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JahEmperah's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Shantae The Game got A Sequel or a Reboot and can be played on the newer consoles in 2016 so stop Tripping!
Tiger Jenny Okay but Obscure Game and where's the Story? Why is she Killing Strawberries and Newts etc?
Rushing Beat (English Translation) RIVAL TURF PREDECESSOR
Mariner Graphics suck here I can't tell what is what here.
Secret Command This is a Piece of Crap!
Streets of Rage 3 Game Glitches and I Lost A Life wtf?
Cyber Police ESWAT First to Comment and say that this Game is not as good as the Arcade Version but still a Decent Game.
Vapor Trail - Hyper Offence Formation (World revision 1) The Sega Genesis Version is just as good and is Arcade Perfect
Captain America and the Avengers Why didn't the Game Gear Version get the same Data East Version like the Genesis Version got? This Version sucks to Shit!
Aladdin No this is Ten Times better than the Lame SNES Version you smoking on some PCP to believe such Nonsense @takahiro4 This looks a bit and Plays like the Superior Genesis Version and it shows more Room in the Game looks awesome for an 8-Bit Game!

JahEmperah's Last Game Reviews
Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone (US)
11-25-15 01:34 PM
Could have been a much better Game
Ahhhh....Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone Arcade Game, what can I say about this Video Game that could be of any good for it? Well like the Reviewer before me I agree totally with much of what the Previous Reviewer Says, and will add more Depth to it as far as my Take on the Game. For Starters is the Total Change from the Traditional look that Billy & Jimmy Lee had in the Previous Two Double Dragon Games Double Dragon, & Double Dragon II: The Revenge as far as Continuities go as the Game before it had a Roman Numeral for the Sequel Title then 3 Years Later they use the Number 3 instead which was unusual in most Games that use one or the other like Super Mario 3 which followed after Super Mario 2, and Ninja Gaiden III which came after Ninja Gaiden II they stuck with the Numbers they started with leading me to almost believe that this was not an Actual Sequel as the Game is Completely Different from the last two, but the Protagonists of the Series still look pretty much the same, and the NES Version by Technos and Acclaim Entertainment Inc Both now Defunct corrected this Confusion by Releasing A Home Version A Year Later. According to the Fact obtained as proven True; The game was not internally developed by Technōs Japan, who were busy working on other projects at the time such as WWF Superstars and The Combatribes. Instead a company called East Technology, whose previous work was the 1989 arcade shoot-'em-up Gigandes,
was contracted to develop the third game in the series, resulting in a
sequel with a drastically different gameplay and graphic style than its
predecessors. The game was controversial upon its release due to the
addition of item shops where players acquire power-ups by inserting real
money into the cabinet, which was removed from the later Japanese
release after negative feedback from play testers. I notice in Coincidences all of those 3's Super Mario, Double Dragon, & Ninja Gaiden were the most Difficul... Read the rest of this Review
Mystic Warriors (ver EAA)
10-14-13 03:04 AM
Awesome Non-Stop Fun
This Game was released 20 Years Ago and now finally in the new Millennium it is getting a well deserved Review..I never was able to play this Game then because of when I moved south the Area I settled has no Arcades after the shut down one and the others are little Kid Rec Centers like Chuck E. Cheese.This is by far one of the best Arcade Games I have ever played. I notice the combination of the Speed, Awesome Crisp Graphics were Key to Drawing me in. I saw the Demo to Mystical Warriors, and was instantly drawn in. I also was drawn in by the Gaming Company that produced it Konami; I always love their style when it comes to beat'em ups, shoot'em ups, as well as their adventure Games like Castlevania Franchise. My drawback is the way how the Storyline is Narrated it sounds too misleading such as the Protagonists the Game's Title are in Danger and it says that they will fail, and not only that, but the same evil Ninja Syndicate that is threatening to take over the World and the Game says that our Fate rest with the ones that are said to Fail...huh? Now this one got me real good despite the lack of Depth to the Story of the Game. I wonder why this was never released on the Consoles like SNES, Genesis, etc of that time. I' am happy for Vizzed to allow us the pleasure to enjoy the classics that we never played, and heard of and never heard of. If you ever have any spare time and enjoyed games like Contra, Sunset Riders, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Shinobi, you need to get your Hands on this action packed title. I bet wherever they had this Game I'm sure that it ate a lot of Quarters. I say give this one a go.
Captain America & The Avengers
10-03-13 11:06 AM
Terrible Game
As A Kid in the Arcade in the 1990's Captain America & the Avengers was one of the best Games that I have ever played. Now the Arcade Version of Captain America & the Avengers was a 4-Player Cabinet I seen in my Local Laundry mat, or Candy Store; which was worth my Several Quarters I spent into it. This Game was very Similar to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) Arcade Game in it's style of Game play. Then when Captain America & the Avengers came to the Sega Genesis I was very Happy, and ecstatic and couldn't wait to see what the Mode 7 Graphics for the Super Nintendo that I owned at that Time and convinced my Evil Step dad to buy the Game for me when it came out and it was over $50. Then when I got Home to Play that Game, I was so highly disappointed in what the Game had to offer. Not only was CAA for the SNES off in Sounds the Slowdown in the Game made the Mode 7 Graphics in the SNES seem very inferior to the Genesis Version, and not only that the Enemies in the Game have a considerable amount of advantage over the Player when hit they can attack you and be invincible for a few seconds, so you must avoid them until they stop Blinking. The Difficulty in this Game is 10 due to the Cheapness of the Computer, and terrible Controls. The Graphics are even Worse and the Music in some Areas of the Game are misplaced and sound Generic for example when you Fight the Bosses you would hear their Boss Theme Music, and as soon as you are almost victorious then if you have played the Original Arcade Version you would have expected to hear the "Okay Go!" Chant Voice encouraging you to win with the Heroic Positive Uplifting Music to accompany it, However that isn't the Case here as the Boss' Music Continues. If you are a Big Fan of the Arcade & Genesis Versions then you should avoid this Garbage at all costs as the Genesis Version is a better Game, is more loyal to the Arcade, is more Balanced, and has more replay ability to it.

JahEmperah's Game History
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