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Active Users - Shows the recent active users - Modified By: Randy53215,
Admin Panel - Panel that only admins can access - Created By: Randy53215
Announcements - Vizzed news and updates - Created By: McDavideo7s - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Arcade - A flash arcade which allows users to compete for high scores - Created By: BigBob85 - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Auto Backup Save Files - Your save files automatically backup and are recoverable - Created By: McDavideo7s
Auto Mark Threads Read - Threads are automatically marked as read when you view them - Created By: McDavideo7s
Auto Newbie PM - A Welcome PM which introduces each user to the board - Modified By: McDavideo7s, - Created On: 08-31-07
Back and Forth Post Prevention - There - Created By: McDavideo7s - Created On: 06-07-70
Ban - A ban is temporary or permanent based on a users bad behaviour. - Modified By: JigSaw,
Chat Bar - Lets you have a live conversation with your friends - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Chat Room - Lets the users of vizzed chat together - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Contribution Points - Also known as CP - Created By: McDavideo7s - Created On: 06-07-70
Control Panel - Provides links to pages that dont exist anywhere else - Created By: McDavideo7s
Donations - You can earn Viz by Donating money from the Donations Page - Created By: McDavideo7s
Forum Index - Lets you view all kinds of site and forum related info - Created By: McDavideo7s
Friends List - A list displaying all users that you have selected as a friend - Created By: McDavideo7s
Help Center - Contains almost all the Information you'll need for Vizzed Board - Created By: McDavideo7s
Item Shop - Virtual Items (usually bought with Viz) that do various things - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Memberlist - Displays all the users of the board - Created By: McDavideo7s
Newbie Quiz - A quiz for newbies to earn viz and learn the rules of Vizzed - Created By: JigSaw - Modified By: JigSaw,
Notifications - A message notifying you of various things - Created By: McDavideo7s
Online Users - Page displays the activity of all recently active members - Modified By: McDavideo7s, Randy53215,
Post Experience - (Post Exp) tracks a users total number of words among all posts - Created By: McDavideo7s
Post / New Reply - A response to a thread submitted by a user - Modified By: McDavideo7s, JigSaw,
Post Layout - The HTML and/or text above and below your posts - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Post Rating - (Post Like & Disliking) A rating system for posts - Created By: McDavideo7s - Created On: 06-09-70
Powerlevel - Determines the users priveleges and accessible features - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Premade Post Layouts - List of premade layouts (some cost viz) - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Private Message - Send and receive personalized messages with other users - Modified By: McDavideo7s, JigSaw,
Profile - A page which displays all your board information - Created By: McDavideo7s - Modified By: JigSaw,
Quick Edit options - Lets you quickly edit stuff - Created By: Randy53215
Retro Game Room - Lets you Play classic Retro Games Online for Free - Created By: McDavideo7s
Retro Toon Room - Lets you Watch classic Retro Cartoons Online for Free - Created By: McDavideo7s - Modified By: JigSaw,
RGR Game to Thread Linking - Link a Thread to a Game in the Retro Game Room - Created By: McDavideo7s
Save File Manager - Lets you view, copy, backup or delete RGR Plugin save files - Created By: McDavideo7s
Shout Box - A shout box which lets users chat back and forth - Created By: Randy53215 - Modified By: JigSaw,
Site Index - Lets you view all kinds of site and forum related info - Created By: McDavideo7s
Staff - Member with authority over all other members - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Staff Summoning - lets you summon part of the staff or all of the staff - Created By: McDavideo7s
Stats - Fun RPG-type stats which are increased by items and level - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Sub Forums - Categorized forums within forums - Created By: McDavideo7s
Syndromes - Also known as 'Post Syndrome' - Modified By: McDavideo7s,
Thread - (New Thread) A topic a user submits awaiting posts - Modified By: McDavideo7s, JigSaw, Randy53215,
Tour de Vizzed - TdV is a posting competition based on the VCS and Tour de France - Created By: McDavideo7s
Trust Points - Trust Points System measures a users trustworthiness & loyalty - Created By: McDavideo7s
Viz - The currency of Vizzed Board - Created By: McDavideo7s
Viz Per Post - Earn a dynamic amount of Viz per a post - Created By: McDavideo7s
Viz Per Thread - It costs 10 Viz to make threads but you get Viz for each reply - Created By: McDavideo7s
Vizzed RGR Plugin - A required download for some Retro Game Room games - Created By: tom760

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