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Streets of Rage 2 -Shantae   Rank 1/1 : 661,200
Streets of Rage 2 - Syndicate Wars   Rank 1/2 : 661,150
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo   Rank 1/3 : 499,329
WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role   Rank 1/2 : 16
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Pink Edition   Rank 2/2 : 297,120
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time   Rank 2/6 : 1,150
Fix-It Felix Jr.   Rank 3/3 : 14,725
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Jinx98's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Princess Maker 2 All the most interesting games seem to always be in Japanese....
Mega Man X Playing this now, I'm trying to remember what I was doing or how well I was playing in order to make to Sigma palace 1 when I was a kid, because I just recently found out bosses had weaknesses and had no upgrades minus the boots.
Mega Man X I'll say the most retarded thing they did with this game was add in the rapid respawn rate. Walk away for a second and the enemy is back.
Harvest Moon: Back To Nature Back in the day, I would always marry Mary[Liberian with the glasses]. I never succeeded in marrying the hottest girl Karen.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles in Time (4 Players ver UAA) @SuperTeenOne Want to beat this game? Dont use drugs?
Street Fighter 2 of Rage Cammy should have seriously been Blaze's spot and not Bison. It sounds Bison took estrogen before stage 1...
Pokemon - Touhou Merry's Version One thing I hate about fan hacks especially Pokemon hacks, the creators always try to over power everything. The first rival battle was cheap!
WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role L1
AAAHH!!! Real Monsters What is about the older games that makes them so blinkin hard?!
Road Rash I get the feeling I know why not too many people record this game and upload it to youtube. It's music copyright heavy!

Jinx98's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Super Smash Bros.
12-24-13 12:31 AM
The brawl that started it all!
   It's the beat-em-up smackdown brawl that started it all! All the super Nintendo mega stars have come together, in one big slug fest to prove whom among them is the best! Select your favorite character and get ready for reckon, and by the way, make sure you don't forget to bring the weapons. We have Pokeballs, bats, beam swords right out of starwars! You really will get far, because I'll send you flying when I power up with a star! You can solo fight or take it to the next level, enter three other characters for a four way battle and show the world that you are rebel! I've teamed up with the Mario Bro's and entered Mushroom world, I've just shot Samus with a ray gun and wait! He was a girl?! The possibility's are limitless, as the clock counts down and Nintendo characters become relentless! Are you ready?..Theres no time to wait!..3! 2! 1! GO!

   Hello and welcome reader and readers. This is my long review for Super Smash Bro's for the Nintendo N64. If there was no other games I was ever good at, it was this game. The original Super Smash Bro's for the Nintendo N64 was one of the most deserving games to ever hold the title beat-em up and changed the way we look at them. I had played this game so much, I was just about 99% unbeatable with Mario, The other 1% is where people stand in one spot, block and throw the entire game. I still to this day own this game and I still use to play this game long after Game Cube introduced Super Smash Bro's Melee and the Nintendo Wii introduced Super Smash Bro's Brawl. I mean I don't throw away the classic's and you shouldn't either. You never know when you might get the urge to return later.

Difficulty- 5 out of 10
   I gave the difficulty a 5 out of 10, as this game as multiple aspects of hardness and if you put in the right settings, you can push it though the roof. In story mode, you have levels ranging from very easy,, normal, hard... Read the rest of this Review
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists of the Roses
12-22-13 10:54 PM
What side would you choose?
Story-8 out of 10
   Yugi and Seto in alternate version of yu-gi-oh set during Medieval Europe somewhat based on the true world English wars, continue they're long rivalry once again as the two sides, Red Rose Yorkists for Yugi's army and White Rose Lancastrians for Seto's army fight for whats right and wrong. You are summoned from your world into the ancient time period by Simon Mcmoonran, so he can enlist your aid in helping Yu-Gi defeat Seto and the Lancastrians, however Seto himself soon appears and attempts to enlist your aid right from under Simon's nose. Depending on which side you take, you would have to defeat 8 characters from the tv show and collect they're 8 rose cards, in order for you to summon the pure evil Manawyddan fab Llyr and defeat him.

Depth-7 out of 10
   Well I can't tell a lie. This game doesn't have an entire world of things for you to do outside of playing two different stories in store mode with a new spin on the yu-gi-oh card game. There's only one other feature in the game and it allows you to customize your own battle zones. They're could have been more to the feature besides facing the computer that's using the exact same copy of your deck when you could be facing other tv show characters, but it's not all so bad.

Difficulty-7 out of 10
   The game isn't that hard. Some characters are more push overs, while some just flat out play dirty. Other than that there's not much of a challenge especially if you got the right cards right from the very beginning. Not even Yu-Gi and Seto the head leaders of they're fractions will give you too much trouble. The only true hard character is the final boss Manawyddan and if you know how to deal with his brute power, shouldn't take very long to beat him.

Addictiveness-7 out of 10
   The game can be quite the ball for a little while especially if you love being able to customize your own board's, using your favorite... Read the rest of this Review
WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth
12-21-13 11:56 PM
Know your role and SHUT your mouth!
   The game doesn't have a set story line like all wrestling games. Instead you enter story mode and follow the path of story-line's once used in the WWE Raw and Smackdown TV shows, with path's changing depending on the choices you make. That means in the storyline where you are suppose to replace The Rock in his real life Wrestlemania match where he faced Hollywood Hulk at Wrestlemania, if you fail to defeat Hogan or don't make it to the Wrestlemania main event, he'll win and continue to cause trouble with his NWO followers X-Pac and Kevin Nash.

Difficulty- 4 out of 10
   If it was one thing I knew back in the day before the new generation of WWE2k14 and so on, is that Smackdown related games were beyond easy. From the option menu there is four types of difficulty's to pick from. Easy, Normal, Hard and Smackdown which actually means super hard and from the get go I was whooping on everyone on super hard with almost zero challenge. You don't even really need to be a pro. Once you understand one simple tactic, the computer most likely will never be able to get its face off the ring mat.

Depth-10 out of 10
   This was when WWE went all out on there games. Today's newer WWE games, lack so many features such as an actual storyline path for you to follow. Not only did you have a big roster of wrestlers to pick from and plenty of awesome matches, but the game introduced, one of the WWE's biggest story mode features that expanded 3 years within the game. You were allowed to actually leave the arena and explore like 4 to 5 other area such as Time Square in New York or get on a subway that transported you there. You were even allowed to interact with the superstars both none created and ones you created. Depending on what you did or said to them, would either earn you title matches, pulled you into back stage brawls, made you partners and sometimes just for laughs. They don't make these like they use.

Read the rest of this Review
Rugrats: Search for Reptar
12-21-13 12:32 AM
Wheres my Reptar puzzle?
Story-8 out of 10
   As the story goes, the game opens up with the shows main character Tommy Pickles whom is playing with his other friends Chuckie and the twins Phil and Lil. Upon going to get his favorite toy which looks like Reptar and contains a bunch of puzzle pieces, he soon starts to cry when he notices that all his puzzle pieces are missing. The game starts after Tommy swears upon the Reptar can that he would find every last piece if its the last he does. Let's be honest here. Puzzles are not a good toy to give a baby, but we didn't care. We still enjoyed the story none the less.

Difficulty-7 out of 10
   Depending on which episodes you play, the more challenging the difficulty, which is mainly between easy and normal. Theres a good chance you'll never have to play any episodes that are actually hard, because its possible to collect all the puzzle pieces before you even enter one or by time you start a hard episode, you'll be one puzzle away from automatically being ported to the final stage. Not much stress in this area.

Depth-7 out of 10
   For a kids game, it's got plenty for you to do. You can either play the mini games from the main menu, or complete the story mode and help Tommy explore the entire house to find all his Reptar puzzle pieces and put them back together again. Each game, you play is an episode you relive from the actual tv show, such as "Ice Cream Mountain", "Toy Palace", "Chuckie's glasses" and "Let there be light". Playing these episodes helps you find other puzzles and awards you another puzzle upon completing them. The game isn't very long depending if you know where to go and if you are collecting pieces up fast. The game would average between maybe no more to 40 minutes to an hour.

Sound-7 out of 10
   The game has decent sound to it which gives you the feel of actually being in the Rugrats tv show, which is what it's suppose to do right? The drawback... Read the rest of this Review
WCW-nWo Revenge
12-20-13 07:59 PM
Let me tell you about this game BROTHER!
   A game made in the 90's! A period where wrestling was at it's hottest. For those of you whom are not wrestling fans or a late wrestling fan, back in the late 90's, there was something called the Monday Night Wars. Two wrestling company's named WCW World Champion Wrestling and WWF World Wrestling Federation[Now known today as WWE World Wrestling Entertainment] were batting each other for top ratings. WCW was a monster, because it was managed by people whom were punishing the WWE by slander, show spoilers and anything else it could do to ruin the company, leading it to defeat the WWE 84 weeks straight in the rating. These types of tricks and less show development would later back fire back on WCW and allow the WWE to defeat them once and for all.

    Before the WCW went under and was brought by Vince Mcmahon, the owner of the WWE, WCW was starting to change the face of Wrestling games forever when they responded with it's sequel to WCW/NWO World Tour named WCW/NWO Revenge which took a much more richer look into the wrestling game world. Of course WWE made games too, and with the huge success of Revenge, the WWE said we're not gonna take this and responded back with it's own huge hit Wrestle-Mania 2000.

    Couldn't give this game a rating, as it doesn't have much story, besides being in a period where group NWO is still terrorizing and fighting a war with the WCW roster wrestlers whom did not join up with them. As the intro opens up, Sting, a guy whom has been on the receiving end of the New World Order's brutality multiple times, returns to the WCW with a new look and stronger will to fight and seek REVENGE on the NWO's leader Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Besides that little information, you don't actually follow a storyline in this game. You just pick a wrestler and fight.

Depth-10 out of 10. Graphics- 10 out of 10 Sound-9 out of 10
    Improved upon WCW/NWO ... Read the rest of this Review

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