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Lexatom's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Spider-Man 2 Big nostalgia right here
Mega Man Zero 3 yes pls i agree
Mega Man ZX This takes place after the Zero series.
Mega Man 7 The best original Mega Man game :)
Final Fantasy VI Advance Man I really need to get further in this one...
Sonic Forces stupid
Mega Man The beginning of one of my favorite franchises. Glad to see its resurgence as of late, too.
Sonic Rush Adventure Best Rush-style Sonic game.
Sonic Colors Very very high nostalgia for this.

Lexatom's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Pokemon Ultra Moon
01-03-19 06:41 PM
Pokemon Ultra Moon - An Ultra End to the 3DS
Welcome to my review of Pokemon Ultra Moon, the last Pokemon game to be released on the 3DS and the last game to take place in the Alola region (at least until remakes are made in 15 years).  If you follow the Pokemon series at all, you may have heard this game as being a very divisive game in the series. What are my thoughts on it? Well, let's get on with the review and find out.

Graphics - 8
Gen 7 brought some really good graphics to the Pokemon series, the character models look better than ever before, and a lot of things have been changed and polished up when compared with the last generation. However, due to the 3DS’s limitations on graphics, a lot of the graphics here are have really low quality textures, and I mean really low. It would be very nice if the quality was raised up a bit, but I understand that this was needed considering the hardware they were working with. However, the texture quality seems worse than in Gen 6, possibly due to more models being used on the screen in battles than usual. Another thing, the game still lags at times when in double battles, which just gets annoying.

Sound - 10
If you know me, then you have probably heard me gush all over the Alola games soundtrack. It’s so perfect, you have everything in here, and everything happens to be wonderfully created as well. It is my favorite Pokemon soundtrack to date, and I can’t wait to find out what Gen 8 has in store and see if it will top this soundtrack. Absolutely no complaints about this soundtrack here.

Addictiveness/Gameplay - 9
Not much to really put into this category, it’s the usual Pokemon battle formula, just with a few adjustments and new features. Z-Moves return from Sun/Moon, only this time there are even more of them. Instead of Zygarde Cells, we now have Totem Stickers to collect, which can grant you your own usable Totem Pokemon, which is pretty cool. There is actually 1 gym in this game, but it’... Read the rest of this Review
Marvel's Spider-Man
01-01-19 01:10 AM
Spider-Man: A True Webhead Experience
Spider-Man for the PS4 was released for, well, the PS4, in September of 2018. Hype for this game was through the roof, I remember hearing about it everywhere. I sadly wasn't too invested in the hype, since at the time of its reveal, I didn't have a PS4. Following the game would just get me depressed. It wasn't until November 2018 that I got a PS4 bundle that came with Spider-Man on Black Friday. Now, fair warning, this review may have a little personal bias attatched to it, but the praise this game gets is defintiely deserving of it. You see, Spider-Man was my biggest childhood icon besides Sonic, I saw both Spider-Man 2 and 3 in theaters, and I own every Spider-Man movie in some physical form. Yes, I realize how much of a nerd I am and I am proud of it. With that out of the way, let's jump right into this review. 

Graphics - 10
Oh my gosh, these are probably some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a video game. It looks like a live action movie the entire time. There's this really cool thing the game does where it plays a cutscene, and with no loading transition or anything, it returns to gameplay, and the graphics still look just as good as the cutscene. It's like a playable movie, I swear. I have absolutelty no gripes with the graphics in this game, absolutely stunning.

Sound - 10
Every sound in this game has an impact on you. If there's at least one thing this game does very, very well, it's that it makes you feel like you truly are Spider-Man. Usually, with a lot of the impactful sounds, the controller vibrates correspondingly, adding even more to the experience, getting you truly immersed into the game. And the music, oh my the soundrack to this game is wonderful. Beautiful orchestral pieces such as the main theme of the game, really gets you hyped up for what's coming to you. Intense symphonic melodies for the big baddie fights such as Mr. Negative's theme. There is not one single track in this game that I despise and I lo... Read the rest of this Review
Sonic Forces
11-30-18 07:09 PM
Sonic Forces Review - Sans Saves the World
In July of 2016, Sonic Team held an event at Comic-Con, where they revealed both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, which went by the name Project Sonic 2017 at the time. The news spread quickly, and many were excited for both games to release. Sonic Mania was scheduled to release Spring of 2017, but was later delayed to August 2017, just 3 months before the release of Sonic Forces. Sonic Mania was VERY well received, some even calling it, "The best Sonic game in 20 years". On the other hand, Sonic Forces did not do as well. Most users on this site might know that I have grew up with the Sonic franchise and that I enjoy a majority of its games, but where would I put this one compared to all the rest, and is it worth a buy? Let's get right into this.

Graphics - 10
Sonic Forces is the first game in the series to use Hedgehog Engine 2, a new engine developed by Sonic Team themselves. The engine took about 2 years to develop. Being the most recent Sonic game with the most recent and advanced engine, it would be only natural that the game would actually look like it was made in 2017. I'm happy to say that this is one of, if not [b]the[/b] best looking Sonic game out on the market right now. Most of the gameplay looks just as good as the cutscenes, and there's so much stuff in the background that it even tends to distract me from time to time just because it's so detailed. For example, take the Null Space stage. In the background, you can see all manners of battleships and aircrafts in a struggle against the enemy. Essentially, it's a huge battle going on right beside you as you are running your way to the goal. It all looks beautiful and I hope to see detail like this in the next entry in the franchise. 

Sound - 7
Here is where the review is going to start to get divisive. You see, Sonic Forces is a very strange game, you either really hate it or you really love it. Some people just don't know what their opinion of the game is in the first place... Read the rest of this Review
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
01-31-17 04:12 PM
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Review: SCARY
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released to theaters all across the country a long time ago. Due to its success, a lot of merchandise was created, including a video game. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released on the Game Boy Advance in 2004. I don’t think many people played this game, but I did when I was a kid, and I loved it, even though it was really hard. What do I think of this game nowadays?

Graphics - 4
It may just be me, I don’t know, but am I the only one that thinks the graphics in this game look disgusting? If you haven’t seen this game, go look at some screenshots, and tell me what you think. These have got to be some of the worst graphics I have seen on the Game Boy Advance, and it sickens me to look at these graphics. And when I say everything looks disgusting, I mean everything, even the icons for crying out loud!

Sound - 7
I only remember about 1 or 2 tracks from this game. Still, those two tracks aren’t anything that I’d call amazing, but they still sound pretty cool for the Game Boy Advance. I remember despising a lot of songs from this game just because of how annoying they were. Heck, I think there was even a track that just had a single note playing for 5 seconds and then went up a bit, then repeats itself. That’s not a song, that’s an annoyance. The rest of the songs are mediocre, and they work for whatever situation you’re in most of the time.

Addictiveness - 6
I’ll admit, even with all of the negative things I’ve said about this game so far, I still had a little fun with it for the first few hours of gameplay. After that, the game gradually gets more boring as time goes on. I got so far into the game, that it got so boring, that walking down a simple hallway in the game was more fun. I’m not kidding. If you decide to play this game, I promise you that you won’t be playing it for very long.

Story ... Read the rest of this Review
Mario Super Sluggers
01-31-17 03:38 PM
Mario Super Sluggers Review: BASEBALL YEEEE
Mario Super Sluggers is yet another title in the Mario sports series of games. It was originally released as Mario Superstar Baseball for the Gamceube. Mario Super Sluggers was released for the Wii in 2008, while the original was released in 2005. Opinions on Mario sports games vary from person to person, as far as I can see. Is this sports game worth checking out, or is it just a crappy remake that adds nothing new and turns out to be a complete waste of your time? Let’s find out.

Graphics - 8
The graphics in Mario Super Sluggers seem to be a huge step up from the original. I haven’t really played the original at all, but from what I can tell, the graphics seem to be better to an extent, since this is on a console from a generation ahead of the original. There are a few instances when I think they could have tried a bit harder to make the game look better, but those instances happen to be very few throughout the game.

Sound - 6
The sound in Mario Super Sluggers is ok at best. I can think of a ton of sounds that just annoy the crap out of me for no reason other than they sound annoying. At the same time, the sound the bat makes when you get a really good hit is extremely satisfying, as it should be with games like this. The music in this game is mediocre, if I’m going to be honest. It seems bland at times, and while there are good tracks in the game, I cannot seem to remember any of them.

Addictiveness - 8
To my surprise, I actually enjoy playing this game. I think the reason that a lot of Mario sports games have even made it this far and have still managed to stay alive up to this point tells us something. People find them entertaining, otherwise making these games would be a huge waste of money. I find this game to be most enjoyable when played with a friend. I remember back when I was allowed at dad’s house that I was always looking forward to playing this game with my step-brother. He always ended up... Read the rest of this Review

Lexatom's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Pokemon Yellow
01-04-19 12:19 AM
Pokemon Yellow - All Pokemon Locations
Welcome to my guide on Pokemon Yellow. Here is where you can find detailed information on Pokemon locations, how rare they are, and how to obtain them. I hope this guide helps you in your journey to become the very best, like no one ever was. Let’s begin with the Routes and what Pokemon appear in those routes.

Route 1
In Route 1, you can find Rattata and Pidgey. Rattata is common, and appears at levels 2 to 4. You can only find Rattata by walking through the tall grass in this area. Pidgey is common, and appears at levels 2 to 7. You can only find Pidgey by walking through the tall grass in this area.

Route 2
In Route 2, you can find: Pidgey, Rattata, Nidoran (Male), Nidoran (Female), and Mr. Mime. Pidgey is common in this area and appears at levels 3 to 7. Pidgey can only be found by walking through the tall grass in this area. Rattata is common in this area and appears at levels 3 to 4. Rattata can be found by walking through the tall grass in this area. Nidoran (Male) and Nidoran (Female) are uncommon and appear at levels 4 to 6. They can both be found by walking through the tall grass. In the area behind the trees you need to cut, there will be a trainer there who is willing to trade you a Mr. Mime for a Clefairy.

Route 3
In Route 3, you can find: Spearow, Rattata, Sandshrew, and Mankey. Spearow is common and appears at levels 8 to 12, and can be found by walking through the tall grass. Rattata is uncommon and appears at levels 10 to 12, and can be found by walking through the tall grass. Sandshrew is uncommon and appears at levels 8 to 10, and can be found by walking through the tall grass. Mankey is uncommon and only appears at level 9, and can be found by walking through the tall grass.

Route 4
In Route 4, you can find: Spearow, Rattata, Sandshrew, Mankey, and Magikarp. Spearow is common and appears at levels 8 to 12, and can be found by walking through the tall grass. Rattata is uncommon and appears... Read the rest of this Guide
Kirby: Triple Deluxe
01-02-19 12:59 AM
Kirby Triple Deluxe: All Sun Stone Locations
I was all over this game when it first released, but I always had trouble 100%ing it. Here is where you can find all the Sun Stones in the game.

Fine Field - Stage 1
Sun Stone #1 - After obtaining the Hypernova Seed and sucking up the first big tree, you will receive your first Sun Stone.

Sun Stone #2 - Once you reach the block puzzle, use your Hypernova ability to suck and drag the second block to the left side of the screen. Jump on top of it, and start sucking to get the other block off of the ledge. Once it hits the ground, it will crack open, letting your second Sun Stone free.

Fine Field - Stage 2
Sun Stone #1 - Once you reach what seems to be an end to a pathway, jump over the shotzo, and do not grab the star. Instead, destroy the cracked wall to the right of the star. The first Sun Stone will be in this hidden room.

Sun Stone #2 - Eventually, you will reach a cannon section. Press the button at the right time to be shot into the second Sun Stone.

Sun Stone #3 - There will be a secret door near the end of the level, enter it, and destroy the bomb blocks inside of the room. Go into the water bowl, and start pouring water on the sprouting flower. The flower will grow, revealing a key to a door above you. Open the door to get the third Sun Stone.

Fine Field - Stage 3
Sun Stone #1 - You will reach a section where you can get inside of a thing that shoots rockets into the background. Shoot these rockets at the stone blocks, but be careful you only get 3 rockets. Once all of the blocks have been destroyed, you will get your first Sun Stone.

Sun Stone #2 - You will find another special door. Drop below and go inside it. Inside, there will be a cannon. Hop inside the cannon and tilt the 3DS to align the rope so that the cannon and fuse connect. Light the fuse, then hurry to the cannon, and it will shoot you up into your second Sun Stone.

Sun Stone #3 - You will eventually ... Read the rest of this Guide
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location
01-30-17 04:32 PM
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location Guide
Before you begin the game, you will hear voices speaking as well as a quick cutscene showing off Baby. Once you click New Game, you will a girl saying, “Daddy, why won’t you let me play with her?” After that, the game will begin.

Night 1Active Threats: NoneDifficulty: You can’t die

The game begins with you in an elevator. A voice will come on and explain bits of story and gameplay from time to time to help you. Eventually, a keypad will flip open and he will ask you to enter your name. No matter what you click, the result will be the same. He tries auto-correcting your name, and the result is Eggs Benedict.

Once the elevator ride ends, you can open the elevator doors by pressing the bright, red button to your right. Once the doors open, make your way through the vent in front of you. Crawl to the exit of the vent, and you will reach the Primary Control Module.

Primary Control Module
Click the button that has the symbol of a sun on it to light up Ballora Gallery once the dialogue ends. He will then instruct you to click the button that has the symbol of lightning on it to electrocute her. Check the light again, and Ballora will be dancing on her stage.
Do the same on the right side. Once you electrocute Funtime Foxy, she will be dancing on her stage as well. Go through the vent that opens in front of you. Once you reach the exit of that vent, you will be in Circus Baby’s Auditorium.

Circus Baby’s Auditorium
Check the light to the room as you are instructed to do so. He will tell you to keep electrocuting Baby to get her to activate, but it never happens, despite the system telling you that she is working just fine. Go back into the vent you came from, and exit it. A random cutscene of you watching TV and eating popcorn will play, and then the night will end.

Night 2
Active Threats: Bidybab, Ballora, Funtime Freddy
Difficulty: Medium

... Read the rest of this Guide
Five Nights at Freddy's 3
01-14-17 09:15 AM
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Guide
This guide will go through everything in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 to 100% completion.

Night 1

Active Specimen - None
Difficulty Level - You can't die.
Once you start a new game, you will be introduced to a newspaper that tells of the opening of Fazbear's Fright, a horror attraction based on the pizzeria that once existed 20 years ago. Once the newspaper disappears, you will begin Night 1. Once it begins, you will get a phone call/message from your boss, dubbed "Phone Dude" by fans. Listen to these messages carefully, since they will teach you some mechanics of the game and also give out some lore hints. Below is a summary of the transcript of the phone call for Night 1. Only the parts of the phone call that explain gameplay mechanics will be below.

"Uh-when the place opens, people will come in at the opposite end of the building, and work their way towards you, then past you and out the exit. Uh-You'll be starring as... The security guard! So not only will you be monitoring the people on the cameras as they pass through, y'know, to make sure no one steals anything or makes out in the corner, but you'll also be a part of the show. You can check the security cameras over to your right with a click of that blue button. Uh, you can toggle between the hall cams and the vent cams... Uh, then over to your far left, uh, you can flip up your maintenance panel. Y'know, use this to reboot any systems that may go offline. Uh, the most important thing you want to watch for is the ventilation. Look, this place will give you the spooks, man, and if you let that ventilation go offline, then you'll start seeing some crazy stuff, man. Keep that air flowin'."

If you take a look at the layout of the building, you will see the entrance at the top-right and the exit near the bottom-left. The antagonist will start from the entrance and will eventually make his way to your office, which happens to be right next to the exit.  In the cameras,... Read the rest of this Guide
Pokemon Red
01-07-17 11:07 AM
Pokemon Red/Blue - Pokemon Locations
This is a guide that I thought would be very helpful to have somewhere on the site. I saw that there wasn't one like this so I decided to make one. This guide will showcase all the areas in Pokemon Red/Blue and the Pokemon you can find in that area, as well as how to catch those Pokemon. Pokemon exclusive to Red will be highlighted Red and Pokemon exclusive to Blue will be highlighted Blue. Pokemon that are catchable in both versions will not be highlighted. Also, Pokemon Yellow encounters will not be included, there will be a separate guide for that.

Pallet Town

Poliwag can be found with the Good and Super Rods. Tentacool can only be found with the Super Rod. Goldeen can only be found with the Good Rod. Magikarp can only be found with the Old Rod. You can choose either Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle at the beginning of the game.

Route 1

Pidgey and Rattata can both be found by walking.
Route 22
Nidoran (Female)
Nidoran (Male)
Rattata and Spearow can both be found by walking. Nidoran (Female) is most common in Blue, but can still be found in Red. Nidoran (Male) is most common in Red, but can still be found in Blue.

Route 2

Pidgey and Rattata can be found in both versions by walking. Caterpie only appears in Blue for this area, and Weedle only appears in Red for this area.

Viridian Forest

Caterpie and Metapod are most common in Blue, but can still be found in Red. Weedle and Kakuna are most common in Red, but can still be found in Blue. Pikachu can be found by walking.

Route 3

All Pokemon here can be found by walking.

Mt. Moon

Pa... Read the rest of this Guide

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