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True love

Epic moment. Love this quote.

Midna and Zelda

Twilight Princess

My gold medal!

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Sword legion
(4-18-2014 5:10 PM)
it's okay. :P
Sword legion
(4-18-2014 3:11 PM)
shabbat means sabbath. I just use the jewish word. :P
Sword legion
(4-18-2014 2:06 PM)
I am unable to work on our PC game this week because it is the feast of unleavened breads, and all 7 seven days of the feast are shabbats.
(4-18-2014 12:50 AM)
I will
(4-18-2014 12:49 AM)
:) Awesome!
(4-18-2014 12:45 AM)
There have been a lot of chapters of Imamonster and the vizwarriors you have not read yet! 12 was funny.Even if i do say so myself.
(4-17-2014 11:58 PM)
Well, I'm nowhere near as socially inadequate, I play baseball now. It f*cking rocks. Lately, I've been into zombie movies and stuff. In fact, I'm currently writing a book about it. When it's done, I'll PM you it, if you want.
(4-15-2014 1:58 AM)
Oh i mean friday..
(4-15-2014 1:58 AM)
I got a sleepover at saturday.... wait maybe he can join if that is ok with you. He got his laptop with him.
(4-15-2014 1:02 AM)
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Quote of the week: "Love is a bit of a mix between a healthy obsession, and the best parts of the best kind of an addiction" ~Me

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