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Game rating: 8 / 10
Play count: 442
Date added: 05/09/08

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Super Smash Flash Flash game: Super Smash Flash is a flash version of the globally popular SUPER SMASH BROS series.

It features characters such as Mega Man, Sonic, and even Knuckles.

The controls are very simple and the level designs are great.

However, the AI suffers sometimes and at times enemies can stand still or walk off the level and kill themselves. (ibock)

User : Comment :
PoKéMoN This game is good but Vizzed Flash Bash will be better :)
JigSaw Much much better!
dragonkong duwudfdfasfasfd
Rasenganfan2 This isn't a great game. The 2nd one is already amazing and its only a demo O_O
Jashadow Its a fun flash game to play. Kills alot of time too.
Ferret Once you try the demo for the second game, this game becomes boring and annoying, with bad controls and bad AI. Nonetheless, this game is still a great game.
Jpetro F#ck this site
Jpetro They kicked me off for no reson
Mario This Game has more charaters than BRAWL! I THINK VIZZED BOARD SHOULD GET SUPER SMASH FLASH 2!!!!!
ultimateyoshi good for a flash game but i bet vizzed flash bash will be 500% better
cpa1993 hi
hoguan awsome!
Scorpion 002 como consigo viz
rene Vizzed Flash Bash
SuPeRsOnIc36354 uhj8yh7uyh9p
alex360 this game sucks, the control are horrible,i couldn't even jump right.
Dr. Prower I love all the characters they put in there.
supersudowoodo Good game but I take 400 damage from a bomb?! 0_0
YoungSAJ18 sweet
D1998 flash bash is,nt even gonna be done for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is one of the best games ever, besides the sequel and marvel tribute.
sedo45 It's better then the vizzed flash bash but vizzed flash bash will be better because you will be able to battle online,chat online!
sedo45 It's better then the vizzed flash bash but vizzed flash bash will be better because you will be able to battle online,chat online!
griffinlane This game is actually pretty sweet
sims1 thx for the game
Ptcrfromflipnote love it! but vizzed flash bash is slightly better!
j4m3zizk0olo07 I destroyed with X
Tama10 Maybe there will be Super Smash Flash 2. Who knows?
sonic123amy1 This is an amazing game. 420/360 - IGN

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