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Porsche Challenge It works wonderfully well! Oh how I love this game! its one of my childhood games :3

Eniitan's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Pokemon Black
03-21-19 06:43 PM
Pokemon Black Review
Pokémon Black Review

Story 8 out of 10: Team Plasma as they call themselves takes the stage in this game. I am not really too familiar with them as I am with team rocket and other wannabe evil doers. I had the pleasure to painfully know them as in me teaching them a lesson and to also add in Lord N as they call him he's a very weird one that caught my curiosity when I ran into him the first time around. I had to be careful as in not to miss certain parts as it was my first time playing the game. 

Graphics 9 out of 10: The graphics in Pokémon games by the years have come a long way. Every time the producers continue to bring up something new and amazing to look at. Playing the game and seeing the new graphics I was unfamiliar about got me excited more to play and to site see as well. I will be looking forward to the other Pokémon games I have yet to play. 

Sound 9 out of 10: The soundtrack is really good. The first thing I found out was in a Pokémon battle if your Pokémon's health is low the music shifts and I was quite shocked when I heard it because it was something I did not expect at all. There are some catchy tunes of one's which can relax you when you get into a town or city. By far still Ns battle music is my favourite.

Addictiveness 7 out of 10: I wasn't sure how addictive the game would be at first. I played the game... Pokémon black to some degree is addictive... But some areas in the game were not for me. I never got that feeling for some reason to go back and replay some parts in the game.

Depth 8 out of 10: Team Plasma are really rude with their talks and the leaders are cunning as well I don't have a problem fighting them. But N however at times can sometimes be on my Pokémon levels and other times he is not. There was one time he almost beat me and I was like nope I won't allow that to happen. Anyways apart from that Pokémon black and white opens up new thi... Read the rest of this Review
Kingdom Hearts III
02-05-19 02:35 PM
Kingdom Hearts 3 Review
Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

Story 9 out of 10: The story was amazing. It concludes many things you would know about in the game to explain. And also hidden things to know as well. I do have to say most storylines from previous before gets cleared up in KH3 whereas some would leave curiosity. If you really didn't bother learning about the storyline before playing the game from the get go, you will be confused, so I suggest watching a YouTuber explain what it is so you get an understanding.

Graphics 10 out of 10:  The graphics are beautiful. Like really beautiful. There were times I just stopped playing to look at certain scenery that took my breath away. Kingdom Hearts 3 has a massive upgrade in the graphics department. You wont feel disappointed by that. I also say you should take time to look at the scenery as it gives off an wow feel of pic-tress, detail was in there. I fully understand why it took many years to accomplish that.

Sound 10 out of 10: I loved the soundtracks all of it was spectacular. I would not pick which ones were my favourite, and ones which were not. I also loved the clashing sounds of weapons in the game some music are old, while some are new. Even so, the music all of them are outstanding. I think you would enjoy it as much as I did.

Addictiveness 9 out of 10: Kingdom Hearts 3 is quite addicting. It only took me 2 day to complete the story mode of the game once it came to my house lol. Because I am up to date with the proper storyline for it, I had to see what happened at the end. I have stopped playing the game for now as I have other things to do but when free again I will be doing the platinum trophy run!

Depth 9 out of 10: You get to do more in KH3 than you were able to in KH2. I will give a few examples as I don't want to spoil too much. Most worlds have a different adventure side quest that you can do which is quite enjoyable. When you get to the Pirates of the Caribbean world you get... Read the rest of this Review
Stardew Valley
01-31-17 09:52 AM
Stardew Valley Review
Stardew Valley Review

I just simply love this game....anyone who has played it on Steam, Xbox or the PS4 would understand what I mean. I should had done a review about this before. So on with the review!

Story 3 out of 10: The story is pretty basic. In this game. Your grandfather hands you his old farm place in Stardew Valley before he dies. As sad as this may sound years later you move into Stardew Valley a beautiful farm place if I may add. As you come upon your grandfathers farm you see its full of overgrown trees, and weeds that needs to be cut. Apart from doing that what else can you do in the game? That's for you to find out.

Graphics 10 out of 10: The graphics is really clean, and smooth in this game. I like the earthy fields, and upon many things you can see. There are seasons also. So for each season you complete the graphics change to suit the needs of that feature of season. You will love the look it gives. Like for instance when you have completed summer, the look will completely change when you have gone into Autumn.There are some flowers move with the wind, like windy days when you see petals of flowers flying in the sky. Which is really pretty to look at.

Sound 10 out of 10: The game has wonderful music and soundtracks. Mine would have to be Autumn and winter. It gives a really calm nice vibes that somehow comforts your body and mind to listen without any worry in life you may have. Overall all of the music are great but I am sure many people will have favourites of which ones they like better. I've already told you mine. 

Addictiveness 9 out of 10: Its really addicting. every day that goes by in the game you will say *Ok after this I will stop playing* which you will not happen to do. You would want to make your farm look perfect do a lot more things as the days go on. So be very wary of that. As in watch out you will enjoy the game to the point to forget to go t bed. That's how addictive it is.<... Read the rest of this Review
Cooking Mama
11-13-16 06:27 PM
Cooking Mama DS Review
Cooking Mama DS Review

Ello back with another Review on a DS game, that I loved to play a lot in the past.


Graphics 8 out of 10: The graphics is of a cartoon bright colours the best way to describe it is if you are watching some sort of a Japanese kids show. I would know something of that because its what it looks like. I like it because it brings a very good feel to the game. And it’s a game I can get into because of how similar It is with a Japanese kids cartoon which I like.

Sound 6 out of 10: The music is quit bubbly and lively of ones you would normally hear like for instance when watching some sort of cooking shows.

Addictiveness 8 out of 10: Its really addicting I mean you just want to cook any dishes you come across or having being able to unlock the new ones.

Difficulty 7 out of 10: It only starts to get harder when you make some or most complicated dishes. Or when it comes to chopping certain food ingredients.

Depth 7 out of 10: In Cooking Mama you are is tasked to cook various different meals using the DS touch screen. Following the instructions of Mama you have to use the stylus to perform different kitchen tasks when cooking. Including chopping vegetables, slicing meat, flipping food in pans, and arranging the final items on the plate. You must look at the top screen of the DS for guidance on what to do next and then perform the task on the bottom screen. When you make a serious mistake, or the time expires without enough progress being made its considered when you have failed cooking the dish. When this happens, a an angry Mama with flames erupting from her eyes is shown. Along with a line she normally says *Don't worry, Mama will fix it!*.

Overall 7.9: It’s a great game to play really so if you like a cooking game this is just the one for you. I really recommend people to try the game if they have not come across playing any Cooking Mama games... Read the rest of this Review
Burnout Revenge
10-14-16 04:51 PM
Burnout Revenge Review
Burnout Revenge Review

Hello I'm back with another review and to be doing it on this amazing ps2 game. :)

Story: This is a racing game so it really doesn't have a story, but if you feel I should say something for this there is a mode called World Tour where you get to race a lot of places, and unlock many things as well such as new cars and a whole lot more other things.

Graphics 8 out of 10: The game doesn't have the best graphics in the world. But, it is a racing game after all some places you can look at most of the time you see tracks. When you speed so much to the point with any racing game the graphics will go a little blurry, that’s how it will go for racing games, and you would agree since you play racing games to know. I love how cool looking most of the cars are I always drive the cool ones that fits my style.

Sound 8 out of 10: The music is rock type as well, but not too hard core. I like what the music has to offer here so at times I enjoy listening to it. There is not much talking in this game. Mostly you will hear is the car sounds music and also sound effects as well, for when you stop for an example or breaks also crash noises are the most thing known to be heard.

Addictiveness 8 out of 10: My god is this game so addictive. If you love burnout games racing, and knocking cars down then you would really understand what I mean how should I explain. This game is a stress relief if you had a bad day or in a bad mood for one reason or the other this is just the game to cheer you up. How? By taking down a whole lot of cars in road rage! Or others such as elimination, crash mode traffic attack. When you do that you will find yourself getting better since it has helped me with that a lot. I have no doubt it will help others too. So I thought just to explain that part the most thing that will make you addicted is taking down the opponent cars in the game really.

Difficulty 8 out ... Read the rest of this Review

Eniitan's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Dragon Quest VIII
01-16-19 09:04 AM
Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Cursed King Walkthrough Part 5
I was supposed to finish this ages ago....I apologize for the late last part I still had it. Just needed some things to go with it. After this I will post up the side quest part as well.

Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Cursed King Walkthrough Part 5

Tryan Gully

This place will be hard to find so here is a picture showing you where you need to go. When you have found the place explore.


You need to find an elf called Raya when you do speak to her. After that she will allow you to go to the treasure chamber. That is if you found it before during your exploring. You will get an item that will help aid in your quest to find Rhapthorne. When you have taken what is needed from the treasure chamber use the leaf so then on the map you will be shown where to go next. Use the soul bird stone to follow Rhapthorne he will go to Savella Cathedral. Enter you will find him up stairs this will trigger another boss fight.

Boss fight 13
Evil Sir Leopold
His attacks and Spells
Intimidating scream
Cold breath
Critical attacks
Tail attack

Start off with the usual using to raise your party's defense and attacks as well. He can attack twice on you, so watch out for that. He is annoying to deal with make sure to be careful.

After you have beaten him Marchello will come in with some guards and frame you and the Lord high priest. Typical Marchello, that's why I never liked him in the first place. Later on he will pick up the sceptre and Rhapthorne will control him. After you get in prison with the others you have to talk to everyone to trigger the next scene it will take a while to trigger other scenes it's the most annoying part too in the game to do. A plan will finally be made for when you to escape. When the plan works go to neos that's where Marchello wil... Read the rest of this Guide
Dragon Quest VIII
09-01-16 04:48 PM
Dragon Quest 8 Journey Of The Cursed King Walkthrough Part 4
Dragon Quest 8 Journey Of The Cursed King Walkthrough Part 4

Jessica Has Gone Missing!
So from where we left off. Go as if you are going back to the royal hunting ground but instead of taking that turn go the other way which is where the checkpoint is. Your next destination is *Arcadia* when you get to the checkpoint you will see the doors have been damage granting you access to be able to go into Arcadia.

When you get to this town you will see some people standing around saying about a noise that happened. Go and explore you will see more people blocking other paths, and only one will be opened to you which would be of a big looking mansion open the gate door since its not locked and talk to the guard that is on the floor he will say she caught me off guard quickly head in and you will find another guard laying on the floor and would give more details. So go up the stairs to find what's happening. And when you get to the door a cut scene will happen. And you will see......Jessica! But it seems she has been possessed by the sceptre staff! As the cut scene goes on you learn a little more of the story plot. Then after you come in she will disappear. So you find out now where Jessica has gone which was to Arcadia. After the scene talk to the master. Dominico will then ask for a favour for you to stop by the house of a man by the name of Kranbartle in town. That they hold something called *Kran Spinels* a magical ingredient for a concoction that will make a stronger shield for Dominico. But sadly they are too stubborn of giving it away. The Kranbartle's house is near Dominico's fountain in town. Here is how you can get to the house. But first before opening the gate to the right will be David go and talk to him. This will trigger a cut scene he will thank you and ask if you are travelers say yes. So David will go on explaining a bit of his story and how he came to be in Arcadia. You should see the pub before the house when... Read the rest of this Guide
Dragon Quest VIII
08-22-16 12:37 PM
Dragon Quest 8 Journey Of The Cursed King Walkthrough Part 3
Dragon Quest 8 Journey Of The Cursed King Walkthrough Part 3

The Western Continent

Seaview Church

Now to get to seaview church it is bit dodgy, basically you need to go to the left on the map from princess minis castle. By going west if that helps a little more you will see it on the map here. Some people get stuck on this part, and end up going around most places that they shouldn't go to as of yet. When that happens you come to face stronger monsters way beyond your parties levels, and they end up dying which is what you wouldn't want.


Monsters found in this region

Slime – The slimes in this area are a bit stronger so they will try, and turn into a stronger foe. They have the ability to call for back up. Meaning more slimes. stop them before they turn into something, that will be harder for you to face.

Cockateer - It can do a move called *Wind sickles* this attack can do some damage to one of your party members.

Great Sabrecat – When you first encounter them they are really quite annoying to deal with so watch out. There is one move they do which they jump up and come down by attacking you with their claws. To know when they do this move it will say *Thrusts a force with hurricane* They are quite quick to attack your party members on so that is something else to take note on.

Spitnik - This foe has a strange appearance when you first meet him. He does 2 skills which are *Dazzle and Flame Breath*

Venom Wasp - This is another annoying one to deal with the skills it uses are *Poison Attack and Paralysis Attack*

Orc – This guy does a move called *Muiltithrust* with his weapon. So it can attack all party... Read the rest of this Guide
Dragon Quest VIII
08-05-16 08:02 AM
Dragon Quest 8 Journey Of The Cursed King Walkthrough Part 2
Dragon Quest 8 Journey Of The Cursed King Walkthrough Part 2

So to go from where we left off. You have just obtained Angelo the last person in the party, and your next destination from Simpleton would be to *Ascantha* a kingdom which will be a long journey ahead of you before you can reach the kingdom.

Monsters found in this region





Bag o' Laughs

Morphean Mushroom

Brownie – They are the same as hammerhoods they will use psyche up. But in a different way so watch out for that. They will do this 10 times faster and will get their tension to 100! Beat them down before they can do serious damage to you.

Puppeteer – Uses a spell *Dazzle* which will blind your party members. Sometimes it will put on a show and see who got the joke. Whoever does ends up laughing and missing turns until it wears off on its own. It also uses different puppets each time to encountered it. If this pupperter does *Exciting tale* it would mean a good thing. It would make all party members psyche up at the same time.

Bodkin Bowyer - Does a move called *Multishot* in the air, and attacks all party members.  

Night Sneaker – It can cast crack, bounce.  

Mummy Boy - Nothing new from this guy except he is tougher to face that’s about it. Scratch that when sometimes they attack they will cause sleep.

Pan Piper – Uses a move called *Plays cursed song* basically this will curse all party members except for hero as we know he is immune to it, and all.

Slime Knight – Does an attack called *Flying attack* it does some serious damage so watch it.

Clockwork Cuckoo - Its attacks is it will transform into a blade, and will attack all of your party at the same time. So be on alert for that one.


Kisser – Nothing ou... Read the rest of this Guide
Dragon Quest VIII
06-20-16 08:34 PM
Dragon Quest 8 Journey Of The Cursed King Walkthrough

Dragonquest 8 Journey Of The Cursed King Walkthrough

Hi guys! Here is a game I simply adore. Now this walkthrough will be spilt into parts. I mainly did this because the guide I did before, I felt that I didn't gain enough cp. so I am doing this one to boot it up. so then it can equalize. Before you all start barking at me saying I broke the rules for the game guide forum. I didn't. I know fully well what the rules hold. I spoke to eirinn about this for a reason ahead of time, and some others as well. This game as a whole when I do it will break the word limit. Plus any person who has played the game can see how extra long it is. Not only that there other bunch of different sections. That will be explained in the second half. For the first half will be on more focused on the story better yet your long journey throughout the game. And after the main storyline I will do the secret story. Which can only be unlocked by completing the game the first time. I do hope what I put down here will be helpful. Also I'll be adding stuff like the best place to train and to get money as well.

There are many cutscenes in the game and of course the main characters talk. Not all of them. Anyways when you have chosen the name for your hero then continue on. The a cutscene will happen which of course will build your curiosity. When that's over it won't end there. You get to meet some of the main characters. Yangus, a troll, a Horse and last a handsome young man who looks like goku and gohan from dragonball z. This young man sadly wasn't created to talk so he is the silent protagonist.

There are 4 in total. At the start you only have hero and yangus the other 2 can be found further into the game. But anyways you will be guided a bit on how to use the controls here are some pictures

[URL=][IMG] Read the rest of this Guide

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