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Noobolicious's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Digimon Ruby into one type of digimon when you use the badge as opposed to if you use the badge when its lvl 59 and 2 thirds this make those badges which are essentially rare candy very valuable considering its the only when to get a certain digimon
Digimon Ruby speedy gonzalez the you could try using a power badge much like rare candy however each digimon can evolve in to three different options depending on when you use the badge on their level ex: lets say your digimon is lvl 59 and a third it will digivolve
Shaman King - Legacy of the Spirits - Soaring Hawk for the final boss beat all the minions before fighting him they're in the rooms with those four claw type things as for what to do after the apple cd just go talk to your fiance'
Shining Soul II resistance is also increased by taking a attack of that type (ex take alot of fireballs to raise your fire resistance) it takes alot of hit to raise it though
Digimon Ruby nvm I figured it out
Digimon Ruby Anyone know how to get to Opacification Mountaion. I've beat dark tower, and the desert, and I've found the crystal and battled drillmon but still can't move on.
Pokemon Jade This isn't a pokemon game they just named it this to make more money it's not to bad though and on the bright side you no longer have to use poke balls you can just knock them out and then you can automactically summon them
Game Boy Advance Video - Pokemon - Volume 4 13th
Cabela\'s Big Game Hunter what!?
Cabela\'s Big Game Hunter - 2005 Adventures Woot! first comment

Noobolicious's Last Game Reviews
Cabela\'s Big Game Hunter
05-16-12 10:09 PM
Cabela's hunting...gone south?
Cabela's Big Game Hunter, is really just not something I would call great,good,so-so,okay, or even just fine.  The game is simple first you choose what animals and difficulty which are in predetermined clumps.  Then, you will see a map graphic that makes Socrates' face look beautiful in comparison.  Then, you can change whether your running, walking, or crawling.  Along with using one of three items you can mask your scent, use the animal your hunting's scent, or try a call.  Then you "chase" the "animals" (aka the red dot your the blue one) across the until your close enough and enter into shooting mode where you do a 360 trying to find the bugger.  If your luck y you'll see it a "pow" you'll kill it.  Now the reason why I explained the game is because I could not find words to express how awful it is.  it takes forever to find the red dot and then to get close enough is hell.  Its extremely simply but crazy hard at the same time.  Not in a good way its graphics are a new level of terrible on GBA with game depth to match.  Unless you enjoy having your eyes in agony and constantly frustrated this is not a game for you
Cabela\'s Big Game Hunter - 2005 Adventures
05-16-12 09:31 PM
True Cabela's Hunting....without the skill
               Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005, is indeed a fun hunting game like other Cabela games,  with multiple animals, different areas various weaponry, and a trophy closet.  With fairly good graphics and music that doesn't get annoying or in the way.  But I would have like some nature sounds and hear the animals running instead of  just the gun shot and the call horns. But one big thing is missing that makes other Cabela hunting games so much fun.  Challenge, going out there with the chance you may get mauled by a grizzly, or scratched up my cougar,  along with death knocking at your door step controlling your food supplies so you don't starve to death, and getting the proper gear makes up most of the challenge in Cabela hunting games.  Without it ......its just a game.  After all the stuff they scrapped there isn't much opportunity to make it harder except having smaller or faster animals, which you can avoid the challenge of by choosing the right weapon.  So once you've done the first area you've basically just did the game, it doesn't get harder.  I also suggest they go entirely first person view like other Cabela games you don't have to make it so flashy but it does make it much more enjoyable.  I guess the real killer here though is the depth.  I beat the game a little more than an hour, and after it's basically how big of an animal can you bag.  As a quick fun game to play it's great but if you want challenge and depth go somewhere else.
Yu Yu Hakusho - Ghostfiles - Tournament Tactics
03-22-12 09:11 PM
Yu Yu Hakusho-Tournament Tactics
Before you play this game I strongly suggest you watch season 2 of Yu Yu Hakusho (watching season 1 as well but you won't miss much if you don't).  
(on a side note I'll be rating this for those who have watched Yu Yu Hakusho if you haven't and you play this expect it to be not as interesting and a very choppy story)

Overall: 9,great game and a must for all the Yu Yu Hakusho lovers out there

Graphics: 9 great considering its a GBA reminds me of the "Eragon" game (only graphics, believe me,  you wont start thinking the design team got drunk and partied the budget away) and the clips are TV quality and are from the anime

Sound: 4 I found it to be ok, but I would have preferred them to play the music from the anime, after about 30min you'll probably will want to turn it off

Addictiveness:9 I found it very addictive and enjoyable (maybe unusual, but I beat the game in 2 sitting of 5 hours each, man time really flies by ^^)

Story:10 by far the best thing in the game if you loved the season you'll get a great kick out of it and the overdrive clip(ex. Overdrive spirit shotgun for the masked fighter) mainly for the nostalgia it brings from the clips of "The best season of Yu Yu Hakusho"(season 2 of course ^^)

Depth: 8 after you beat the game, you can max your characters stats (tips on power leveling and other things at the end), beat the bonus area,pick up 2 more character if you didn't as soon as they were unlocked, get the best items, find the best team combination (mines Hiei,Yusuke Urameshi, Masked Fighter, Kurama, (Yukina,or Chu depending on circumstances), try to hit 5 stars on Yusuke, and finally (gasp) try to do to do the biggest amount of damage you can in 1hit (6k for me do to dragon summon^^)

Difficulty: 4 despite the anime having language, drinking, blood, gore, violence and sexual innuendos, the game itself is quite sterilized with the difficulty to match. It feels like the g... Read the rest of this Review

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Digimon Ruby

Digimon Ruby
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Digimon Ruby
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Digimon Ruby

Digimon Ruby
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Digimon Ruby
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