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True love

Epic moment. Love this quote.

Midna and Zelda

Twilight Princess

My gold medal!

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(10-25-2014 4:39 PM)
Sure I'm only about 90 years out of being a citizen of being a member of the UK
(10-25-2014 3:52 PM)
I'm a bit young to have any kind of dog in that fight. You'd get a better answer out of my Nan. Also, I know far too many English people to be able to say anything against them.
(10-25-2014 1:29 PM)
Yeah, I somehow got another jersey. It's a miracle o.O
(10-25-2014 9:16 AM)
Better to be Irish by blood than not Irish at all, I suppose
(10-24-2014 10:41 PM)
I just remembered something that I was going to tell you, you can also in the beginning of the game, customize you character's looks, height, voice and especially gender since gender I think in a customizable game is one of the must haves, and you can obtain outfits for your character to equip and stroll through the game's scenery with the new look on your character. I just thought that whatever you equip, you can see what it actually looks like with your character and thought that was cool because it seems not many games pull that feature off in their games, so a player of their game may not like the restriction of not being able to see your character in many outfits. Oh, so you like cats? Well I like dogs the most, so I wasn't jipped or is it "gypped" when this game came out and I guess you weren't either. Also I think the DLC now for the Dragon and Bird pets with a story-line island called "Origin Island" costs $8.99, so that is kind of a lot I think for a DLC, but maybe I will get it anyway (I don't know).
(10-24-2014 9:20 PM)
Um, it may be hard to explain what it is, but it is like you get to choose between 12 lives to live including Paladin, Fisher, or Blacksmith and travel the world of Reveria (I think that is what the world is called in the game). You have levels for leveling up your character with just the regular RPG component of leveling up you characters of a game. Then you can level up in your "Life" and level up many skills that you learn in one life. You can also take some of those skills from one life and to help you in another life, and you can switch between the 12 lives at any time in the game as much as you want supposedly. I'm not really far in the game, but I personally wanted to start with a combat life, so I chose to start the game as a Paladin. Also you level up in "Bliss Ranks" too which unlock special circumstances for a player of the game, like doubling the amount of items a player can hold in their bag, or be able to get a pet and have that pet travel with you anywhere and everywhere. The pets can also fight in battle with you if you take them along with you and you somehow can level them up too which I haven't figured out yet, but I decided to get a dog that I called "Gizmo". I think you level up your pets through a "Friendship" meter because I watched a video on YouTube about it, but the "Friendship" meter isn't showing up for me. Maybe it is something you unlock later in the game, or another circumstance you unlock by getting and spending "Bliss" points. Also it was the only dog name I could come up with sadly though it is a good name for a dog I think. I got the name from what my sister named her dog in Virginia. Oh also in the game you can... Oh nevermind brain fart I can't remember what I was going to tell you though there is a lot to say about it. During this comment, my computer shut down by itself and I had turn my computer back up and stuff, so that got me losing my train of thought. Anyways it is a great game for the 3DS. Also for pets you can choose between Dogs and Cats in the game then if you buy the extra DLC, you can get Birds and Dragons, so I might get the downloadable content to get a Dragon. What about you, if you got the game, would you get the downloadable content for a pet Dragon or Bird? I love the game so far!
(10-24-2014 9:09 PM)
If there was a veggie jersey, you would definitely win that one!.......unless you eat that jersey.
(10-24-2014 8:21 PM)
Vizzed didn't like the idea of Eirinn's McDonalds fast food chain for the day. o.O
(10-24-2014 6:01 PM)
I was not sure if you remembered Q*bert or not, and I just took on a review for the Acme arsenal game on PS2
(10-24-2014 3:17 PM)
Yes :)!!! I got "Fantasy Life" for the 3DS. I am downloading it on the eshop now, but I think it will be a very fun game to play. Have you heard of "Fantasy Life" and do you want to get it?
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(a conversation)
Me: Don't kill yourself for us.
Me: I hate to believe stereotypes, but I've heard dead men don't code very well.
mrfe: Huh, really? I heard that too, but I dismissed it as a rumor...
Me: Well like I said, I've yet to see for myself.
mrfe: Ah, gotcha
mrfe: I thought that was Nintendo's secret
Me: It probably is. lol
Me: Just sayin'.

"It was just like *stab*" ~yoshirulez!

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