread"
(1-22-2013 9:04 PM)
i was gonna say terra!someone beat me to it!
(1-9-2013 10:15 AM)
Hello D1998, what i wanna see added in Vizzed is a selection of Sega Dreamcast games, if you don't agree or if you agree, leave a reply back.
(12-31-2012 4:08 PM)
yo d1998 have you seen the monsters in final fantasy 13-2 they? kinda remind me of pokemon for some reason..
(12-25-2012 5:35 PM)
yo d1998 can you make some digimon layouts some time dude? i would so buy them for whatever price you want.
(12-25-2012 5:17 PM)
whew your to much for me d1998 i-i had no chance...(sigh) guess i should admit it as promised y-your b-b-better then
(12-25-2012 5:06 AM)
haha yo d1998 i got 80 posts lets see how many you have....good lord 602 posts...what in god's
(12-24-2012 9:29 PM)
oh by the way the contest will end this friday'so lets post like we never did before!
(12-24-2012 9:26 PM)
sweet your on man!! and may the best man win' alright ready GO!
(12-24-2012 9:16 PM)
yo d1998 (otherwise sora) lets have a contest to prove who can post the most commets on threads what do you say man?'and i promise if you win i'll admit your better then me.
(12-23-2012 6:44 AM)
hey dude have you seen that video on youtube about moses vs santa claus? moses won no contest.
(12-23-2012 1:00 AM)
whoa! calm down bro'it only a joke nothing we're cool? alright later.
(12-22-2012 12:45 AM)
hmm..maybe playing hacked pokemon games is not such a bad thing after all however if i go to jail and when they ask me who who was the one that give me advice to play hacked pokemon games guess whose name im going to say bro.
(12-21-2012 4:52 PM)
d1998 sorry about today just wasn't my day well see you later bro.
(12-21-2012 4:31 PM)
d1998 be playing hacked pokemon games not only have you disrespected the pokemon but also the people who originally make the pokemon games as well bro.
(12-21-2012 2:50 PM)
yo d1998 bro chaos the god of discord is comeing for you man' but have no fear d1998 cosmos the goddess of harmony will kick he's butt straight back to hell!!
(12-20-2012 7:28 PM)
your right dude in anime team rocket was not so evil...but however in the pokemon games their pure evil!!
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D1998's Biography
I'm a regular 16 year old boy who loves plushies and is a pretty good artist.
I tried to draw a Keyblade from kingdom hearts and the results were Good, IMO.
I love video games and peck on books with straws, but I also read. .I'm not that good at pokemon, heartgold is the first one I beat. I love Pokemon, spider man,and kingdom hearts!!! Plus, power rangers FTW. I'm also a huge fan of the PSP fighting game gem Dissidia 012 final fantasy.

Galacta was here.

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