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Space Harrier Hooray! I finally beat this game. :P
Dragon Quest VIII What's the password for this?

TheEmeraldWhirlwind's Last Game Reviews
Paper Mario
01-15-12 11:50 PM
Great Game
           I had heard many great things about Paper Mario for many years before today, though I had never actually played it in all that time. After beating the game today, I realized what I was missing out on.

          The cutesy, 2-D style of the characters in Paper Mario blends well with the 3-D environment. This mix makes Paper Mario look more like a GameCube game, rather than a Nintendo 64 game. The graphics of the N64 works fairly well with worlds and backgrounds, but doesn't make characters look very good (due to the technology at the time.), so the flat, paper style was certainly the best way to go.

           The moment the Story scene ended, and the Start menu appeared, I found myself enjoying the music for a good couple of minutes before actually starting the game. The music throughout the entire game was either a happy and upbeat tune, or dark and gloomy. The music even shifts in order to fit the current situation, such as the panicky tune when the children went missing, or the mystery like tune when Mario was accused of something he didn't do. The music always seemed to fit what was going on that very moment.

             I played Paper Mario for about six hours a day, everyday, for a week. This is probably one of the most, if not THE most addictive RPG I've ever played, which is odd, since this game comes from a franchise that dominates the platforming genre.

            The story is nice. It has everything you'd expect from a Mario game. Mario is have a grand old time, until Bowser shows up a ruins his fun. Be this as it may, there's something much more behind it. It makes you feel bad for the captured Star S... Read the rest of this Review

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