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    Braxton Lewis
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    18 / 07-08-96

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    Playing Megaman Battle Chip Challenge gba game

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    in Buried Alive... The deadly zombie in pokemon. (Game Discussion)
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Vega's Last Game Comments
Pokemon - Touhou Merry\'s Version The heck should I know! Hey! Did anyone choose hitmonchan? I need that touhou! Meet me at the center next to the UNION room.
Megaman Battle Chip Challenge Hey, guys! Could any of you tell me where to find Bass? Last night I had a dream about fighting him but it ended there. Help ME!!!!! I don't know what the outcome is! Which Navi should I use?!?!?!?!

Vega's Last Game Reviews
Megaman Zero
02-10-13 06:21 PM
Here we go! It's Zero's time to shine!
Megaman Zero: The first Megaman game to actually let you play as the legendary red Reploid, Zero, without having X as a playable character. Ciel discovers Zero in an old and abandoned laboratory and uses Passy, her Cyber Elf, to reawaken Zero. Because Zero was woken up from his slumber early, he had lost his memory. You start the game by protecting Ciel and trying to get to the Trans Server without letting her get too damaged. In the beginning stage, you only have the classic Z-Buster. For some reason, the Z-Saber is missing. When you get close to the Trans Server, a Golum kidnaps Ciel and you have no other choice but to use your buster even though Ciel says it won't work. A little piece of advice: If you want to hurt the Golum with the Z-Buster, AIM FOR THE HEAD. That's the only way to hit the Golum with the buster and actually get some damage on it. When the Golum gets around to half of its HP, a strange Cyber Elf appears on a computer screen and somehow the one thing that can kill the Golum, the legendary Z-Saber, comes out of the computer screen! Be careful when using the Z-Saber when you get it though. It might accidentally hit Ciel when you strike the Golum. Throughout the rest of the game, you have to work around some intense missions and collect data and other Cyber Elves to get Zero more power. In order to get his abilities restored, take time in between missions and kill lots and lots of enemies to get Zero's original powers back such as the Charge Shot and the Tri-Slash. You also have to go on incredibly annoying rescue missions and beat X's Four Guardians in order to make it to the final battle between Zero and X. But the thing is, the X you fight in the end of the game ISN'T X! Apparently, a long time ago, X died and Ciel made a Copy of X to rule Neo Arcadia. His Guardians; Sage Harpuia, Fighting Fefnir, Fairy Leviathan, and Hidden Phantom, were created from the same data that was used to create Copy X. In the end, you have to kill Copy X and that leads... Read the rest of this Review

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Megaman Battle Chip Challenge (gba),   Pokemon Lightning Yellow (beta v0.12) (gba),   Pokemon Shiny Gold X Version (gba),   An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack (beta) (gen),   An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack (beta) (gen),   An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack (beta) (gen),   Pokemon Battle Factory (gb),   Pokemon Sirius (gba),   Pokemon Sirius (gba),   Pokemon Azure Horizons (beta 2) (gba),   Pokemon Azure Horizons (beta 2) (gba),   Pokemon Azure Horizons (beta 2) (gba),   Pokemon Azure Horizons (beta 2) (gba),   Pokemon Azure Horizons (beta 2) (gba),   Pokemon Tiberium (gba),   Megaman X3 (Zero Playable) (snes),   Megaman X3 (Zero Playable) (snes),   Pokemon Old White (gba),   Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians (old version) (gba),   Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians (old version) (gba),   Pokemon Stadium Advanced (Beta 1.1) (gba),   Pokemon Stadium Advanced (Beta 1.1) (gba),   Pokemon - Legend of Fenju (alpha 1) (gba),   Megaman Zero (gba),   Pokemon Lightning Yellow (beta v0.12) (gba),   Pokemon Ultra Violet (Beta) (gba),   Sonic Battle (gba),   Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy (gba),   Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy (gba),   Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (gba),   Sonic Battle (gba),   Sonic Battle (gba),   Sonic Battle (gba),   Megaman Zero (gba),   Megaman Zero (gba),   Sonic Battle (gba),   Sonic Battle (gba),   Sonic Battle (gba),   Megaman Zero (gba),   Pokemon Nuzlocke Silver (gbc),   Megaman Zero (gba),   Megaman Battle Network 7 Lost Dimension (Demo 2) (gba),   Megaman Zero (gba),   Megaman Zero (gba),   Megaman Zero (gba),   Pokemon Crystal World (hack) (gbc),   Pokemon Nuzlocke Silver - Active Battle Edition (gbc),   Pokemon Complex Crystal (v1.33) (gbc),   Pokemon Resolute (alpha 1.1) (gba),   Pokemon BlackGranite X (gba),  
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