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True love

Epic moment. Love this quote.

Midna and Zelda

Twilight Princess

My gold medal!

Eirinn's Profile Comments (Show 100 Comments)
(3-2-2015 5:16 AM)
no what I meant before was survival kids, but maybe harvest moon as well if they can get a netplay working with it. = )
(3-2-2015 2:35 AM)
how soon are you looking at? with the way I am working, and the money I am making, I am willing to sell you the one I have now for cheap. All it really needs is a cosmetic clean-up, and a new fan and battery. But it's fine if you keep it plugged up. Just really needs a new fan
(3-1-2015 11:59 PM)
going to stream some boom booms:
(3-1-2015 8:03 PM)
So I took medicine before since my parents were nagging me to take some and I took the nighttime one aka the drowsy one which put me to sleep for around a good 5 hours. I would sleep throughout the whole night but I realized that I have homework to do.... See how evil medicine is?! It distracts you and put you to sleep so that you can have an anxiety and panic attack at the last minute so you don't get sleep and function for future nightmares- I mean future fun time.. YAY.
(3-1-2015 1:46 AM)
hi, I think your harvest moon fan from the photos, if they get the bugs from the netplay fixed, maybe we can play a netplay on it someday, haven't gotten one to work on it yet for some reason. and I hope the thread helped. if you need any addisitional info about the game or if you get stuck in the game just ask and I'll see what I can do to help. = )
(3-1-2015 12:37 AM)
The coughs don't keep occuring for a short amount of time so I consider that as good so far. Those annoying coughs are the worst and waste so much energy for me. I just want to be better as soon as possible especially when any slight disfunction in my body just annoys me and I try my best to use natural remedies to help me out (I hate using medicine and I will only use it if necessary or when I get annoyed when my parents constantly tell me to take medicine -_-).
(2-28-2015 11:39 PM)
I am feeling much better at least with my head all better. My nose and throat are getting better but still need some working to do. Also with my head all better, it gets switched with a coughing session. I didn't cough before from the past few days but now I have coughs. Is that known as a good or bad sign? o.O PS no need to feel sorry and I don't get sick as often as others.
(2-28-2015 9:21 PM)
I need some freshwater over here quickly! Also, nobody needs to know about the easter egg.
(2-28-2015 3:08 PM)
I love your profile backgroud
(2-28-2015 10:57 AM)
Stream chat by the way.
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(a conversation)
Me: Don't kill yourself for us.
Me: I hate to believe stereotypes, but I've heard dead men don't code very well.
mrfe: Huh, really? I heard that too, but I dismissed it as a rumor...
Me: Well like I said, I've yet to see for myself.
mrfe: Ah, gotcha
mrfe: I thought that was Nintendo's secret
Me: It probably is. lol
Me: Just sayin'.

"It was just like *stab*" ~yoshirulez!

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