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    If i knew...
    Horsell Common
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    15 / 12-05-00

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Email address Email withheld from guests. 
Homepage LEGO Star Wars - The Last Stand - 
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varg's Photo Album Pictures (25)

Zentraedi Fighter pod


A Norwegian myth thingy oh and did you know i am Norwegian?

Zentraedi Solider

Futuristic Troll

Futuristic Troll 2

This is serious bushiness

Invid thingy

Zentraedi officer's battle pod

Z-1 Zentraedi Modified Battle Pod

Metroid 3 Space pirate

Space pirate

Project Zomboid poster

The end of the Martians

Fan made War of the Worlds Tripod

Cool War of the Worlds build

War of Worlds (Modern) invasion

Modern War of the Worlds Tripod

Modern War of the Worlds Tripod 2

Modern War of the Worlds Tripod 3

War of the Worlds 2 Tempest tripods attacking a city

Just a thing i found on Ebay...

Flash Trek Broken Mirror V

Im starting to like X-COM!

Evolution its a funny thing.

varg's Profile Comments
(9-5-2015 3:00 PM)
Four year anniversary, hurrah!
(12-11-2014 5:59 AM)
Third year on Vizzed, hurray!
Mr. Zed
(9-1-2013 5:11 PM)
Have A Nice Day :D
(7-12-2013 11:57 AM)
Whoo! Five friends perma banned XD
(4-10-2013 12:02 AM)
Only difference is, my name is Varad and yours is Varg :P
(4-9-2013 5:55 AM)
We both have almost the same name lol
(10-21-2012 6:22 PM)
can i have some viz please? :(
(10-21-2012 6:21 PM)
(8-2-2012 11:34 AM)
Hmm, it looks like Mars! :P
(8-1-2012 8:03 PM)
I like your layout! What planet is that?
(5-7-2012 9:18 PM)
Lol I'll try
(5-1-2012 4:23 PM)
(5-1-2012 2:58 PM)
It shows that you was on my notication .
(5-1-2012 2:52 PM)
Were you up 4am in the morning earlier today?
(5-1-2012 2:31 PM)
Hi varg, i added you as a friend becuase i like reading your replies, by the way i like the layout you have, see ya.
(5-1-2012 11:23 AM)
Lol i created another username and asked Davideo to unban me because i requested to be ban as a joke and leggy went against the rule on banning me.Look like tomorow mean you been here for a year now.
(3-20-2012 7:04 PM)
What program? Vizzed? Tell that to tRIUNE.
(1-21-2012 7:58 PM)
Feel free to reply to me in the thread and let me know what you meant. It won't hurt anything. In fact, it'll definitely help. :)
(1-21-2012 4:25 PM)
I'll Gladly Add You As A Friend!
(1-17-2012 3:08 PM)
i got trusted by a few ppl why?do it look like I lost a few?
(1-17-2012 12:09 PM)
I see that the last game you played is FF2 that game is hard last time i played it was last week
(1-16-2012 3:41 PM)
It's up now.
(1-16-2012 2:01 PM)
I got the forum up and paid for. I'll make a thread explaining the purpose of the forum either later today or tomorrow. Feel free to start your own threads talking about the game in there.
(1-15-2012 10:37 AM)
You can use 7zip for compressed files. You can download that or the free version of winRar from
(1-15-2012 10:25 AM)
Sure thing, man. The whole reason I uploaded the pics was to try to get the get some more publicity on a site with a bunch of people that love video games. Glad to hear that it might be working.
(1-14-2012 4:01 PM)
what the hell they had a robotech game on the N64??i never seen it back then i wonder why
Cyro Xero
(1-14-2012 3:57 PM)
Your request has been done. ....Yeaaaaah.
(1-14-2012 3:30 PM)
okay im going on it now
Cyro Xero
(1-14-2012 3:10 PM)
Your request has been done. ....Yeaaaaah.
(1-9-2012 6:32 PM)
Yeah you have to register >>
(1-8-2012 5:51 PM)
find songs that you like, and then add them to your "Playlist" then you should be able to get a code to paste onto your " Biography" not signature sorry @_@
(1-8-2012 5:43 PM) make one, then get the code to out on your signature >_>
(1-8-2012 11:22 AM)
i just heard of the version with the new dungeon included, after all there's probably another version: the version you told me (honestly i never heard of this one lol)
(1-8-2012 11:11 AM)
lol it's ok man, don't worry, yes i heard of the gamecube version, there's another dungeon included :)
(1-8-2012 8:45 AM)
i'm actually playing Legend of Zelda on NES in the RGR for my new walkthrough and i laugh everytime they eat my bombs, they seem to enjoy that lol
(1-7-2012 7:49 PM)
(1-7-2012 7:46 PM)
For what?
(1-7-2012 3:14 PM)
yup ^_^=b
(1-7-2012 2:59 PM)
Could you stop using my layout, please? I'm really embarassed by it.
(1-5-2012 3:50 PM)
That's fine lol. It's not exactly easy learning how to ROM Hack. I myself know very little about it. But I'm probably the most knowledgable about it on staff.
(1-5-2012 12:16 PM) Go to geeogrees thread.It explains there
(1-4-2012 5:51 PM)
you'll need at least 10 trust points to become trusted
(1-4-2012 5:51 PM)
you'll need at least 10 trust points to become trusted
(1-4-2012 5:45 PM)
If you want to become trusted do these.Pop into chat.Post a lot without spam or flaming.That'll get you trusted
(12-29-2011 6:18 PM)
but what does that have to do with 007? @_@
(12-29-2011 6:17 PM)
Im pretty sure thats how it goes!
(12-29-2011 5:11 PM)
(12-29-2011 5:04 PM)
why, Whats up?
(12-29-2011 5:03 PM)
ive played it in real life when I was younger...
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just something for randomness:
Also just to let you know 'varg' in Norwegian means 'evilwolf'
And a wiki on my user name!

And the home of soxfans fourum: and the greatest music of all time: and the other greatest:

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